tagNonHumanA Wrong Turn Ch. 01

A Wrong Turn Ch. 01


Stacy and her best friend Megan were ready for a night on the town; they were both wearing a skintight body suit that had the legs and arms cut out of it. In place of those, they had gloves and leggings that fit half way up their thighs and forearms. Megan had her dark hair hanging down to her shoulders, while Stacy had jelled her light brown locks so they stuck out.

They left their apartment around 10:30, just in time for anyone who wasn't in to the whole night scene to have gone home already. In lieu of driving, they decided to walk the few blocks from their place to the rave that was going on at their favorite club. Half way there, they saw a group of people hanging out under one of the few lit lampposts on the street. As they neared, they could just make out the mass of red bandanas that they each were wearing.

Not really scared, but not wanting to push their luck, especially the way they were dressed, the pair turned down a alleyway, hoping that it wouldn't take them too much time to navigate their way back. The alley made a sharp turn and ended a few meters away at a brick wall.

Stacy sighed. "Now what?"

Megan took a few steps forward. "There's a hole in the wall; you want to try it?"

"Are you kidding?" Stacy pointed to the man-sized hole in the wall. "We have no idea where that leads."

Megan put her hands on her hips. "So what, do you want to risk getting gang-raped, literally?"

"Look, we can find another alley somewhere further back and go around them." She turned around. "Come on." As she rounded the corner, she sopped dead in her tracks, and jumped back out of sight. She had seen at least five people standing at the entrance to the alleyway. Now she was scared.

"Stacy, what is it?" Megan asked silently, putting her hand on Stacy's shoulder.

Stacy whispered just loud enough for Megan to hear. "The gang. There's a bunch of um coming down the alley." She looked past Megan at the hole. "I think we should take our chances in the hole."

Megan nodded and led the way into the dark, cramped hole. They didn't have to go far before the space opened up and allowed them to walk side-by-side. They still, however, had the problem of no light, so they had to feel their way through the dark. They walked for a long time, along a smooth and curved wall, before the finally made it to another passage. Megan again led the way, and as they progressed, they began to see a faint light ahead. Just before they got out of the hole, Megan stopped. She could see at least twenty people standing in an alley in front of her. They too were wearing red bandanas. Megan turned around and began to push Stacy back the way they had come. When they returned to the cavernous space, Megan spoke up.

"We went right back to the place we came from."

Even though she couldn't see it, Stacy's mouth hung open. "What? You mean that there's only one way in or out of here?"

Megan nodded in the dark. "Yah."

"Well, what if they decide to come in here after us?"

"I don't know, but I don't think they know we're in here. Otherwise they wouldn't just be hanging out in the alley."

Stacy started to cry and began to rub her eyes. She sat down on the ground, and felt a particularly sharp rock press into her ass. She shifted so she could grab the stone, and tossed it away in front of her.

The rock clattered a few times, then nearly slid to a halt, before it rolled over a ledge, and fell down a hole. It dropped for a few seconds then struck something soft and fleshy. The ball of whatever it was started to undulate, until a few tendrils appeared and grabbed onto the rock. It twisted the appendage a few times, before it was satisfied that the rock wasn't alive, and let go of it. The thing stared upwards, through the black, at the hole the rock had fallen through. A great many tentacles flew up, and attached themselves to the sides of the hole, and it began to pull itself out.

Megan, meanwhile, was holding onto a shivering Stacy. Stacy had always been more emotion than Megan had, and now she was far more scared and cold than Megan was. Megan tried to calm her down, but was of no use, and Stacy sat there shaking in the dark. Megan was about to say something, when she felt something touch her ankle. She tried to look down at it, but with no light, she couldn't see a thing. She ended up feeling around for it, and felt a fleshy vine that coiled around her finger. Megan was about to tell Stacy about t, when a dozen more like it shot out of the dark and wrapped her up. They were squeezing her so tight she couldn't breathe or scream.

"Megan." Stacy asked. "What was that?"

Megan tried to scream out her answer, but a tentacle slithered down her throat as soon as she opened her mouth. On the plus side, however she was now able to breathe. Panic overtook her quickly once again, as the appendages started to move, and open up her arms and legs. As quickly as they could manage, one tentacle pushed itself under her clothing and into her cunt, while another dove into her ass. The first one pushed deeper and deeper until it hit her cervix and pushed that barrier as well. Megan was thrashing around, helpless in the tentacle's grasp. She started to cry as another tentacle pushed its way into her pussy, followed by another, and another.

Stacy was now completely frozen. She couldn't hear much, but the muffled cries of her friend were incredibly loud in the hole. She hadn't moved the entire time that all this was going on, but now she really was going to push her luck with the gang. She stood up and turned, trying to run, but she had made some noise in the process. It wasn't much, but the creature heard enough and shot out at least a dozen more appendages to encase Stacy.

Now that it had them both wrapped up, it seemed to take a more leisurely pace. It stopped squeezing as hard and pumping as hard. Stacy was having a much easier time breathing, but she didn't dare open her mouth to scream. The thing was actually waiting for her to open her mouth, but when she refused, it satisfied itself with pushing into her pussy. This time Stacy opened her mouth and let out a grunt of revulsion and surprise. The tentacle in front of her face slid down her throat and stopped nearly at her stomach.

The creature continued to fuck the two girls. Both of them knew they needed to escape, but as time wore on, and they came over and over, their mind were getting hazier and hazier. Eventually Megan gave in and willingly opened her legs to take more of the tentacles in. She felt the expansion of two more tendrils and started bucking in its grasp. When she had calmed down, her arms were released, and she grabbed the one in her mouth, pushing and pulling on it until it had removed itself as well. She coughed a few timed before sucking it back inside and bobbing her head up and down on it.

Stacy wasn't much different, once she had started to thrust against the creature; instead of away from it, she was released. She stuck out her ass and was rewarded with three tentacles entering her rectum, pushing as deep as they could. She finally cried out, only in ecstasy instead of fear.

For the next hour the creature fucked the two girls. They were in a state of almost constant orgasm, and hoped it would never end. Eventually, however, Megan started to fell the half dozen tentacles inside her swell slightly, and eventually they all started rhythmically pumping something directly into her womb. Stacy cried out from somewhere in the darkness when the lone one in her cunt finally pushed past her cervix and performed the same process.

After a while, Megan noticed her stomach was getting stretched and finally stopped when it was about twice as big around as it had been before. At the same time the tentacles also stopped, and slowly, one-by-one, pulled themselves out of her. She was laid down on the ground, and quickly passed out from exhaustion. Stacy soon followed, and the two girls slept there as the creature receded back into its hole.

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