tagLoving WivesA Whole New World of Excitement

A Whole New World of Excitement


Katie and I had been married for 12 years. I still loved my wife as much as the day I'd proposed, but lately we'd been having some serious problems, so much so that I had become concerned that things may not work out. She's a fantastic woman, much better than I deserve but our sex life had become a major problem.

When we met, we were both 17 years old. We had dated others, but never had progressed beyond kissing. When we met, we took things very slowly. She was very nervous about sex, and even though I was horny as hell, I was crazy about her and didn't want to jeopardize anything, so I was contented myself with masturbation. Over the first four years of our relationship we never went any further than me fondling and sucking her breasts and her pleasuring me with a hand-job. She wouldn't even let me in her pants. When I proposed to her on Valentine's Day of our 21st year, we celebrated by her giving me a blowjob and letting me finger her pussy. Let me tell you, I couldn't believe how amazing it felt getting a blowjob! Katie seemed to enjoy me playing with her as well. She had her beliefs though, and I wouldn't get to touch that pussy of hers again, until our honeymoon. Even though I was disappointed, I respected her morals and rationalized that I had waited four years already, so what's one more?

On our honeymoon I was in heaven when I finally got to make love to her. She was still extremely nervous about sex and even though she had stopped saying no, I could tell that she wasn't really into it. Well over the past 12 years, things haven't changed all that much. The majority of the time, it is me that initiates sex. Each year on my birthday, one of her gifts is a blowjob, and we generally have sex about once a week. Most times our sex consists of me playing with her tits and pussy for a few minutes, then climbing on top of her and having sex in the missionary position. Over the years I have voiced my displeasure with our sex life, but nothing ever changed.

I had come to the belief that she just wasn't a sexual person. Maybe she just wasn't into sex in general and didn't share the libido that I possessed. I held this belief for years, until one day about a month ago. I had finished a load of laundry and was putting away the clothes. I went to put a sweatshirt of Katie's into the bottom drawer of her dresser and made a shocking discovery. There was a vibrator staring me in the face. I picked it up and took a whiff of it, finding the familiar scent of my wife's pussy. I put it back into the drawer, unsure of how to handle it. I found it exciting thinking of Katie using it, but I was also confused. She'd never been a very sexual person, and seemed disinterested most of the time, so why would she have a vibrator. As I processed the information, I began feeling hurt and insulted. Was she not happy with me? Did I not please her? As it turned out, I wouldn't have to wait long for an answer. I closed the drawer and picked up the hamper to finish putting the things away. I looked up and saw Katie standing there.

"Oh hey, I didn't realize you were there." I said, startled. "I was just putting away the laundry."

"I noticed," Katie replied, "I also noticed that you found something in my drawer."

"You're right, I did." I responded. "What's up with that? How long have you had it? Use it often?"

"To be honest Brett, I've had it for a couple of years." Katie answered. "Obviously I always hide it well since you've never seen it before, but today my sister stopped by unannounced while I was using it, and I just threw it in the drawer in a hurry. What are the odds you'd go in there, I figured."

Now I was starting to get upset and answered her in a condescending tone, "Well what the fuck do you need it for? You have sex with me, but you will with that?"

"You know, this is exactly why I've hid it from you!" She answered angrily. "I knew you'd get all pissed off about it. I didn't want to hurt your feelings...it's just that sometimes I need a little help getting off."

"What's that supposed to mean, I don't please you?" I questioned her.

"Well, what do you think?" She yelled. "You play with my boobs for two minutes, then my pussy for two more, and then you stick it in me and blow your load in another two minutes. When's the last time you remember me orgasming? Can you even remember a time? I can count the times you've gotten me off on one hand!"

I couldn't believe how pissed she was making me. "Maybe if you showed a little interest once in a while, I'd be a little more attentive." I answered. "I'm in a rush to come because I'm afraid you'll change your mind before I do."

The argument went on for about an hour. We hardly ever fight and this one was probably the biggest we'd ever had. It had always been me that had voiced my frustration in the past, but now I learned that she too was frustrated. We both agreed that we would try to do our best to make things better. For the next few weeks, things were better. We were having sex more frequently and I was doing my best to please Katie. Gradually though, we started returning to our old ways. Sex became less and less frequent, and I was now more aware of the fact that she was just running through the motions. It was a bitter pill to swallow that I wasn't pleasing my wife. I had done my best, but apparently that wasn't good enough.

Eventually, I decided it was time to address our situation once again. "Katie, I think we need to have a serious talk." I told her.

All she could answer was, "I think you're right." She was blunt, but I could tell she was concerned about what I had to say.

"I have a lot to say, so please just let me get it out, okay? I asked her.

"Fine, go ahead, I won't interrupt" she responded.

"Katie babe, I feel that we have a serious problem on our hands." I started. "Neither of us is happy with our sex lives. Many times now, we have tried to fix it, but it hasn't worked."

Katie nodded her agreement.

"I don't know how to say this." I stammered.

"It's okay, go ahead, say your piece, there's nothing to be afraid of." She consoled me.

"I think one of our biggest problems is that neither of us has any experience with sex other than with each other." I continued. "You are the first and only girl I've ever made love to. Maybe the reason I can't please you is that I don't know how. And apparently the reason we don't have sex more is because I can't please you. What I'm trying to say is, I think maybe I should have sex with someone else."

Believe it or not when I was preparing what to say, I honestly thought it was a reasonable solution. Even as I was saying it, it seemed logical. It wasn't until I finished the statement and saw the reaction on Katie's face that I realized just how ridiculous an idea it really was..

"Are you fucking stupid?" My wife yelled. "You want me to let you fuck someone else? You think that is a solution?"

I knew now that I was in deep shit! She stormed out of the room and we hardly spoke for a week. Eventually she finally started talking to me, and things gradually got back to normal, except that is in the bedroom. For the next month we didn't make love once!

Finally, Katie addressed the situation. "Brett, I've been thinking about what you said about sleeping with someone else." She told me. "I've decided that I think it's a good idea, but I want to make one more suggestion."

"What's that?" I asked, trying to conceal my excitement about the fact that my wife had just told me I was allowed to sleep with another woman!

"I think that if you're going to sleep with someone else, then I should too." She answered.

I was stunned. "Katie, I don't think I could handle that." I replied.

"So, let me get this straight then." Katie responded. "You want me to let you fuck another woman, but it's too much for you to handle me fucking another man?"

I had to admit she had a point. "Let me think about it okay." I told her.

She agreed and for the next three days, I could think of nothing else. I knew she had a point, and I began to come to the realization that it might be the best way to save our marriage. Just as I wanted to learn more about sex, she would learn more too. I wasn't overjoyed at the prospect of some schmuck banging my wife, but I realized that things probably couldn't get much worse. Our marriage was close to crumbling and we needed to take action to save it.

That night over dinner, I told Katie of my decision. "Katie, I've decided that you are right." I told her. "Maybe we each should sleep with someone else. I still have some apprehensions, but I think we need to give it a try. However, I'd prefer if we do it together. Maybe we could find another couple."

"I agree." Katie answered. "That's what I wanted to do as well. I don't think I could do it if you weren't there. You set it up okay. You're a guy, I'm sure you'll know how to set it up. I don't want to know anything about it, just tell me when and where."

I was relieved that we had come to a decision, but I was also still concerned. That night Katie and I made love for the first time in ages. It was much better than usual. I guessed we were both excited about our plans and it carried over to our own love-making.

I didn't tell Katie, but I had always been interested in swinger stories and frequented swinger websites fairly often, so I placed an ad on one of them the very next day. When I checked my email two days later, I was shocked to find over 20 emails from interested couples. I browsed through them and was rather unimpressed. I only found one or two that I found mildly interesting, so I saved those two and deleted the rest. I spent the next three weeks filtering through about 75 emails. Out of those 75, I had narrowed it down to four couples. I answered those four and struck up conversations with them. Soon I had it narrowed down to two.

One couple was an interracial couple. The woman was white and the man was black. The woman was only average looking, but I have to admit it, I was intrigued by the idea of my wife being with a black man. The other couple was a beautiful woman that was about our age and her husband was 10 years older than us. Both couples had swung previously and lived within 20 miles of us. In the end, I decided that it might be too much for my wife to be with a black man for her first experience with another man.

I emailed the winning couple and we set up a date. I agreed to meet them at a restaurant that was centrally located for all of us. I didn't tell Katie anything about them except what she had asked for, when and where.

When the night finally arrived I was excited about the prospect of fucking this beautiful stranger, but I was also nervous. It would be my first time with another woman, and my wife had recently told me that I couldn't please her. Not to mention that my wife was going to be sleeping with another man as well. It was a lot for me to handle. I could tell that Katie was apprehensive as well. When she got out of the shower, I asked, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"I don't know if I'll ever be ready, but I think we need to do it." She replied.

I was already dressed and ready to go, so I left Katie to finish up. When she appeared downstairs, she looked amazing. Katie is a truly beautiful woman. She has dark, olive-toned skin and medium-length dark brown hair. She stands about 5'8" and weighs about 140 pounds. She has small A-cup breasts that have lost none of their perkiness. She has a soft, sexy round ass and great legs. This evening, she had chosen an outfit that accentuated all her positives. She wore a tight flimsy tank-top light gray blouse which did little to conceal the sexy black lacy push-up bra she had worn. She had on a tight black thin skirt that went down to her knees, just above her black leather knee-high boots. She was dressed to impress, and I was!

We arrived at the restaurant first and chose a booth in the back. About 10 minutes later I saw the other couple approaching our table. I nudged Katie's leg under the table and motioned to them. She looked at me and smiled. I rose up to greet them and Katie followed my lead. I introduced Justine and Frank to my wife. We exchanged handshakes and hugs and settled back into the booth.

Justine looked even better in person! She was stunning! She had short curly black hair and dark skin. She had a European look to her and had beautiful brown eyes. She had a similar shape to Katie, but had larger breasts. She was wearing a tight white button-down blouse, a short black skirt, and a pair of black fuck-me boots that were similar to Katie's. Frank was average height, about 5'10" but had a well built frame. He had short black hair with a sprinkling of gray, and appeared to be Italian. I, on the other hand, am tall and slender, 6'5" and 190 pounds, and have blonde hair. As I mentioned before, my wife and I are 34 years old, Katie is 35, but Frank is 44.

Dinner went very well. The conversation rarely lagged and it was like we were old friends. We had a great time laughing and joking, getting to know each other. I was happy to see that Justine seemed to be interested in me, and I could tell that Katie was interested in Frank. My wife is usually not that outgoing, but she was tonight. She laughed at just about every word that came out of Frank's mouth, and spent most of the evening engaged in conversation with him.

It was only when they were sitting next to each other that I realized just how similar Katie and Justine looked. They both had dark skin and hair and similar builds, not to mention the fact that they had both even dressed similarly. I began to wonder if I had chosen them as a representation of what Katie and I wanted. Justine represented that what I wanted was a slightly wilder version of Katie. I feared that Frank too represented what Katie wanted, someone more experienced than myself with almost the exact opposite looks of myself? Was Katie not happy with me? Was she disappointed that she'd married me? I was beginning to get rather concerned. I admitted to myself that I'd always had these fears, and maybe I'd chosen Frank to see if there was any merit to my concerns.

The waiter interrupted my wandering mind by leaving us the bill. I picked up the tab and Frank suggested that we head to a night club down the street. I suggested we take separate cars, so that I could get Katie alone. As soon as we got in the car I asked Katie what she thought about Frank. She said that she found him attractive and that he was a nice guy. I told her I felt the same about Justine and continued to try to pry more information from her about Frank. Katie wasn't biting though, and offered up little else. I was wondering if I had made a mistake by suggesting this whole thing in the first place.

When we got in the club, the alcohol flowed endlessly. Frank offered to be the designated driver, so the two women and I drank without concern. Katie loves to dance, and I don't, so when she asked if anyone would like to dance, I motioned to Frank to go ahead. He obliged and Katie pulled him onto the dance floor. As they danced, Justine and I got to know each other a little better. She was a sweet girl, very funny, and very hot! I was becoming very attracted to her, and I could tell that she wanted me as well. I wanted her so badly that I actually agreed to dance with her, even though I hate to dance. As we headed to the dance floor I looked for Katie and Frank. We had been so engrossed in our conversation that we'd lost track of them. When I found them in the mass of people, they were dancing suggestively, their bodies pressed tightly together. I decided that two people can play that game and pulled Justine into me. We danced like we were making love. She smelled amazing and was driving me wild. Her face and neck glistened with sweat as we ground our hips together with the beat of the techno music.

The next time I spotted Katie and Frank, he was openly fondling her ass through her skirt. Justine saw me watching them and slid my hands down her back onto her bottom. Like my wife, Justine also had a soft, sexy ass. I have to admit it, I'm an ass-man, and hers felt wonderful. Her breasts were pressed against my chest and felt much bigger than Katie's. Things were getting very hot between us and I had to have her. When she moved one of my hands onto her breast, I knew it was time to leave. "Let's get the hell out of here!" I told her. She smiled and followed me. We walked towards the other two and broke up their embrace.

"Justine and I would like to go now." I told them.

"Sounds good to me." Frank answered. "Katie, would you like to go?" He continued. Just as Justine had, she just smiled and followed Frank.

We piled into Frank's car, Katie in the passenger seat and Justine and I in the back. As we headed to their house, Justine and I embraced and began kissing passionately. Her kiss was different than Katie's. Her lips were fuller and softer and felt great. I looked between the seats and saw Katie resting her head on Frank's shoulder and could see her arm moving. She didn't appear to be jerking him off, just rubbing his leg or maybe his crotch.

When we arrived at their house, we all hurried inside. Justine led us into one of the bedrooms. It had two double beds and Justine and I occupied one while Katie and Frank headed for the other. I was oblivious to what they were up to; I was only interested in Justine at the moment. She was so sexy, I just couldn't wait. She pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. Before we even kissed, she tore off my shirt. She then pressed her lips to mine. It was the hottest, wettest kiss I'd ever experienced. Her tongue played lovingly with mine, her warm saliva filling my mouth. As we kissed my hands roamed all over her back and ass. Her body was so sexy! She removed her lips from mine and started sucking on one of my nipples. Katie had never done this and let me tell you, I almost jumped through the roof. It felt amazing!

I reached down and finished unbuttoning her blouse. She had begun the evening with the top two buttons undone, showing off plenty of cleavage. I slid it off her shoulders. She had worn no bra so her lovely tits popped free. I was right, they were bigger than my wife's, but not by a lot. They were very cute and perky, probably a high B-cup. She had only a slight tan-line against her dark brown skin and had medium sized golden brown nipples that were standing at full attention. I leaned down and took one of her globes in my mouth. Before I knew it though, Justine was unzipping my pants and pulling them off. I was wearing a pair of boxer-briefs that did little to hide the growing bulge hidden inside. She stroked it through the thin cotton until I pulled her away. I was afraid that I'd shoot my load soon, so I had to prolong the inevitable.

I moved Justine onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I unbuttoned the top of her skirt and tossed it aside. She was now wearing only a pair of see-through black bikini panties and her sexy black boots. I grabbed her by the ankles and threw her legs over my shoulders. I grabbed one of her feet and unzipped her boot, then pulled it off. I then removed the other and dropped them to the floor. She had perfectly manicured feet with light pink nail-polish topping her toe-nails. Her feet were damp with sweat from her boots and I took one in my mouth, then the other, licking the salty sweat from each toe. I kissed my way up her silky smooth legs until I reached her crotch. I wasted no time pulling her panties down and off. I took them in my hand and brought it to my nose, inhaling her sexy aroma.

I threw them aside and dove at her pussy. Now I've never really enjoyed eating pussy, but I had to explore every inch of her gorgeous body. Her pussy smelled and tasted wonderful, much better than Katie's, I had to admit. She had a well groomed patch of brown hair above her protruding lips. I licked each and every inch of her drenched pussy, savoring the wonderful taste of her moisture. She was a sensual woman, her hips gyrating into my face. As I devoured her, she placed her foot on my cotton-covered cock and began teasing it with her toes. She moved her pussy away from my face and motioned me up towards her. I leaned in and kissed her deeply, our tongues once again becoming intertwined. As we kissed she rolled me over onto my back and climbed on top of me.

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