A Woman's Sexual Responses


My opinion is that if your wife wants to have sex with a woman, you're in trouble, you would not believe how many lesbians were once married and have children from that marriage, made love to another woman and magically she's a lesbian. In most cases it start out with the wife wanting a three way with another woman or letting the husband watch while she makes love to another woman.

Not that uncommon to see a couple at a bar frequented by lesbian. She's thinking about picking up another woman for herself, he thinks she picking up another woman for them. Guys she's not thinking of you at all! She's afraid of her own feeling, lying to herself that it's all about fun for the two of you.

Here is what I believe. There are hetro leaning bisexual women, in other words sex with either gender is great but the love side is to the male. But I think most bisexual woman truly are just the opposite, love side to the female. If she's never been there done that, she'll love the man as best she can. Truth is it's much easier for a woman to live her life as a hetro. She's fine if she never crosses the line, once she does her life well never be the same. My advice is that if your married and your wife wants to experiment having sex with another woman, three way or not, say no. What would be best from my side of the fence, let her play, who knows she might be my soul mate.

I have read somewhere that most women are bisexual in nature, which is just BS, some man most likely wrote that, I can tell you that most women do not have the desire to have sex with other women. Lucky for you men or you'd only be sperm donors.

Another quote I love: God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her; and foolish, that she might love him.

The above does not apply to us lesbians we're just beautiful.

Damn I keep getting off track, don't I.

During the Plateau Phase the following happens. We've covered the clit. Right? That is part of the quiz. Greatly increased sexual tension. An increase in vasocongestion causing the outer third to the vagina in enlarge, which causes the vaginal opening to decrease in size. The vagina becomes inflated causing many woman to have a feeling of wanting their vagina filled, this is referred to as vaginal ache. See guys it's about us, fingers or a dildo is just fine!

Strangely as it may seem the vaginal lubrication may diminish, particularly if this phase is prolonged.

The inner lips enlarge significantly in thickness, maybe as much as 2 or 3 times, which can spread apart the outer lips giving a greater view of the vaginal opening. The color of the inner lips change altering from pink or bright red to a darker red or a very dark wine color. Although the colors may vary from this, there will always be a marked change.

Just for contemplation Masters and Johnson reported they never observed a woman experience orgasm who did not first experience the dramatic change in labial coloration. If a woman did experience this color change, she was more than likely to experience orgasm.

Ok, let us get right down there with eyes and tongue, making sure we are progressing to orgasm. Sounds like fun to moi.

Other changes includes the areola swells, the breast size increases maybe as much as 25%, a large percentage of women have a sex flush on their chest, which is due to increased blood flow. With some women the sex flush may not be visible do to skin color. Heart rate increases, along with a large increase in tension of the thighs and buttocks.

At this point we women are ready to be fucked, the hell with the intercourse word, be it with a cock or a strap-on. We aren't over yet but we have surely come to the good part, didn't we. Hopefully our heroin gets at least one orgasm at this point, hopefully a large number of them. Yummy!

Sexologists, mostly male, go figure, are going to go into all the details of an orgasm, which I'm not covering now, maybe in a story. Of course they are, being mostly male, only going to describe an orgasm after the penis is inserted into slot "B". For most women that's just a little bit late, once the thingy gets inserted she isn't going to have an orgasm, feels great guys don't get me wrong but she isn't going to have an orgasm.

Yes I've been there and done that, a long time ago, jeezzzzzzz, not that long ago, no more comments from the peanut gallery. I was only fifteen, what a slut right, two before my first lesbian affair, sex with those two boys was really bad as a matter of fact. Lost my virginity and all I got out of the loss was 15 seconds of pain. But my 'I'm not a lesbian boy friend', he was 19 , he had no idea I was 15, was rather good, so yes I can truly say it felt good. Being lesbian isn't really about who or whom you can have sex with, it is about who or whom you can love. Ok I'll admit that guys just don't turn me on, never have never well. Never ever had a crush on one. I can't count the number of women I've had crushes on.

Won't get many of us lesbians to admit that though(I mean it felt good). If they knew I'd most likely be removed from the rates. Wink, wink. Don't worry I have enough trouble as it is. See I'm lipstick lesbian, half the time even my friends aren't sure I'm a REAL lesbian. I may add that I'm a lipstick lesbian who loves lipstick lesbian women(another strike against me).

Not that all of my relationship have been with women just like myself. I don't like butch. I don't like women who are fat, I don't mean just a little over weight either. I am not attracted to women who have no self control or are addicted to drugs or alcohol. I have no use for women who are slovenly.

That said I once was in a very intense relationship with a woman who was butch. She was so butch that she even used a binder to hide her breasts. Unclothed she was incredibly feminine. It never did work, we fought constantly. She was of course masculine in her personality, which included being dominate but I'm also very domineering thus the fights. We were just not compatible except sexually where I tend to be submissive. She surely could push the right buttons, especially my exhibitionist nature.

So I suppose I'm more Lipstick butch. Butch in my case doesn't refer to the way I look or dress, it's a reference to my personality although I'm not really masculine in personality, I am very dominate. If we'd, that's you and me, compare my relationships to a hetro relationship my part would be closer to the male's part. OK got that. Nothing really masculine about me. If I was hetro I'd have one hell of a problem with my husband, if we were dancing we'd have to fight over who got to lead. I'd in all probability be taller than him, especially if I were wearing heels, as I'm a little over 5'10".

Oh god now you think I'm an Amazon, I'm not, small frame weighting only 126 pounds. That weight does vary some, it can even vary 2 or 3 pounds from morning to night. I'm a health nut, I exercise daily, eat mostly fruits and veggies, never more than a couple of ounces of meat at a meal, if any. Swim most days, used to run until I got shin splints, my doctor advised that if I wanted healthy joints when I become old(yuck) to stop running, she recommended swimming, just love swimming. I also do light weight training and aerobics. Yes I know what shin splints are, no they don't have anything to do with joints. Duh.

You would not believe how many labels we lesbian have for each other. Here is just a few more, femme, chapstick lesbian, sapphist, diesel femme, high femme and stone butch. You hetros have no idea how complicated live can be. If lipstick butch or lipstick lesbian confuses you look it up on the internet, but beware of the porn sites, being lipstick has nothing to do with porn. Admittedly I do love lesbian porn.

I'm not going to go into the resolution stage, basically everything returns to normal. Kind of boring reversing all the details.

Ok, guys I'll admit that I've been rather hash with ya all. Sure we lesbians could make your signification others go, goo, goo, gaga but I'm sure a lot of you do that too.

Leaving you with one more cute quote:

"If male homosexuals are called 'gay,' then female homosexuals should be called 'ecstatic!'"

- Shelly Roberts

Just a thought!

I really hope you enjoyed my composition.

Have a nice day!


The Dyslexic Woman Attorney

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