tagLoving WivesA Very Happy Birthday

A Very Happy Birthday


Moonlight dances across the carpet in our bedroom as the curtains blow in the breeze. It is a warm June evening. I slide to the end of the bed pulling my long brunette hair into a ponytail. My nipples become erect as a breeze blows through the window again.

Joshua enters the room wearing only some boxer briefs. The bulge in the front of his drawers is large. He stands in between my legs as I drag my nails up and down his back. I press my lips to his stomach as I wrap my arms around his waist, pulling him closer.

His hands brush over my shoulders sliding the straps of my negligee down. His throbbing cock presses into my neck. My hand eases its way into his pants and grabs a hold of his penis. I pull it out and pull his underwear down and then off. My hand wraps tightly around it, stroking up and down. I move slowly at first, just to tease him. I move my lips to the tip of his head and run my tongue over the head, then all the way down. His head tilts backwards as he moans loudly.

"I have a surprise for you," I whisper.

"Mmmmmm. I love your surprises," he replies.

I get up off the end of the bed and walk to wards the bathroom door. I crack it open slowly to reveal my surprise.

She is tall, almost 6 feet with long red hair and blue eyes. Her breasts are large and full, a 36DD to be exact, with perky nipples. Her pussy is shaved except for a small strip just above her box.

"I want you to meet my friend, Alyssa," I explain to Joshua.

Alyssa emerges from the bathroom, completely undressed. I signal for her to come sit by me on the end of the bed. Joshua's draw is dropped in confusion. Alyssa sits next to me on the bed, legs spread wide open. I sit facing her, my hand caressing her thigh. I slide it carefully up the inside of her leg, making my way to the wetness I can almost already feel. My face eases towards her, lips open.

Joshua stands in front of us, watching as my lips touch hers, my tongue sliding over hers. I reach behind her head, pulling it closer to me. Our tits are touching. My tits look so small in comparison to hers. I am only a 34D. The nipples rub together as I lay her backwards onto the bed. I climb on top of her waist, my shaved pussy dripping on her stomach. I pull Joshua to the side of her head.

I lean forward, wrapping my lips around her nipples. My head bobs as I suck them erect. I turn Joshua to face Alyssa, his cock bulging above her face. Her hand reaches up and begins to stroke him with one hand, the other massaging his nuts.

"Put it in her mouth!" I command him.

"Natalie, are you sure this is what you want?" he questions me.

"Mmm, hmm," I giggle.

Alyssa grabs a hold of his shaft pulling it into her mouth. Her head slides up and down his cock as I continue to suck on her nipples. His cock fills her mouth but she takes it all. I get off of her waist and position myself between her thighs. I press them open and put my lips on top of her smooth pussy. I gently jet my tongue in and out, tickling her clit. Her back arches as she presses my face deeper into her box.

"Oh my God!" she exclaims. "Don't stop!"

My tongue circles her clit and then darts in and out of her deep, wet hole. I hum as my mouth comes back to her clit. Joshua holds Alyssa's head in place as he skull fucks her. Each thrust of his cock goes deeper and deeper. His hand parts my legs from behind as he jams his fingers into my sopping hole. He starts with one and then slides two, then three. His fingers fill my tight pussy.

"Hold on a minute," I say.

I slide off the bed and look underneath. I grab a box from under our bed and open the lid. I grab the biggest strap-on I can find and attach it to my hips. I tell Alyssa to get on her hands and knees in front of me on the edge of our bed.

"Keep sucking him!" I demand.

Her mouth gobbles up his cock. She jams her face down on it and ever time she comes up for air, he presses her back down on it, almost choking her. I come up behind her, running my hands over her hips. I slide my fingers into her wet hole and then I massage her clit.

Before she knows what is happening, I slide the rubber cock into her pussy and flip the switch for the vibrator. Her body trembles as I force it in and out, grabbing her hips tighter with each thrust.

"You like that bitch?" I ask her.

"Uhhhh!" she moans out.

"Shut up and keep sucking!" Joshua yells.

Alyssa chokes down on his cock as she is penetrated from behind. Her voluptuous tits bounce back and forth as she is slammed from both ends. Joshua grabs her head and holds it still jamming his balls into her mouth. She chokes for a moment and then regains control, licking and sucking furiously.

"You've been a very bad girl," I tease her, thrusting deeper.

"Yes, I have been!" she gasps.

"Do you know what I do to bad girls?" I inquire.

"No," she cries out. "What do you do to them, Natalie?"

Before she says another word, I pull out the vibrating strap-on and jam it full force into her virgin ass. She lets out a shrilling scream.

"It hurts!" she screams.

"Just keep sucking Joshua and ease up. I promise it will feel real good," I tell her.

"Better yet, Nat, lemme fuck her hole," Joshua suggests.

Joshua lies flat on his back letting Alyssa climb on his cock. She faces him, bouncing vigorously up and down on his cock, tits flying everywhere. His hands grasp her tits, pinching the nipples. Her head moves side to side as she moans with pleasure.

"Are you ready for me?" I ask her, whispering in her ear.

"Um hum," she answers.

I kneel behind her and with one hand, press her body forward, exposing her pink little asshole. I put a little lube on the head and rub it around her asshole before shoving it in. Her asshole tightens as I go deeper.

"Relax," I tell her.

She relaxes and I slide it all the way in. Joshua thrusts upwards each time I thrust in. Alyssa presses her tits against Joshua as I ream her from behind. I guide her back and forth with one hand as I reach between my own legs and begin to finger my own pussy. Fingers soaking wet, I force them into Alyssa's mouth. She moans and begs me for more.

My fingers jam in and out of my pussy, thumb rubbing on my clit. It is pulsating with excitement. I place them in her mouth.

"Ohhhh!" she shrieks. "Gonna cum!"

"Go with it baby, let it go," Joshua tells her.

With a final thrust from each of us her pussy explodes, releasing its tasty juices all down his cock. Her thighs tremble as she tries to hold herself up on his cock.

"Don't stop!" she begs me. "I still got a little more to go"

I ram her ass hard, in and out, in and out. I watch as she squirts the last bit of her juices down Joshua's cock.

"Your turn," she tells me. "Get on up there!"

I hand her the strap-on as I climb on top of Joshua's cock, sliding my asshole all the way down on it.

"Be gentle Alyssa," I giggle.

I face Alyssa, my asshole being rammed from underneath by Joshua. I watch as Alyssa straps the toy to her waist, anticipating the fun we are about to have. She kneels in front of me and thrusts the cock deep into my soaking wet pussy. Her tits press against mine, but just for a moment. My hands grab a hold of them, caressing the double D's, tugging at the nipple before placing them into my mouth. We take turns fondling and sucking each other's nipples as I get rammed in both holes.

My pussy tightens around Alyssa's rubber cock and my asshole throbs as Joshua pounds me. Joshua grabs a hold of my ponytail, yanking my head back.

"Fuck my cock, you filthy bitch!" Joshua yells.

Alyssa pulls the cock out of my pussy and shoves it into my mouth, forcing me to suck off my own juices, gagging me. She pulls off the strap-on and tosses it on the floor. Then she lays on her stomach facing my pussy. I watch as she licks Joshua's nuts and works her tongue up towards my throbbing cunt. She darts it in and out of the hole, rubbing my clit between two fingers. I press her tongue into my hole. My pussy rubs up and down on her tongue as Joshua forces me up and down on his cock.

"I'm cumming!" I scream loudly!

Before I know it my pussy squirts white creamy cum all over Alyssa's tongue still inside my hole. A little drips down her nose and I yank her up to kiss her. I want to taste myself. My tongue wrestles with hers, our bodies pressed firmly together. I remove Joshua's cock from my ass and slide it in my pussy. He thrusts it twice and removes it as my juices drip down the shaft.

I lay flat on my back, Joshua on top of me, cock easing in and out from between my tits. Alyssa rests her pussy over my face, her hands stroking Joshua as he titty fucks me. My tongue darts in and out of Alyssa's wet cunt. Joshua begins to slam his cock between the peaks, firmly pinching my nipples.

"Tell us when you're ready baby!" I cry out.

He pulls his cock out and kneels on the edge of the bed, stroking himself. I pull Alyssa next to me, bodies pressing together, pussies touching. I watch as Joshua arches his back and tilts his head backwards, vigorously stroking his huge cock.

"Now!" he yells.

His cock shoots cum out, covering our faces. It is warm and very sticky as it runs towards my lips. I lean towards Alyssa and kiss her passionately, sharing my portion of cum. Joshua collapses on the bed, pulling us girls down on top of him.

"This was the best birthday present ever!" he exclaims, holding one of us in each arm. "The best birthday ever!"

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