tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Woman Out of Control Ch. 3

A Woman Out of Control Ch. 3


It was the first time Linda regretted the attention-grabbing flash of her silver Mercedes. She absolutely loved the car, but even in this affluent suburb it stuck out. And after what she'd done to that man back at the hamburger place, jerking him off to the point of orgasm and then raking her nails across his groin, leaving him desperate to come and bleeding, she needed to vanish. Her furious victim gave chase, but she beat him to the light and flew down the road like a NASCAR veteran. Still, it wouldn't be a bad idea to lay low for a bit. It was almost three, she had a some time to kill before she made the final stop on her adventure. Plenty of time for more fun.

She found the perfect spot another quarter-mile down the road. Another shopping complex, but this one had a small parking garage at the far left wing. She drove to the gate and took a ticket and parked near the attendant's booth. Her car wasn't visible from the road or even the parking lot. Excellent.

There was a giant bookstore in the center and that's where Linda's long legs took her. She needed a breather, to let her nerves settle a bit. But as she walked around she saw so many gorgeous men, and so many hungry eyes starting at her tits, that she started looking for her next plaything.

She browsed the shelves, not really looking for anything, just fitting in. She picked a huge coffee-table book on the villas of Tuscany and sat in a big, cushioned leather chair, one of six set in a circle around a low table. A man was sitting across from her, in his fifties, with iron-gray hair and piercing blue eyes. He was tan and wearing faded blue jeans and cowboy boots and his eyes never left her as she arranged herself in the chair and crossed her legs. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

She pretended to read. So did the man across from her. In her peripheral vision she could see his eyes lifting above his book to look at her. She lifted the book, hooking her finger in the hem of her skirt, and she recrossed her legs. His eyes followed her, and she knew her pussy was showing when he's cool eyes suddenly widened. She rubbed her thighs together and glanced up at him. He was staring at her now, and he stared back, that sly smile on his face. Linda smiled back.

She stood and replaced her book on the shelf. The man in the jeans followed her. She walked toward the history section, glancing back to see if she was being followed. She was. He didn't chase after her, there was no escape, the section she walked into was a dead end. He took his time, and that turned Linda on enormously. He was patient, a most valuable virtue in a lover.

She stood on one side of a bookcase, he walked along the other side. No one was in this section, they had it all to themselves. As she walked Linda slowly unbuttoned her blouse, one button at time, letting the soft silk brush loosely against her breasts. There was a gap on the shelves, in the books on Soviet military history, and Linda stopped there and pulled open her shirt. The man, peeking through the opening, stopped when he saw her.

"Peek a boo," she whispered through the opening.

They walked down the aisle until they were facing each other. "My shirt came undone," she said innocently.

"Forgot your panties too," he said, moving close to her. He put his hands on her breasts, rubbing his palms over her nipples.

"Would you help me button it?"

He ran his thumbs over her nipples and she bit her lip. "I'd rather take your skirt off instead."

She was melting inside. "Here, right now?"

"Right now."

She took his right hand and lifted it to her mouth. "You take my skirt off right now," she put his thumb in her mouth, "you can fuck me."

Now it was his turn to bite his lip. He said, "My wife is around here somewhere, give me your number and we can meet sometime."

She took his thumb out of her mouth and let his hand fall to her side. "Sorry, my moods come and go. Either you fuck me right here, right now, or..." She shrugged her shoulders, and as her breasts wobbled he licked his lips.

A woman's voice broke the heavy silence. "Jerry, are you back here?" He jerked back and walked away, up his side of the shelf, and Linda pivoted away to her side. A man with a thick brown beard appeared from around the corner, mesmerized by a book about the Civil War. His point of interest changed when he saw Linda, her blouse wide open, the nipples topping her big breasts tight and stiff.

"Oh, my," he mumbled, his jaw falling open.

"Could you do me a favor?" she asked.


"My shirt popped open. Could you help me button it?"

"Uhhh." He was staring at her tits like he'd never seen a pair before.


"Uh, OK." His hands were shaking as though he had a palsy. It was slow going, he seemed totally thrown by the fact that the buttons on a woman's blouse are on the opposite side. When he finally had her decent again she smiled and said. "You're cute." She took a pen out of her purse and then took his palm in her hand and wrote a phone number on his hand. "Call me sometime, my name's Samantha. Maybe you can practice unbuttoning my blouse." She turned and walked out, trying not to bust out laughing. The number she'd given him was for this woman she'd only met once, a cunt who was married to one of her husband's friends. Hopefully Sam would get an interesting phone call in the near future.

She was walking out the door when her nose caught the smell of coffee coming from the café. She could really go for a cup, but there were fifteen people in line and she didn't really want to hang around here. It was 4:45, she wanted to hit her last stop for the day at 6:20 or so. Time to kill. She walked along the sidewalk and was surprised when she came upon a coffee shop. It was a small place and didn't seem to have any customers inside, but she still could go for coffee so she pulled open the door and walked inside.

It didn't look like anyone was working, either. "Hello?" she called.

"Sorry, one second!" a voice bellowed. There was a loud CLANG from a room in the back and then a man appeared in the doorway. He was about 25, only five-eight or so, with light brown hair cut very short. His body was extraordinary. He must have been a bodybuilder, she could see the sharp cuts in his arms, and his white T-shirt and jeans looked sprayed on. He was huge and thick,coils of sexy muscles in his arms, legs, abs, ass.

He was also covered with tattoos. He had them on his arms, and she could see at his throat that he had at least one more on his chest. She wondered if he had them all over his gorgeous body, and the tickles she felt in her pussy strengthened her resolve to find out.

He saw her and grinned. "Any customer would be a sight for sore eyes, but even if this place was packed I'd move you to the front of the line. What can I do for such a lovely woman?"

She didn't smile. "Are you always this forward with your customers?"

Her coolness didn't faze her. "What customers? This place'll be closed in a week. Telling a customer that she's gorgeous when she obviously is might be the chance we have of getting some return business."

She smiled now. "So, it's not me, it's just a way to drum up a little business."

"Well, you're the first customer I've wanted to try it on, so they jury's still out."

"Let me have a double cappuccino and we'll see."

As he jangled the steel pots behind the counter Linda admired his compact, powerful body. He was slab upon slab of sculpted muscle. His ass looked hard as marble. She was torn. Her pussy was soaked, and screaming for a man to fuck her. But she wanted to save herself for the last cock of the day, a cock she'd been dreaming about for months. What if this muscular stud had a dick that matched the rest of his pumped-up physique?

"Here you go," he said, putting the steaming cup before her. She reached out but instead of taking the cup she gently touched his forearm. "I'm sorry, what is that? Your tattoo, what is it?"

"This one," he said, beaming, "is a series of Maori warrior symbols. And this one," he showed her his other arm and bicep, "is a Sioux war totem."

She pulled his arm closer to have a better look. "They're beautiful, the detail is incredible." She moved her fingers up to squeezed his bicep. "So is this."

He flexed his arms, a big grin on his face, getting into it now. "You want to see the one on my back?"

She nodded and let her hands fall to his waist. She helped him untuck his T-shirt and pull it up over his head. He had a number of Chinese characters needled into his chest, and she let her nails trace the lines. "Turn around," she said and he slowly showed his back to her, displaying a huge picture of an eagle or some other bird of prey, wings spread to encompass his shoulders, talons extended to grip his ass. Linda shook her head, imaging the hours he must have spent on his stomach enduring the needles. She was terribly turned on by him, by his ripped physique, the ink staining his body. Her husband probably couldn't do a push up. This buck had plates of muscle stacked on top of each other. She let her fingers run over his back, his ribs. The top of another tattoo peeked up out of the waistband of his jeans, and she snaked a finger down his crack and whispered, "What's this one?"

"Only one way to see that one," he growled, looking over his shoulder, and his eyes burned into hers.

"May I?" she asked, already reaching for the front of his jeans. He grinned from ear to ear and nodded, turning his head so he could look down at his crotch, where he watched Linda's hands reach around his waist. He was wearing button-fly jeans and she took her time popping each one, until they at last were loose enough to yank down around his hips. He wasn't wearing underwear, and she saw his erection spring free. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and reached down to caress him. She felt his hardness, his length, and sighed. Not too big, thank God. But not too small either, just right to warm her up for fun later in the day. He threw his head back and sighed as she slowly pumped his shaft.

He turned on her and she stepped back, raising her skirt to show him her bare pussy. "I'm going commando too," she said. He took a step and slid a hand up between her legs and kissed her fiercely, running his thumb up and down her cleft while his tongue plunged into her mouth. She let her hands roam over his muscular body, squeezing his rock-hard arms, feeling the marble smoothness of his ass.

He unbuttoned her blouse with surprising patience, and helped her slip it over her shoulders. He did the same with her skirt, letting her steady herself against him as she stepped out of it. He draped her clothes over a chair and advanced on her, his cock pointed at her belly. She still wore her heels, and in them she was an inch or two taller than him.

"You are so gorgeous," she said, letting her nails trip over his washboard abs. "Do you work out in your sleep?"

"Nah. In my sleep I dream of things like this happening." He lifted her as though she was light as a feather and set her on the countertop. He filled his hands with her breasts. "Should I hang up the sign saying we're closed."

"No!" she said a little too eagerly. He picked up on it and said, "We don't get much of an afternoon rush, but if you don't care about getting caught, I sure the fuck don't."

He leaned down and kissed her left nipple, then her right, then her left, then her right, kissing and licking and sucking her buds until she threw her legs wide open and began gyrating her hips. He wasn't a fool, he knew what she wanted and he gave it to her, kneeling down and tonguing her screaming pussy.

"YESSSS!" she groaned as his tongue and his lips and his mouth at last gave her cunt the sweet friction it craved. She needed this, she needed this so badly. It had been months, years, since she had an orgasm with a man. Her husband looked at her needs beyond her financial ones as irrelevant. Now this tongue inside her was worth more than all the zeros in her husband's net worth.

"Oh yes," she whimpered as she came. She didn't call out, she just gritted her teeth and shook with seismic tremors as her climax boiled through her body. "It's good," she groaned.

And then the door swung open and two men wearing identical blue polo shirts and khakis walked in. At first they didn't seem to notice Linda sitting on the counter with her legs spread and her new friend with his head buried in her crotch, but then they stopped in their tracks

"The fuck you want?" her new lover snarled at them.

"Uh, coffee," the stupid one said.

"I'm fuckin' busy right now, you can wait?" He went back to work between Linda's legs.

"It might be a while," she gasped.

"Holy shit, Eric, what if your boss came in? Or a cop?" the even more stupid one said.

"I'd do this." He pulled back and lifted her off the counter. She had a moment's panic that the audience was going to make him stop, but he cupped her ass in his hands and she wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his penis probing her. He reached down and grabbed his dick and aimed it carefully. She closed her eyes, waiting, waiting, and then the hardness was inside her, that delicious hard flesh that made her smile and hold him tight. "You feel so good," she whispered.

He grinned. "Hang on, you kinky little slut." He was so strong, so fast. He held her easily and his cock pumped in an out of her so fast that his balls slapped against her as. Her arms snaked around his neck and her legs coiled around his waist and let him support her in his powerful arms. She was afraid he would pop out and he would stub himself on her pubic bone, but he was too skilled to make such a mistake.

The two men were staring at them in disbelief, not believing what they were seeing but not about to turn away. Linda reveled in it. They were the same age as Eric (she knew his name now), not bad looking, and she could have them if she wanted. She was temped to tell them to take their pants off, so she could suck them. But no, right now she wanted the cock inside her to come, and an audience was as good as cock right now.

He pulled out of her and Linda screamed in anguish. "Hurry!" he shouted and she let him maneuver her so she was standing with her back to him. He stepped in close behind her and stabbed her with his spear, driving it deep inside her while he reached around to knead her tits. She'd never been fucked like this, from behind standing up, and because he was shorter than her he could stick every millimeter of his length up inside her. She turned and leaned down to kiss him, his cock plunging in and out of her. He was close, he was breathing faster and faster and his thrusting was becoming more frantic.

"What are your names?" she said to the two men watching.

"Uh, Brian."


"Well, Brian and Craig, should I let him come in my pussy or in my mouth?"

"What?" Brian asked.

"Do I suck him off? What should I do?"

"Hurray and decide!" Eric moaned. His thrusts were almost out of control now.

"I wouldn't mind seeing you suck him off," Craig said timidly.

"Hurry!" he said and pulled out. Linda spun and sank to her knees and took his slick cock into her waiting mouth. He was covered in her juices, and as she sucked him she savored the vinegary, soapy taste, far better than the coffee cooling on the counter. She swirled her tongue over his tip and tickled his balls and that was enough.

"Oh no, yes, yes, come on, come on, come on!" He tensed. "YES!" he roared in triumph. She squealed as his testicles clenched and pumped a stream of semen right down her throat. She gurgled as his warm load flowed into her mouth and she sucked him even faster, wanting every drop. It took her three healthy swallows to get it all down.

He shuddered one last time, and then a huge smile spread across his lips. "Get the fuck out of here," he said pleasantly. Linda looked over at the two blue-shirted bystanders, both of whom looked like they might faint at any minute. They both staggered away like boxers after taking one on the chin. When they left, Eric took Linda's hands and helped her to her feet.

"Unreal. Totally fucking out of this world."

"Yes you were," she said, matching his smile. She was covered in sweat, not all hers. They both dressed, Linda a bit distressed at how wrinkled her skirt was and noticing a runner up the leg of her left stocking.

"I have to go, I'm sorry," she said.

"What, you think you can fuck me and suck me and then just leave?" He pointed to the back room. "Get back there and do my dishes!"

She laughed and kissed his cheek. "Write your phone number down. Maybe I'll call you someday."

He scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to her. "I hope that was worth more than a 'maybe I'll call you'!"

"It was, but let's say I have reasons to be a bit discreet."

"You? Discreet? After all this? Sure. Tell me your name."

She thought about telling him the truth, but why? "Vicki."

"Vicki, you are one amazing lady. And I can't wait till I get you all alone for a whole night. Use that number and I'll be at your command."

"I like the sound of that." She gave him a wink and headed for the door.

"Hey! You forgot your coffee!" he said.

"I didn't forget it!" She left, not looking back, pussy still tingling. Oh, what a wonderful day!

She walked down the sidewalk for her car. She had an hour and twenty minutes to make her last call. But she was a wreck. She stank, of sweat and sex. Her hair was a mess, her makeup worse, her stocking had a runner. She needed a bathroom, a quick shower, some time to perform her toilet. She needed a half-hour to get herself presentable for her last man of the day.

And when she saw the boy sitting on the bench talking loudly on his cell phone, and heard him say, "Mom, if you don't give me a ride home I'll have to wait forever for the bus...oh, OK...bye," and then saw him hang up and say, "Shit!", an idea came into her head. A very naughty idea indeed. She advanced on her unsuspecting prey, walking up right behind him, her hips swaying sexily with every step, until her advancing shadow covered the boy like a malevolent stain.

He turned, squinting up at her, but when he saw her, saw this sexy, tousled woman smiling down at him, his eyes went wide as hen's eggs. She said, "Honey, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation with your mommy," she leaned over and let him see her tits, and his jaw fell open. "Maybe I could give you a ride home, if you do me a favor too."

"Um, what do you need me to do?" His eyes went from her lips to her tits to her legs.

"I need to freshen up a bit before I meet someone, and I live too far away to go home. If I give you a lift home, do you think I could take a quick shower, and change clothes?"


Linda sat down next to him, took the boy's hand in hers, and said, "Of course, if you do, I think I'd be obligated to suck you cock, don't you?"

The boy was shaking from head to toe, terrified. Linda brought his hand to her mouth and stuck his index finger in her mouth, sucking on it, and the biological needs of his teenage body sent him into a kind of shock. His trembling stopped. He took a deep breath. He was calm. The demands of his body gave him courage. "I don't live too far," he said.

Linda removed his finger from her mouth. "Good. I'd much rather have your cock in my mouth than this." She wiggled his saliva-shiny finger before his eyes. He slowly rose to his feet, he was a tall boy, a few inches over six feet, and Linda took his hand and led him to her car. "Come along, darling," she said. "Take me home with you."

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