tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Weekend in Paradise

A Weekend in Paradise


Act 1

Many evenings, after a stressful day of work, I like to soak in the hot tub, star gaze, and let the darkness and heat ease away the week's tension. It's a communal hot tub, so there's always the possibility that a sweet young thing will also seek a destressing soak. Last Friday night, as I was gazing up, the heavens smiled down upon me. I heard the gate open and close and I looked to see a vision of young womanhood striding toward the hot tub. She was about average height and slender. She wore a towel wrapped around her waist. Above, her breasts were highlighted by a minimal bikini top in a bright floral pattern. Below, her long, balletic legs strode gracefully ever closer to me. She greeted me with a cheerful, "good evening."

I replied with, "it just got much better," and her gentle laugh rang out in the stillness of the night. She turned to deposit her towel on a lounge and I was delighted to see that the smooth roundness of her ass was sculpted, more than covered, by a very brief tanga bikini bottom. Once her towel was neatly arranged, she approached the hot tub and I gazed longingly at the teasing invitation implied by the hint of camel-toe formed by the fabric of her tiny suit as it molded itself to her tender pussy in the soft moonlight. Making a Jedi hand motion, I said, "your swimsuit, you will not need it."

By that point, she was close enough to see that I was soaking nude. Smiling, she responded with, "I will not need my swimsuit." She then reached behind herself to release the bikini's closure. The little top fell from her breasts and she tossed it unceremoniously upon my towel. Her breasts stood out proudly on her chest. They looked firm and smooth and perfectly sized for a man's hands. Released from their captivity and exposed to the warm evening air, her rosy nipples began to harden under my desirous gaze.

My new friend entered the water with a sigh and sat back to relish the soothing heat of the water. I allowed her to enjoy the sensations for several minutes before seeking out her feet with my own. I stroked her feet and calves, but couldn't reach any higher up her legs. I saw a wicked gleam in her eyes as she sank beneath the surface of the water, then I felt her body parting my legs and her breasts slithering up my thighs. She resurfaced with her face barely an inch from mine, then closed that final distance and kissed me forcefully. I took hold of her ass, pulling her pussy hard against my cock, as our tongues twisted and tangled together. She was now grinding her pussy against my throbbing cock with only the narrow strip of her tanga keeping me from entering her. When I reached up to caress her breasts she leaned back to catch her breath and let me better appreciate the bounty she offered. With a quick kiss and a turn she sat between my legs facing away from me. Leaning back, she whispered, "make me come."

With one hand on a breast, I held her tight against my chest and traced her belly with my other hand until it had reached her pussy. I applied gentle pressure as I caressed her through the thin fabric. Before long, the narrow strip of cloth had bunched together and slipped fully between her outer lips and I was caressing the firm smoothness of her hairless mound. Soft coos escaped her throat as her pleasure grew. A firm tweak of her hardened nipple elicited a sharp gasp. Below, I was now pulling the bunched bikini bottom tightly against the nub of her clitoris and I could tell that she was nearing her peak.

But it was too soon. I wanted to play with her body a while longer, so I eased off on my stimulation of her clit to bring her back from the edge. She uttered a disappointed whimper as I pulled her meager panties out of her vulval cleft and moved them to the side. Now I could cover her pussy fully, with my hand directly contacting all parts of her sex. I resumed applying gentle pressure and rocking my hand to begin bringing her back to the precipice and the release she craved. As her body responded to my ministrations, I slipped my fingers into the cleft of her pussy and stroked from the hood of her clitoris down to the entrance of her beckoning channel. She begged me desperately to plunge my fingers inside her and fuck her tight hole until she came. I obliged willingly. My strokes in and out of her pussy also had my thumb pounding against her clit and soon her body was writhing in ecstasy and I had to really press her body against my chest to maintain contact and not spoil her orgasm. Her cries of joy rang out into the night as she reached the climax of her pleasure. Her body slumped against mine as she recovered from her orgasm with my fingers still fully stuffed up inside her.

Once she had recovered enough, I began gently caressing her clit once more. She responded by turning around to face me again and this time, when her pussy pressed against my cock, there was nothing between our bodies and she eased my cock into her pussy as she resumed kissing me desperately. Her tongue assaulted mine as her hips forced my cock to plunge repeatedly into her depths. I gripped her thrusting ass and held on as she took control and fucked herself violently upon me. When I knew I was about to blow my load deep into her, I forced her down hard on my cock. The pulsing of my cock as I blasted her insides with my seed brought her to another powerful climax and her body jerked wildly as waves of orgasm passed through her.

My cock subsided out of her and she flopped backward into the water to recover. She certainly looked well-fucked, with her gorgeous tits sticking up above the surface of the water and her tiny tanga still pulled aside revealing her gaping pussy with my come leaking out of it.

I rinsed my cock and put my suit back on. Then I thanked her again and gave her another deep kiss. After toweling off, I told her that if she wanted her bikini top back I'd have it waiting for her in apartment 42.

Act 2

Arriving back at my apartment, I couldn't be sure that my new lover would claim her property immediately, but I thought it best to be prepared. So I put on some soft music and lights and opened a bottle of wine. I was cutting up some fruit when there was a knock on the door. She stood upon my welcome mat with her towel over her shoulders to conceal her breasts. I asked her to come in and handed her a glass of wine. After we had toasted our new-found friendship, I asked her for her wet things and helped her out of her delightful little tanga. We stood naked together for a moment before I took her in my arms. We embraced and joined in a passionate kiss. I felt her breasts pressed against my chest, as my cock hardened and strained to be inside her once again.

I led her to the bathroom, started the shower, and guided her in. I joined her under the hot spray and we resumed our kiss. I soaped her up and caressed every inch of her body as I washed her. The taut plain of her belly, the firm mounds of her breasts, her supple ass. Once I had washed her, she washed me, then I got out to towel off while she washed her hair. When she stepped out of the shower, I wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and led her to the bedroom.

She lay down on the bed and I dribbled some baby oil down her back and watched it begin to snake into the crack of her ass. A soft sigh of pleasure escaped her mouth as I began to massage her shoulders. Her skin was smooth and my well-oiled hands slid easily along her body's contours. Her ass flexed as I kneaded its firm bulk. I caught glimpses of her pussy beckoning to me as it moistened in her arousal under my strong hands. After massaging her well-muscled legs, I had her turn over so I could work on her front. I dribbled more oil on her breasts and down her belly. The oil glimmered in the soft lighting as it caressed her body as intimately as any lover might. I started at her belly and worked my way up to her breasts. Each slippery globe required both hands as I worked her flesh. Her nipples stood out big and hard and red in her excitement. I kissed her and again she said, "make me come."

I reached for her pussy and stroked her outer lips teasingly. She spread her legs in lascivious invitation, granting me full access to her most private parts. Her pussy lay spread open, sparkling pinkly with her dew. I tugged gently on her inner lips and she moaned in delicious torment. I began to stroke her slit and strum her clit while working a finger slowly into her pussy. Her pleasure was readily apparent by her moans and the thrashing of her head as her body quaked with orgasmic ecstasy. She came with abandon, her hips bouncing on my bed and a stream of obscenities issuing rapid-fire from her mouth.

I didn't give her time to recover, but simply mounted her and shoved my cock straight into her still-spasming pussy. A few hard strokes of my cock, slamming hard against her mound, had her coming again and I blasted my come deep into her quivering body. Her mouth was still slack as I kissed her. Once my cock had subsided, I dismounted her exhausted body and allowed her to recover with more of my come leaking obscenely from her pussy.

She soon fell asleep and I joined her, spooning her young body with mine and cupping one perfect breast in my hand. In the morning we had coffee together, then I lent her a pair of silk boxers and a dress shirt to wear home. We kissed again on the doorstep and she said, "if you want these back, I'll have them waiting for you in apartment 69."

Act 3

I did a little shopping and then went to claim what was mine. She greeted me with a big smile, still wearing the boxers and shirt. The shirt was completely unbuttoned and the gentle breeze was enough to give me brief glimpses of her breasts. I held up her towel and bikini and asked her if she wanted to trade or see what was in the bag in my other hand. As expected, she wanted to see what was in the bag.

She let the shirt slip down her arms to the floor and it was soon joined by the boxer shorts. She stood naked before me, excited and confident. I told her to close her eyes and raise her arms above her head. Her upraised arms lifted her breasts and made them stand even more proudly upon her chest. I enjoyed the view briefly then reached into the bag and slipped a summer dress, in a floral print reminiscent of her bikini, down over her slender frame. The light cotton fabric caressed her nipples as it flowed across them and continued gliding sinuously to terminate at her mid-thigh. She opened her eyes and cooed in delight. After a quick twirl to see how well it showed off her pussy and ass, she grabbed me tight and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. I slid my hands down her back and cupped her ass, pulling her groin tightly against mine.

I asked, "do you have any plans for the rest of the weekend?"

"No, I'm all yours to do with whatever you please," she replied coquettishly.

I kissed her again and told her to pack an overnight bag. "You'll need little more than a toothbrush. I'll pick you up in half an hour," I informed her. I smacked her firmly on the ass to get her moving. She squealed with excitement and I let myself out.

I quickly packed my own bag, made some arrangements, and found her waiting at her door as instructed. She got into my car and we hit the road. On such a nice day, I had the top down and the wind played in her hair and fluttered the loose bodice of her dress. We talked as the miles passed and she relaxed as we became better acquainted. Her name was Lacey and she had recently moved to town for grad school.

While passing a truck, I decided to slow down and give the driver a thrill. Once I knew she had his attention, I said, "show him what you have under there."

"I have nothing on under there," she replied.

"I know."

The look of mild shock on her face quickly turned to a wicked grin. She turned back to the truck driver and raised the hem of her dress all the way up to her chin, baring her entire naked body for his approval. The truck driver tooted his horn and I pulled away.

I asked, "did you like that?"

"Oh my god, yes!" she replied enthusiastically, "I never would have thought I'd do anything like that, but there's just something about being with you that makes me feel so wild and free." She paused briefly, then added, "for some reason you make me want to be naked all the time when I'm with you." Having said that, she pulled the dress completely off, placed it on the floor, and reclined her seat to enjoy the sun on her bare skin.

"I'm glad, because you won't need to wear anything at all for the rest of the weekend."

"Are we going to a nudist resort?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes, yes we are and we're just about there."

"Yesterday I'd think you were crazy, but now I think I'm going to really enjoy spending a weekend naked in public."

A few minutes later we exited the highway, passed a sign advertising the resort, and followed a narrow winding trail back into the wilderness. We pulled up in front of the office. I looked over at her and asked, "you ready?"

"I'm so nervous, but I think I should just do it, like ripping off a bandage."

I picked up her dress and we stepped out of the car. I held the office door open for her and followed her into the lobby. Taking her by the hand, I led her up to the front desk to check in. Her nervousness was eased somewhat when we were welcomed to the resort by a middle-aged woman wearing nothing but a pale pink sarong tied loosely around her matronly hips. In place of a name tag, she had a henna tattoo decorating the slope of her left breast; it said, "Welcome to Eden, call me Eve."

I introduced myself and asked if our room was ready. Eve said it would be ready in an hour and that we could enjoy the grounds and café while we waited. "But, dear, you'll have to cover up before you go into the café," she warned.

Lacey pouted, but held her arms obediently over her head as I slid the dress back over her. Taking her hands in mine, I assured her, "it's only while we're in the café." We entered the café and I led her to a table on the patio overlooking the pool. She gazed longingly at the sparkling blue water. The lounges seemed to beckon her to go, stretch out, and relax with a cold drink. Before her she saw dozens of people of all shapes, colors, and sizes enjoying the day, no one wearing more that a sun hat, and she was eager to join them. We opted to select our lunch from the salad bar. She was done eating before me. I couldn't bear to see her big sad eyes looking at me over my salad, so I told her to go enjoy herself and I'd join her once I had our room keys.

I hadn't finished saying that before she had jumped up, kissed me quickly, stripped off the dress, and exited the patio. There was a smattering of applause from the other diners as we watched the sun playing on her ass and long legs as she hurried to the pool. She dove into the pool as her cry of, "wheeeeee!" echoed off the surrounding buildings.

From the patio, I continued to watch her swim and bask. Several of the younger swimmers and children greeted her and she seemed to enjoy having races and other watery fun with them. After an hour or so she climbed out of the pool and lay down on a lounge.

Eve caught my eye from the lobby and I went to check us in. Having completed that, I went to the car to get our bags. Both bags were small and neither weighed very much. I carried them to the room, placed them on the dresser, hung her dress up in the closet, and threw my own clothes on the bed.

When I got to the pool I executed a perfect cannonball accompanied by a raucous, "wahoo!!!" I think the older crowd was less impressed than the younger. Once I had cooled off sufficiently, I joined Lacey at her lounge.

I found her being attended by two young men who were covering her body in henna designs. Not surprisingly, they seemed to have started at her breasts and had worked their way down her belly to her vulva by the time I arrived to watch the process. She had her legs splayed wide apart to provide the best surface for them to apply their art. She watched closely as their brushes traced sinuous abstract patterns upon her most private flesh.

"They say they're art students," she told me, "should I trust them?"

"I'm concerned that all they want is to put you in their portfolio," I said with a smile.

Once the artists were finished, Lacey appeared to be wearing a skin-tight teddy of the finest lace; only from close up could you tell that it was only a thin coat of dark pigment applied with such delicate strokes. The young men took a few photos to preserve their handiwork. After we complimented them on their skill, they went off in search of other canvases. "Now you live up to your name," I said.

"Do you think this will be enough for the café?" she asked.

"It would be if I ran the place, but I'm afraid you'll have to wear more than that to dinner tonight." She put on her pouty face and we lounged in silence, enjoying the sun and wind.

Throughout the afternoon, several couples stopped by to admire Lacey's body art more closely and to show off their own henna tattoos.

As evening crept over the surrounding hills, mothers called their children out of the water and couples headed back to their rooms to prepare for dinner. I could smell the aroma of mesquite smoke on the air and I knew from previous stays at the resort that summer Saturday dinner was always barbeque.

Act 4

Lacey and I returned to our room hand-in-hand and I started the shower. She stepped into the steamy enclosure and I followed right behind. She stood under the shower head with water cascading down her body, glimmering on her breasts, making her mons shine and her legs dazzle. I took her in my arms and kissed her with unfamiliar passion. She responded in kind, putting her arms around my neck to pull me hard against her. I grabbed her ass and she raised her legs to encircle my body with hers. Her pussy pressed against my cock, holding it trapped between our bodies as we clutched frantically at each other.

She broke our kiss and whispered, "make me come."

I lowered her to the shower bench, reached up for the hand-held shower head and played it teasingly over her, working my way down to her pussy. As the spray played upon the smooth contours of her pussy she sighed at the sensations of gentle pressure delicately massaging her labia and clit. Before too long, she placed her feet on my shoulders and drew my face against her vulva and I sucked her engorged clitoral nub into my mouth. She moaned with pleasure as I began alternately licking her lips and sucking her clit. I worked a finger inside her and sought out her G-spot. Her body was quaking and she was rubbing my face with her sex and finally her thighs clamped hard against my head as she came with wild abandon. When she released me, I sat back to admire her body while she recovered. We finished our shower and dried off.

She looked in her bag and said, "I don't have a stitch to wear..." with mock concern.

"Let me look what I have that might be suitable", I responded. I reached into my bag and brought out the shirt I had lent her that morning.

"What, that old thing?" she asked.

"Sure, it covers just enough without actually covering anything if you don't want it to." She reluctantly put on the shirt, but buttoned only one button, as if in protest. The shirt barely covered her ass, and her pussy was clearly visible when the breeze ruffled the light material.

By the time we arrived at the café, most of the kids had been fed and had been taken off to bed, so it was primarily an adult crowd still drinking beer and eating. Lacey and I filled plates with food and selected a table. I went to get us beers.

When I returned to the table, Lacey was talking with a woman I had met at the resort before. Cheri is a massage therapist, and often offers her services to guests at the resort. I had enjoyed several of Cheri's massages over the years. Cheri was wearing her usual outfit of a white tank top stretched tautly across her large bosom and a short white skirt. The two women were talking and I heard Lacey ask excitedly, "would you like to see?"

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