tagGroup SexA Woman Who Loves Anal Sex

A Woman Who Loves Anal Sex


My name is Alicia London. Just your average woman, really. Alright, I lied. There's absolutely nothing average about me. Never had been. I guess that's why the dudes like me. That's cool because I like them to be. Who wouldn't like me? A six-foot, statuesque, large-breasted, thick-bodied, bow-legged, wide-hipped and big-bottomed woman with jet-black skin and a shaved head. I'm a big black woman and quite the tomboy to These days, I work as a lawyer in the big city. I represent men who want to stop their greedy wives from robbing them blind in divorce courts. I know the law and also how women's minds work. I have yet to lose a single case. Men love me. Women hate me. So has it been since my school days. I used to play college soccer and also play intercollegiate rugby. Sports are fun. Sex is fun too, and it's what this story is all about.

The story concerns my huge bubble butt and how it keeps getting me into trouble. My ass is greedy, simply put. I've got to feed it daily. It's an urge I've tried to control but ultimately surrender to. Always. Simply put, I am an anal sex enthusiast. I totally dig anal sex. I like it in the ass. I like Greek love. How many other ways are there to say it? I like it up my buns and I cannot lie! Now, this is a secret I've kept to myself. Very few men know this about me. I will tell you about all my adventures. Well, not all of them. Some of them I cannot comment upon pending litigation. Just kidding! The only time I've ever been to court was to contest a speeding ticket given to me by a lesbian police officer, after I told her I wouldn't eat her pussy to get out of the speeding ticket.

My first anal experience was with Marcus Molder, a tall and good-looking black man I knew. Marcus was the town mayor and a respected businessman. This sexy dude was in his early forties when we met. I had a crush on him. Enough to be willing to give up the booty just to please him. Thus began my anal sex addiction. Marcus and I had a torrid affair. His lily-white, straight-laced Republican housewife Janine Molder had no idea. It was during one of those steamy sex sessions that Marcus relieved me of my anal virginity. We were fucking in the shower when he suddenly slid his thumb up my ass. I gasped. What the hell? I didn't roll like that! Marcus shushed me and told me to relax. He fingered my ass while fucking my pussy at the same time. I must say that it felt oddly good. So much that I asked him to keep going. Marcus laughed and added another finger. Having two of his long and thick fingers in my ass felt really good. I found myself wanting more. Marcus made me cum several times while drilling his cock into my pussy and fingering my asshole. I couldn't get enough of it.

When he spread my plump butt cheeks and slowly pushed his cock against my backdoor, I was filled with excitement. I was also a bit scared. I'd never been fucked in the ass before. Marcus promised me he'd be gentle. Then he rammed his cock so far up my ass I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. Gripping my hips in his strong hands, Marcus began to fuck me hard and fast. I screamed. The only lube we had was the soap and water. It proved to be enough. I felt his long and thick cock going up my ass and it hurt like hell. I'm not going to lie. I was howling like a woman possessed. Having most of Marcus twelve inch cock up my ass was no easy thing.

Any woman, no matter how strong and independent will scream like a banshee with a foot-long cock in her ass. I don't care what they say. Marcus laughed as he fucked me in the ass. Apparently my screaming was a source of amusement for him. He was clearly getting off on it. Well, so was I. I fingered my pussy while getting drilled in the ass by my lover's titanic cock. I was just getting to the sweet spot when suddenly I felt it. A slight tremor inside me. Marcus screamed, and I found out why soon after. He came, sending his hot cum deep into my asshole. I screamed too. I couldn't believe this shit. The man had cum inside my ass. What the hell? He didn't know me like that!

After he had his fun, Marcus slowly pulled his cock out of my asshole. I screamed as he exited my sore asshole, now stretched by his massive prick. You would think that after getting screwed anally like a cheap prostitute, I would get turned off anal sex forever. Well, you'd be wrong about that. First of all, unlike most women you will ever meet, I'm not a whining little bitch. I can take pain. I had just discovered a new pleasure and if loving it was wrong then I didn't want to be right. I was in love with the big black cock that went up my ass. That's how my anal addiction began. After I left Marcus place, I went home and showered. I still felt funny from the rough anal sex session. I also had some trouble sitting down. He was a tough son of a gun! Still, later, on my own, I would discover the joys of anal.

I would play with my ass every chance I got. I bought a six-inch vibrator and lubricated my anus before sliding it on. Damn, it felt good! I played with it often. Other times, I would jab two dildos into my holes, all at once. Yeah, anal sex was fun. I tried it in so many ways. I hooked up with men who were into it. Ryan O'Shea was an Irishman I fell in love with after Marcus Molder and his wife left the city. This sexy stud was good-looking, charming and a really nice man. He worked as a corrections officer in the city. We clicked right away. Yeah, those were some good times. Ryan was a man who knew his way around the female body. He also had a ten-inch, uncircumcised dick with balls the size of apples. I absolutely love his equipment. Especially when he would put me on all fours, grease me up with lube and then stick his cock into my ass. I loved having his big cock inside me. Especially when he would cum like an ocean pouring into a continent. He knew how to make me scream. It's really too bad he was married. I seem to attract anally adventurous married men.

My next one was Juan Carlos, a sexy Mexican who owned a construction company. He was tall, stocky and good-looking, with dark bronze skin and pale brown eyes. This charmer seduced me when he took me all kinds of places. Then, he simply took me. We were in the men's room when it happened. He found out what made me different from other women. I was the Anal Queen! He was thrilled beyond description, and so happy that he hugged and kissed me. Then he couldn't wait to stick his cock up my ass. Thank the stars I always carried lube with me. Juan Carlos was packing a nine-inch uncircumcised Latin cock with hairy balls even bigger than those of Marcus the black stud. This man made me sing! His cock was long but that's not what was special about it. The man had a really wide and thick cock. So wide and thick that I had to hold it with both hands. He doused my ass with lube before ramming it down where the sun didn't shine. I couldn't scream. I didn't have it in me. I simply took it as his massive, impossibly wide and thick cock filled my ass to the limit. I wanted to scream but I couldn't find the voice. I took it up the ass like a champ, and when he filled my ass with his cum, I practically fell. He caught me in his arms and smiled, his cock still inside me. What a man!

My all-time favorite among all these anally obsessed men was Steve, the college student I ended up falling for. He was a tall, somewhat hefty yet good-looking black man I met. Unlike all of my former lovers, he wasn't wealthy or powerful, or even a professional. He was a simple college student and a really nice guy. When we met, he was handing out flyers, trying to raise awareness about Men's Health Issues. He was volunteering for some local men's group. I found that endearing and we started talking. I didn't know that this young man would turn out to be the love of my life. He was so charming and innocent. And so honest. He once told me that he was bisexual, yet celibate. A bisexual black man leading a celibate lifestyle. Wow. We got even closer after that. And one night, at my place, I put the moves on him.

At first, Steve was almost shy. I found it kind of sweet. Once I got him loosened up, the fun really began. I had him on my bed, and I was sucking on his cock like oral sex was going out of style. The handsome stud seemed to be really enjoying himself. I worked him up, sucking his cock and licking his balls. He endured that sweet torture for a time, then he gave it up. Steve came, and I drank his cum. He tasted different from any other man I'd been with. I couldn't wait to feel this sexy stud inside me. Eagerly, I got on all fours and spread my booty. I wanted his cock in my asshole. Steve smiled and positioned himself behind me. I was especially eager because quite frankly, he had the biggest dick I'd ever seen. A fourteen-inch, long and thick, uncircumcised black super cock. His balls were bigger than most apples. Thank my lucky stars we had enough lubricant to juice up a small country!

Steve grabbed my hips and pressed his cock against my butt hole. He smacked my ass. I smiled and urged him on. He told me that he loved fucking both men and women in the ass. To be honest, that stuff was turning me on. I had never been with a bisexual man before, let alone a handsome and well-endowed bisexual black man. This was going to be good! Steve thrust his cock into me. And that's when my world exploded. I've never had such a big cock up my ass before. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Steve rammed his cock into me like a general invading enemy territory. I yelped. I screamed. I begged. He laughed and fucked my ass like there was no tomorrow. As Steve fucked my ass like no one ever has, I experienced a myriad feelings. There's something to be said about a man with a fourteen-inch cock. If he's cocky or arrogant, he's perfectly entitled to be. I felt his cock stretch the walls of my anal cavity impossibly wide. I howled in sheer pain mixed with pleasure as he possessed me.

Steve grabbed me and flipped me on my back. Apparently, he wanted to look into my eyes while drilling my tight butt hole with his fourteen-inch monster of a super cock. Steve looked at me with eyes worthy of a jungle predator as he possessed me. I've been fucked in the ass before but never like this. This was the king of fucks. And I couldn't get enough of it. My ass is always craving something and at last my hunger was getting fulfilled. Steve fed more and more of his cock into my hungry asshole, which stretched to take all he had. The asshole of a woman is the place where she keeps her pride, her conceits and secrets. Penetrate that and you conquer her. There, I said it. The secret all womankind has kept from men for millennia. Man, I really got into it. Having my ass stretched, plowed and drilled by a super-sized cock was off the hook. My pussy was as wet as an ocean. I was more turned on than ever. Simply because I surrendered. I stopped being a career-minded superwoman and simply became a woman. And got my rocks off. When Steve came, sending his hot cum inside me, I screamed louder than ever before. It was that intense an orgasm. His cum blasted out of his cock and into me as if propelled by a powerful cannon. As his hot cum filled my bowels, I took the screaming to a whole new level. I felt abased but alive!

I hope you now understand why I love anal sex. It's not about dominance and submission. It's not about sexual and gender politics. It's simply about pleasure between a man and a woman. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I know plenty of other women out there like anal sex as much as I do. They're the most reclusive of cliques. Fat women, skinny women, muscular women, we're all into it. We're everywhere. Yet since it's a social taboo, most of us keep our secret fetishes to ourselves. Straight men who are into the whole strap on dildo experience are as closeted as we, heterosexual women of all races who love getting fucked in the ass. Maybe someday all of us can open up ( pun intended) and fully explore ourselves in the pursuit of sexual fulfillment.

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