tagText With AudioA Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park


A Walk in the Park

Copyright © 2014 Charlie the Wanking Wanker and Kingswoman

Voiced by Kingswoman, written by Charlie the Wanking Wanker.

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Warning: this story is 45 minutes long and pure filth from start to end.

mhk555 has made a great offer to illustrate this story. Unfortunately it wasn't possible for him to finish the drawings in time for us to post this story for the Summer Lovin' competition but we hope to add them in and upload a fresh version of the story at some point soon.

Meanwhile Charlie says he tried to last the whole story without spunking but lost control at a certain point in the park toilets. He suggests you post comments telling us when you ended up spunking off on your first hearing.

It's a lovely warm summer's day and I wake up this morning with a rather slick wet cunt, following a night when I had a very dirty wet dream. I am all hot and bothered when I wake from this disgusting dirty wet dream, sweating ... I MEAN glowing becomingly, and moaning dreadfully. I am moaning in distress OF COURSE because a Lady like myself is much too refined to get any enjoyment from a dirty explicit wet dream full of juicy fat meaty cocks dripping cum .... Anyway I get up from the wrinkled and tossed sheets on my bed, take a soothing shower then go back to my bedroom to put some clothes on. I am kinda hungry but not it seems for food, although I manage to stuff a banana in my mouth and suck on it a bit. The hunger I have is more the kind that I find can be satisfied by a good walk. This morning I plan on going for a nice long stroll in the park to fully enjoy this bright and breezy day.

I dress fittingly, in my usual elegant style . I wear a pair of white come-fuck-me high heels, black seamed get-your-big-hard-cock-up-my-cunt stockings and a come-screw-the-shit-out-of-me suspender belt. I pick out an above the knee flower print summer dress with a re-enforced top to cup my mouth-watering huge tits. I put on my makeup, painting on Rimmel's new rich red I-want-to-suck-your-thick-fat-fucking-meaty-cock lipstick onto my succulent pouting cock-sucking lips. My enormous juicy fucking knockers look fucking incredible showing plenty of cleavage as they spill out of my sexy summer dress.

At this point I want to make it perfectly clear that the reason for wearing a dress that barely covers my fantastic big juicy bouncy fucking tits is to give them a good healthy airing when I go for a walk in the park. It's certainly not for reasons of a sexual nature like flaunting my enormous suck-able tits at men in a teasing way that gives them a big hard long throbbing cock. That's also the reason why I won't be wearing any panties today. I want to give my lovely juicy slippery cunt a good airing if a soft breeze blows up my dress. This is purely for health reasons. Do I make myself clear?

I head off to the park and arrive at the park gates. I walk down the long winding path and see dog walkers and joggers with their big fat fucking cocks swinging about in their shorts as they run. People are sitting on park benches, enjoying this warm sunny summer's day.

There are plenty of lovely flower beds and rose bushes awash with so many marvellous colours. The birds are singing and my cunt is dripping, SORRY I mean it's a wonderful cheery day today. As I walk past a park bench that has a couple of men sat enjoying a nice cool drink, unexpectedly there is a rather strong gust of wind which blows my skirt up giving these men an eyeful of black stocking tops with pale thigh bulging over them and hot fuck-able cunt and my beautifully rounded arse as I try to pull my dress down over my shapely legs to cover myself up.

"Oh mind your dress," one man says. "Nice juicy cunt darling," says the other. I put myself straight and compose myself as I walk to a particularly pretty bed of flowers opposite to where these gentlemen are sitting. There is a large rose bush with many beautiful roses. I bend forward and take a rose in my hand to smell the lovely fragrant flower. As I bend forward my dress rises over my great arse. I slightly part my legs -- just to steady myself on the uneven grass, as you will remember I am wearing my white come-fuck-me high heels and these require spread legs for me to keep my balance.

I OF COURSE completely forget about these two men sitting behind me. While I am admiring this rose bush are they admiring my bush? I am not thinking about that in the slightest. As I look at the delicate petals on this rose are these gentlemen looking at the pretty petals of my pretty pink pussy lips? 'Oh God what's a girl to do, she cannot help it if when she bends over her pussy comes into view,' I think to myself.

As I am thinking this another gentleman comes along the path behind. He is elderly and tottering along, leaning on a walking stick. He totters over the grass, presumably also to smell the lovely spread of flowers on display. Imagine my disgust and horror when he bends over and sticks his face up my gorgeous arse! His nose goes into my luscious wet fragrant cunt and he sniffs deeply. In the shock of the moment, I am unable to help leaning back onto his big schnoz stuck in my sticky wet pussy. Oooh, ah, what a sensation. As he is elderly, he has quite a big schnoz and it sticks well in, deep down.

"Aaaah, delicious!" says the old man. The silly old basket must have come out without his glasses that day. He stands up and totters off with a delirious smile on his face.

I wipe the silly grin -- of shock -- off my own face and straighten myself as I stand back up. My knees are trembling and my cunt is throbbing after this totally shocking and dreadful occurrence. I turn around to look at the men that are sitting behind me, they both have grins from ear to ear and their hands in their pockets. I have a very good idea what these two dirty fucking sods are doing in their trousers. Giving their hard long limber cocks a good fucking rub, the filthy fucking wankers.

"I was just admiring these beautiful roses," I say sternly. The polite man says: "That certainly is a lovely spread of colour." The other says: "I agree. It's nice to see lovely spread legs, SORRY I MEAN spread cunt lips, I MEAN spread of flowers."

I say goodbye to these gentlemen and head off further into the park. As I walk away from them I hear one say: "FUCKING SHIT DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THOSE FUCKING TITS," and the reply of "I HAVEN'T SEEN TITS AS BIG AS THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS IN FUCKING AGES THOSE TITS ARE FUCKING ENORMOUS."

I leave these men to their rude and disgusting pocket cock fiddling antics and walk towards a more secluded part of the park. After having that big old nose stuck up in it, my cunt is wet and my thighs are squelchy on the top. I must make clear to you that this could not possibly be because I am at all excited at having a man's nose up my pussy or knowing that those two disgusting wankers were wanking off at the sight of the lovely spread laid out before them, as that kind of thing is totally not what a Lady like myself would find in any way exciting.

I come to a long path with high hedges either side of the path. I walk up this path enjoying my lovely day in the park. As I walk I see a man in the distance wanking towards me, SORRY WALKING towards me.

As he gets nearer I can quite clearly see that the filthy fucking bastard is eyeing up my enormous fucking tits. Then I get the shock of my life, the dirty bastard puts his hands down to his trousers and undoes his zipper and pulls out his long fucking thick oh fuck juicy ooh fucking hell fat throbbing cock. The filthy fucking shit is flashing his oh huge long ooh meaty fucking cock at me as he continues to walk towards me.

Then the horny disgusting flasher takes hold of that big throbbing ooh fuck fat long length of ooh shit horny meaty cock and proceeds to wank that fat long fucker of a ooh long juicy spunky prick.

"OH YOU FILTHY DISGUSTING BASTARD!" I scream at the dirty flasher, some saliva drooling down my chin off my Rimmel rich red I-want-to-suck-your-thick-fat-fucking-meaty-cock lipsticked lips.

"Fancy a suck on this big motherfucker of a cock, sweetheart" says the dirty flasher still wanking himself off in front of me.

"NO I FUCKING DON'T YOU DIRTY FUCKING PERVERT. I'M NOT THAT KIND OF A GIRL, PUT THAT BIG FAT LOOOONG THROBBING FUCKING OOOH MOUTHWATERING COCK AWAY YOU FILTHY BASTARD," I answer in complete disapproval while eyeing up his monster of a cock ... to make sure I can describe it in delicious detail later. When I make a police report. If I recover sufficiently to do so.

"Come on darling get those enormous fucking tits out," blatantly says the flashing wanking bastard.


"Oh come on be a sport, those big fucking tits are hardly in that dress anyway. Those huge bastard tits are bulging like fuck out of that inadequate dress," says the dirty flashing cunt.


I don't believe it, that just makes the flasher wank his big ooh throbbing ooh fucking cock even harder. I walk on past the disgusting pervert and head off up the path. "OH COME ON GIVE ME A QUICK FLASH OF THOSE ENORMOUS MOTHERFUCKING TITS," the stupid dick shouts.

"FUCK OFF YOU DIRTY PERVERTED WANKER," I shout back in a ladylike manner as I walk up the path away from the wanking flasher.

I look back and see that he still has that long large oh ooh fat meaty pole sticking out in front of him and the dirty bastard is still wanking the fuck out of that ooh big throbbing ooh long length of ooh fucking cock.

I come to a clearing and sit down flustered on a park bench not believing that I have just had a nose stuck up my cunt and been flashed at by a long fat juicy ooh throbbing length of meaty cock. I get my phone out to at least report the filthy fucking flasher in the park to the police. I remember then that there is a camera on my phone and wish I had had the presence of mind to snap a shot of that oooh big fucking ooooh oh meaty enormous flashing cock for future reference.

I get through to the community police officer for the park and the surrounding area. Her name is WPC Perkytits. I explain how I have just been flashed at by a flasher with a big cock.

"Ok madam that park is a hotspot for flashing wankers with big cocks," she says in a sympathetic voice. I of course had no idea of this when I set out for the healthy airing of my boobs and cunny in this park where I often take a healthy walk. "Does he have dark hair?" she asks "Yes," I reply. "Curly dark hair." "Does he have blue eyes?" WPC Perkytits asks. "Um ... I am not sure," I reply. (To be honest, I did not really look at his face at all because in these situations you are in such shock that your eyes remain on the filthy disgusting huge ooooh meaty fucking huge dick being waved about at you. Not that I have a lot of experience in these things, y'unnerstand.) "Does he have a huge long meaty throbbing fat fucking 10 inch long cock?" she asks, "OH YES THAT'S THE FILTHY FUCKER!" I reply. "And was he wanking the fuck out of that huge motherfucker of a cock of his?" she asks, "OH YES HE WAS DEFINITELY WANKING THE FUCK OUT OF HIS LARGE LONG OOOOH THICK THROBBING COCK OF HIS OOH FUCK YES!" I reply.

"Are you getting all of this down WPC Perkytits?" I ask, "Oh yes madam I'm definitely getting my panties down," replies the police officer excitedly. "I know who this flasher is madam, we have reports on our system and pictures of the offending cock," the WPC continues. "Believe me, madam, us WPC's come down very hard on the big cocks of these flashers and filthy fucking perverts that blight that park," the policewoman assures me.

"Ok then I will leave that disgusting filthy huge cock in your capable hands, officer," I say to the policewoman. "Oh yes rest assured, madam, that I will deal with his big fat throbbing fucking cock with my own capable hands," replies the WPC.

I put my phone away in my bag and head off to the ladies toilets to freshen up and to take pleasure ... I MEAN stock of what has just happened. As I walk gusts of wind keep blowing my dress up and exposing my hot slippery damp pussy. People passing by are getting a good eyeful of my stockings and suspenders not to mention my neatly trimmed snatch. I am feeling very flushed. In all kinds of places where a Lady does not of course feel things, no not at all. So I am badly in need of attention to ... settle my nerves.

I eventually reach the ladies toilets. Hopefully I can have a good go at ... freshening myself up without any more distractions. I go into the ladies toilets and see a girl over by the sinks washing her hands. She is dressed like a filthy spunk slut: very high heels, black fishnet stockings and suspenders pulled up over her shapely legs and thick thighs, a very short skirt that doesn't cover her stockings, and a low-cut top. At first I think I am looking in a mirror, then I realise that her tits aren't as big as my massive jugs. And fuck me, she does look like a real spunk dumpster of a whore, whereas I am of course dressed like a real Lady.

She turns around to face me as I enter and her eyes nearly pop out of her head as she sees my enormous bastard tits bulging like fuck out of my dress. "Hello," she says, still eyeing up my colossal tits. "Hello," I answer politely. "Are you ok you look a little hot," the short skirted whore asks. I am fanning myself with my handbag by now. "You wouldn't believe what has just happened to me," I respond. "A filthy huge cocked flasher has just whipped out his long juicy oh fuck throbbing fat ooh fucker of a cock in front of me and he began wanking himself off," I tell the cock slut.

"Was that down that long footpath with hedges along both sides?" the spunk whore asks. "Yes it was," I answer. I give my huge bulging tits a boost with my hands as she is continuing to stare at them. "Yes that horny bastard has just flashed that big motherfucker of a dick at me too," says the slag.

"I've come in here to freshen myself up and to calm down from seeing such a huge thick cock, I MEAN calm down from being disgusted by that dirty perverted bastard," I say as I go over to the sinks.

"I hope you don't mind me asking but how big are your fucking tits?" asks the cock-sucking slut still gawping at my bulging cleavage. "My bra size is a 34 double G cup," I tell the big tits obsessed slut. "FUCKING HELL THAT'S FUCKING ENORMOUS!" squeals the cock hungry whore. "Yes my tits are on the large size," I say, "You're not fucking joking are you they are fucking obscene bulging out of that skimpy fucking dress of yours, I've never seen such an enormous pair of fucking knockers in all my fucking life," says the dick sucking slut in disbelief at my bra size.

"Oh by the way my name is Karen," says this cum slurping tart. "My name is Jenny," I say politely. Still eyeing up my great set of tits the spunk guzzling whore asks "Can I have a feel of your huge juicy tits please. I've never felt a pair of tits as enormous as your big fuckers before."

"Ok go on then, but if you're going to handle my huge fucking juicy tits then I think we better go into a cubicle for some privacy in case somebody comes in," I say, realising this is a cunt rubbing whore. I am just being sympathetic as I know what a state that poor cunt rubbing slag must be in after seeing that enormous wanging huge great big cock swinging in the summer breeze. I have a big pair of boobs ... I MEAN heart, I have a big heart.

We both go into a cubicle and Karen lifts her hands and tentatively cups my big tits that are still in my dress. She stares at my cleavage in awe as she begins to grope and squeeze my massive fucking knockers.

"WOW" she exclaims as she bounces my jugs in her hands, "These fucking tits are fucking incredible, I bet you've had loads of tit-fucks and have had plenty of creamy fucking spunk splattered over them haven't you?" the tit groping slut continues.

I can feel my cunt juicing up under my dress as the dirty whore continues squeezing my fabulous tits. I let out light moans as I become more excited. The slut responds by pulling my dress down and my huge fucking tits burst out into her face. My nipples are hard and erect and I start to leak milk from my engorged nipples.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" the tart shrieks. "THEY ARE FUCKING MASSIVE AND FUCK ARE YOU LEAKING MILK FROM THOSE FUCKING NIPPLES?" the slut says excitedly as she greedily latches onto my nipple and sucks my enormous milky tits. The filthy bitch is drinking my milk as she is by now groping the fuck out of my very large fucking tits.

My pussy is streaming cunt juice down the inside of my thighs, I am that fucking turned on. "THAT'S IT YOU COCK SUCKING WHORE SUCK MY HUGE FUCKING TITS YOU DIRTY BITCH!" I say as Karen sucks on my bouncing tits. I look down and see Karen's face disappear between my big fat jugs as she squeezes my tits together. Milk is squirting from my nipples and going every fucking where.

I've never seen a woman so desperate for an enormous pair of tits before. Then she gets her luscious mouth around my other nipple and drinks the milk from that tit. I hike my dress up and shove three fingers up my sodden wet fucking cunt. "OOOH FUCK," I scream as I frantically finger-fuck my dripping cunt.

"THAT'S IT, JENNY, FINGER YOUR FUCKING JUICY CUNT YOU HORNY BITCH," encourages the milk drinking whore. (Y'unnerstand, we are both overcome by the dreadful experience we have been through and grateful to find some sympathetic feminine support at a time like this. Boobs like mine need a lot of support.)

Karen lowers her head and disappears up my dress. I take my fingers out of my creamy twat and lick my juices off of them, "OH FUCK MY CUNT IS TASTY," I say encouragingly, pretty sure this slut was about to find out just how tasty my cunt is. The whore buries her face in my sloppy twat and eagerly licks me out. I hold the slut's head as I smother my juiced up cunt on her cunt licking mouth. "FUCKING HELL YOU FILTHY WHORE YOU CERTAINLY KNOW HOW TO LICK A SLOPPY CREAMY CUNT, DON'T YOU," I shriek with excitement as the slag tongue-fucks my pussy.

I take my hands from her head and cup my big juicy tits and squeeze them to squirt milk out of them. My sensitive engorged tits are so full of fucking milk that I lift up one of my tits and suck my own nipple. I hungrily drink my milk as this whore laps up my overly excited cunt.

This bitch is a fucking cunt licking pro, she really knows her way around an erect clit and a juicy pink cunt. Then she comes from under my dress and says: "Bend over the toilet." I do as she says and as I bend over the toilet, the slut pulls my skirt over my arse cheeks.

"What are you going to do?" I ask, not knowing the intentions of this cunt licking champ. I was soon to find out. The horny whore puts her hands on my arse cheeks pulling them apart. Then I get another shock.

The filthy slag buries her face between my arse cheeks and begins tonguing my puckered arsehole. "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" I scream at the pure filth of what this fucking tart is doing to my arsehole. My cunt is dripping so much cunt juice and my huge fucking engorged tits are dripping milk over the toilet and I have never been so fucking horny in all of my fucking life. Cuz I am a Lady after all.

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