tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Woman Out of Control Ch. 4

A Woman Out of Control Ch. 4


Linda let the boy she picked up drive her Mercedes to his house. At first she wasn't sure that was such a good idea, because the boy was already trembling with excitement after Linda's promise of a blowjob in exchange for letting her shower and freshen up at his house. Now he was driving her $70,000 car in busy traffic, and not doing an especially careful job of it. Twice he jerked the car to a halt at red lights.

"Sorry!" he said.

"That's OK, honey, you're just not used to the brakes." She reached into his crotch, unable to resist any more. "And you're not used to being this close to a woman."

"No," he stuttered.

"A woman who wants to suck your cock."

"Oh God."

She rubbed him through his pants. "You have a big one."

"Yeah," he agreed, and Linda almost laughed in his face. From his bulge his cock was probably average, but all men think of themselves as huge. Huge. That reminded Linda that this trip was only to help her prepare for her final encounter of the day, with a man who's penis truly was huge. Her vagina twitched in anticipation of the moment when she would be invaded by the biggest cock of her life. Now she was the one trembling.

She unzipped the boy and pulled out his dick. "Ohh..." the boy said, shuddering. "Keep your eyes on the road, baby," she said. She tickled his cockhead with her nails, and his hips rose to meet her teasing touch. His cock was the smallest she'd seen all day, but it was hard, so hard, and she loved watching the boy squirm as she fondled him.

"Are we close?" she asked.

"Yeah, if you keep doing that."

She laughed. "No, I mean close to your house."

"Five minutes."

She gave his penis a few soft tugs, then put him back in his pants. "Hurry, then."

The boy lived on a dead-end street, a quiet neighborhood with identical two-car, aluminum-sided houses. He parked the Mercedes, which stuck out in this solidly middle-class enclave, and looked at Linda desperately. "My mom will be home in, like, forty-five minutes. Do you think this will take that long?"

She leaned forward and nuzzled the boy's ear, rimming his earlobe with her tongue. "Honey, when I start with you, you'll be wishing it could last all day."

He led her inside, looking left and right to see if any of his neighbors saw them. No one was outside. Inside the house was neat and tidy, it looked lived in. Unlike Linda's cold, sterile house, every room professionally decorated and for all appearances located in a funeral home.

"I need to iron these things, honey. Can you get it set up for me?" He rushed down the hall and Linda stripped while he set up the board and plugged in the iron. She stepped out of her heels and rolled down her stockings. She stood there, nude, and the boy goggled at her, his jaw working but no words coming out.

"Cat got your tongue?" she teased.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he said, with such honesty that Linda was genuinely touched. She moved next to him and kissed him on the lips, the boy trying to kiss her back but eventually surrendering to the penetrating thrusts of Linda's tongue. She put his hands on her breasts and he gingerly squeezed them, he touched her nipples so softly that it was as though he was afraid to leave fingerprints.

She put her hands on either side of his head, gripping his tightly, and pulled him down to her bosom. She pressed her nipple to his lips and forced the bud into his mouth. "Suck on it!" she hissed, and felt warm ripples of delight flow down to her pussy as he tugged on her breast. She held him tight, making him suck until her nipple ached, and then she moved his head to the left and fed him her other breast.

When the iron was hot she quickly pressed off her blouse and skirt. He gave her hangers for them, and when she finished she said, "I need to take a shower,"

"Um, OK, it's this way," he said, looking at the floor.

"What's wrong?"

"You, um, you said,"

"Oh, right, your blowjob." She smiled. She hadn't forgotten, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to blow him before or after her shower. Before was probably better, she didn't want him coming all over her body once she was clean. "Come along, take me to your bedroom, darling."

Upstairs his room was typical teenage boy, posters of Eminem and bikinied girls on motorcycles. A Dell computer on a desk by the window, where he probably spent every night jacking off thinking about situations just like this. Now he had a sexy older woman in his bedroom, and all he could do was stand there like a statue.

"Take your clothes off, honey," she prompted, and he quickly shucked his clothes on the floor. He was cute, a bit skinny, but cute, and his little peter stuck straight up against his belly. She had her bag with her, and she carefully reapplied her lipstick. She wanted to leave her marks all over this boy.

He lay down on the bed, and she crawled between his legs. Linda saw terror in his eyes, and it excited her, she fed off it. "Has a woman ever sucked your dick before?"


"Has a woman ever touched your dick?"


She shook her head. "You'd better learn to talk to girls, honey. Get them to like you so they'll want to touch you and suck you and fuck you. Because, I hate to say it, things like this don't happen every day."

He nodded quickly, as though what Linda said made some sense to him, and the nodding stopped when Linda kissed the inside of his thigh. She printed kisses on his white legs, leaving pale red lip marks, and then she leaned forward and dipped her tongue into the shallow well of his belly button. She tongued him while her fingers closed around his shaft and pumped him.

There was a clock on his nightstand. She wanted to leave in twenty-five minutes. She wanted to torture this boy, she wanted to play with him and suck him and hold him on the brink of orgasm until he went mad, until she damaged him forever. But there wasn't time. She sighed to herself, and put the boy's penis in her mouth.

"UNNNNGH!" the boy moaned, thrashing like a gaffed fish. Linda put her fingers on his belly, tapping her nails on his stomach as she feasted on his penis. She looked up at him, at his face contorted with ecstasy and fear, and went to work on him. His cock was small enough that she didn't need to use her hands to excite his shaft, her mouth went up and down every centimeter of his length.

She bobbed her head up and down, her tongue slithering under his throbbing helmet. She made loud, wet noises with her mouth that she normally wouldn't make, she wanted to totally blow this boy's mind, get him so excited that he nearly went into fibrillations. "MMM...MMM!" she moaned as she fellated him, and in pretending to be excited, she did become excited. She was becoming wet again, and she eagerly awaited the warm seed that would flood her mouth.

"OH...OH...OH YEAH...OH MY GOD...PLEASE...PLEASE!" the boy begged as his climax came upon him. Normally Linda would have slowed here, pulled her mouth away, let his orgasm slip away before resuming her ministrations. But now there wasn't time. She slid one of her hands between his legs and caressed his swollen balls with her fingernails.

"I'm gonna come!" he cried in surprise.


"Oh God, I'm gonna come...yes...oh...YES!"

His hips lurched forward, burying his penis in her mouth, and Linda shut her eyes and waited for the delicious warmth to flood her mouth. The boy jerked, twisted, moaned, and...

He ejaculated with such force that Linda nearly gagged. His first spurt was so copious, and so thick, that it filled the back of Linda's throat. She swallowed a bit of it, but then the boy's cock clenched and poured an even greater amount of semen into her mouth. Linda struggled to get it all down, and the boy's cock kept spurting, kept filling her flooded mouth with more and more semen. Her eyes watered as she swallowed again and again and again, the boy coming in cups, pints, quarts.

When his body, and penis, finally stilled, Linda thought she might throw up. She's never experienced a penis that produced that quantity of semen before. She pulled her mouth away, and gazed the limp, sticky worm that lay on his pelvis.

"Oh my God," she gurgled.

"Did I do something wrong?" he whimpered.

Linda licked her lips, getting some of the jism that leaked through her lips during his issuance. "Baby, when you start fucking girls, you make sure you wear a condom with a reservoir tip. As much as you come, you'll overflow a regular condom and get the girl pregnant."

"Is that...bad? To come that much?"

He looked like he might cry. "No, honey," Linda sighed. "It's actually very good. You just surprised me with how much you came."

He smiled weakly. "Thank you so much, it felt so good...I can't tell you how good it felt."

"I'm glad." She looked at his young, naked body, his penis utterly exhausted, and formed a memory that would last her a long, long time.

"You'll be wanting to take your shower now," he said, and she appreciated how polite he was after the most incredible two minutes of his life. He showed her how to work the shower, got her a fresh towel, and left her to wash away the smells and stains of a busy and most satisfying day.

She dressed, putting on fresh stockings she'd presciently placed in her leather bag, and sprayed herself with perfume to cover any lingering smells from her previous encounters. The boy stood there, still naked, his cock already hard again.

"You're going to shock your mother if she comes home and finds you like that."

"Please, she called while you were in the shower. She won't be home for another fifteen minutes at least. Will you...do it to me again?"

She fluffed out her hair and considered it. She really didn't want another bellyful of his semen, but..."Lie down on the bed, honey."

He did as he was told, and Linda pulled the bottle of lotion out of her bag. Her hands were a bit dry anyway, and she was actually anxious to how violent his ejaculation was. She'd was curious enough that she couldn't help herself. "Fifteen minutes, you said?"

"Uh-huh," he said, his eyes widening as she filled her hand with creamy white goo.

This time she was patient. She was packed and ready to go, and she could redo her makeup in the car. She wanted to put this boy on the brink of orgasm and hold him there, hold him, hold him, make him squirm and beg and plead and yet not let him climax. She wanted his balls to fill with sperm and blast it out like an impacted volcano.

Her slippery hand slid up and down his cock, the poor boy sitting up on his elbows, eyes big as hen's eggs, trying to comprehend the delicious pleasure building between his legs. "Oh, OH!. Please, I...oh my God, I love this, keep touching me, please, don't stop, don't stop!"

She had no intention of stopping. She kept pumping, his cock making squishy noises, and she reached between his legs and busied her fingernails around his ass. "You like that?" she cooed as he arched his back.

"Hurry up, please! My mom will be home soon!"

And that made Linda moist between her legs. His mother...coming home to find her son covered in his own semen...oh, yes...she slowed the pace, let the boy writhe in agony as her fingers caresses his oiled penis.

"Oh God, I can't believe how good this feels!" he moaned.

"Is it worth getting caught?" Linda asked.


She couldn't keep the smile from her lips. "I'm not going to let you come until I hear your mother coming through the door. Isn't that DELICIOUS?"

"You're crazy! She'll kill us!"

"Maybe she'll kill you, honey, but not me. I'll be down the road while you're explaining things to her. You'll never see me again, except in your dreams."

"Uhh...oh, please, let me come!"

Linda picked up the pace just long enough to make the boy pant with exertion, and then she slowed again. Her long red nails were covered with frothy glop, and she paused long enough to anoint his cockhead with another healthy dollop of lotion. She resumed jacking him off and he cried in agony. "Please, please, you're gonna get me in trouble!

"Just tell me to stop and I'll leave. Do you want me to stop?"

"No, please, just let me come!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "No." His suffering excited her. She thought about bringing him to the brink and leaving once his mother came back, but no, she wanted to see him ejaculate. That was worth seeing, even if leaving him sore and blueballed appealed as well.

"Huhh! Uhhhhng! Fuck! Uhh! UHHH!" the boy cried as Linda's indefatigable hands stroked the five-inch length of his organ. She put her hands together and squeezed his cock within, and she rotated her hands back and forth, his penis now almost blood-red both from excitement and friction.

And that's when they heard the front door open and close. "Billy! Are you home? Whose car is that in the driveway."

Linda looked him in the eye and slowly licked her lips. She started pumping, pumping, pumping, one hand on his cock, the other kneading his balls, pumping him, looking into his eyes, her eyes telling him that she was going to make him come now, and it was too late for him to try to stop her. His mother be damned, he was going to ejaculate for her.

"So your name's Billy," she said softly, and he nodded and focused his eyes on his cock, which look like it might explode like a pricked balloon. "It's time to come, Billy. It's time for me to see that beautiful cock come, see all that come flood all over my hands, all over your stomach..."

"Billy! Where are you?" his mother demanded.

She hadn't come upstairs yet, but..."She'll be here any second, Billy, she'll be here and she'll see your hard cock. You don't want that, do you?" He shook his head. "Then come...come...come..."

He obeyed her at last. He buried his face in his pillow to cover the sounds of his cries as his penis sprayed semen like a garden hose. His first spurt rose a good three feet in the air, but Linda avoided getting spattered by pointing his shaft away from her. Semen rained down on the boy's hairless chest, dappling him with shiny white droplets. His penis fired several more salvos, thick ropes pulsing out of his spasming phallus, the streams rising then falling onto his naked skin, leaving long coils of sperm on his skin. Each jet was just a little bit less copious than the last, but still, it was an awesome sight to behold. It looked as though someone filled a cup with mayonnaise and dumped it on his chest and stomach.

"Billy!" the voice was coming down the hall. Linda wiped her hands on Billy's bedspread and sprang to her feet. She shouldered her bag and intercepted his mother two steps from his bedroom door.

"Hello!" Linda chirped to the woman, who took a frightened step back.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"Oh, I'm Vicki! I had a stain on my skirt and you darling boy let me use your sink to wash it out. Is it still warm out?" She was talking nonsense, disorienting the woman. She pressed past and held out her hand. "I have to get going, Billy's in his room. So nice to meet you!" The woman took Linda's hand, a hand still covered in a glaze of lotion and her son's semen, and Linda nearly had an orgasm as the woman shook her hand and then looked at the residue transferred to her own skin.

Linda was halfway down the stairs when she heard the scream, "BILLY!", and then the boy moaning and begging his mother to get out of his room, and then there were fast footsteps coming down the hall. Linda was already through the front door, and saw to her relief that Billy's mother hadn't blocked her in. She leapt in the Mercedes and twisted the key in the ignition. Billy's mother stood in the doorway, not sure if she should pursue any further. Linda didn't hesitate, she jerked the car in reverse and squealed her tires getting out of the driveway. His mother came through the door, running, and Linda slammed the accelerator to the floor. She tore out of the cul-de-sac at 40 miles an hour, and she looked in her rear view mirror to see the woman standing in the road, trying to read her license plate, maybe? It was too late-Linda was already long gone.

She found her way back to the main shopping district and pulled into a sandwich shop to wash the remaining crud off her hands. She also took the time to reapply her makeup, until she looked nearly as fresh and gorgeous as she had when she left home this morning. She walked out of the bathroom and saw that the manager was staring at her. You weren't allowed to use the rest rooms without buying something, and Linda wondered if he would try enforcing the rule on her. He was a guy in his thirties with a gut and a bad mustache, and Linda was so excited by her recent flight that she decided to suck him off if he let her go without saying anything.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he said, his voice a thin wheedle. "Our bathrooms are for customers only."

She sighed and walked to the counter. "But I am a customer. I'd like a small vanilla shake, please."

He poured the creamy drink in a paper cup and Linda handed him a five-dollar-bill. While he made her change she wrapped her lipsticked lips around the straw and took a long, long suck. His eyes never left her lips, and a thin line of sweat shone above his mustache.

He handed her the change. "How is it?" he asked.

She leaned over the counter. "Almost as good as your cock would have tasted."

She left him there, the fool trying to decide what he should do, when in fact there was nothing he could do. His part in her day was done. Actually, her whole day was almost done. Except for her final stop. The one she'd waited for the whole day. It was five-forty, she had twenty minutes to get there. Plenty of time. She took another healthy sip of her shake and pulled back into her traffic. She felt herself drawn down the road, drawn toward the man she'd been dreaming about all these months, the man who would be her final seduction of the day. This time it would be different, she knew he would be the aggressor, she would be the one scared and intimidated. She didn't care. She was ready to surrender herself, utterly.

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