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A Wholesome Experience


Like me, you are probably an avid reader of erotica, maybe it’s for stimulation, enjoyment or even sustaining the curious … whatever it is, like me, you may believe this all to be so improbable that it has to be fiction.

Well, that has been my attitude until last weekend. Finally that improbable, unexpected and, I should add, unsolicited piece of erotica entered my certainly non-fictional life.

So how do I set the scene, where do I start, gees, what should I tell!!!

I guess best place to start (using the old cliché) is at the beginning … around two years ago I got married to a superb wife, whom for this exposé I’ll refer to as Marg. Marg and I had only dated for a year or so when we finally got hitched. By that stage, we really hadn’t had the opportunity to fully explore each others sexual tendencies, fetishes or pleasures … and was I in for an exciting time.

To try and paint the picture, Marg is your average woman, not a drop dead gorgeous film star or a waiflike catwalk model … but a wonderfully sexy, seductive brunette that caught my gaze the first time I laid eyes on her. She is only 5’4”, with an incredibly sexy body, and I must say, the feature that stands out to me is the legs – yep, I’m a legs man.

Anyway, having been married for over a year my wife was watching “Sex in the City”, a US series I’m sure many of you are aware of. Which, at first, just wasn’t my cup of tea … I’m more a Law & Order man myself, even The Practise … not exactly erotic I grant you … but intellectually stimulating all the same.

Each “Sex in the City” episode raises various sexually related topics affecting New York women in their 30’s, and I must say explore them in some detail … all while I’m in another room glued to a courtroom drama – gees, Intellectually stimulating … stupid bugger I know.

Well, by the end of a specific episode my wife was noticeably aroused and decided to visit my sanctuary of courtroom antics and let me know that the end of “Law & Order” was not going to be screened on this TV for the evening.

After some muted protestations (I told you I enjoy the show), we proceeded to have the most frantic sex we’ve ever experienced. Buttons flew, sheets were torn … anyway you get the picture. (I’m not even to my story yet … crikeys I can rave!)

Well, finally rolling over, lying in the all too well known wet spot, I mustered the energy to inquire where the hell that came from. From which Marg explained that the evening’s “Sex In The City” episode talked all about threesomes … I got to let on at this point – I was getting horny again already – threesomes, mmmm. So Marg started to ask about my fantasies and whether I’ve ever been interested in exploring sex with multiple women or men.

So, a quick question to our female readers … how do you answer this question safely. Half my mind is screaming no, of course not my dear; you are the only one for me – forever and ever, amen!!!! The other half my mind, and certainly other areas of my anatomy answered for me.

Marg noticing a quickly recovering member, moving from half-mast to full attention, seemed to give away my inner thoughts and desires.

The conversation seemed to just fizzle out after that – well almost anyway, different story I guess, life moved on and we just continued our wonderfully sex charged marriage (it is still the first few years after all!)

Now, time to take a leap forward, about a year later. You done that? This is where the real story starts … one evening my wife says she is having a friend over for dinner. This friend of hers has been quite close for nigh on five years, and actually known my wife longer than I … so who knows the history between these two. Well, being the supportive husband, I said it was great she was having friends over, and I was more than happy to head out to the local and have a few drinks with “me mates” while watching the, just started, “World Cup Soccer”.

Off I trotted to the pub, watched a game (or two) and decided around 11:00 ‘ish it was time to bid farewell and head off home. Fortunately, home was all of two minutes walk away, for after a few beers I’m feeling quite tipsy. Get to the front door, about to insert the key and what was this I hear …

“So, Bec, how do you feel about threesomes?”

My God! That’s my wife, talking to a friend about threesomes, I’m half pissed, and keen as mustard … I have been stunned, which is great, I hesitate ...

“Well,” a pregnant pause, “I have tried it once before, with my ex boyfriend. He brought one of his mates home and, well, it just seemed to happen.”

My mind is racing, do I stand out here in the freezing cold (it is Winter in Australia you know) or do I insert the key, giving myself up and interrupting a thoroughly exciting conversation. What would you do?

Same here, I stayed my ground, absolutely riveted, wondering where this was going to lead.

“What was it like?” My wife’s voice … gees I want to look into the room at least … checking for a subtle (and possibly warmer) vantage point.

“I didn’t like it … but that was more to do with Mark” (her boyfriend).

Spotting a warmer spot to the left, sheltering beside a tree, I can spy through the blinds and see the living room.

There, sitting with a half dealt deck of cards, an open bottle of wine (and one empty), two half empty (or half full) glasses, were my wife and her friend, Bec.

Whoa, I haven’t even described Bec for you yet, how remiss of me. Well, Bec is an absolute classic nutcase, she is bubbly, charismatic, and, well, yes, drop dead gorgeous. She talks incessantly, but hey, everyone has their flaws. She is just shorter than my wife, about 5’3”, sandy coloured hair, blue eyes and a permanently cheeky expression. Seems to have remarkably sized breasts for her petite frame and one hell of a set of legs. She has a sexiness about her that draws guys from everywhere – funnily enough she has a real inferiority complex and doesn’t think that highly of herself. Strange.

Well, having repositioned myself in a more secure and somewhat secluded area, I tuned back into their conversation.

Shit, missed that bit … I think Marg said would you do it again … or it that just wishful thinking … I could curse … the best bit … mind shut up – or you’ll miss more!

“Why do you ask?”

Ok, that was Bec, come on Marg – give me a clue.

“Bec, you know when we went to Greece, and I went missing for a while … well, I’d actually met a girl called Carine – we just played around a bit and anyway, it always left me curious. And, I know that my husband’s curious … he’d love to have a threesome.”

Wow, ok, steady as she goes, and leave that alone … no time to shoot the load now … you won’t function later!!!

“Carine was with you?”

Bec!!!! My mind is screaming … get back to the threesome bit.

Marg just nodded her head.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Bec smiled, in her exuberant fashion, “we had a few games to play too!”

Bec and Marg laughed, and for the next few minutes reminisced about Greece, the games and seemed to be getting off track. My dick started to subside, frostbite was setting in, my mind started to give up on this fantasy that was seemingly taking reality, and I decided it was time to shrug the virtually non-existent shelter of the tree and join the warmth of Bec and Marg.

Inserting the key into the front door, I could hear the sudden silence, and subsequent giggles. I opened the door, feigning ignorance as to prior discussions, and greeted my wife with a kiss.

As I did, she gently rubbed herself against me, somewhat catching me by surprise, and welcomed me home.

I was about to discard my jacket when Bec chimed, “Hey where’s my homecoming kiss?”

So I turned back towards Bec and gave her the typical friendly peck and shoulder hug … all very polite … but difficult to achieve with my mind wandering at its current pace.

Bec and Marg then said I should join in the game – yes, the cards were actually part of some game they’d been playing.

“Sure,” I replied, “What are you playing?”

Bec started to explain the basic run of play, but to cut it short, whoever had the highest card could ask anyone a question which had to be answered truthfully … furthermore, to add a little spice they were aiming to finish at least this and the next bottle of wine.

I must interject at this point … they’d been retrieving wines from my rack, so I offered to pick the next, a slightly less expensive one I admit … but who was going to appreciate it at this time of the evening.

So grabbing a cushion I sat between my wife and her friend and asked who’s go.

Of course, any new comer to a game knows the answer to this one … “Yours” in chorus.

So, we each picked a card, in three’s it’s a slightly different game – as I was about to find out, now there were two questions to the lowest card. And, of course, who had the lowest – you guessed it … sure it’s rigged!

“Ok, my turn first,” it was my wife, “what’s your favourite sexual position?”

Well, she certainly set the scene. I decided it was time for another drink, and a cigarette – a habit that always returns once I drink. It also bought me time to think of an answer, that was witty, seductive, and leading to the next step of a threesome …


Come on, mate, you can do better than that.

“Well, I must say, my favourite position,” still buying time – my mind wanted to say I haven’t tried it yet … but my mouth just blurted, “doggie style.”

Ok, through the first question, now to the second, have to be tamer than that.

“Would you like to see my breasts?”

Oh fuck, straight out, like that, we’re there, no return.

If you thought I was nervous the first time, well this time … I turned to my wife, to gauge her reaction, a big smile erupted on her face,

“Answer truthfully, that’s the rules of the game”

“Ok,” I said, “too bloody right, I’d love to see your breasts.”

With that off came the top and bra in a timeframe only women seem to achieve … there were her breasts, staring me in the face. Crikeys they were huge, not sure of size, I’m guessing closer to a C than a D, but on the frame of this girl, well, they may as well have been F’s or something!!!!

Well, a quick recap for those who’ve made it this far … I’m a horny bloody male, playing a card game with my wife and her friend, and Bec has just taken off her top and is parading her breasts to my ogling eyes.

Where can the game lead from here?

I again look back to my wife, I’m in a state of disbelief. Do I continue to ogle, ask Bec to put her shirt back on, or move onto the next round of cards?

To save me, my wife jumps in,

“Ok, next round”.

There it was, naked breasts, next question.

This time it was Bec who got the lowest, should be interesting. Again my wife’s turn first,

“Bec,” my wife seemed to hesitate, as if pondering on the next question, “would you like to share my husband?”

Less than ten minutes before I had sat outside in the cold, thought the whole threesome thing was way off the table, and now – well, I turned to Bec for the answer:

“I think that would be fantastic”

Ok, to say I was getting hard at this point it a little understated. That happened ages ago, now I was hoping not to cream my pants before I’d even emerged!

I guess I should also describe me a little, I’m about 6’2”, was very athletic a few years ago, but now in my thirties, I’m moving into a more comfortable lifestyle and have added a few well placed kilos. Certainly not fat, but there’s no evidence of a six pack either, and, for better or worse, I’m relatively well endowed, never measured, but I’m guessing close to the 10” mark and a wide girth. (A woman has never been able to swallow me whole – maybe that reflects the women, I don’t know). I have never been a gigolo, sweeping multiple women off their feet in a nightclub, but am certainly a generous lover to those that I let get close enough.

So, back to the evening, my head was on a constant swivel at this point … to my wife, to Bec, to Bec’s breasts, back to my wife. Not having been in this situation before, I had to decide what was the appropriate response to that?

Picking up my glass, gulping down the remains of my wine, I turned towards my wife and winked, then back to Bec and said,

“I guess it’s my question?” I started. “Ok, Bec … would you like to adjourn to the bedroom?”

With that I stood up, revealing a rather large bulge in my pants and offered my hand to Bec to help her stand, turned to my wife and did the same, rather nonchalantly I might add. All three of us made our way to our room, with queen sized bed. I suggested to my wife we dim the lights and put on some music, while Bec makes herself comfortable.

I dimmed the lights, while my wife picked out some music, and I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. I whispered if that was the case, maybe we should give Bec some real special treatment and I’ll perform a very “special” massage on her.

My wife and I had attended a massage course in our first year of marriage, and I’d managed to put some of the techniques to better use.

With that my wife turned to Bec and told her that I’d done massage training and to just go with the flow. My wife went and lit a cigarette and continued to browse our considerable music selection for something appropriate.

I moved over to the bed and told Bec that she should relax and remove what remained of her clothes and lie on her front, I grabbed a towel and some essential oils, placed the towel over her bum and started to rub the oils between my hands to warm them up. Starting with her feet I rubbed the left foot and coated the lower leg with oils, massaged and gradually moved my way up her leg until I reached her inner thigh, then slowly stroked passed her pussy and moved down to her other foot and again worked my way up her leg.

By this time my wife and found some suitable evening jazz on a compilation we own and piped it through the surround sound system and come back to the bed to join us. I could tell she was horny, there was that wonderful glint in her eye, same as when the “Sex in the City” episode had provided us inspiration for explosive sex.

Marg started to knead her shoulders and neck, while I was now rubbing her buttocks, firm at first, then becoming lighter, more playful. The aroma of sex started to permeate, I knew this was turning on Bec, so I removed the towel and kneaded her cheeks and worked my way closer to her now wet pussy. Bec was starting to squirm a little – she was keen. It was time to roll her over.

Relaxed, and blissfully tipsy, Bec rolled over and I sat between her legs. First stroking her upper body and moving my strokes lower into her abdomen and inner thighs.

Fuck … I was on fire by this stage and wanted to rush it. Just fuck her hard. But knew, the longer I could draw this out the more explosive it would become later.

So I continued to stroke her close to her pussy, but not quite. Then started with the mound, just above the clitoris. I rubbed it and kneaded it.

By this stage my wife had decided to get undressed and was standing behind me, stroking my back and kissing my neck … she knew what I was up to.

Bec was shifting more and more, wanting me to go lower, taking the cue, I massaged gently around the out lips of her pussy, first the right side, then the left. Again, carefully ensuring that I didn’t get to close, but enough to arouse.

My wife moved in front of me and started stroking Bec’s upper torso, massaging her breasts and gently squeezing her nipples.

Bec was moaning now, so I moved in closer, rubbing the clitoris, gently at first, then more urgently, in longer strokes, until I was moving my hand from anus to clitoris, spreading her pussy juices to every orifice. Ensuring easier access as the night progressed.

My wife by now was getting quite wild, as was Bec … they’d started tonguing each other and Bec’s hands were glued to my wife’s nipples as well.

This was the time to take that killer blow … positioning my fingers close to Bec’s pussy, I inserted one, then two fingers, crossed them and proceeded to draw them in and out slowly, slightly rotating my wrist as I did. This really got her going. She was now starting to buck wildly, but I maintained the slow pace, instead wriggled down the bed a little and went down. I love eating pussy … it’s a “fave” pastime of mine to watch a girl get absolutely “orgasmically” charged and then explode in waves of enjoyment.

I used a little trick I’d picked up (probably off Literotica) of tonguing the alphabet to ensure absolute pleasure in every vulnerable zone. I could tell it was working, she was virtually screaming.

I kept working my tongue, withdrawing my saturated fingers and inserted one into her anus … which was very well lubricated by this stage. This sent her into spasms … she had gone completely quiet, when I noticed she was mimicking my position and pleasuring my wife.

That was it, I just couldn’t wait any longer. If you haven’t seen a woman eat your wife’s pussy, well I can’t describe the feeling … but fuck I was horny!

At this stage, I still hadn’t an ounce of pleasure given to me and I was raging … standing to attention was long gone – this was throbbing stage.

I extricated myself from the “licking” position and steadied myself to give Bec a good fucking.

My wife knew what I was up to … she was facing me, Bec on the other hand was buried beneath my wife’s pussy and had no idea … until I shafted her. And must say, I really inserted my full length and girth to its hilt. I knew it must have hit home because she shuddered.

I slid in and out a few times, but before I could build any real speed or force, she just fell into an orgasmic trance as waves of tremors riddled her body like an earthquake in Los Angeles. My wife, however, hadn’t finished and, as I dismounted Bec, she straddled herself ready to be given it doggy style.

Bec, trembling beneath my wife, me above her, I started pounding into my wife with as much force as I could gather … I was fucking horny!

I gave her a doggy style fucking that she loved … and reckon I could have gone for a while, except someone beneath me had started fondling my balls – Bec had found a new lease of life.

At which point it was my turn to explode – yep, I just blew my load, wave after wave of cum filling my wife’s pussy. I started slowing the thrusts and could feel Bec positioning herself beneath me licking my dick as it pulled out from my wife, then kissing my balls as I thrust back in – this was glorious – my wife thought so too! My flaccid member regained life, remarkably quickly and I picked up the pace again, then decided it was time for a new position, so went to turn my wife over, when I found myself on my back, my wife straddling my cock, Bec straddling my mouth facing my wife … they kissed I licked and my wife fucked me.

Well, after a few more earth shuddering climaxes for us all, I finally suggested we adjourn back to the living room to finish our wines and have a post sexual cigarette.

Dazed, we all moved to the living room, resumed our positions at the card table, looked at each other a little dumb founded and sipped our wines.

There were no awkward feelings when after chatting together for another hour or so, I suggested we all crawl into bed and catch some sleep. It was getting closer to dawn by this stage.

We moved back to the bedroom, found the sheets, and climbed in.

Lying there, my wife on my left, Bec on my right, I couldn’t help but smile – what a fucking great night.

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