tagLoving WivesA Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 06

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 06


The next morning, it was quite evident to Bruce that the sexual dynamics in his house had changed drastically from just a month earlier. He arrived at breakfast dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt, as he sipped his coffee, he watched Angela and his two sons enter the kitchen totally naked. "Someone's pretty overdressed, don't you think?" Angela asked. She looked at her husband as she said this and Bruce found himself involuntarily removing his clothes. With all three men now naked, and their cocks all flaccid, the contrast in penis size was even more remarkable. While Bruce's penis looked like the head of a turtle emerging from its shell, his two sons's dicks hung down well below their testicles. "Now that's how I like seeing all my men," Angela grinned as she playfully slapped her husband's ass.

As they sat down to eat sweet rolls and drink their coffee, Angela reached for Brett's hand and locked fingers with him. "Darling," she said to her husband, "Brett and I have something to discuss with you."

"Okay," Bruce said, setting his coffee down and looking at their entwined hands. He noticed his Wife's wedding ring on her left hand.

Angela continued. "Brett only has four weeks left before he has to leave for school. He and I have talked about something and we'd like your blessing."

"Go on," Bruce said as he looked at the naked lovers. Brett put his arm around Angela and took her right breast in his hand, gently squeezing and tweaking her nipple.

"Sweetheart," Angela said, "I"d like Brett to share our bedroom with me the rest of the time he's here." As Bruce pondered what he'd just heard, Brett reached between Angela's thighs and she slowly parted her legs for him.

Bruce watched as his son molested his stepmother in front of him. "Well...it's obvious you can't keep your hands off each other, and you sure can't keep your cock out of her cunt, can you?" The other three all laughed to relieve the tension. "So I would move my things to Brett's room?"

"Yes," the two lovers replied in unison.

"So the current arrangement we've had hasn't been working for the two of you?" Bruce inquired.

"Not really," Angela smiled. "Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I need Brett's cock inside me. And we'd like to wake up together every morning and be able to just fuck each other without me going to his room."

"I sense there's more," her husband pried.

"There is," Angela smiled again. "I kind of feel like Brett's my husband now, sort of like he and I are married, not you and I....and I'd like to spend this month with him like we're a couple."

"I'm surprised you two are letting me weigh in on this," Bruce responded. "Do I really have a choice here?"

"Look Bruce, I do truly love you and yes, I do....we...do want this to be your choice as well. If it's not something you really want too, then we shouldn't do it. You admitted last night that you'd rather masturbate than fuck me. We all heard you say that. Brett, on the other hand, would much rather fuck me whenever he can. So..."Angela said with a mischievous grin, "does the thought of me being 'married' to your son for a whole month turn you on?"

Brett caught his dad's eye. "Stand up, Dad," he said in that dominating voice. Bruce slowly rose from the table only to put on display for all three of them a four-inch erection with a big drop of pre-cum on the tip. "I think you have your answer, Angela," Brett grinned. Angela giggled, then turned to Brett and gave him a deep, open-mouth kiss.

The rest of that morning was spent moving Bruce's clothes and other things out of the master bedroom and into Brett's room. And Angela helped Brett move his things into the master bedroom. When the move was completed, the three guys each got a beer while Angela poured herself a glass of wine. Then in front of her men, Angela removed her wedding ring from her left hand and gave it to her husband. Brett reached into his pocket and took out a small ruby ring--Angela's birthstone--and ceremoniously placed it on her finger. Angela and Brett smiled at one another as Bruce nodded his approval. Then the couple exchanged a wedding kiss. Then she turned to Bruce and said, "Darling, we'd like to have a small party for your birthday this Saturday. Brett has made all the arrangements--just a few guests, plus the four of us."

After a fabulous dinner that Angela cooked for her four men, they all retired to the family room for after dinner drinks. Around 9 o'clock, Angela announced that she and Brett were going up to their room to use the jacuzzi. Bruce and Michael remained downstairs and heard the water running, followed not long after by the jacuzzi jets. After a period of time, Angela called downstairs to Bruce and asked if he could bring the wine bottle up to refresh their drinks. Bruce obligingly did so, walking into the master bathroom with the wine bottle. Angela and Brett of course were naked in the tub and were kissing. Bruce poured the wine into their glasses and started to leave. "Don't leave just yet, darling," Angela implored. "Can you sit for a few minutes?" Bruce sat on a chair and watched as Brett reached both hands for Angela's tits. He began feeling her up in front of his father. Neither of them spoke to Bruce but continued french kissing, and feeling each other's bodies. A few minutes later, Angela said, "Did you know Brett has his finger inside my cunt, Bruce, and my hand is on his really hard cock?"

"That's nice," Bruce replied. "Why are you telling me this and why am I sitting here watching?"

"Because, silly boy, I wanted to give you a little stimulation before you go to bed, so when you hear us fucking later, you can jack off and remember us naked in here."

As Bruce climbed later into Brett's bed, he removed his boxers and could already hear the sounds of lovemaking coming from the master bedroom. He began playing with his little stiffy and when he heard Angela's first moaning orgasm, he shot his little wad on his stomach. He quickly fell asleep, then in the morning awakened to the sounds of fucking next door again. He began masturbating a second time, again cumming at just the moment he imagined Brett was shooting his load into Angela. Not bothering to dress, Bruce walked to the bathroom down the hall, pausing in front of the master bedroom door which was wide open. Angela and Brett lay naked in each other's arms. "How was the wedding night?" the cuckold husband asked.

"wonderful," Angela sighed. "MUCH more fulfilling than my first one," she laughed. Bruce blushed as Brett flashed him a big grin. Angela's and Brett's eyes were drawn to Bruce's crotch where just the little turtle head of his penis peaked out above his small testicles. His pubic hairs were totally covered with dried cum from the night before and the current load of wet semen coating his penis and balls. "Looks like my former hubby enjoyed his night too," Angela laughed.

"Very much," Bruce replied, smiling himself.

Brett shifted on the bed so that his now totally flaccid cock hung down across his thigh. Bruce couldn't help drawing his eyes to the tool that had so well fucked and satisfied his wife the night before and this morning. "I believe the lady would enjoy her breakfast and coffee in bed this morning," he said in his alpha male voice.

"Yes, sir," Bruce replied, and left for the bathroom to clean himself up, before making the trek downstairs to the kitchen.

"Mmmm...I could fall in love with you, my knight," Angela cooed to her lover.

"And I with you, m'lady," her stepson replied. Then, indicating Bruce, Brett said, "He's a pretty pathetic excuse for a lover, isn't he?"

Angela looked into Brett's eyes. "Yes, my darling, he is. But we both love him." Brett nodded and smiled.

Saturday morning, Bruce's birthday, they let him relax, read his paper, and drink coffee as the other three decorated the pool area outside. Around 2:00 pm, as all four of them lounged by the pool, the first guest arrived. Rob, Bruce's investment banker friend, was led into the house by Michael so he could change into his swim trunks, then was offered a beer and settled in on a chair next to Bruce.

Shortly thereafter, Bill arrived, went through the same routine, and sat by Bruce as they caught up on mutual friends. Bill used to work at the same company with Bruce. Finally, Ron, Bruce's 55-year old boss arrived. Ron had graying hair but was in excellent physical shape since he worked out every day. Bruce liked Ron but always felt a little intimidated around him. A true alpha male, Ron often belittled Bruce and his work at the office.

Everyone was alternating between drinking and swimming, as Michael began cooking steaks on the grill. "Are we the only guests?" Bill asked.

"Yes," Brett replied. "There's a reason we kept this party small and intimate, which you'll see in awhile." Bruce felt his stomach roll when Brett said that.

Angela was the perfect hostess, refilling drinks and parading in her modest two-piece swimsuit enough to keep the men's attention focused on her. After eating the steaks, Angela excused herself for awhile and the guys consumed even more alcohol. When Angela returned, Bill was the first to notice and let out a whistle. This drew everyone's attention to the blonde wife walking towards them. She had changed into a new thong bikini. The bottome consisted of a small triangle barely covering her pubic patch. The thin strip in the back was wedged tightly between her ass cheeks, fully exposing her ass. The bikini top was two small triangles covering each nipple, but fully exposing the rest of her natural pear-shaped breasts.

"Holy shit!" Rob exclaimed.

"Oh...my...God!" Ron chimed in with equal enthusiasm. Angela smiled at her new male admirers and headed towards Brett's lounge chair. He swung his legs around so she could sit. Then Brett surprised even Bruce by firmly planting his hand on Angela's bare butt cheeks as she placed her free hand well up his thigh.

"Wow! What's going on here?" Bill asked.

"Dad, refresh our drinks for us," Brett ordered in his commanding voice. As Bruce took Brett's and Angela's empty glasses, and walked towards the bar, Angela leaned into Brett and gave him a full french kiss that lasted nearly thirty seconds. The three guests were shocked watching this display.

"Yes...what exactly is going on here?" Ron asked, and Angela could see the lust and amusement in his eyes.

Brett smiled and said, "We'll explain in due time. But for now, all you need to know is that we chose the three of you as guests for a very specific reason."

"But Angela, this is your husband's birthday," Rob protested.

Angela smiled again as Bruce handed drinks to Brett and his wife. "Yes, Rob, it is his birthday and today, he's getting a very special present, something he's always wanted, but never knew that he did," she said.

"We want to play a little birthday game first,"Brett offered. "It's a modified version of Truth or Dare, played by my rules. Hope you're all game. But first we need to do some jello shots."

Michael brought over a tray of very strong jello shots and the group of seven consumed all of them. Everybody now had quite a buzz going. "Now," Brett said, "it's time to start the game. I will ask all the questions of whatever person I choose. You can answer the questions honestly or take the dare. If anyone thinks an answer isn't honest, they can challenge, but have to state why they are challenging. Everybody got it?"

"First question is for Rob. Are you feeling lust for Angela, seeing her in that skimpy bikini?"

"Of course," Rob answered without hesitation.

"Now one for Bill. Would you like to see Angela without that top on?"

"You bet!" Bill said enthusiastically.

"Angela," Brett said. "Do you want to expose your bare breasts to our three guests. Do you want them to see how erect your nipples are from being exposed like this?"

"No," Angela replied with a smile.

"Challenge!" Ron shouted. They all looked at him for an explanation. "Because her nipples look hard so she must be excited to show them to us."

"Vote on the challenge," Brett said. All except Angela and Bruce raised their hands. "Challenge accepted," Brett grinned. "Ron, would you do the honors of removing Angela's top?" Ron stood up with a bulge in his his suit and went over to Angela, unhooking the clasp on the back of her bikini top. Her huge natural tits with their large, stiff nipples were totally exposed to the eyes of the six men.

"Now question for Dad," Brett said. "Do you want your three close friends to see your wife's bare ass and pussy?"

"No," Bruce answered, realizing protesting was futile.

"Challenge," Angela laughed.

"Why Angela?" Brett inquired.

"Because it turns my husband on when other men see me naked," she answered. The three guests all exchanged a look with each other, then looked at Bruce who was blushing.

"Vote?" Brett asked. All six men and Angela raised their hands. "Dad," Brett grinned, "get that damn thong off your wife and show your friends her pussy." Bruce reluctantly stood up and everybody could see the little stiffy pushing out at the front of his suit. Angela stood so he could unhook and drop her thong. Angela remained standing and turned slowly around so all seven men could totally take in her full nakedness.

"Damn!" Ron uttered. "That's one helluva body." The other two friends nodded in agreement. Angela sat back down next to Brett.

"Question again for Dad," Brett said. "Do you want your wife to see Ron's, Bill's and Rob's cocks?" Bruce hesitated for a few seconds.

"Dare," he finally said. Brett whispered in Angela's ear and she smiled a nodded.

Then Brett said, "Dad, remove three swimsuits, not including mine or Michael's." Bruce was now in a quandary. Does he remove his and two others or those of the three guests? He reluctantly rose from his chair and walked to Rob, who stood up. Bruce tugged Rob's suit down and he stepped out of it. Then he did the same with Bill and Ron. This revealed three semi-erect cocks to all of them. Each man turned slowly for Angela as she had done earlier. Rob had a swimmer's body, smooth, muscular arms and legs, tight abs, a tight ass and about 6 inches semi-erect. It was about two inches across, Angela noted. Bill's body was hairier but equally fit and his seven inches semi-erect was also very thick. Ron had a hairy chest, but six-pack abs, a tight butt, and a very thick 8-inch semi-erection.

When they sat back down, Brett said, "Angela, question now. Do you want your stepsons to remove their swimsuits?"

"Mmm...yes," she answered, as her nipples now grew very erect. After Brett and Michael removed their suits, only Bruce's remained in place.

"Question for Dad," Brett said. "Do you want all of us to see your penis too, birthday boy?"

"No," Bruce answered, and nobody challenged him.

"Okay, Dad. Let's try this. Does your penis measure up to the other cocks we can all see now?"

"Yes," Bruce answered quickly.

"Challenge!" his wife laughed.

"Vote?" Brett asked, without asking Angela why she challenged. All hands excepts Bruce's were quickly raised. "Angela, would you please do the honors," Brett grinned lewdly. The naked wife went to her husband and pulled his trunks down. Bruce's penis was now fully exposed and fully erect. Its four inch length and obvious lack of thickness caused Ron, Bill and Rob to stare at their friend's penis in disbelief.

"No way!" said Bill.

"Seriously, dude," Rob chimed in. Ron just shook his head and started laughing. Brett, Michael and Angela all grinned at one another as Bruce blushed. Now all seven of them were naked, and each one took a big swig of their drinks.

"Now the questions get more interesting," Brett said. "Angela, how many times has this birthday boy fucked you this summer?"

Angela smiled and looking at the three guests said, "Zero times." Rob's, Bill's and Ron's jaws dropped again as Bruce again turned several shades of red.

"And how many times have you and Michael fucked this summer?"

"Three times," Angela said.

"And how many times have you and I fucked, Angela?"

"Almost every day. I've lost count," she smiled. Bruce could not make eye contact with his friends.

"I think maybe this game has gone on long enough," Bruce said weakly, as he rose to go into the house.

"Sit back down, Dad," Brett said firmly. "I'll decide when the game is over and it's far from over, believe me." Bruce dutifully sat back down on his chair. Angela looked at Brett with admiration and the three guests noticed this. Her juices also started to flow in her cunt.

"Now, Dad, next question. What bedroom in our home do you sleep in now?"

Bruce lowered his eyes and said quietly, "In your room."

"And where do I sleep every night?"

Bruce hesitated, then said quietly, "With Angela in the master bedroom." All three guests gasped audibly.

"And what do you do in my room when you hear Angela and me making love?"

"I sleep," Bruce said defiantly.

"Challenge!" Ron's voice boomed.

"Vote?" Brett was grinning. All hands except Bruce's went up.

Bruce took a deep breath and looking down said quietly, "I....I masturbate." Angela smiled at Brett who took her hand.

"And, Dad, what do you do when Angela and I let you watch us fucking? And look at your friends, Dad."

Bruce looked sheepishly at his three friends. "I jack off then too." All three friends were shaking their heads in disbelief.

"Angela," Brett said. "Does it turn you on to be looking at three virile men with long, thick cocks?"

"Oh, yes," she moaned.

"And does it make you want to play with your clit in front of us?"

"Mmm..hmmm" she nodded, as her left hand moved to her blood-engorged clit. She began making circles with her middle finger. Simultaneously, Brett reached over and began rubbing her large breasts and nipples with both hands. This caused Rob's, Bill's, and Ron's cocks to begin to stiffen again to full erections. Angela estimated Rob's erect dick to be 8 inches long, Bill's about 9 inches, and Ron's about 10. Fully erect, each cock she was looking at was at least twice as long and twice as thick as her husband's. Each naked man then began stroking his own cock as he watched the naked slut playing with her pussy.

"Angela," Brett said in a clearly aroused voice. "Don't you want to put a finger or two inside your cunt to show us how wet you are?"

Angela weakly replied, "Yesss...." and inserted her forefinger and middle finger inside her pussy, up to the the third knuckles. When she removed them, her fingers glistened with her sexual juices. Brett continued fondling Angela's bare tits, alternately squeezing her breasts, then lightly pinching her nipples. He noticed Bruce also gently playing with his penis and balls.

"Angela, do you think you'd like to feel Rob's cock inside your horny pussy?" Angela could only nod. "And Bill's and Ron's too?" Again Angela nodded. "What is it you want each of them to do to your cunt, Angela?"

"I want all three of them to fuck my cunt," she replied breathlessly.

"And do you want your husband to fuck you too?" Brett asked.

Angela looked at her husband's much smaller penis and hesitated. Finally she said, "Not really." Again this caused Bruce to blush and he lowered is eyes to the ground.

He heard his boss snicker and say, "Loser."

"Dad," Brett said, addressing his father. "Do you want to watch Rob fuck your wife?" Bruce looked from Rob's hard cock to Angela's very wet pussy. He nodded. "Dad, why don't you ask Rob nicely?"

Bruce took a big swallow of his drink, turned red again, and said. "Rob, would you please fuck my wife now?" Brett grinned and Rob smiled.

"Yes, Bruce, of course I'll fuck Angela for you," Rob said, taunting his friend.

"And Bill and Ron, too, Dad? Would you like to watch them fuck your wife as well?"

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