tagInterracial LoveA White Man Who Love Black Guys

A White Man Who Love Black Guys


I held onto Dwayne Henderson's narrow hips as I worked my dick into his asshole. Lord I love Black male ass. Dwayne grunted as I penetrated him. I picked up the tall, good-looking young Black man while walking through the Carleton University campus in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. He was a very sexy brother with an ass I just wanted to bite. So I approached him and we got to know each other. Dwayne is an international student living in the Canadian Capital. He's originally from the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Way down in the United States of America. Why are so many American guys coming to Canada these days? I don't mind, but I am kind of curious. Well, I gave the African-American stud a warm welcome to Canada. My way. My name is Dwight O'Neill, openly gay Irishman, and I approve this message.

Before fucking Dwayne, I took him out for a few drinks. He was dating some chubby White chick named Myra O'Shea and was also banging a tall and skinny Somali broad named Adelmira Mohammed at the same time. Dwayne is secretly bisexual, and has that authentic African-American swagger that Canadian women just can't resist. Well, gay Canadian guys like myself can't resist guys like him either. I've been into Black guys ever since I moved to the Province of Ontario from my hometown of Galway, Ireland, twenty years ago. I'm in my forties, standing five foot nine by two hundred pounds. And I've got a nine-inch dick. My cock is buried deep inside Dwayne's asshole. And he's definitely loving it by the noises he's making.

I gently bite Dwayne's shoulder while sinking my cock deeper inside his asshole. I love making sexy Black guys like him scream as I fuck them in the ass. Dwayne is bent face down and ass up on my sofa in my living room in the town of Orleans. He's got my thick Irish cock in his African-American asshole and he's loving it. I pulled on his dreadlocks while slamming my dick up his ass. Goodness gracious this brings back good memories. The first Black guy I ever hooked up with was Anton Adewale, a Nigerian immigrant I met in the City of Galway, Ireland. He was a good-looking brother with a big dick who didn't mind hooking up with the young and curious Irish guy I had been. Mr. Adewale was married to a Black woman and had two daughters with her but he liked dick a lot. We helped each other out in the magical summer of 1989.

Yeah, I've been into Black guys ever since. I like them tall, beefy and dark-skinned. Well-endowed, with cute faces and nice butts. I love everything about the Black man's body. I think Black guys are all that and then some. I watch the NBA and the NFL not because I am a sports fan but because sweaty Black men in motion turn me on. Of course, I tried my hand at a normal life. I married a beautiful Black woman named Sharon Albright, whom I met in the City of Toronto in 2001. Sharon Albright was a dream come true. A tall, beautiful Black woman with a pretty face, nice tits, curvy body and a big round ass. A graduate of the University of Toronto. She's one of those dreamy-eyed and insecure Black women who chase random White guys like their lives depend on it. She was working at the Canadian Revenue Agency when I met her. I worked as an account manager at the Royal Bank of Canada next to her office. I had sex with Sharon a few times and enjoyed it, and ended up proposing six months after we met. Sharon thought she had finally met her White Knight in Shining Armour. Well, I wasn't completely honest with her or myself. That's how I ended up in bed with her younger brother Adam Albright, a student at York University.

Truth be told, I had more fun fucking Adam Albright's tight ass than smashing Sharon Albright's big round booty. And when she caught me with Adam, our life together was over. As was her relationship with her closeted gay younger brother. Sharon got everything in the divorce. I walked away from her and the straight world. I embraced my newfound freedom and my gay identity. From that moment on, I identified exclusively as gay and didn't date women anymore. I came out to my friends and family. Life has been much better ever since. I ran into Sharon Albright recently. She's married to this college professor named Kader, a guy from the Republic of Sudan. I guess she went back to her roots. The Black bitch stopped seeing White men as Knights in Shining Armour after she caught one of us in bed with her own brother. I still smile to myself when I remember that awkward but funny episode. Sorry if I sound a little bitter but she took everything in the divorce settlement.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. I was fucking Dwayne Henderson's ass like there was no tomorrow. I flipped the big and tall, ruggedly handsome Black American stud on his back and jammed my thick White cock up his ass. I stroked Dwayne's long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick as I pumped his ass with my cock. The Black stud screamed as I fucked him roughly. He's got the sweetest ass I've fucked in a long time. And believe me when I say that I am an expert on the art of fucking Black guys in the ass. I've fucked all kinds of Black guys in the ass. Closeted gay and bisexual Black men whose wives would be shocked to discover they sucked white dick and took it up the ass. By my own estimation, I've had sex with well over three hundred Black men since I came out of the closet all those years ago. And it's been a jolly good time for me. I pumped Dwayne's ass until he begged for mercy. I slammed my dick up his ass until I came, flooding his ass with hot manly Irish semen. The Black stud screamed like a little bitch and cried real tears. I licked his tears off his face. I love to make a Black man cry in pleasure and pain as I ravage his ass. I kissed Dwayne passionately and thanked him for a good time. Then I sent him on his merry way.

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