tagGroup SexA Wild Birthday Month Ch. 04

A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 04


DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is purely fictional. Any possible similarities between the characters and events with people in real life are purely coincidental.


It's Tuesday again, just two days after my first and rather wild experience with anal sex. No, I did not get penetrated by anything phallic, but was sent a birthday gift of a wild Lithuanian girl who let me fuck her twice in her rather glorious ass. We ended up having traditional sex two more times after that. One week ago I was with two beautiful busty women who let me live out the pornographic fantasy most men dream of, and the week before that one it was a sexy delivery girl who helped me break out of a shell I've hidden in since my divorce a year and a half ago.

Am I a ladies man? A player? No. I'm just a mild-mannered guy with a very wealthy friend who wanted to get me something special for my birthday. Four weeks of mind-blowing sex with some rather gorgeous (and expensive) escorts. Throughout these three weeks I'll say I've changed a lot inside. I used to be a guy who wanted to please everyone and always "played it safe", but now I feel a more adventurous side has been awakened. The things I've done these past three weekends I've never done in my sexual history. Doors have been opened that won't ever be closed, and I'm enjoying the new me that the experience has created.

So I said it's Tuesday. I know these stories seem to keep starting off on Tuesday, but it's the day I always go to have lunch with my wealthy friend Robert. Unfortunately my body isn't fully 100% today. I feel a small amount of ache in my body as I walked, as if I worked out too much. The most recent girl, Zhanna, took me for a wild erotic ride and now I'm paying for it, hoping to be better by this weekend for my birthday. I'm sure the finale of this gift will be more "over the top" than anything Robert's thrown at me.

Outside of lunch, Tuesdays are also a highlight of my week because I get to see the lovely Jacqueline. She's Robert's executive assistant, and I've danced with the idea of asking her out for weeks. Last week Robert gave me his blessing on asking her out. I know it seems silly to ask him when we're all adults, but I didn't want to step on any toes since she works for him. Despite the blessing, Robert asked I wait one more week now before I could ask Jacqueline out. It sucks, but I didn't want to cross my best friend, so today it'll just be the usual smiles, chit-chat, and minor flirtation.

The elevator door opened and there she was, sitting at her desk. She looked good in a blouse and slacks, her long dark hair hanging over her shoulders. She usually wears glasses when she works. Doesn't bother me because I think it makes her look even more sexy and sophisticated.

Jacqueline: "Hi David. My, you look good today."

I usually wear the normal business wear to work. Slacks, shirts, and ties. Lately though I decided to change things up. Today I wore a dark casual suit I had with a lighter-colored dress shirt that went with the suit. No tie, totally relaxed and stylish.

David: "Why thank you Jacqui. I'd definitely say the same about you."

Jacqueline smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

Jacqueline: "Thank you David. Are you here to see Robert?" Didn't he call and tell you he's not going to be in today?"

David: "What?"

Jacqueline: "He said he was going to call you and cancel your weekly lunch today. He had to run over to a client's office for a last-minute meeting."

David: "Oh...well, he didn't contact me. Duty calls I guess."

Jacqueline: "I hear you. I'm about to go get some food myself."

Suddenly, an idea struck me.

David: "Jacqui. Are you doing anything for lunch? Would you like to have lunch with me?"

Jacqueline: "Sure. That sounds great. Where do you want to go?"

David: "How about Carpecci's? You ever been there?"

Jacqueline: "No. Not at all. It sounds good."

Jacqueline then picked up her phone and dialed the operator to tell her she's taking off to lunch and to take messages for Robert. She stood up and pulled on a suit jacket that went with her outfit. Damn she looked great.

We headed off to Carpecci's just walking like two colleagues. It's a nice spot for lunch. A rather Italian-garden style dining room with light and simple dishes catered to working professionals.

We took seats and placed orders for food and drinks. Jacqueline told me it was nice to get out of the office for lunch as she's used to just working out and later eating at her desk. Luckily for me today her spin class instructor was out sick.

Our drinks came and we just chatted about usual stuff like work, fun things in our lives, Robert, etc. As we talked about Robert and wild things he's done, she laughingly told me a story she did not know I already heard.

Jacqueline (giggling): "I have the ultimate. Robert recently had his lawyer call an ex-boyfriend of mine. He just laid into him, telling him all this stuff like how he should be careful who he crosses and how 'Jacqueline Rydell is part of a very important family'. He literally had him believing I was some mafia don's daughter or something. The guy probably had a nervous breakdown."

David (laughing): "Why did Robert do that?"

Jacqueline: "Well, he cheated on me. I ended up getting an email one day that he meant to send to the little whore he was seeing on the side. Robert saw me distressed, fixed me a drink, and asked me what happened. I told him, and then this."

David: "Wow, that was nice of him."

Jacqueline: "Yeah. He's like the crazy big brother I needed in my life."

David: "I'm surprised you two never...you know."

Jacqueline (giggling): "Oh gawd no. Robert's many things. He's handsome, wealthy, and even exciting, but he's not for me. Not what I'd want in man. I've seen too much of his personal life floating in and out of the office for me to ever fathom him as a possibility. No way."

David: "Really. Well, for a recent breakup you carry yourself well. You said this happened a week ago?"

Jacqueline: "Yeah. I guess it was easier this time. John and I were together for only a few weeks. I thought he was charming, but it was an act. Story of my life to be honest. Can you believe practically every man I've dated in my life cheated on me?"

David: "That's a shame. I know how you feel though. I've been there too. Cheated on I mean, not the other way around."

Jacqueline: "I got it. You don't strike me as a cheater. I'm surprised you and Robert are such good friends. You both seem so different."

A waitress arrived with our food and we both smiled and prepared our palettes for the meals before us. I noticed Jacqui has been occasionally turning her eyes to the left. I figured she was just a people watcher.

Jacqueline: "David, don't turn your head, but there is some woman over by the wall to my left. She's been staring at us with a dirty look ever since we arrived."

I carefully turned my eyes to the left, not turning my head.

Jacqueline: "Over there in the red blouse."

I turned my head a tiny bit to finally see who this person was. Oh crap...it was my ex-wife. I looked back at Jacqueline and rolled my eyes.

David: "Oh crap. I thought she moved to Florida."

Jacqueline: "Who is that?"

David: "That...is my ex-wife. When we divorced she had gone to Florida to start her new life there. I figured she stayed there."

Jacqueline: "What happened with you two?"

David: "It's nothing huge. She cheated on me and all. I don't want to ruin our lunch with past wounds."

Jacqueline: "It's ok. You can tell me."

David: "All right. I met Rachel back in college. We dated for a few years and got engaged when we graduated. We married, bought a house together, and we were going to start a family."

Jacqueline: "But?"

David: "Well, about three years ago, Robert was holding a charity affair at the art museum. Rachel and I went, and we were introduced to James Keats."

Jacqueline: "The media mogul?"

David: "Yeah, owner of Keats Enterprises. Apparently when I went to get Rachel and I some drinks, they chatted up a bit and he slipped her his business card."

Jacqueline: "Oh, what an asshole."

David: "Agreed. So for a year, Rachel and James were having a very steamy affair behind my back. I was led to believe she was just very busy at work, trying to reach a certain position before slowing down to have kids."

Jacqueline: "So how did you find out? Email sent to the wrong person?"

Jacqui giggled at the small joke. I just smiled sarcastically, not showing any sign of past pain.

David: "No. I got a call from my cousin saying she saw Rachel and James on TMZ. Apparently when she told me she had to fly to DC to take care of some business, she really went to the Bahamas with Mr. Keats."

Jacqueline: "Oh, that's terrible. You must have been embarrassed."

David: "Yeah, but it's the past. We divorced. She thankfully didn't become a vindictive bitch in the divorce because she thought she was going to become Mrs. Keats and live her life in a mansion."

Jacqueline: "Whoah...what happened then?"

David: "Six months later, Keats was seen with a lingerie model in New York. Rachel made a stink, but since they weren't married, he simply kicked her to the curb."

Jacqueline: "Gotta love karma, huh?"

David: "I think the biggest insult was when Rachel tried calling me, asking if I would give her another chance. If we could go get counseling and rekindle our marriage.

I was just insulted. I mean, I try to do the right thing by people, be a good guy, work hard, be responsible, respect people as human beings, etc...and for her to just think I was some sap who would gladly take her back....wow."

Jacqueline: "Everyone always wants back what they tossed away in haste."

David: "Exactly. It would be like if John begged you to come back."

Jacqueline: "Oh gawd, I'd never go back there again. He can stay with that teenager he knocked up."

We shared a laugh. Jacqueline turned her eyes again to check on my ex.

Jacqueline: "Wow...she's literally throwing flaming daggers at me with those eyes. She must be fuming inside to see her ex-husband on what looks like a date. We should hold hands just to really piss her off."

David: "Why?"

Jacqueline: "Cuz it's fun. I'd so want John and the rest of my exes to see me like this. We can pretend we're on a date, totally give them a reality check on their stupidity."

I thought for a moment about Robert asking me to wait until after my birthday, but this was the opportunity and I wasn't going to let this pass. I love my buddy, but I'm tired of "playing it safe".

David: "Why pretend?"

Jacqueline: "Huh?"

David: "I'm serious. Why pretend? Have dinner with me this week."

Jacqueline: "What are you saying?"

David: "I'm saying why pretend to be on a date and let's just go out on a date. You and I. I know a great French bistro that just opened with a beautiful garden patio."

Jacqueline has a small look of shock on her face, and then looked down at her plate.

Jacqueline: "David, I can't. That place sounds really nice, but I have to work a lot this week and then fly out to Denver this weekend. Robert has me taking care of some business for him."

My first thought was "D'OH!" Like many men, I know that an excuse like that is generally a rejection. I guess she might find me nice as a colleague, but I'm not what she wants in terms of dating. I spent a few seconds telling myself I wouldn't let this wreck my spirit. So what if Jacqueline isn't the one? I'll go out more, I'll join dating sites, I'll meet other women, and I'll get back in the game.

Then she surprised me with the next thing she said.

Jacqueline: "I am totally free next week though...if it's ok with you."

BOOM! That hit me like a bolt of lightning. Is it ok with me? Of course it is. All that insecurity literally flew out the window at Mach-1. I felt amazing.

David: "Definitely. How about next Wednesday then at 7? Give you enough time to get over the weekend travel and the beginning of the work week."

Jacqueline smiled: "I'd love it. Here, take my cell phone number down. I gotta get back the office."

We traded and entered cell phone numbers and personal email accounts into our respective smartphones before getting up to leave. As we headed towards the door, Jacqueline grabbed my arm as if we were a couple.

David: "What the?"

Jacqueline: "Shhhhh...just go with it."

We walked out of there with a cold chill coming over us. I have a feeling my ex was wishing a death ray would come out of the sky and disintegrate us, or at least Jacqueline. As soon as we cleared the visible view from Carpecci's she gently released my arm and we both shared a laugh. Jacqueline was sure my ex would be home tonight with a pint of Hagan Daas, on the phone with her friends going off about what she saw, but I honestly didn't care. Rachel is my past, and I wanted Jacqueline to be my future.

We got back to Robert's office and said our goodbyes. Jacqueline even gave me a small peck on my cheek.

Jacqueline: "Thanks for lunch David. It was fun. I'll see you next week."

David: "May your weekend be easy on you."

Suddenly we heard a voice from Robert's office.

Robert: "David? Is that you? Get your butt in here."

Jacqueline: "Have fun..."

I left Jacqui to her work as I walked into Robert's office and closed the door behind me. Robert was sitting behind his desk with a salad as I sat down.

Robert: "Sorry I had to miss lunch."

David: "You should have called."

Robert: "Why? So you could eat a sandwich at your desk as opposed to going to lunch with Jacqui?"

David: "Did you plan that?"

Robert: "In all honesty, no. I really did have to go to a client and I forgot to text you. I'm sorry about that buddy."

David: "Don't worry about it. It all worked out."

Robert: "Definitely. Look at you. You finally did something as opposed to playing it safe."

David: "Denver?"

Robert laughed: "I so knew you wouldn't wait...even though I asked you to. So I made sure Jacqui was totally busy this week. You're birthday is this weekend after all."

David: "I know, but I was hit with an opening and an opportunity. I took a chance and it worked out. I'm taking her out next Wednesday."

Robert: "I'm not surprised. It's obvious she likes you. Don't blow it buddy.

Putting that aside, you ready for this weekend?"

David: "I dunno Robert. That last girl was an animal. I'm still sore from everything she did."

Robert: "Anal's a different world, isn't it?"

David: "Yeah, definitely. I felt like a rag doll with her."

Robert: "You needed it. You spent ten years having bland sex with one woman. You had one girlfriend in High School you never touched and then married the chick you met in college. It's good to see you happy again, loose, confident, even dating now. You needed to just experience it all sexually. Live my life basically."

David: "True, and I won't say it wasn't fun. However, I'm still not you in this sense. I like stability, monogamy, love, the closeness."

Robert: "Whatever makes you happy bud. I know this weekend will be the big finale."

David (laughing): "I hope I survive. Zhanna left me pretty sore."

Robert: "Don't worry buddy, this week you'll be well taken care of."

I chatted with Robert for another thirty minutes before I had to go back to my own work. When I left I didn't see Jacqueline at her desk. Probably had to run an errand. The rest of my work week went like always, and the weekend came.

I found myself now in my bed, naked, kissing someone soft, tender, and smelling so nice. My hands were caressing her naked skin as I could hear her breathing heavy and moaning to my touch.

My eyes opened from the kiss, and it was Jacqueline. She was here, in my bed, making love to me. I felt her climb on me and slide my hard cock into her wet pussy, grinding on me as we kissed passionately. She felt so good.

Suddenly she flipped around. I was spooning her as she guided my hardness into her warm folds again. I fucked her relentlessly, feeling her beautiful ass bouncing off my body, her moans sounding like a symphony.

She then turned her head and looked at me, my cock still deep in her.

Jacqueline: "Don't stop David. I want to feel you."

At that moment I heard something very loud and found myself alone in my bed. It was the middle of the night, and it was thunder storming outside. A clap of thunder apparently ripped me out of a wonderful dream. I laid there in my bed, covered in sweat, my manhood at full mast, longing to be back in that dream.

I got up for a moment and got a glass of water. What a dream. I could only hope I see it become a reality. My big man was throbbing, which made me happy the apparent soreness from Zhanna slowly disappeared over the week. I thought about pulling up some Internet porn and relieving myself, but I held back. It might be very early on Saturday, but Robert's got something big planned for me, and I'm better off saving myself for the real thing.

I crawled back into bed and managed to doze off for a few more hours until I awoke around 8AM. I unfortunately didn't get to go back to my wonderful Jacqueline dream, but I did manage to sleep. It was Saturday and I just turned thirty-six.

I spent most of the day in my usual regimen of lounging, getting in a workout, and getting the house prepared for later. I fielded phone calls from relatives wishing me Happy Birthday and even made plans to go see my parents tomorrow. After hanging up the phone though I wondered what shape I might be in.

The whole day I was excited and a little nervous. Part of my excitement was my date with Jacqueline next Wednesday, but most of the combination of excitement/nerves was aimed at whatever Robert was sending me. Would I get a girl coming out of a cake in her "birthday suit"? Or perhaps an orgy of Ashley, Sarah, Elena, and Zhanna combined? Or would Robert be an ass and send me a dominatrix? So many possibilities.


7:52 PM hit and my doorbell rang. I has showered and dressed myself in jeans with a nice shirt. Funny how this is the only week out of the four I actually was dressed/prepared for it. I came to the door and looked through the keyhole and saw several women. I opened the door and saw four women standing there in scrubs, hair tied back.

Yasmin: "Hi, are you David?"

David: "Yes I am."

Dana: "Robert sent us here. We heard you're sore, and we're here to take good care of you."

Thankfully I wasn't sore anymore from Zhanna's wild sex last week, but I was feeling a tiny bit disappointed. There were four girls there, but they looked more like home care nurses as opposed to escorts. Scrubs aren't the most flattering thing on a woman, and their hair tied back didn't make me hot and bothered. Even their feet had canvas shoes on, no sexy high heels.

David: "Come in. What are your names?"

Dana: "My name is Dana."

Yasmin: "Yasmin."

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