tagLoving WivesA Winter Story

A Winter Story


Patti and I had been out on the town. We did a lot of bar hopping in the early days of our marriage. She is a foxy redhead, with the kind of hair that has every color possible in it.

Patti loved to wear the criss-cross tops that let her breasts show, often all the way to her nipples. She liked the attention. The simple fact is, I also liked it, it was a turn-on.

This one evening we had been at a local topless watering hole, Patti had gotten up on the stage and danced a few songs. Those were the days when G-strings and pasties were the norm, so Patti had just stripped to her thin bra and panties, but that was enough to get the whole room jumping!

When it came time to leave, we were surprised to find it was snowing, and we had several miles to drive out into the Country. Being a bit under the influence, I decided to try it, instead of being smart and just getting a room.

We were within a few miles of our house, when the weather got so bad that all forward motion came to a stop.

I managed to get the car off to the shoulder, and noticed a house just a few hundred feet away, with the lights on. I bundled up to walk over there, in the hopes of borrowing some blankets to help us survive the cold night. A young man answered the door, and wouldn't hear of anything less than us spending the night there, so we took him up on it.

Patti and I came in to warm up, and the young man introduced himself as Terry. Then another young man, Dan came out, followed by a young woman named Susan.

We exchanged greetings all around, I noticed Dan checked Patti out as she slipped off her coat. Patti's dress was a bit short for winter wear, and her breasts we obvious through the loose top and thin bra she was wearing.

We all sat around and chatted, and I noticed Dan was still showing quite an interest in Patti, who by this time could best be described as soused! We had a few more drinks, finally it was time to bed down for the night.

Terry and Susan got out some blankets, Patti took the couch and I took a spot on the floor. Patti was in rather poor shape by this time, and was out like a light in seconds. Terry and Susan went off the one bedroom, and Dan went to the other. I soon fell asleep.

Some time later, I woke up, feeling a bit too warm. Something made me glance towards the couch, and I could just make out a figure standing over Patti in the dark. I started to say something, then kept quiet, curious what he was doing. There was a small nightlight across the room, and when he turned to check and see if I was still asleep, I saw it was Dan, standing there in just his underwear.

Patti was still out cold.

I pretended to be out, too, so Dan turned back to Patti. She had slipped out of her dress and bedded down in just her bra and panties, and I watched as Dan reached out and slowly slipped the sheet off her upper body. Then he stopped and waited, to be sure she was out. A moment later, he reached forward and lifted up on the bottom of her bra, and slid it up off her breast on one side. I almost chuckled, it was way too dark to see much. But he had prepared, he had a tiny little pushbutton light in his hand!

He turned the light so it shined down on her nipple, away from her face and stood there for a long time. Then he reached out and lifted the other side off her breast, and took another good look. Patti didn't move. I was starting to feel an erection growing, here was a fantasy happening right in front of me!

Gaining courage, Dan reached down and stroked Patti's breast, she let out a little moan, and he started and pulled his hand back quickly. But she didn't move, so he began again. Soon he was feeling her nipples, first one, then the other..This went on for quite some time.

Then he covered her back up, and reached down and slowly lifted the sheet above her waist. Patti was laying with her hips slightly turned, her left leg atop her right. Dan reached down and lifted her right hip a little, and Patti just shifted by herself to flat on her back! He was shining the light right on the crotch of her thin panties.

He turned the light out, and reached up with both hands, and started to slide her panties down! It was hard for me to see, but I am sure she lifted her hips to help! Still, she showed no signs of awakening.

Dan touched her right knee, and Patti allowed her leg to be pushed over easily, still no response. The light came on again, and I knew Dan was being treated to the sight of Patti's red hair covered pussy in plain view!

Then he surprised me and left the room! A minute or so later, I heard low voices, and both Dan and Terry came back into the room. Terry walked into the little kitchen, and turned on the light. This bathed the couch in light but left me still in the dark of the room. Terry looked at me long and hard, I was watching him through slitted eyes, but he saw no sign of movement, so he returned his attention to Patti.

They both looked at her for a long time, the Dan reached down and rubbed Patti's pussy. She let out a moan and he stopped. Then he did it again, another moan, I heard Terry say "She is out for the count, I think".

By now Dan had his index finger inside her, and was finger-fucking her nicely. Patti's hips were actually moving up to meet him!

Terry slid his shorts down, revealing a rock hard 7" cock, and he simply climbed up on top of Patti and started to fuck her! Her eyes were closed, I wasn't sure now, she was fucking him back furiously! Soon Terry was done, and Dan climbed on and began to fuck her, too!

This went on for several minutes, he seemed to be in no hurry, and her hips came up to meet every thrust.

Finally he was done, too! Terry went and got some tissue and wiped Patti up, then they pulled the covers back over her and slipped out of the room.

I dozed then, off and on, then a few hours later I woke up to a sound. Dan was fucking Patti again! The covers lay on the floor beside the couch, her bra was pushed up over her breasts, Dan was licking and nuzzling her nipples as he screwed her! I am sure I saw her eyes open and look at him, then glance my way, then she went right back to meeting his every thrust. I saw her head go back as she let out a groan as she orgasmed over and over! I watched for a while, not even sure if it was a dream, then finally it was daybreak. I got up and dressed, Patti was still asleep, so I went and looked outside. It had warmed up overnight, so I shook Patti to wake her. She opened her eyes, looked around lost for a second. Then she stretched and sat up. She spotted her panties laying on the couch, and looked at me with a smile...

I can hardly wait until it snows again...

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