tagLoving WivesA Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 04

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 04


The next morning, everybody got up to go to work. Bruce announced he was going in late, and asked if anybody had any laundry, as he was going to do a few loads. Nobody really took notice, but after Angela left for work, Michael offered to give Brett a ride to work. Brett accepted and on the way asked him, "So what was last night like, little brother?"

"Well," Michael grinned. I noticed you had left your door ajar. Dad came down the hall NAKED, picked up Angela's panties, and then proceeded to watch the two of you for almost an hour, before he jacked off into Angela's panties."

"Ah, that's why he wants to do laundry today. So that means he saw her give me the best blow job of my life, and he saw her probably getting one of the best fuckings of her life. And with the door open, he never tried to stop us. This gets more interesting all the time."

"What are you going to do next, Brett. Fuck her right in front of him?"

"No, not yet," laughed the older son. "But that may not be as far off as you think. There are a couple more steps to take first before that happens. And you, little bro, are going to be involved in the next couple."

Friday night, the four of them went out to dinner at Brett's suggestion, and he said he would treat. He asked Angela to wear something sexy and she had on a very low-cut top that showed a lot of cleavage and the upper half of both breasts. At the restaurant, they sat in a booth, and Brett sat next to Angela with Bruce across from his wife, and Michael across from Brett. They all discussed their days, drank a toast to the weekend, and ended up splitting three bottles of wine. During dinner, Bruce noticed that Angela sat very close to Brett and he wondered if they were holding hands. It was silly to wonder that after he'd seen them fucking. But now they were out in public. At one point, Bruce excused himself to go to the restroom. Instead he circled back to the bar and took a seat where he could watch the table for a minute or two. He turned down a drink saying he was waiting for someone. While he sat there, Angela gave Brett a very deep, long kiss. When they broke the kiss, she did the same to Michael. This was new to Bruce. Michael hadn't been involved yet.

When Bruce returned to the table it was time to leave. "Is anyone sober enough to drive? I'm not," Brett announced."

"Me neither," said Angela.

"Well I can't," said Michael. "Dad?" Bruce agree to drive.

"Angela, why don't you sit in back with Michael and I'll sit up front with Dad to be sure he does okay?"

Without a word, Angela climbed into the far back seat of the minivan and Michael followed her. As Brett kept his dad distracted with small talk, Angela moved closer to Michael in the rear seat. Bruce glanced in the mirror at one point to see that Michael had his arm around Angela. When Brett turned around, he saw they were strategically sitting behind Bruce so he really couldn't see much. Angela began kissing Michael, then the kiss went deeper and became a tongue tangle. She reached for Michael's hand and put it down the front of her low cut top and he easily fished out both of her tits. With the bare tits on display, they had to be careful Bruce didn't turn around. Her husband tried to look in the mirror again, but Brett jumped in and said, "Take a left here, Dad. It's a more scenic way to go."

Now Michael's mouth was all over Angela's nipples and she reclined slightly in the seat, but not so much that she couldn't find the zipper to his pants. She unbuckled and quietly pulled down his pants to the floor, freeing his erect cock from his boxers. Brett turned around and saw that Michael was about to get a great blow job. Angela's tits were still out and Michael was tweaking and pinching her nipples. Every so often, she would stifle a cry. At one point, Bruce adjusted the rear view mirror and could only see Michael's head, not Angela's. Brett realized what was happening and that his dad knew Michael was getting the blow job of his life. Brett could see they were less than three minutes from the turn to their house, and suddenly to Brett's astonishment, Bruce said, "I'm going to take a different way. I've been wanting to see some houses in that new development." This would add another twenty minutes to the trip. Brett made eye contact with his dad and all Brett could see in his dad's eyes was signs of total horniness...and acceptance.

The detour allowed Angela the time to give Michael a total lick and suck job until his cock began blasting semen down her throat. Brett turned to watch her sucking and swallowing every drop. "What a beautiful slut," he thought. It was the first time that word had entered his mind in conjunction with Angela.

As they entered the long drive to the garage of the house, both Angela and Michael rearranged their clothes. Everybody got out, and walked into the house. "Nightcap anyone?" Bruce said, giving Angela a big kiss. He could easily taste the semen on his wife's breath. Nobody said much as they drank and watched tv. Since it was Friday, everybody stayed up a little later. The boys went to bed first, then Bruce and Angela went up together. In bed, Bruce waited for her naked. Angela saw him in the dim light, softly playing with his little penis. Without a word, she climbed in next to him, kissed him passionately as he fingered her clit and pussy, making her cum very sweetly.

"How about riding me tonight?" he asked.

She smiled and kissed him again. "Not tonight, baby, maybe another time." Then she began to gently stroke his penis with one hand and tickle his balls with the other. He made an effort to bring her head down towards his stiff erection. She resisted, so he tried again, and again she kept her head away from it. She looked into his eyes, wondering if he understood why she wouldn't give him that blow job. After all, she'd sucked off both of his sons in successive nights. He looked deep into her eyes in return, and as she began stroking him faster and faster, his eyes let her know that he really did understand.

He whispered in her ear, "It's too small, Angela."

She whispered back in his ear, smiling, "Yes, it's too small, Bruce." With that he blasted a load of semen all over his stomach and her hand. They held each other as they drifted off to sleep, naked.

Saturday was another day by the pool for all of them, after a lot of morning chores. Again, Angela wore her thong bikini and the boys their speedos. Bruce had his normal "old man" trunks on. After a lot of swimming and a lot of wine, the day turned to darkness and Brett suggested everyone get in the hot tub. Angela went in to get fresh drinks for everyone, while Bruce, Brett and Michael climbed into the tub. When Bruce saw his sons drop their speedos before they got in, he decided he'd better lose his trunks. The three of them saw Angela come out of the house and bring the drinks over. Then she proceeded to take off her bikini top and thong right in front of them all and climb into the tub. At first she sat next to Bruce, and after five minutes or so, Brett moved over to make space between the two boys. Angela took another drink, and then stood up in the water. Her 36D breasts were right there in front of the three men, and she walked over to reposition herself between her two stepsons. Brett looked into his father's eyes and Bruce's look seemed to give tacit approval. As they drank and talked, Bruce's eyes started getting tired from all the wine. He occasionally dozed off a little, and one time when he opened his eyes, he saw that Brett had his arm around Angela. Her head was leaning against his shoulder and when Brett saw his dad looking, he leaned down to kiss his stepmom. She looked into his eyes and opened her mouth to accept his tongue. This was the first time that they had openly kissed in front of her husband.

When they broke the kiss, both Angela and Brett looked over at Bruce. He was staring at both of them but doing nothing to stop the show of affection. All of them took another drink. It was then that Brett casually reached over with his left hand and placed it fully on Angela's left breast. Bruce was watching this maneuver, and again raised no objection. Brett kept his hand there, and began fondling her big tit, playing with her nipple. She looked at her husband again and it looked like he was smiling. "I've gotta turn in," Bruce said. "Getting really tired." At that point, he stood up in the hot tub and all three of them saw his fully erect little stiffie. Angela stifled a giggle as Bruce exited the tub and took his suit and towel to go inside.

"That was odd behavior," Angela said of her husband. "Does he know we're lovers?"

"It's time Michael and I told you something, Angela," Brett said. "The time you were in the shower with me and we fucked? Dad listened outside the bathroom door and masturbated. Michael saw him. And the time you left your panties outside my door? Your husband picked them up, watched you suck me off, then watched us fucking, then came in your panties."

Angela was shocked. "So he doesn't object to his wife being fucked by her stepson?"

"And he knows you gave Michael a blow job in the van the other night."

Again, Angela was incredulous. "I can't believe that.

"And I wouldn't say that he 'doesn't object' to either of us playing with you. I actually think he enjoys it. I developed a theory about dad after we moved in here. I saw the size of his penis when we showered after basketball. I've seen how he treats you, Angela, and allows you, or me to make a lot of decisions around here: where we'll go to eat, what we'll have for supper, what we'll do all afternoon. I believe that your husband and our dad is a submissive."

"I don't understand," she said.

"Well, where I have an alpha type personality, he has a beta, meaning he will tend to be subservient to any alpha male. I can dominate him if I want to. I can make him do things he might not ordinarily do in normal society."

"And you think the size of his penis has something to do with it?"

" I think the size of his penis has everything to do with it. Didn't you tell me he's a quick cummer when he fucks you?" She nodded. "That's another indication. He is so insecure about the size of his little weenie, that he can't keep it up along enough to satisfy you."

Angela thought about what Brett was telling her for a long time. "So, should I be getting some psychological help for him? Is that what you're suggesting?"

Brett smiled. "No, you sexy thing, what I'm suggesting is this. Remember when I told you that with my theory and my plan, I could make both of you very sexually happy?" Angela nodded again. "One of the traits of a submissive, also known as a cuckold in a marriage, is that they derive sexual excitement from their partner being satisfied by other men, rather than by themselves. Seeing a sexually dominant male satisfy their spouse in a way that they never can makes them hot, horny, and ultimately they have to masturbate for satisfaction."

Angela pondered Brett's words for a long time as she took another long drink from her wine glass. "And you agree with this, Michael?" He nodded. "So what is the solution that your plan was expecting? What is it we should do?"

Brett was grinning from ear to ear now. "What we should do, what we need to do, Angela, is actually very bold but very simple. When you have a submissive, cuckold wannabe man, and you have three people very sexually attracted to each other, you take total advantage of that sub's weaknesses. You exploit them. The sub gets everything he wants in a relationship, and the sexually superior, attractive people get everything they want."

"Oh my god," said Angela. "I'm beginning to understand where you are headed with this. Is there anything else I should know right now?"

"Yes," Brett said, massaging her tit again. "Many sexual submissives...maybe we should call them deviates or at least perverts..." Micheal and Angela both began laughing. "...many of these deviates are also very much into being humiliated. Especially if they have a small penis. They feel that their penis is no match for a real man's cock and that it can never satisfy their wife or any other woman."

"And you feel your father may be one of these deviates who loves sexual humiliation?" she asked.

"Angela, I'm sure of it or I wouldn't have taken this whole thing this far. Do you know that your husband has a whole folder of stories on his laptop about men with small penises watching their wives being fucked by bigger, better men?"

Angela caught her breath. "Oh my god, what in the world did I marry? I love your father, but if he's such a deviate, and loves humiliation....I don't know what to do."

"I didn't say he loves humiliation, at least we don't know that yet. We may find that out in the near future." Angela thought back to her refusal to give him a blow job the night before and his response to her telling him he had a small penis. "Here's what I do say to you, Angela, and to Michael. We all love our dad, your husband. But I propose we take as much advantage as we can of the fact that he is submissive, that he most likely will enjoy being humiliated, and that all of that means more fucking for the three of us. It means we get to thoroughly enjoy your wonderful tits, ass and cunt, and you get to thoroughly enjoy our huge cocks." They all smiled and drank a toast to their pact.

Angela climbed into bed next to her husband who was already asleep. She felt rather horny after all that talk and thought about sneaking down to Brett's room, but instead fought the urge and finally fell asleep.

The next day was Sunday and they all had a fairly normal day. Angela however, was now armed with information about her 50-year old husband she never knew before. He had watched her fuck, enabled a blow job for Michael in the car, saw her give Brett a blow job and did nothing to stop it. How far could she take it and still respect him? How far would he let her go with his sons? The answer was soon to come.

The next few days were regular days where nothing happened as everybody was working hard at work or at home. By the time Friday rolled around, they were all ready for a night of drinking. It started at a bar for happy hour and ended up back at the house. All four of them were on the borderline of being toasted when they settled into the family room. Bruce sat on his recliner and Angela sat between her two stepsons on the couch. She had on a blouse with the two top buttons undone, and a short skirt with no pantyhose. She had kicked her shoes off and put her legs under her butt. Brett asked if he could put in a movie. Everyone agreed and he inserted a special disc he'd brought from upstairs. It was a porno movie and was specifically about a cuckold husband who was being forced to watch his very hot wife being fucked by a man with a much bigger dick. All four of them were really into the movie and it was making Angela very hot. "Oh my," she exclaimed when she saw the lover's really big dick. "That looks fantastic."

Brett went over and turned off the lights so the only light in the room was from the tv. He put his arm around Angela and looked over at his father. Bruce had his gaze fixed on the tv. Brett could see he looked a little uncomfortable and suspected dad had an erection. Now Brett turned and began kissing Angela and unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse. He looked at Bruce who now returned his gaze. Bruce gave no indication his son should stop, so Brett undid the rest of Angela's buttons and slid her blouse off. She lifted her arms to accommodate him, looking at Bruce to see if he wanted her to stop. Now her sexy bra was on display. On the video, the husband was naked, slowly stroking his very small penis while the stud and the hot wife were making out. Angela and Brett kissed again, this time more deeply. Bruce shifted in his chair, and subconsciously rubbed at his little erection. Now Brett was removing Angela's bra and Michael began working on her skirt, until she was sitting there in nothing but panties. Brett kissed her even more passionately now as he reached down and removed the panties, leaving her totally naked. Bruce cleared his throat and stood up. He adjusted his crotch, and asked if he could refresh everyone's drinks. Brett and Angela smiled at him and said, "Sure". While Bruce worked on drinks in the kitchen, Brett and Michael began undressing themselves. When Bruce returned with the drinks, he set one down in front of each of his sons and his wife. He now noticed that all three of them were nude.

Bruce sat back down, still looking uncomfortable. He stared at the sex on the screen again, but looked over in time to see Angela taking both boys' cocks in her two hands. She stroked them gently to erection, and looked over at her husband. He was looking into her eyes and smiling. He nodded only slightly to her, letting her know he was cool. With that she bent down and took Brett's big dick into her mouth, licking and sucking the head. Then she did the same to Michael. Now when Brett looked over at his dad, Bruce was gently stroking his penis through his pants. Brett then leaned down, taking Angela's big tit into his mouth, licking and biting on her nipple. She cried out with a little squeal. Brett became more aggressive and began playing with her cunt, finally inserting one, then two fingers into her vagina. Bruce got up and excused himself, and went into the bathroom. When he returned to the room, he was naked. They all looked at his small erection which had a drop of precum on the tip. He sat back in his chair and watched all the fucking going on on the tv, as he slowly played with his penis.

Now Angela was getting so aroused she began squirming on the couch and was getting so wet, they could smell her cunt in the room. Brett looked over at his dad, whose eyes were now fixed on his naked wife, her hand on his younger son's big cock, and her other hand playing with Brett's balls. Brett looked at his dad and said to Angela, without breaking eye contact with dad. "Do you need to be fucked, Angela?"

His stepmom looked up at her husband and smiled. She locked her eyes on his and said, "Yes, Brett, I need to be fucked. Take me upstairs and fuck me with your wonderful dick." With that, the two lovers stood up, totally naked, and walked past Bruce. Angela leaned down and gave her husband a deep kiss on the mouth as she walked by.

Brett turned and said, "Michael, give us about a half hour." Michael and his dad, both equally naked, looked at each other. Bruce knew this was going to be Michael's first fuck.

Bruce tried to concentrate on the screen and the fuck action going on. The wife now had two men doing her, one in her cunt, and one in her mouth. He played with his penis a little more, then said to Michael, "I....need to go up......,Michael....."

"To watch, Dad?" he smiled, shaking his head. His dad blushed crimson and nodded. He stood up naked and crossed the room to the stairs. He slowly climbed up, and went quietly to Brett's door. This time the door was closed and locked. He listened for a little while, then went back downstairs. Michael was still watching the porno and was surprised to see his dad.

"They locked the door, Michael. That's okay. They probably need some alone time." Bruce settled back into his chair and looked at Michael's big cock. "She's quite a good fuck, Michael. You're really going to enjoy it."

"Thanks, Dad,"he smiled.

A half hour later, Brett came into the family room looking spent. Michael stood and went up the stairs.

Brett sat on the couch naked and saw the evidence of a lot of precum on his dad's penis. Bruce had smeared a little around the head. Brett couldn't believe how small his dad's penis was compared to his and most other men. He decided to mess with his dad's head a little. "You know dad, your wife is up there totally naked with my brother, your younger son, don't you? And we both know what they're going to do. They're up there to fuck each other, Dad. My brother is going to have the first fuck of his life, and it will be with your wife. How fucking hot is that?" He could see Bruce getting more turned on now and the precum leaking even more. His dad's hand moved faster on his little stiffy. "Dad, Michael's got his eight-inch....yes, you heard me, eight inch cock buried deep inside your hot wife's horny cunt. She's spreading her legs totally so she can get fucked by a real cock, dad. She already had my real cock tonight, didn't she.? I took her from behind and fucked her like a bitch in heat. She's probably riding Michael's huge cock. When is the last time she rode yours, Dad? Hmmm...?"

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