tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Woman of Berlin

A Woman of Berlin


Disclaimer: While the historical background of this story is true, the fate that befalls the characters is pure fiction, a product of an imagination that intends to entertain. Any semblance of the story with real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

* * * * * * * * * *

If he had his way Erich Schneider, an eighteen-year old German soldier in the dying days of World War II Berlin would rather had died fighting in war than survive and live to witness the least chronicled of all the heartbreaking outcome of the German defeat. And that was the systematic rape of German women by the victorious Red Army in 1945. The defeat became even more distressing to the young man when his own mother, then in her late 30's and both his grandmothers who were in their mid 50's were not spared in the most atrocious sexual violence ever suffered by womankind.

While for German men the month of May 1945 was the end of the war, for eastern German women it was just the beginning of their torment. Remarkably though, it was to these women that the fatherless children living in the rubbles of Berlin owed their survival. Many of these children would later escape to the West and grow up to rebuild Germany, literally from rubbles to an economic giant that it is today.

Erich's father had been absent from home from the time Hitler made his first big blunder in the war by opening a second front. As the boy had neither a brother nor a sister, he and his mother, Frau Johanna Schneider, a tall, comely and well-heeled blonde lived together on their own at the time the Germans occupied most of Europe. When the Germans were driven out of Russian soil and the tide of the war clearly reversed, the boy's maternal grandmother moved to live with them.

It was at that time when the Waffen-SS started recruiting teen-aged boys to help fight Hitler's seemingly endless war. Frau Schneider's tearful pleas were of course in vain as Erich had already turned 18. He was even luckier as boys much younger than him were forced to take up arms.

He was deployed in the units out to defend Berlin thus he stayed behind and closer to home. If only he knew what would happen next, he would rather had fought in the front lines of the eastern borders, never mind if he ended up dead or left for dead in the battlefield or left starving in a POW camp.

As the Red Army crossed the eastern borders news of mass rapes, initially dismissed as Nazi propaganda, were confirmed by civilian refugees moving westward. Because two thirds of the remaining population of Berlin were women, the fear of sexual attacks raced through the city like a plague. To cheer up themselves, the frightened women of Berlin exchanged jokes and laughter.

"Better the Ruskies on top than the Yanks bombing us from atop," went the joke to the giggles of unknowing young girls. During their serious moments, however, the city's populace extremely hoped that Eisenhower's troops would reach Berlin ahead of the Soviets. But, alas, it was not to be.

The Battle of Berlin came. Together with what remained of the once mighty Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS, the very young and the very old of the German men, most of them without combat experience, fought valiantly. The young man Erich Schneider was one of them. Some units took the offensive but when the counter blows came they died where they stood.

They fought bitterly not so much to defend a fatherland, for that was already ridiculous to think of by that time, but rather to save their mothers and daughters from sexual assaults. They vainly tried to slow the Red Army's advance, trying hard to pave the way for Eisenhower's troops to take Berlin. But, as everyone already know, the last of the city's defenders surrendered to the Red Army on May 2. The Hammer and Sickle waved its redness atop the ruins of the Reichstag.

The first wave of battle-hardened Soviet troops who fought their way into Berlin were, in general, well-disciplined. They did not harm women and children. But these troops were speedily followed by second-echelon men from behind, support unit soldiers many of whom had been prisoners or were hardened criminals.

The Soviet REMF's or "rear echelon mother fuckers," as present day American soldiers fondly describe their own, chased German women and girls in the streets, in the rubbles, in the gardens, in cellars and in rooftops. It was as if the rampaging conquerors had never seen women all their lives.

The women did everything to look ugly and unattractive. They discolored their hairs, smeared their faces with dirt, dressed shabbily and at times refused to bath. But all to no effect. Soviet soldiers still raped them systematically and repeatedly at that. The older women could not believe what happened to them. They wondered aimlessly in the streets only to be raped again by other soldiers.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was early evening on May 6, 1945, 4 days after the fall of Berlin. Three Red Army soldiers armed with rifles pounded the door of Frau Johanna Schneider's home in the outskirts of the rubbled city. Her mother, Gisela, 56, went over to open up as Johanna, the 38 year-old mother of the young soldier, Erich, was too scared to do so. The liquor-smelling soldiers pushed the older woman out of their way when she tried to block them, pitifully explaining that there was no German fighter staying with them. She lied of course as Erich was there, alert enough to have his uniform, firearm and ammunition safely hidden.

Gisela immediately recognized that the soldiers were not ethnic Russians. They looked more like asiatic in origin. They were dirty and unshaven. As it was not a big house the soldiers took just one attempt to find Erich, comforting his frightened mother in a hidden corner. The men ordered the mother and son to go to the spacious living room for interrogation.

Frau Schneider hurriedly walked away but not towards where she was ordered to go. One of the booze-smelling soldiers was quick to grab her by the waist. In the scuffle that followed both fell to the shiny wooden floor, her tight-fit skirt lifting up to her waist. Erich rushed to his mother's rescue, throwing himself at the drunk soldier in an attempt to free her.

Needless to say the young man's efforts were no match to the three soldiers. He was easily thrown off into a corner banging his head on the wall. When a rifle was pointed at him, Johanna screamed, pleading for her son's life.

The first soldier continued to sexually assault her, warning her to cooperate or else they'd shoot her son dead. The two others dragged Erich's grandmother somewhere else in the house but not before leaving him rope-tied to a chair.

Dizzy as he was, the young man could clearly see his mother's determined struggle against her attacker. With her white panties forced down her thighs, she fought for her honor, kicking everything she could including pieces of furnitures while pinned down on the floor, struggling mightily to get away. But the soldier was much stronger. He was atop her in no time, staring into her fearful eyes as he forced her legs apart.

"Noooo...please let me go!" she cried out loud in German.

"You will have my baby, you sweet-scented white woman. I will pollute your race...uuhhhh...uuhhh," gasping out the words in Russian.

"Noooo...noooo...please have a pity...my son is here!" she whimpered in broken Russian.

"Haah, good! I want him to see how we cross-breed a white-asiatic baby...ahhh...ahhhh...haahhh!"

Violently ripping Johanna's blouse and brassiere off her torso, the soldier's mouth covered hers with rough kisses, then her face, her throat and the valley of her breasts, his hands moving over the rounded cheeks of her buttocks, cupping them, squeezing the flesh greedily then ripping the slid-down white panties off her thighs.

Frau Schneider continued to fight the assault, using her belly to dislodge the fiery barbarian from atop her who was then humping at every part of her like a wild dog. His unwashed bone-hard penis was hanging out of the unzipped dirty trousers slid down his waist.

"Please let's...let's do it inside the room...away from my son..." Johanna pleaded.

But it was too late. The flaming libido of the rapist would not allow it. Already, the head of his organ was penetrating the pained lips of her unlubricated cunt. Tears filled her face under the savage assault as she felt defenseless.

As he pushed harder, the forceful jabbing of the Soviet's throbbing penis burned against her vulva. He pulled her thighs more widely apart, gripping the fleshy back portions as he shoved himself at her. She screamed, frantically pushing her hands up against her attacker's hard chest and twisting her hips around desperately in a vain effort to pull off from the brutal impalement of her violated womanhood. Humping and pumping, the asiatic soldier, intoxicated with both alcohol and sexual savagery sounded his own guttural moan as he felt the head of his hard shaft slam hard into the white woman's pussy, hitting her cervix.

Erich's eyes dropped to the just connected bodies, his mind exploding in a kaleidoscope of shock and horror. Helpless as he was rope-tied to a chair, he opened his mouth to cry out for his mother, throwing cuss words at her attacker. But that was all he could do. The young man saw the continued pounding of the stinking soldier's maleness into the beautiful body of his well-perfumed mother. It was long and hard as he drove it deeper into her, pumping, giving her every inch of his great length and thickness.

The physical pains Johanna's abused body was enduring and the mental torture caused by the sexual assault in front of her son could not stop the troubled mother's own arousal. She moaned and banged her fists on the floor, threw her arms overhead, grabbing whatever her hands could get hold on. With eyes widely shut, her face turned contorted as she feared the approach of an inescapable sexual release. Her wetness was becoming increasingly evident from the Soviet's glistening shaft as it pumped in and out of her.

Erich's wide, expressive eyes bulged with disbelief as he stared unblinkingly. His sweet-smelling mother and the stinking soldier thrashed around on the floor like animals, the man's throbbing shaft now invisible to him. He was pumping and jerking; his mother, skirt hanging over her waist, was thrashing on and off the floor and aimlessly kicking everywhere. Her widely opened mouth hardly squelched throaty sounds of passion as wave after wave of unwanted ecstasy started to ripple through her sensuous body.

Erich's mind was crammed with disjointed, confused thoughts. The boy struggled blindly with himself. He did all he could to get away from the tight rope that bound him in his ardent desire to rescue his mother even if he'd die. Alas, he could only watch helplessly at the uninhibited display of his mother's sexual union with a barbarian.

As the soldier savagely humped and pumped his loins into Johanna's womb, the swirl of heat that was building-up in his wildly fucking scrotum became too much for him to bear. He gasped repeatedly as his balls felt an impending eruption.

"I...will impregnate you, fragrant white bitch. Uh! uh! uhhhh! hiiyaaaahhhh!"

"Oh Goddd! Oh my Goddddd!"

The mad rapist's balls erupted. His hot sticky load began its frenzied rush from his asiatic balls into the deep and inner depths of the German woman. He spewed streams of sperms into her cervix in a seemingly never-ending torrent, jerking in pleasure while breathing and slobbering into her ear.

In a sudden mad frenzy of sexual surrender, Erich's mother made sweeping circles with her hips, her firm breasts bouncing as she gyrated underneath the ejaculating rapist. She knew her legs jerked about obscenely and that her son was watching but she just couldn't get away from her own sexual climax.

The rapist, in a state of paroxysm, was still emptying his balls into her womb when, suddenly, Erich's mother howled in pleasure as her loins spasmed convulsively against his spewing ejaculator.

"Oh my... Godddd! Noooohhhh!" squealing it in German.

The words burst out from her throat in a low phantom wail. She pulled her thighs back tighter until the whole of her widespread womanhood was presented to the conqueror's deeply fucking maleness. She raised herself from under him off the floor with both legs and squirmed her hips in a wild, uninhibited dance of ecstasy, bucking up at him like a woman in heat, screaming out her helpless orgasm. She threw her head back as if in pain, the cords in her neck standing out. She pierced her fingers into the soldier's hair and back until he felt it hurt as she couldn't contain her lust.

Erich's rage towards his mother's attacker was momentarily replaced by a strange fear, a fear of his own body's sudden betrayal. There was no protest from the young man now. His cock was rock-hard as he watched his mother's contorted face, her thrown back head, her widely opened mouth and her hands tightly clinging, as if for dear life, at the foot of a table overhead.

Still rope-tied to the chair the young man ejaculated in his pants, helplessly watching his mother's ravished body roar into a convulsion of spasms and jerks, her flaming pussy making several powerful clutching contractions around the rapist's still ejaculating tool and milking it to the last drop.

"Keep fucking!" the dirty soldier shouted in Russian. "Oh, wild, wild! You're a wild, wild fragrant white bitch!"

When the rapist had fully emptied his balls into the German woman's white body, his still hard dick plopped out of her as he rolled over, howling in a kind of pleasure his asiatic body had never felt before in his life.

* * * *

They lay there, two limp bodies side by side, both panting heavily and noisily, feeling the aftershocks of an untamed interracial copulation.

It was over but Erich's mind was still awhirl. He couldn't take it. His mother, an icon of beauty and a symbol of purity and propriety, surrendered her lily-white body to a mad rapist in a way he never thought she could. He felt betrayed as his young psyche could still not fathom the depths of human passion.

He watched them lying on the wooden floor, side by side, both weak and spent, panting and catching their breaths. His mother's head was thrown back, her eyes widely shut.

In the roaring shell of his skull his young brain felt diminished yet swollen and, worse, on fire. He was everything but sane. He couldn't think straight. He just ejaculated watching his mother getting raped and fucked to submission and now his cock was again hard and throbbing.

The ravished look of his mother lying on the floor beside her rapist, panting and gasping for breath, would not bring Erich back to sanity. When his mother's right thigh, a badly torn skirt hanging over it, limped off the floor his eyeballs almost popped out to see sticky fluid dripping off her ass crack. When she sounded throaty moans, whether from pain, from shame or from passion, Erich couldn't help ejaculating once more in the confines of his trousers.

* * * *

The three soldiers were gone and Frau Schneider still lay slumped on the wooden floor, half-naked and piteously crying over her violated honor. The rape felt delightful to her, yes, but it was a violation nonetheless.

Erich, still tied to the chair, could not look at her. He was raging at himself for failing to help his mother at the moment he needed him. He felt guilty for getting off watching his mother's coitus with an enemy.

Out of nowhere Gisela came limping and weeping. Without saying a word the older woman, tears flowing down her face, untied her grandson after which she limply helped her half-conscious daughter waddle into the privacy of her room. The older woman tearfully recounted to her daughter the gang-rape she suffered from the other two soldiers.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night was just the start of Erich's mental tortures or, to be exact, mental catastrophe. Other Red Army soldiers came in the next nights to rape his mother and grandmothers. Yes, his other grandmother came over to help, only to get raped like the other women. Each time, Johanna pleaded for her son's life who in all occasions bravely but vainly defended her from sexual attacks.

Erich never lacked the will to die in defense of his mother's honor. But she always would stop him each time he confronted death to defend her. His mother loved him to the point of trading her honor just to keep him alive.

The young man had had enough of the scenes. Each night soldiers came to their house, he would run away not out of cowardice but out of revulsion in witnessing the helpless violations of his mother and grandmothers. But each time he ran away, his mind would betray him.

Out in the rubbles, visions of the disheveled looks of his mother would make him jerk off, triggering ripples of unwelcome pleasures throughout his young body. In a way, running away made him feel less guilty than watching and failing to help his beloved mother from getting dishonored.

* * * * * * * * * *

The sexual experiences of the wartime women of Berlin ranged from compliant sex to altruistic sex to consensual sex. The last was used mostly as a tool for survival.

Some German women, made informal agreements with occupation officers, who would protect them from other rapists and feed them and their families in return for consensual sex. A few of these relationships developed into things deeper much to the shock of the returning husbands.

In one of the booted house visits that Erich chose not to see, a young Russian soldier in his late teen years, speaking in English, ordered Johanna to come nearer as his comrades stood by watching.

Fear had disappeared from the tall German woman's psyche since rapes became almost daily agonies to her. She refused to dress her usual way and, instead, made herself look unkempt all the time. Oddly enough, the Russians viewed her disheveled appearances as bedroom looks and powerfully sex evoking. Thus, she was raped almost daily the entire week.

As the tall blonde approached nearer, the young soldier, an inch shorter than her, grabbed her slim waist and showered her face and upper body with kisses. Johanna just stood and took everything mechanically thus angering the Russian. More attempts and she would neither resist nor respond. The Russian, his youthful ego offended, dragged the German woman into her bedroom.

Once inside the Russian continued to sexually assault Johanna, pinning her down her marital bed, humping all over her. She initially resisted but decided to talk it out with her attacker when she noticed that he was inexperienced. It was the first time in many rapes that her panties were not torn off her waist.

"I'm...ahhh...too old to be your...ahhhh...mother," Johanna gasped, trying to stop the young soldier.

"That's exactly the reason why I want you. I want to think of you as my mother."

"But...ahhhh, why?"

"Because my real mother is fat and ugly. I want to fantasize a sexy and beautiful mother."

Frau Schneider couldn't control her laughs in between gasps as she used her right leg to raise them both off the bed, holding them there, trying to dislodge the insistent young man from atop her.

"Be my mother! Pretend that I am your son, please?"

She tried to put humor to the gaspy "rape" seriously hoping that he'd let her go.

"If...ahhh...you want me to be your...ahhh...mother, then let me go. I'll prepare your dinner."

"I don't want dinner. I want sex with you in this bed, you as my mother!"

Before Johanna could protest or get away, she was imprisoned in the young soldier's powerfully strong arms, his hungry mouth following her twisting face till he caught her lips while pinning her down the mattress.

After more pleads to let her go, coupled with her intermittent upward humps trying to dislodge him off her, Frau Schneider's heart slowly melted. She couldn't immediately grasp the reason why. She felt some sort of sympathy to the young soldier's feeling, suddenly remembering the agony and sweet needs of being twenty. She felt sad for him, that this young man was so deprived of sexual fulfillment. She thought of playing it along with him for the sake of playing and get it over with.

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