tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 07

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 07


Karen and Moya were becoming fast friends while planning the wedding with Karen's parents, they forgot that the Grand Admiral, Derna and Rick were planning on revisiting the Gomtu. The science shuttle arrived with the Grand Admiral on board, Rick and Derna boarded followed by Bryan.

"Young man you behave when meeting the Gomtu or you will not be able go again." Karen shouted from the back porch.

"Don't worry Mommy, and I will be good for the Grand Admiral." He yelled back.

"He really admires the Admiral, almost as much as he admires Rick." Karen said watching the shuttle close up and take off.

"Yes, along with several million Teyven who read of his military exploits over the last fifty years." Said Moya.

"Moya would you be my maid of honor?" Asked Karen.

"If this is similar to being your second in Teyven culture, yes I would be honored too." She said to put an arm around Karen. "Derna was beaming ear to ear when he told me Rick asked him to be his best man last night."

Out in front of the house a limo pulled up to the house, out of it stepped the vice president, Colonel Hunter and a secret service agent. A large SUV pulled up behind the limo and four secret service agents got out of it. They started to walk up the walkway when the four secret service agents were stunned by Teyven weapons and fell to the ground. The other agent tackled the Vice President and both him and the Colonel had their gun drawn. Two more blasts of energy and their guns dropped to the ground, five members of the elite Teyven security unit ran out from their locations. They used a cloaking technology that made them invisible, and they reached the trespassers in a matter of seconds. Colonel Hunter took a swing at one of the security guards only to have it blocked, he was struck in the chest twice and his arm twisted around him. He groaned loudly in pain as the guard-twisted arm and held him down on the ground.

"Stop your hostilities or we will be forced to stun you." Said a security guard who was obviously in charge.

"Don't you fools know who IAM?!" Shouted the Vice President pushing himself up from the ground with the help of the secret service agent.

"No, right now you are uninvited trespassers." Said the guard in charge. "Front yard secure, Ms. Jansen could you come out and identify the intruders please."

A few minutes later Karen, Moya and her mother came out and found the subdued party of the Vice President of the United States. He looked very angry and the men with him looked like they had been bested and did not want anything more to do with the Teyven.

"Yes this is the Vice President and you must be Colonel Hunter." She said disapprovingly of the men.

"Now can you call off your security." The vice president said indigently.

"Guards return to stealth mode and return to your posts." Ordered Moya. "Now what do we owe this intrusion?"

"Intrusion, need I remind you that your people are here as guests of the United States, this is United States territory and you asked for the help of the United States and the rest of the world in combating a threat to your race." Colonel Hunter replied with arrogance.

"May I remind you that this is the property of Charles and Mary Jansen, we pay our taxes and my husband is a veteran, so unless the constitution receives a major rewrite, you are trespassing." Mary Jansen said to wag a finger in Hunters' face. "Calm down everyone please, let me explain to why we are here." Said vice president Haynes. "We have tried to contact the ambassador and several times we have been told that he will contact us when he is ready, then we hear of his wedding on the news, yet no one from our government or any other government has been invited to attend."

"You are mad that we snubbed you." Karen laughed. "My big day and you want in, looks we agreed to allowing FOX news, CNN, MSNBC and BBC to film live for the world to see, this is only a small intimate service for family and friends."

"So then where is your husband?" Asked Hunter.

"He and the others went to see the Gomtu, when they return you will get the answers you seek." Said Karen. "So please leave us alone until my fiancee returns."

"Very well then, tell him that if we do not hear from him soon, it will strain the relationship between the Teyven and the United States." Said the Vice President. They watched the men leave the yard and get in their vehicles dejectedly, they sped away and out of the neighborhood. The women went back into the home with every intention of putting the encounter behind them. Meanwhile the shuttle arrived at Europa and went in through the opening in the ice of the moon. The Gomtu swam to meet them by an opening in the crust where the glow of lava lit the general area.

"Welcome back Bryan." The three said telepathically in everyone minds.

"Hello Gomtu." He said back using his mind. "I've been practicing, can you tell?"

"Yes young one, you are very good." Said Ovik. "Grand Admiral, grandson of Dewar and Rick what does we owe this visit?"

"Gomtu we are stressed over a decision to make involves a leader of the United States and a person he wants to be a military observer. Something tells us that neither of these men can be trusted, can you tell us anything of them?" Asked the Grand Admiral.

"Tevik will seek out the two minds in question." Said Ovik.

"Yes you are right not to trust these two, Vice President Haynes is seeking power, power enough to make Earth a galactic empire. Colonel Hunter seeks power and will do anything Haynes wants to achieve it, neither can be trusted." Tevik explained.

"I have searched the future, the impending battle this Colonel Hunter will cause the death of one of you, I cannot see the outcome of the battle nor which one of you is going to die." Korvik explained.

"Also I have been in contact with several other space going races that are within range of helping, only one has answered my call to arms." Said Ovik.

"You found us an ally?!" Said Derna.

"Yes they are sending three warships." Said Ovik.

"Only three ships, don't they have more?" Asked Rick.

"No three is all they have needed from the beginning of time." Explained Ovik. "They are known in the galaxy as the Triad, they are still humanoid yet they are on the verge of evolving into energy creatures.

"Stories of the Triad my grandfather told me when I was a child, they were known to fight only empires that were evil and oppressive and on the verge of becoming too powerful." Said the Grand Admiral.

"Yes and now they want to live up to that reputation one more time before they evolve." Said Ovik.

"What is to stop they from helping us after they evolve?" Asked Derna.

"Complicated." Said Korvik.

"A race of energy beings known to be the oldest of all life in the universe, their name is unknown, yet they have made themselves self-appointed governors over all energy beings and they have forbidden any energy being race from interfering in the affairs of corporeal beings." Explained Tevik.

"They will arrive within the next thirty days." Said Ovik "Bryan we will be sending you lessons in your dreams young man."

"Lessons, like when mommy taught me my ABC's." He laughed hoping it will be fun.

"Sort of, but we will teach you how to develop the power in your mind." Said Ovik.

"You will be able to communicate telepathically with ease, use your mind to defend yourself and others and foresee future events." Said Tevik.

"Wow." Said the youngster.

"Now none of this will hurt him, will it?" Asked Rick.

"Never would we harm young Bryan." Said Ovik. "Never."

The Gomtu turned and swam away from the shuttle, the pilot of the shuttle led it back out of the water and into space again.

"Pilot return to earth, tell my command shuttle to go to Rick's farm, it has the coordinates already." Ordered the grand admiral. "I've made my decision about this Colonel Hunter, let him work with my command staff, we have nothing to hide and it may be our chance to prove Korvik's prediction wrong."

"What about Haynes?" Asked Rick.

"Derna did your grandfather ever tell you of a place called Tegathu Minor?" Asked the Grand Admiral.

"A few time, planet full of bounty hunters and assassin, pirates and smugglers, not a very nice place to visit." Said Derna.

"I will prepare a closed beam message to get through our enemies, I will contact Hela'alta, she has done some work for me and your grandfather in the past, she is the only one I trust for this mission." Explained the Grand Admiral.

"You want to kill Haynes?" Rick asked.

"Only if it becomes necessary." Said the grand admiral. "I will contact her tonight."

Back on Earth, in a motel room outside of the town that Rick and Karen live in the Vice President's group is holed up. They finally receive the message they are waiting for, the day after the wedding Colonel Hunter is to drive out to Rick's farm and join the Grand Admiral's command staff.

"Colonel this is the first step to our obtaining the power we so deserve." The two men laughed as the secret service brought in a few strippers from a local roadhouse.

"Yes Mister Haynes, to the victors will go the spoils." He said getting up and roughly grabbing a girl. "On your knees bitch."

The young woman fell to her knees and he grabbed the back of her hair, he roughly shoved his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her face hard. He thought in the back of his mind how he wished he was fucking that Teyven bitch, Karen and even her mother, then he spewed his cum into her mouth. He began to laugh an evil and hideous laugh as the young woman choked on his thick globs of cum.

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