tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 03

A Week to Remember Ch. 03

byChris Cross©

The alarm seemed to go off far too soon. Switching off the annoying buzz I looked over at Belle. God, she was gorgeous. I could hardly believe I'd just been with such a stunning woman. My head seemed to feel okay after all the drinks last night. As Belle's eyes focussed and she gave me a sleepy

"Good morning." I asked what she would like for breakfast (tea, coffee, toast, cereal, juice and bananas were on the menu - not too bad, eh?) and headed for the kitchen to make us both a coffee. We had breakfast in bed (coffee and bananas to help pick us up a bit) before agreeing we both needed a shower. I selflessly volunteered to share my shower with Belle, y'know, to help save water and all that.

Both wrapped in towels I opened the door of my bedsit and peered out. No sign of life. I suddenly wondered what time Sheila had got in, then thought that she might have gone back with another man to his place and quietly grimaced. I glanced behind me at Belle and forgot all about Sheila again. Belle's breasts were all pushed up by the towel wrapped around her midriff and looked poised to spill out. I nodded and Belle quickly walked out, across the landing and into the bathroom. I joined her and after putting the bolt on the door so we couldn't be interrupted, turned to see her naked and stepping into the shower. She adjusted the temperature and turned on the water, which coated her skin making it look glossy and shiny.

Soon we were both under the hot jets of water, soaping each other's slippery bodies and spending more time running our hands over each other than actually trying to clean each other up. I enjoyed feeling my hands skidding over Belle's warm, firm body. The hot water, steam and the fruity smell of the shower gel excited my senses and combined with feel of Belle's questing hands my cock soon stood proud. I circled my hands over her slippery breasts and buttocks, our tongues circling together. Her hand stole down to my cock and began to work back and forth. I kneaded her buttocks, enjoying the attention, before seeking her triangle of soft pubic hair and moving down from there to her pussy. Our hands worked in time with our tongues and I succumbed to the pleasure first, a small amount of cum (well, there wasn't much left in me after last night!) pumping out onto Belle's stomach and over her wrist. I slipped my fingers from her body and removed the showerhead, holding it over her and washing the thick globs away, chasing them down the plughole.

Inverting the showerhead I sprayed the water up against Belle's pussy. She shrieked and giggled, her laughter turning to moans as overcome by lust, I dropped the showerhead, knelt down and lapped up at her crotch. Belle carefully leaned against the wall and lifted one leg up and over my shoulder, so I could nuzzle and lap at her more easily. Scratching my nails up and down her thighs to excite her skin I slurped and nuzzled for all I was worth and soon had Belle crying out and trembling one more time. Realising time was marching on; we finished cleaning up properly and towelled each other down, returning to my bedsit and getting dressed.

Belle complained good naturedly that she was going to look 'a right slapper' walking home at this time dressed in her night out gear.

"Everyone who sees me is going to think 'well she's on her way home from shagging someone last night', eh?" I laughed and said

"Well, I'll walk you home then and then I can look smug as they think 'that must be the lucky bastard who shagged her'." Belle flushed and laughed embarrassedly. Running a little late, we set off and I walked Belle home. We stopped at the path leading up to her digs and faced one another.

"Will I see you around?" Belle asked. I only really knew her through Sheila, and once she'd moved out, the chances of Belle and I crossing paths again would be slim unless we made arrangements to meet.

"If you'd like to!" I replied. She smiled dazzlingly.

"Of course I would."

We quickly exchanged mobile numbers; Belle was on the same network as me and we agreed to contact one another with an eye to meeting up again soon. I noticed the time.

"Your mum's gonna be here in just under half an hour. Best to get a move on, eh?" Belle smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, Steve. For everything." I grinned as Belle gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked up the path, turning to glance over her shoulder at me as she got to the front door. I waved at her; she waggled her fingers back at me, unlocked the door, opened it and entered. As the door closed she gave me an exaggerated wink and blew me a kiss before vanishing out of sight. I drew in a deep breath, blew it out through my mouth and turned to walk back to West Street.

Half an hour later I was back. I needed to use the loo, but someone was in the bathroom on my floor having a shower. I guessed it might be Sheila. Complex thoughts and feelings flooded my head and I popped downstairs to use the toilet there, before quietly going back into my room. Did Sheila know I'd slept with one of her friends? Did she particularly care? Had she got off with someone last night? Did she fancy me at all? What had been on my mind for most of yesterday seemed more distant and less important now, after Belle. But Sheila was leaving tomorrow and I didn't want for our friendship to end on a bad note. I decided to lay low for now and to try and 'accidentally' bump into her on the landing later.

I still felt a bit tired and decided to have a nap. Setting the alarm for just over an hour's time, I closed my curtains and lay down on the bed. I must have dropped off pretty quickly as the next thing I knew, the alarm was going again. It was 1.45 and I got up and made some lunch, munching a sandwich and some salad whilst watching the news on TV. Shortly after, I heard someone on the landing and quickly got up to go out, thinking it might be Sheila. Neil and Ruth were working today and Adele would most likely be working on her dissertation at the library. As I opened my door I realised that if it was Sheila, I didn't have the faintest idea of what I was going to say to her. Fortunately, perhaps, it turned out to be Adele. She was just mounting the stairs up to her room in the attic.

"Hi!" she said brightly. At least she didn't seem pissed off with me for dashing away from her last night.

"Hiya. How did the rest of the night go? Enjoy your dance with Prince Charming?" Adele chuckled ruefully.

"Yeah, it was alright. Neil just can't seem to get it into his head that he's not my type though, y'know? And the rest of the night was fine. Sheila ended up plenty pissed not long after you'd gone, but she had fun and we got her home okay, so yeah, rest of the night was good." She grinned suddenly. "How about you? Sheila said that Belle left about the same time as you." hers eyes sparkled cheekily. "Anything to confess?"

Three things quickly struck me. If Sheila did come back home last night, then a) that was most certainly her in the shower earlier, b) she hadn't gone off with anyone else or brought them back here, because I hadn't heard them at it during the night and most importantly c) Sheila could have spent some time last night listening to Belle and I screwing like bunnies!!! I could've kicked myself. Why on earth hadn't this struck me until now? H'mm. Beer and whiskey last night, that's why.

My delay in responding saw Adele step off the first stair to the attic and come over to me. She spoke quietly in a conspiratorial whisper.

"Did you?" there was no point in lying, but I decided to be obtuse.

"Adele, you know a gentleman never discusses his conquests." Adele squeaked excitedly and literally pulled me over to the stairs.

"No way! You shagged Belle?" she hissed in a low voice. "You lucky bugger, she's fit as fuck! You've got to tell me all about it!!!" I laughed and tugged my arm free.

"Easy tiger! Yes. Yes I am. Yes she is and maybe I will -"I jerked my head in the direction of Sheila's room "But not now, okay? Plus, I'm not sure anything I can do could live up to your vivid imagination." Adele laughed.

"Alright, but I'm going to hold you to that." Smiling, she turned and mounted the stairs again. "See you later."

"Cheers, Adele." With that, I went back into my room.

I poured myself a glass of juice and sat down to think. Okay, so Sheila came back last night, pissed. And at least Adele helped her back home, maybe Ruth and Neil too. But Adele didn't seem to know Belle and I were at it. So, either they got back after we'd gone to sleep, or they'd got back and couldn't hear Belle and I from the landing. Now, if Sheila was drunk (I'd seen her that way before, she was a cheery drunk but also prone to curling up and dropping off to sleep like a little hamster) when she got back in, she'd have most likely gone straight to bed and fallen asleep. Maybe she hadn't heard us after all. And she'd got up to shower the best part of an hour after we'd left, so maybe hadn't heard us chatting in the morning. She wouldn't have heard us having sex in the shower unless her ear was pressed right up to the bathroom door. So maybe, just maybe, she didn't know about me and Belle.

I guessed it would be wise to find out. So I gave some thought to how she might react if she did know and what I'd say if she was either okay with or angry about it. But why did I think she'd be angry about it? Because Belle was her friend (yeah, and so what?) or because I thought that she'd be upset I hadn't tried to make a move on her? Hell, how much of all this was my ego strutting about like a peacock? I formulated a rough script of what I could say in either scenario and then suddenly remembered about my dripping tap in the kitchen.

I got my mobile phone and found Maxine's number. Maxine and Tom were our landlady and landlord. I'd only seen Tom once though and Max dealt with most of the day to day stuff, including basic electrical and plumbing repairs. I guessed she was about forty to forty five years old, with long blonde hair always tied back in a ponytail, a cracking figure for her age and an acidic, dry sense of humour. Tom was a couple of years older than Max and seemed alright to me. He didn't have Max's sense of humour (or at least didn't display it on the occasion I met him) but he was friendly enough, quite short and stocky. He enjoyed rock climbing and often worked away for days at a time. I guessed that was how and why Max had become so good at the day to day things.

My mobile wouldn't ring out. Keying 453 the automatic voice told me I had only six pence credit left. I really ought to get around to getting a phone on contract. I decided there and then to buy myself a brand new one with the first pay packet from my new job and fumbled in my pocket for change to use in the payphone out in the hall. Armed with several ten pence pieces I went onto the landing and over to the phone. It was on the bathroom wall, just out of arm's reach of Sheila's door. Dialling the number I waited until Max picked up and pushed a couple of coins into the slot. I explained about the tap and Max said she'd be coming over tomorrow afternoon. She'd asked Sheila to be out by two as the new tenant was moving in that evening. Max said she'd fix it after she'd finished getting Sheila's room ready for the new tenant, whose name was Marie. I said thanks and that I'd see her then and hung up. The coins clunked down into the body of the plastic phone and as I turned, Sheila's door clacked as it opened and Sheila took a step out onto the landing. My heart beat a little faster as I thought to myself, 'well, here we go!'

"The dead have risen!" I said in my best, 'the end of the world is nigh' voice. To my relief, Sheila laughed. She was barefoot, still wearing her pyjamas and looking like she was getting over a pretty bad hangover.

"How're you feeling?"

"Like I had well too much to drink last night! I've kept some lunch down now though. And I've been packing. Still got some to finish."

"Not easy with a pounding head, huh?"

""You've got that right." She seemed okay with me so far, but not quite her usual self. Mind you, she hadn't usually drunk half a bar dry the night previously. I decided to press on.

"Well, do you want a hand? I'm not doing much this afternoon, so if you want some help..."

"You're sure you don't just want to rummage about in my knicker drawer?" Aha! The old flirting. A good sign things were okay.

"I didn't think a slapper like you wore knickers, She." Sheila laughed.

"Screw you."

"Promises, promises." Sheila smiled and pushed her door open.

"C'mon in then, you can help me out as punishment for taking the piss out of me when I'm suffering. I'm just off to the loo. I'll be back in a mo'."

I grinned and walked into her room. Sheila let the door close behind me and went about her business. The scent of burning incense reached me as I walked in. Sheila had both her windows open and was obviously trying to freshen the air a little. She had several cardboard boxes, suitcases and hold-all bags on the floor, as well as string, brown tape and a pair of scissors. Some of the boxes were already sealed. The bed was rumpled and unmade. I sat on the armchair and waited for her to return, relieved that she seemed to be fine with me. Sheila came back in and put the kettle on. We had a cup of tea (Sheila knocked back some paracetomol) and chatted easily about last night. Things definitely seemed to be fine, as Sheila didn't mention a thing about Belle.

I noticed small flashes of naked flesh when Sheila was positioned to my right, in the gaps between the buttons on her pyjamas. As she bent forward at one point I saw the swell of her breasts shift freely under her top and caught a tantalising glimpse of naked curves. No bra. Probably no knickers either. Despite myself, I dwelled briefly on the fact that I could pop those buttons down one by one, remove her top and pull down the checked blue trousers and Sheila would be before me, stark naked. I was shaken from my daydream as Sheila excused herself and popped off to the loo again. Most of the obvious things that needed packing already seemed to be packed. Some books, folders and clothes, pots and pans were piled about. Then I noticed the backless little black dress that Sheila had been wearing last night. It was draped carelessly over the end of her bed. Her spike heeled shoes were below it, along with a pair of glossy, black tights. Sheila came back in and considered what to start on next. We began to pack up more of her belongings and I decided to push my luck.

"Did you pull last night then?" Sheila wrinkled her nose and snorted.

"God, no. There were these three guys, trying it on with every girl in the place. One of them seemed to have taken a real shine to me, but he was a pig. I think he finally got the message that I wasn't interested when I told him to fuck off and get out of my face." I smiled, surprised at how relieved I felt at what she'd said.

"Yeah, I guess that would let him know where he stood."

"I'm glad it did. I'd have hated to have to try and beat it into him." I laughed and suddenly realised I'd left myself wide open to Sheila asking if I'd pulled last night. I decided to quickly changed the subject and the fact I'd just finished taping up a box gave me the perfect chance to do so.

"Right, that's finished," I brushed my hands together theatrically "now then, which drawer's got your knickers in? I selflessly volunteer to pack them and any other of your frilly bits for you."

"Ye gods!" Sheila laughed "A man who's more interested in getting your knickers into something than actually getting into them." Was there a faint hint of something in her voice? Bitterness, perhaps? I answered quickly.

"Well, now I wouldn't say that. But seriously, She, what do you need packing next?"

"That pile of books and folders, please." I nodded and set about the task.

We chatted and as we both finished working on our respective boxes, Sheila stood up and looked around. She explained that after the pots and pans that was pretty much it for now. The only other things left she'd need between now and finally leaving tomorrow. Sheila explained that she'd already sorted out her new place, had the keys and just needed to get her various bits and bobs over there. She thought all her stuff would fit in her car and that one trip should do it. We set about packing the pots and pans and that was pretty much it.

"Right, I need to get dressed and go into town. I've some things I want to buy and then I'll be dropping by to see everyone here one at a time tonight to say goodbye, with them all working tomorrow." She smiled at me. "Apart from the gentleman of leisure, of course."

"Hey, I'm merely resting. I'll be hard at it next week, y'know?" Sheila grinned.

"Oh, yeah? Who's the lucky lady?" More flirting. Or was that comment pointed? I took two steps over to her and patted Sheila on the head, grinning back.

"Well, sadly, it won't be you now, will it? You're flying the nest."

"H'mm," Sheila nodded.

Then to my surprise, she put both her arms around me and gave me a hug. I felt her boobs squash against my chest and my cock began to respond. What was happening? Was she about to...no. Sheila released me and stood back smiling pleasantly.

"Well, thanks for your help, Steve. I'd better get on, or the shops'll be shut." I glanced at my watch. It was half past three; time had flown.

"Yeah, suppose so. Make sure you drop by tonight, though, huh?"

"Course I will. You in all night?"


"See you later then, go on now- shoo." She fanned her hands in the direction of the door, smiling. I returned the smile and opened the door, stepping onto the landing and looking back in.

"See you later, then?"

"See you later." Sheila closed the door behind me and I went next door back to my own room.

I sat and pondered, the fullness of her breasts and that brief snatch of body heat through cotton pyjamas fresh in my mind. And she hadn't got off with that guy last night. If I'd have stayed and made my move as planned, then I was pretty certain I'd have got the response I was looking for. And the way she'd just made that m'mm' noise when I made the crack about her not being the 'lucky lady'. The tone in her voice when she said about me being more interested in packing her knickers than getting into them. If only the alcohol hadn't given me such a defeatist outlook last night. It all seemed to add up to the fact that I'd had my chance and fumbled the ball. Well, in a way. If I'd made a move on Sheila, I wouldn't have just had a night of passion with Belle. Ah, Belle.

I remembered the feel of her hot, firm body pressed up against me in bed, her strong legs wrapped around my back as her soft lips pressed against mine and her pussy gripped and sucked at my cock. The feel of her hair. The vivid pinkness of her pussy compared to her dark skin. How good she looked when I woke and found her next to me. Hell, I couldn't complain. I thought briefly about Sam, felt a small pang of betrayal and then pushed her from my mind with a burst of contempt. I'd far better prospects ahead of me now than her. Remembering the face-down photo on my bedside cabinet I went over and removed it from the frame, taking some satisfaction from ripping the picture in two and dropping it in the bin. I stashed the frame safely away in a drawer, wondering whose picture might be in it next. I was shaken from my reverie by the sound of someone trotting down the stairs. It sounded like Sheila had just gone out.

If I had got off with Sheila last night, surely there would have been time for Belle and I to hit it off over the coming weeks? H'mm... no, probably not. I only really got to see Belle through my acquaintance with Sheila and once she was gone, when would another chance like last night crop up? I couldn't see how I could have had my cake and eaten it (or to be blunt, shagged both of them.) I sighed, put the kettle on and then killed time by blowing away bad guys on my Playstation.

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