tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA World of Words

A World of Words


"Have a nice night!" Sally called after the last customer of the day as she closed the doors behind them and popped the lock.

Turning away from the doors she took in the now empty Library. The building was modern, built mostly because it was cheaper than removing all the asbestos from the old building. Yet they had carried over nearly everything else in the move. The shelves were made of dark, heavy wood, the same kind that the long reading tables were made of. When you took it in with the sleek modern fittings, all glass and polished metal, it gave an oddly pleasing contrast.

Sally had gotten this job mostly by blind luck. The local council had placed add looking for someone for a non specific "council" job. She had applied and through a series of interviews that went far better than she expected, found herself training to take on the running of this place. The old Librarian, a sour faced man who looked at her as if he could smell her cunt and didn't like it one bit, had trained her up before retiring.

So, for the last year, she had found herself running this place pretty much by herself. As she moved between the shelves, checking one last time for any errant readers, she thought about how odd that was. That a relative novice would be given so much responsibility was insane and on more than a few occasions she had felt like she was going insane. As PCs had crashed and people had bombarded her with esoteric questions and demands left and right whilst children rubbed chocolate covered fingers into every book they could find.

It is all worth it in the end though, she thought as she came to the last row of shelves. Slipping down it she moved straight to the block of books that she had come to many times before.

Libraries, Sally had learned, sometimes acted as a kind of book dumping ground. People would donate books and sometimes whole collections would be given over in wills. Usually they would pick out anything with some value and anything that filled a hole in the collections. However when it was left in a will they would often hold onto them for a bit longer, out of respect for the dead.

That was how this collection of books had came to be here. A kindly old lady had left her sizable collection of books to the library. A act of kindness which was slightly undercut by the fact that she read and collected nothing but what could be charitably called "Romance Novels".

The kind of novels that have bronzed shirtless men on the cover who more often than not are gripping some buxom lady. All of them with titles like "Oceans of Passion" or "Burning Love". Tales of handsome strangers or virile soldiers who would come into the life of the plain but brilliant heroin. Filling her life with excitement and her "love pot" with his "throbbing passion".

At least those were the kinds of books that made up most of her collection and the previous Librarian had been too dull to ever really look closely at these books. They had been stuck on a back shelf and forgotten.

Sally on the other hand had found herself drawn to them, at first out of amusement at the ridiculous titles and covers. Then, as the stress of the job started to wear on her, out of a interest in the release they could provide. It was through these explorations that she found out the old lady had had tastes that ran far odder than just british soldiers giving Swiss milkmaids their own creamy fillings. Hidden inside of the more unassuming covers where tales of depravity she had not expected and now she pulled one of those books from the shelf.

The cover of this was one so standard Sally half suspected it was produced automatically by some machine. A bronzed and muscle bound man with a flowing mane of dark hair stood atop a mountain. His arm wrapped around the waist of a red headed woman who had started at voluptous and then decided to wear a dress two sizes two small. The title only added to the cliched look as it proudly declared that "Passion Burn Eternal".

To look at it you would expect a standard tale of maidens swept off their feet by the kind of man who never had to learn the meaning of the word no because no woman had ever said it to him. That was what Sally had expected when she had picked the book up for the first time and flicked through the cheap paper.

So you can imagine her surprise when she came to this passage, the passage the she now opened up to with practiced ease.

"Please we have money!" Constance pleaded as she backed herself into the corner of her room as the ugly beast loomed towards her.

The sounds of short lived fighting had stopped from outside and she knew that no help was coming. Looking down from the ugly face of the Man Beast she could tell it had no interest in money. The oversized length of it inhuman member twitched as it pointed at her, sending droplets of fluid to the floor.

Before she could say anything else it was on her. Her night gown torn away as she was flung hard face first into the bed. A hand gripped her hair, forcing her head down into the bed. She had a scant moment of feeling the beasts member pressing at her sex before it was thrust into her.

She was sure it would tear her in two, the size was unlike anything she had felt before. Her mind went blank for a moment as the full length was shoved into her. She could only feel sensation, not pain or pleasure but a wall of sensation as the Man Beast began to piston itself into her.

It cared not at all for her, only chasing its own pleasure and it found it quickly. Slamming itself into her she felt a deep throbbing as her violated womb was filled with its unholy seed...

The first time Sally had read that she had been shocked, not only at how graphic it was or the unassuming book it was in but the fact that it had been in the collection of a little old lady. She had felt sick when she read it. Yet that night, as she put her magic wand to good use, she had found herself thinking of it. As the vibrating tip of the wand had slid into her own slick sex she had pictured that Man Beasts member. Afterwards she had been sickened by herself and yet here she was, flicking through the pages.

As she read the passage her free hand began to undo her trousers, just enough to slide her fingers inside. As her fingers slipped under the thin fabric of her panties she let the book drop to the floor and reached out for another.

This one was another bland covered and titled book, seeming to offer a pirate themed adventure and it did offer that. Although the tale of it heroine, a bright eyed young lady of noble birth by the name of Catherine was far from the normal fair. As she found herself captured by a band of pirates. Sally flicked to a later chapter as her fingers slipped between her own folds.

They had caught another merchant vessel that morning and Catherine had watched the filthy crew swarm over it like rats. Killing damn near everyone they came across as they stated their blood lust. The few survivors had been dragged out of their hiding spots in the bowels of the ship and brought aboard.

Two young beauties, who she suspected had been the daughters of the Captain, both dressed much the same way she had been the day her ship was attacked. In dresses of fine silk and lace that flowed like water and sparkled like the night sky.

Now those dresses lay torn on the galley floor, stomped into the filthy floor boards as the crew fought over the young women.

Catherine watched as they were tugged back and forth, the younger of the two still trying to fight whilst the older seemed to have accepted her fate or at least she had released fighting would only hurt. From her perch on Captain Burnwaters knee she watched as the first fist flew among the crew. It had been the same every time before with all the other women and even with her.

As the crew brawled she felt the rough hands of Burnwater slide over her swollen stomach. The swelling was the only reason she wasn't down on the floor with those two girls. She had tried to hide her swelling stomach for as long as she could, even as the crew took it in turns to ravish her nightly. She had been sure they would throw her overboard as soon as they found out but instead she had been taken to the Captain's quarters. She had been allowed to bathe, to eat a hearty meal and lay on a feather bed. Of course that bed had been shared with Burnwater and he had expected her to fulfill the duties of a wife but compared to the rest of the crew he had been a gentle lover.

Now, as she felt the fingers of his right hand caressing her stomach as the left dipped with practised ease into her sex, she realised that she didn't care what happened to those young women.

As the fight among the crew was settled and Burnwater began to pull her backwards to spear her on his cock, she recalled overheard conversation among the crew. Burnwater was a man who only had eyes for a woman with child. As the winner of the fight climbed atop the unlucky ladies and she felt her sex been stretched by Burnwaters member, she saw the future.

A future where, if those girls lived long enough to become with child, she would be thrown overboard and replaced. A cycle that she didn't doubt had been repeated many a time on this ship of evil men.

Yet she didn't care, as thrust himself home with a growl and the cries of the young woman were muffled by cocks shoved uncaringly into mouths. She knew that death would come for her sooner rather than later and so she might as well enjoy what little pleasures she had.

Sally let the book fall from her fingers, as she slipped two fingers deep into herself. The mental image of that debauched ship pulsing in her mind as she began to slide her fingers wetly in and out of her sex.

She was so close to the edge now, a small pool of her own arousal forming on the hardwood flooring beneath her. She needed something to finish herself off and she knew just what would do it.

Reaching with shaky hands she pulled the final book from the shelf, a thin volume with the slightly worrying title The Lords Hound.

The collar around Constance's neck itched slightly in the dry autumn air. Although that mild discomfort was far from her main concern right now. She found all her focus was taken up by the feeling of that same cold, dry air on her naked body as she crawled along the woodland path.

She could hear Lord Arbroath walking a few paces behind her, the leash hanging loosely in his hand, ready to yank on if she got out of line. Not that she would be able to run off, it would be hard enough to explain her nudity let alone the small metal butt plug.

All she could do was rue the day she had tried to walk away with a few silver spoons.

"I begged father for a dog when I was a boy," the Lord said conversationally. "But father refused me every time. Told me that they were filthy beasts."

His tone did not change as Constance felt the collar being gently tugged on, she came to a stop, glad of the rest as he hunkered down beside her.

"Of course he should have added that they are dishonest beasts." He went on, his gloved hand running slowly down her bare back, sending shivers down her spine in spite of herself. "You can bring them into your home and they will still steal from you."

At that he gave her ass a hard slap, the sound ringing out in the chill morning air along with her own whimper of pain and pleasure. Before his hand returned to caress her once again, his fingers tracing over the plug as he spoke.

"Of course dog can be trained," he said, tugging at the plug as if to drive the point home. "And if you care for them just right they can provide you a bountiful litter."

As he said that Constance felt his gloved fingers trace over her sex. In the two months since this had all began he had left her maidenhead intact. Yet now she felt his thick fingers spreading her lips, teasing her sex in a way unlike anything before.

Before she really had a chance to think about his words he was on her. His free hand working his member free from the confines of his clothing. The hand still holding the leash pulled it tight, forcing her to rear up on her knees as he moved around behind her.

She braced herself for the sensation of the plug being pulled from her, a toy he had ordered her to keep in so she would always be ready. Yet that moment did not come, instead she felt the steely length of his cock slide between her cheeks to press at her virgin sex.

"Please, sir!" She begged as his intentions became clear but her plea was cut short.

"Please what?" He growled in her ear, his voice like rolling thunder. "Did you really think I would not expect repayment in full?"

As he spoke she felt his girth stretching her. She had nearly gotten used to the use of her ass, had even come to enjoy although she would never admit that even to herself. Yet she knew that she could not refuse him, he had given her more than she had served after the theft had been discovered and yet...

"I..." she tried to say something but the words were choked off in her throat as she felt him thrust forward into her. The weight of his body pushing her down flat onto her stomach. The earthy scent of the leaf litter filled her nose as she felt her maidenhead, so carefully preserved, torn asunder by his pulsing length.

His breath was hot in her ear. The weight and warmth of his body combining with the surroundings to make this feel truly animal. For the first time since this had all began she felt like a dog. A bitch being breed with all the vigour in the world.

She grasped fistfulls of leaves and soil as he began to thrust into her. Short and sharp movements that sent shockwaves of sensation through her body and drove whimpers and moans of pleasure from her lips. Sounds that only seemed to drive his own lust higher as he panted in her ear and drove his thick member easily into her dripping sex.

In that moment someone could have walked right up to them and they would not have noticed. So lost in the animal pleasure where they. The sounds of moans and slapping flesh filling the air as the Lord rushed towards his own orgasm.

When it finally came he nearly howled. His cock pulsing deep inside her, filling her virgin womb with his virile seed, forever marking her as his. The forcefulness of the mating and the sensation of him pulsing deep inside her was enough to push poor Constance over the edge as well. Her body shaking like a leaf under him as her mind was filled with a certainty that she was now carrying this mans child.

Sally, the book falling through her fingers, collapsed to the floor of the library. Her own orgasm finally washing over her, and seemingly unending flood of sensation that made the world fade away.

When she finally came back to herself it took her a moment to recall where she was. She looked around at the erotica scattered around her with the usual post orgasm sense of shame. She knew that tales like these, of women taken by men and treated as nothing more than objects of pleasure. She knew that she should hate them, that they stood for everything wrong with the world is so many ways.

Yet as she cleaned herself up and placed them back on the shelf she couldn't help but reflect that it was that very thing that made them so appealing to her. The feeling of transgression adding that extra edge to the experience that made the thrill all the more intense.

As she placed the last book on the shelf she recalled that one of the higher ups was planning on getting rid of these books. With the usual tired moral excuses as always and as she walked on slightly shaky legs to collect her things, she made sure to make a note that she would need to make her defence of them staying known.

After all, book are the gateway to the worlds of your dreams.

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