tagLoving WivesA Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 01

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 01


What happens when you combine a household consisting of a 50-year old husband, his new 36-year old hot blonde wife, and two college-age studs whose testosterone is out of control? This is the story of how such an arrangement can affect the sexual dynamics of a family.

Bruce had just returned from his honeymoon with Angela when he received a phone call from his older son, Brett. Brett was finishing his junior year at college, and he and his younger brother, Michael, had both landed summer jobs back in their hometown. Bruce's ex had moved out of state during the school year, so the boys really did not have a home to come back to. They had lived with their mother since the divorce twelve years ago. Now Brett was inquiring as to whether he and Michael could stay with Bruce and his new bride.

Brett and Michael, while resembling their father in their facial features, were very different from him. Both took after their grandfather on their mother's side--tall, very athletic, and they kept in great shape. At 6 foot four, Brett was four inches taller than his dad, and had brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Michael was 6 foot three, every bit as handsome as Brett, and was blond like his mother. While Brett was the outgoing, alpha male in the family, Michael was more like his father, somewhat shy and not as confident around women as his older brother.

Bruce stood 6 feet tall, with graying hair and never had the swagger he saw in Brett. He had developed a bit of a belly from lots of years of good eating and drinking and seldom worked out. He and his ex had grown apart over the years and had an amicable split. Bruce and Beth's sex life had always been just so-so, and Bruce realized alot of that had to do with his inability to satisfy Beth in the bedroom. She was never able to orgasm with him, and Bruce knew he neither had the equipment nor the stamina to be able to change that.

In Angela, Bruce had found a much more responsive woman sexually. Of course as newlyweds, everything was still new and fresh for them. Angela responded more to Bruce's touch and technique than his ex ever had. She was deeply in love with him and the sex with Bruce was more lovemaking than it was fucking. Angela was able to have orgasms with Bruce, albeit with his finger on her clit, not with his penis inside her, but they were satisfying nonetheless. With her first husband, Angela regularly came during intercourse. Of course, her first husband possessed a much larger cock than did Bruce and that played a big part in the intensity and frequency of her orgasms. She also felt that her new husband had a bit of an anxiety problem, maybe due to his lack of confidence in his penis size. Her ex had tremendous stamina to go with his ability and cock size and that made a world of difference to Angela. But he was also extremely selfish and totally opposite of Bruce's caring, sensitive personality.

Angela was surprised when Bruce told her about his son's request. She had met Brett and Michael only once before the wedding and at the wedding they were pretty busy with their friends. She did get to dance once with each of them and just thought they were such gentlemen--like their father. She'd been looking forward to extending her honeymoon with her new husband, so having his two sons move in threw her a little bit.

After discussing it for a few days, both newlyweds decided the upside outweighed the downside and Bruce called Brett to let him know it would be fine. Angela had told her husband after thinking it over, that it would be a good way to get to know her stepsons better. After the move was completed, both boys began their jobs immediately. Brett's current girlfriend from college was half a continent away, and Micheal had broken up with his girlfriend before school ended. So most nights after work, the boys came home to an evening with their dad and stepmom. Since all four of them worked, they took turns preparing meals, or on occasion, all went out to eat together.

Brett was beginning to notice alot of things about Angela, and was very attracted to her. His stepmom was tall, in the 5'9" to 5'10" range, had blonde hair, blue eyes, and an absolutely perfect figure. She was slim from working out every morning before work, yet had the most perfect heart-shaped ass, and a set of tits that just screamed to be played with. Brett estimated them to be 36D's or maybe DD's, and they definitely were all natural. No wonder his dad had been so attracted to her.

Angela dressed pretty casually in the evenings and often only wore shorts and a tee-shirt. Brett hoped to see her braless in those shirts, but she always had a bra on, except late in the evening, when she often put on a nightgown. Now that was revealing! Her nightgown often would gap at the top, especially if she bent over to pick up a magazine or something off the floor. Angela also had the greatest personality and was fun to talk to and joke with. And she was helping Michael come out of his shell a little, and Brett and Bruce both liked that. Like many brothers, Brett and Michael were pretty close. They talked about all the normal things, like sex, and since Michael was two years younger than Brett, he pretty much followed his brother's lead on many things. Brett had coached him on alot of sexual things, and although still a virgin, Michael had had some sexual activity with his girlfriend in college.

One evening they were in Brett's room enjoying a couple beers and Brett asked, "Did you get a good look at those tits Angela has? Man, what a handful!"

Michael replied, "I couldn't stop staring at her, especially when she bent over. Dad is such a lucky guy. I'd give anything to get my hands on those puppies."

Brett looked very thoughtful. "You know little brother, it might seem impossible now, but I'm starting to formulate a plan that could make your wish come true--and some of my own desires as well." The two brothers toasted one another with their beer bottles, as Micheal grinned broadly.

As Brett began working on his plan, both he and his brother were treated to many more visual delights involving their stepmother. The house had a nice secluded pool out back with a hot tub, and it was not unusual during those hot days of early June, for Angela to take a quick dip in the pool after work, then maybe a short soak in the hot tub, especially on the nights someone else made dinner. Because no neighbors could see the pool, Angela wore only her skimpy bikini which showed about as much of her breasts and ass as her stepsons were going to see outside the bedroom and shower.

Bruce sometimes saw one or both of his sons staring from the kitchen out to the pool, and he knew they were watching his wife. Angela did own a couple thong swimsuits, but her husband knew she was too modest to wear those in front of the boys. However, after seeing the effect of her bikinis on the boys, he decided he'd better talk with his wife.

When the boys went out that night, Bruce said to Angela, "Hon, you may want to take it easy with the bikinis. I'm afraid the boys are finding you to be very distracting in them."

Angela looked very surprised. "Really? I hadn't noticed."

"Oh yeah," Bruce nodded. "I caught both of them staring at you from the kitchen tonight. I want them to like you and all, but not necessarily lust after you."

Angela laughed. "Okay, I'll try to be more modest. I have a two-piece suit that's not a bikini I can wear." But as she thought about her husband's remarks, she began to feel a nice tingle between her legs. "Do they find me that attractive?" she wondered to herself. "After all, I'm old enough to be their mother."

Due to Bruce getting up first each morning, he always went to bed early. Angela would stay up an extra hour or two and read or watch TV. Brett and Micheal came in after Bruce had gone to bed that night and found Angela reading. Both boys were a little tipsy--not drunk, but feeling no pain either. Angela had to stifle several laughs at their condition. They said their goodnights, then went up to bed. Angela read for another half hour, turned out the lights, and headed up the stairs. She saw a dim light coming from Brett's room and realized he'd left the door slightly ajar. She glanced at Michael's room and saw the door was closed tight, as was the master bedroom door. She turned off the hall light and started for her room, then heard a slight moan come from Brett's room. With curiousity getting the better of her, she tiptoed down the carpeted hall and peaked into the room.

What Angela saw caused her to catch her breath. She hoped Brett didn't hear her. There was her stepson lying on his back completely nude, with a Penthouse Magazine in his hand. His other hand was slowly rubbing his very erect cock. Angela had a perfect view from the light next to Brett's bed. She could make out every vein in his throbbing dick. She noticed the golf ball size testicles hangin down from the base of his shaft. What a difference from Bruce's marble-sized balls! She estimated Brett's cock to be about nine inches long and nearly as big around as her wrist. She wondered if she could fit her small hand around it. The head was quite shiny and flared out from the shaft like a big mushroom. She realized the shiny look was from pre-cum he'd smeared around it. Angela simply could not tear herself away from watching. She knew boys this age masturbated, but she was fascinated, both by his incredible size and his stiffness. It dawned on her that this young man's cock was probably twice as long as his father's four inches, and much, much thicker, probably twice as big around. Her pussy felt very damp with excitement.

When Brett put the magazine down, he reached for, and fondled his big balls with his free hand. Angela let out another little gasp of air. Brett heard this second gasp and realized his stepmother was watching him. He closed his eyes and began stroking faster, smiling to himself as he realized phase one of his plan was working to perfection. Angela had by now reached under her nightgown and found her swollen clit with her middle finger. Her cunt was very wet now and she plunged two fingers deep inside. She watched that heavenly cock throbbing in Brett's hand and knew she was beyond the point of no return. As Brett stroked faster, nearing his orgasm, he tensed up and launched a powerful load of semen straight towards the ceiling. At that moment, Angela shuddered through an orgasm of her own that left her legs so weak she had to grab the wall to keep from falling. She did manage to get back down the hall and into her room just before Brett headed for the hall bathroom to clean himself up.

The next morning, Angela avoided making eye contact with Brett as she went about making and eating her breakfast before scooting out for work. Brett knew she was feeling self-conscious about what she had seen the night before. But he felt so good inside about the first phase of his plan succeeding. He had wanted the young hot wife to get a really good look at his cock, and figured that letting her catch him jacking off was the easiest way to do it. Now he was ready to move to step two. Brett was a psychology major and in one of his courses, he had done alot of research about dominance and submissiveness in sexual relationships. He had a theory about his 50-year old father and his 36-year old stepmother. He felt that this relationship might be absolutely ripe, either for him to dominate both of them, or for Angela to dominate her husband. But he needed to do a couple of other things to test his theory.

Brett and Michael were both pretty good basketball players and their dad had been too, back in the day. So the next night he asked both his father and brother to go to the gym with him and an old high school buddy, Justin, to play some two-on-two. Bruce decided he needed the workout and it would be fun to play ball with both boys again. When Angela said goodbye to them, she still was having trouble making eye contact with Brett, and he noticed that. The game was very competitive, with Bruce and Michael teaming up against Brett and Justin. They played four games with Bruce and Michael only winning one. After two good hours of basketball, they headed for the showers. This is where Brett started to get excited about phase two of his plan. At the recreation center where they played, the only shower available to the men was a community shower where everyone showered together with no stalls.

All four guys stripped down and entered the shower together. As often happens, the guys tend to surreptitiously check one another out, wanting to know how big a penis they each have. Nobody was overt about it, but as they soaped up and rinsed off, Brett made sure he got a very good look at his dad's penis. His observation was that flaccid, Bruce's penis was no longer than two inches. He also noted how thin it was. In addition, his dad had very small testicles and Brett took note of that. He was trying to estimate how long and thick his dad would be erect and figured no more than five inches long and maybe as thick as a hot dog. He wondered how that could satisfy a hot wife like Angela.

At the same time, Bruce was doing some checking of his own. He hadn't seen his sons' penises in several years and both boys had matured into men. They both sported alot of chest and pubic hair like Bruce had. But the one difference he noticed immediatly between thier cocks and his was that each of them had flaccid cocks that hung down well below their balls and were probably in the range of five to six inches flaccid. Bruce did his own mental calculations and decided that these boys would have erect cocks in the range of 8 or 9 inches. Very impressive, and he bet their girlfriends were very pleased. Bruce knew that his sons took after their grandfather on their mother's side, and not after his side. He was also impressed with the thickness of their tools. Definitely women pleasers, and Bruce was proud of that fact.

When he arrived home, Brett went into Michael's room for a quick beer before bed. He told him, "I've accomplished the first two phases of my plan, Michael. Based on what I've seen so far, I really think you can almost count on getting Angela's big tits in your hands someday. In fact, you might even get more than that."

Michael grinned at his older brother. "So, how many phases to go? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Brett thought for a few seconds, then said, "You know, there really is something you can do. Part of my plan is to get Angela to feel really sexy around us, like she is turning us on alot. So the way you could help is to make sure that whenever she's dressed really sexy, or her nightgown comes open, or she has her bikini on...make sure she knows you're looking and admiring her body." Michael readily agreed to help out in that way.

As Brett left his room, he saw that Bruce and Angela's door was closed, so both had gone to bed, since there were no lights on downstairs. He tiptoed to their door and pressed his ear to the door, hoping to get lucky. This might be phase three of his plan, happening earlier than he thought. Inside he heard conversation, but couldn't make out exactly what they were saying. He was hoping that they were going to have sex but couldn't be sure. He thought he heard alot of kissing going on, which meant foreplay. Sure enough, they were quiet for awhile, then talked again, then quiet. Brett then took a huge risk and quietly turned the door handle, not finding it locked. He opened the door less than an inch, just to be able to hear. That's when Brett clearly heard Angela say, "Do you wnat me to get on top, or do you want to be?"

Bruce replied, "I'd love for you to be on top so I can really play with those beautiful tits of yours." That's when Brett heard alot of movement on the bed, then heard his father sigh, "Oh yes, that feels so good. Can you feel it in you?"

"Oh yes, lover, I can," Angela cooed. "Mmmm....play with my tits."

Then Bruce's voice rose as he said, "Ah..shit...can't hold it...cummming...." and Brett heard Angela giggling as her husband dumped his load inside her.

Brett looked at his watch and realized he'd been at the door less than five minutes. More importantly, he estimated that from the time Angela had mounted his father, it had been all of 45 seconds. Brett grinned the biggest grin he had in a long time. As he gently closed the door and made his way back to his room, he lay down on his bed. "Let's see, what do we know now?" he asked himself. "Angela is very attracted to my big cock. Her husband has a very small penis. When they fuck each other, my dad lasts less than a minute inside her, which means she does not have an orgasm. All the indications are that my dad could a good submissive, but maybe just needs to have it brought out in him. And I know just the two sons to do that."

The next day, Bruce came home from work and saw Angela swimming in the pool, again in a skimpy bikini. It was Michael's turn to cook, and Brett was out by the pool, in his speedo, sitting on the edge of the pool, watching Angela swim. Bruce saw Michael staring out the window at the blonde hot wife before Michael knew Bruce was present. Bruce looked down and saw that his son had an erection tenting the front of his shorts. He decided not to say anything to Michael, and as he made his presence known, his son attempted to cover up his excitement.

Just then, Angela got out of the pool dripping wet. Her hard nipples were pretty evident in her white bikini top, and Brett was staring at them rather obviously. Angela noticed the hungry look in his eyes and tried to ignore it. She toweled off and felt Brett's eyes on her bikini-covered tight butt as she walked towards the house. Both Bruce and Michael noticed that she put an extra wiggle in her walk. Angela went upstairs as Michael called after her and said, "Only ten minutes till dinner."

Bruce walked into the bedroom as Angela was changing and noticed how taut her nipples were as she took of her suit. "Wow! Something got you excited, huh, babe?"

She looked at her nipples and laughed. "Oh, just the cold water. It felt so good in the hot sun."

"I thought we agreed that you might avoid the bikinis for awhile while the boys are here," he said.

She was quiet for a moment, and then said, "I think you're worried about nothing, Bruce. I feel more comfortable in a bikini than the two-piece when I'm swimming.

"And sexier?" her husband pried.

Angela smiled. "Yes, and sexier," she admitted.

"Do you know that Michael had an erection watching you from the kitchen?"

Angela looked very surprised, then smiled a very sexy smile. "Really? No, I didn't know that, darling. Are you worried about him or Brett getting too turned on by me?" Bruce just looked at her and didn't know how to respond. Angela managed to glance down at her husband's crotch and saw the tell-tale sign of a little erection. She said nothing, but noted his physical response to her question.

Since she hadn't cum the previous night during her lovemaking with Bruce, Angela was feeling pretty horny after dinner as she sat in the family room. The guys were watching a game on tv and she had unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse than normal. She saw both boys occasionally glance her way. When Bruce finally went up to bed, she told Brett and Michael she was going to get more comfortable and asked them if they wanted some popcorn. Gettng a positive response, she put the popcorn in the microwave and went upstairs to change. Bruce was in the shower when she stood there naked, reaching for her nightgown. She didn't know why she did it, but instead took a Victoria Secret sheer nightgown off the hanger and put it on. Her breasts nearly spilled out of the gown, and it was cut very short up the side. She left the bedroom before her husband exited the shower.

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