tagBDSMA Whole New World

A Whole New World


He came home late from work, as usual. She waited up for him, as usual. Was it going to be a quick hello before he fell asleep or was he going to thrust himself into her for the next hour?

She was ready for either. In the shower she had prepared herself. He liked her smooth, her long legs that would drape over his shoulders; her pussy, which would take a beating from him; her shy asshole, where his tongue might venture.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

The more she thought about it the more excited she became. Her mind flashed back to the night before. He had her on the bed. As he began to get closer to climax he pulled her to the edge. He stood beside the bed with her legs in the air. Her ass hung over the side with his hand firmly holding it up in place. He pushed his throbbing cock into her open, wet pussy and grabbed her throat with his free hand. A gasp came from her as he squeezed her windpipe. The look on his face was pure domination, she was his and he knew it. As he would thrust down into her, his hand on her lower back would pull her in closer, making each time go deeper and deeper. She was seeing spots, from the lack of oxygen and the pure pleasure his cock gave her. Just as she was about to claw at his tense fingers around her throat, he let go and grabbed her face. His thumb on her jawbone and the other fingers digging into her opposite cheek.

"I'm going to cum in you now, slut." He breathlessly said with a squeeze to her face.

"Yes Daddy! Please cum in me Daddy, please!"

His cum covered the inside of her tired pussy and with each throb of his oozing cock, a tingle shook her entire body.

She brought herself out from that flashback. She noticed her new panties were now visibly wet. She was excited. She wanted him to degrade her, call her names. Tell her she was his. Take every drop of cum he had to offer her.

But there was no text from him saying "be naked in 20 minutes". She wondered if she had done something wrong? Or was he tired from work and she would have to go to bed wet?

He came in the door at that moment and she sat straight up on the bed. He casually mumbled "Hey" as he walked past her. No kiss. No eye contact. Nothing. Her heart sank a little. The days worth of conversations played back through her head, trying to see if anything substantial stuck out. He didn't want his Princess tonight.

His pants hit the floor. His boxers. She could see his cock moving side to side as he put his clothes in the hamper by the door. Her mouth watered a little. She wanted to be on her knees in front of him, gagging on his cock. Tasting the salty warmth sliding down her throat... but he didn't want her tonight. She waited.

He sat on the bed, his back to her. Slowly she slid over to touch him, wrap her legs around him. She kissed his spine and waited in the silence. Finally he turned to face her.

"How are you?" Was always his go to.

"I'm okay, how are you?" She whispered, trying not to let the disappointment come out in her voice.

"I'm okay..." his eyes fell to the side.

What was going on here? Why couldn't he look at her? Her heart was racing with curiosity. After about 3 minutes of awkward silence he raised his head back up to look her dead in the eyes.

"I want to do something different tonight, if you're up for it."

This was it. Her heart did a flip and she had to really contain the smile that was fighting to be free. Just his words set a fire in her. She loved that.

"Yes Daddy." She said eagerly.

His hand stopped her lips from continuing. She waited for direction.

"I'm not in charge tonight, my love. You are. Have your way with me."

A blank stare was all she had to offer. What did he mean? She never took control. Except maybe pick which position he fucked her in. She watched him stand up and move to the closet. Their bag of toys was removed. He grabbed the bottle of lube and a purple dildo from it and handed them to her.

"I want you to use that on me." The words shook her ear drums. This was new. This was exciting.

"I'm sorry? You want me to do what?" She sounded stupid, even to herself.

He got right up against her, their mouths were inches apart and he kept eye contact with her as he whispered, "you heard me. I want you to use that on me. I want to be your little bitch tonight. Please, fuck my ass with that toy."

His mouth closed the gap between them and his tongue made laps around hers as he pulled her hand to his now completely rock hard cock. She was in charge? Her pussy was pulsing from how sexy his voice was as he surrendered to her. He lowered himself onto the bed and flipped over, his ass in the air.

"Be gentle at first." He almost sounded like he was begging.

She didn't have to be told twice. The bottle of lube popped open and she covered the purple dick from head to base. It made a sloshy noise as she coated all 9 inches. What was left on her hand went right over his asshole. He was so sensitive, he moaned softly just as her fingers went over.

The head of the toy danced around his hole very slowly. Building the anticipation. She watched as his balls went up and down slowly, the excitement in him was showing in every way imaginable. With a little pressure, the head slid right into his hungry ass. She watched it disappear slowly, followed by the shaft inch by inch. He let out a grown, and she watched his body relax into place. After a few minutes of stretching his ass out, he was growing impatient. He wanted it.

"Please, fuck my ass. Make me your bitch." He whined.

She reached over and grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled him backwards, like he does her. She started shaking the dildo in his ass and He gasped.

"Ugh, Yes! Please fuck me!" He even sounded like a little bitch.

"You want me to pound your ass?"

"Please! Please mistress.." that was new.

She let his hair go and he fell back down on his face. His hands went to both sides of his ass as he pulled himself apart for her. She turned the vibration on and she could almost hear his eyes roll into the back on his head. The dildo was in all the way to the base, over and over she pulled it out, wiggled the head and slammed in back into him. He was moaning, sighing, and started rocking his body back in rhythm with her pounding his ass.

"Start jerking yourself off while I fuck you, bitch." The command was so natural she almost didn't recognize it to come from her. But he did, so willingly. Her pussy was drenched, she watching him jerk his own cock as his ass took the vibrating one. She could tell by his sexy grunts that he was getting close.

She pulled the cock out of his gaping ass and told him to flip over. It was like he read her mind, he moved so quickly.

His cock was red from him beating it for her, she slid it right into her pussy and moaned herself. She didn't realize how much leg work it took to be on top but she didn't care. She rode him, rocked back and forth on him, it was an all new experience for her. Her body felt so amazing that she was covered in goose bumps from his cock nailing her pussy.

"Fuck me you little bitch. Make my pussy cum." Her hand grabbed his throat as his hands grabbed her hips. He didn't waste any time, he pounded her pussy. As much as she tried to resist it, she came long and hard on his cock. Once he felt her tightening he himself exploded. They both were moaning. He sat up and put a hand on the back of her neck. Their foreheads were together, both sweating. Both out of breath. Finally they stopped cumming on each other and they laid back together.

Panting, she asked "was that what you wanted?"

He grabbed her hand, "yes. But don't you forget who's in charge."

Her heart skipped a beat.

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