tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 06

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 06


The fleet during the night received news that the Earth had agreed to help the Teyven and build a fleet to combat the alien forces coming toward them. The grand admiral walked the bridge of the dreadnought with two other high ranking officers loyal to his fleet.

Admiral Kella'dora who served with the grand admiral on many of his campaigns, he watched her go from young fighter pilot, then to engineering school to become the chief engineer of the fleet. If he was not married, he often thought Kella would have made a favorable mate, he read her plan to build the fleet on Earth. It called for using the large wide-open spaces on the planet to build large capital ships like heavy cruisers and frigates. Smaller areas could be used for construction of fighters and build the technologies to place into the bigger ships. He signed the data pad and approved her plan to build the ships, then he took a pad from the Admiral, Admiral Tega'avata former superintendent of the Teyven military academy.

His plan outlined how he was going to train the military, scientific and engineering people on Earth. The fleet would have to send a lot of key personnel down to the planet, while still leaving enough people on board the ship's of the fleet. He approved this plan as well, but he could not have the earth ship's flying around in battle not knowing what they were doing.

"Kella does you think you can have a fleet built in six months?" He asked her showing obvious concern in his face.

"Well Kova, if what this Rick Thomas tells us about the people of Earth is true, we should be able to do it, they sound like a race of hard-working peoples and they are no strangers to a war." She replied.

"Yes and all we are doing now is pushing them ahead a couple hundred-year technologies wise." Said Tega'avata.

"Yes speaking of Rick, Derna is giving him his first flying lesson in the training fighter and then on to the little surprise I have waiting for him." Said Kova. "I have my personal shuttle prepared to take you to Earth, and the pilot already has the coordinates."

They turned and left the Grand Admiral on the bridge alone with the androids who manned the great dreadnought. He went over to the scanning station and scanned for the training fighter and watched his Earth friend and Derna. Rick was going through different maneuvers and he seemed to have a natural feel for flying a space borne fighter.

On board the fighter Rick and Derna were going through several basic maneuvers for beginners. Derna was amazed at how well Rick was at handling the small ship, and Rick was surprised at how the Teyven designed the fighter. Everything the pilot needed was either within easy reach and all of the video readouts were clear and easy to read.

"Okay Ricks do you want to try some target practice, and this fighter is only equipped with laser cannons, no rockets." Derna explained.

"Sure Derna, what do you want me to shoot at?" Rick laughed.

"Releasing drones now, two drones have just been released you should see them on the targeting computer to your right." Derna explained.

The drones appeared out in front of the fighter and Derna programmed them to evade on the first skill level. Rick following Derna's instruction targeted and flew the fighter to attack the drones, the first one was easy to kill. Derna turned up the drone's evasion program to level three, and Rick followed it trying to line up the fighter for the kill of the other drone.

Rick surprised Derna with his next maneuver, he broke off his original attack and increased his speed to flank the drone and come around to the front of it. The drone's computer could not calculate a new evasion maneuver in time and Rick blew it up.

"Wow my friend with a little more training you could fly with my royal squadron." Derna praised him.

"Thank you and this would not be possible if not for such a good instructor." Rick replied.

"Now here is a new set of coordinates, but I want you to head over to and land on that heavy cruiser." Derna said.

"All right I'm on my way to it." Said Rick.

Rick guided the fighter to the new coordinates and landed on the flight deck of the heavy cruiser. He took his helmet off and looked around the deck, most of the crews of the ship were standing at attention on the flight deck in what appeared to be a dress uniform.

"Wow I know you are royalty, do they do this every time you visit a ship?" Asked Rick as they climbed out of the cockpit.

"No, this is for you." Said Derna.

"For me!?" Rick said as he caught sight of Karen and Bryan now running toward the training fighter.

"Yes we renamed this ship to be called the Ambassador's Flagship, the Grand Admiral felt it was only fitting you are given a heavy cruiser due to your position as Ambassador." Derna explained.

"Oh honey, the ship has wonderful large family sized quarters for us and we would have a shuttle that would take us to Earth to get our belongings so we can make it more like home." Karen said to hug him tightly.

"Yes but sweetheart when the shooting starts wouldn't you and Bryan is safer at my grandparents old farm than up here." He said to her.

"I only feel safe when I'm with you my love and if you were to die aboard this ship in battle, I don't want to face a life without you, we will send Bryan to safety, he will stay with my parents."

She replied kissing him on the lips.

"Rick's this is Commander Merva'atak, and he will be your ship's commander." Derna said to introduce the commander to Rick.

"It is a pleasure to meet your commander." Said Rick sticking his hand out to the alien.

"Yes it is a pleasure to meet your ambassador." The commander stuck his hand out after Derna nodded to him to do so.

"The Grand Admiral personally picked this ship due to the commanders outstanding military record and loyalty to the emperor." Explained Derna.

"I live to serve the empire and now I serve your ambassador." The commander said with a bowed head.

"Well Commander if that is the case you will start by calling me Rick, unless conditions warrant you calling me an ambassador and you, your crew will not bow your head when talking to me, look me in the eye like you would be anyone else." Rick felt that his first order would go over well.

"Now shout as loud as you can 'long live the empire'." Derna whispered in his ear.

"LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!" Rick shouted.

"WOO-HAH, WOO-HAH, WOO-HAH!" Shouted the crew of the flagship as loud as they could.

"Well I see you have a way too win the hearts and minds of your crew." Said the commander. "They will serve you well."

"Hey Ricks take a few minutes to change and then meet me aboard the shuttle, we have to go to Earth." Said Derna. "We have to meet with your countries' vice president and someone from your military."

"All rights are there in a few minutes." Said Rick as he followed Karen and Bryan out of the flight deck to the quarters.

When he finished changing him, Karen and Bryan boarded the shuttle, Rick even got to show off how good he had gotten at flying. They landed at the farm, where they would let Karen and Bryan out, they were going to drive back into town to visit with her parents and get things to take back.

They piloted the shuttle to Washington, D.C. where they were escorted by jet fighters to the white house. They landed the shuttle and got out of it, they were met on the lawn by Vice President Haynes and a man in an air force uniform. The man was a full colonel and he walked behind the vice president, as Rick and Derna approached them.

"Hello I'm Vice President Haynes and this is Colonel Maxwell Hunter, we have a few things we would like to discuss." He said to greet the other two men.

They followed them inside and the four of them sat down in a conference room of some sort, the vice president had coffee and coffee cake served. The colonel did not have either he just sat and stared at Derna and Rick coldly.

"I want Colonel Hunter to be involved in all military aspects of this operation, planning, training, the building status of the fleet." Explained the vice president. "He will report directly to me."

"Does President Franklin approve of this?" Asked Rick.

"Yes he wants the United States to be ahead of the curve so to speak, a large majority of volunteers and military to make up this fleet is coming from our country, we feel we should at least have a military attache assigned to you." Explained the vice president.

"Well it is our understanding that Admiral Tega'avata has an advanced training program for your world's military leaders, many of your Generals and Admirals from around the world have signed up for it, also we will be having training for flag officers who will command individual ships." Explained Derna.

"Yes we know all of that the plan was sent to us by one of your couriers, we feel that we need to a member of our military to see the inner workings of your fleet so we know that there will be no military secrets. Like I said before our country will probably make up sixty percent of the people who man those ships we are building." Said the vice president.

"I will have to run this by the Grand Admiral, and we will send our answer by noon your time tomorrow." Said Derna.

"Mister Thomas' we have a place prepared for you here in Washington and we will make preparations for the security of you and your family." The colonel said finally speaking.

"No thank your Colonel Hunter, if I was staying here on Earth, I would stay at my farmhouse and the Teyven will provide more than enough security." Rick replied.

"Well the people of the United States would be offended if our ambassador did not stay on Earth." Said the vice president.

"I'm a citizen of the United States, but I'm the ambassador to the planet Earth for the Teyven Empire, I will be staying aboard a Teyven ship." Said Rick.

"Well gentlemen, we have to get back to Rick's farmhouse to pick up his family and head back to the fleet, we will be in communication about Colonel Hunter." Said Derna.

"Yes thank you for your time, Jenkins gets in here and escort our guests out." Said the vice president.

A member of the secret service escorted them back outside and the shuttle took off for upstate New York. The vice president and the colonel did not like the way the meeting went, they really hoped that Colonel Hunter would be going with them.

"Don't worry sir, I'm sure this grand admiral will see the wisdom behind having me serve as a military attache." Said Colonel Hunter.

"If they don't, we will have to come up with another plan to find out more about the Teyven." Said the vice president.

"Derna I don't think the vice president and that colonel were being exactly truthful, do you?" Asked Rick.

"No they do seem they may have an ulterior motive." Said Derna.

"I think we should allow the Colonel to be a military attache, only so we can keep an eye on him, see what he is up too." Said Rick.

"Yes I think you may be right, we will recommend that to the Grand Admiral, maybe talk to the Gomtu again to get their thoughts." Said Derna. "Now for that little detour you wanted to make."

They landed the shuttle in Central Park in New York City and the two of them got out, they secured the door while dozens of onlookers watched in awe. They walked to the street and got a taxi, Rick asked the driver to take him to the nearest jewelry store. Then they went in and they bought a beautiful ring set for Karen, Rick was going to propose to her when they got back.

They paid for the ring and went back to the shuttle, then they flew to Karen's parents home and landed in the backyard. Her parents, Bryan and Karen came out with a pile of boxes and some bags to take back to the ship.

"Women." Sighed Derna. "My wife took as many things with her as she could on board the frigate when they escaped the empire."

"Well here goes nothing." Laughed Rick as he walked up to Karen and kissed her.

Then he dropped down on one knee and held her hand, he pulled the ring out of his pocket to show it to her. The diamond sparkled in the bright sunlight and Karen began to cry, her mother also cried and her father held her tight.

"Karen's I know we have not been together very long, as a matter of fact if it was not for the Teyven we would both probably still be afraid to act on our feelings. I love you with all of my heart and soul, I have for a long time now, I want you to be my wife, I want us to be a family, Karen would you marry me?" Rick said to a now excited Karen.

"Yes, oh yes I will marry you." She said to allow him to slip the ring on the finger.

She knocked Rick to the ground as she practically jumped on him and began planting kisses all over his face.

"Well how do we plan a wedding with you two up in outer space all of the time?" Her mother sobbed.

"The Teyven will be honored to help with this wedding and I know I'm going to regret this but Moya my wife will never forgive me if I do not offer her help as well." Derna said to Karen's parents.

After everything was settled down, they loaded the shuttle with all of Karen and Bryan's things and then they were off to the farmhouse. They got a few things of Rick's and they were back into space heading to the fleet. Derna made a communication link with his wife, and Moya and Karen spent the rest of the trip discussing the wedding to be.

Karen's parents announced the wedding on Earth, which made the world wide news, what was planned to be a small intimate wedding would soon be a world wide media event.

Next Chapter

Revisit the Gomtu, wedding preparations, vice president Haynes finds out how good Teyven security can be. Sorry for any delays in the Chapters, due to real world circumstances they can be slow in coming along.

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