tagMatureA Young Neighbour's Education Ch. 03

A Young Neighbour's Education Ch. 03


The afternoon turned into a pleasant summer evening, as we continued to hit Jean's wine cupboard, it appeared to be heading for a very long night. Read the first two parts to get the context of this, and above all, enjoy this young man's adventure.


"Norma....! Norma...! Norma....!" Jean shouted from the upstairs window.

"Norma, can you spare a few minutes....need to have a word with you?"

"Yeah...sure...stick the kettle on I'm spitting feathers."

Norma came into the kitchen and sat by the table while I made the tea.

"What's up Jean?"

Norma kicked of her heeled shoes and pulled one stockinged foot up onto her knee. Her skirt falling back to reveal the top of her seamed nylons clipped onto her white suspender.

"Do you remember all that talk about young Jack's cock."

"Never mind the talk Jean, I actually saw it and Christ it was..."

"Yes, I know, you said it was big."

"What I actually said was he had it in his hand and I wished it had been in me and not in his hand."

"And if the opportunity arose...you know...would you actually...you know... have it?

"If, and I mean if, the chance arose.... Well, yes...I suppose I might give it a try, why do you ask?"

"Let me tell you."

Norma lifted her other foot to rub it, again the skirt fell back, a bit more this time to reveal just a bit of her fuzz.

"Jack's mother had a word."

Norma tugged at her knickers, pulling it from the front of her crease to partially hide the fuzz.

"She was bothered that he would get someone in trouble with it."

"He could try to get me in trouble.. no bother at all I'd give him a hand to try."

"Well Monday morning, I had him here, and sort of taught him what to do with it."

"What? You shagged him?"

"Not quite, I showed him what to do and he shagged me."

"You mare...you lucky mare....was it any good."

"I had to start right at the beginning, you know, kissing, tits, fingering and all the usual foreplay stuff."

"You lucky mare, you lucky, lucky mare, I wish it had been me. I'd have given him lessons to remember."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. How do you feel about sharing?"

"Tell me about it."

"Its like this. Monday, I had him here and he must have shagged me about six to eight times, and he still wanted more, and he really enjoyed himself. Well, I couldn't let him have more, so yesterday I got Nanna Tucker up here and she gave her all, and even when she had had her fill I had to take over and let him have another four shags before I had to give up on it I was still recovering from Monday. And he was still rampant."

"Jeeesuuus, as bad as that."

"Nothing bad about it girl, it was as good as that!! Thing is, if half the youngsters in the district are to be kept safe its going to be down to us older women to make sure that cock is put to regular use, do you want a share?"

"Are you serious? Too damned right I want a share. When do I start,?

"Jack is coming to see me tomorrow morning, and I know that you don't work on Wednesdays so if you come round tomorrow about tenish, we can go from there, but make sure you are really keen, because he is really rampant, more than I have ever known."

"I'll be there, and believe me I have a healthy appetite. Geez, I am wetting myself just at the thought"

Norma stood, and gathered up her bags, gave her arse a wiggle as she tugged the back of her skirt as if to disengage her knickers from her bum. She looked decidedly flushed as she headed for the door.

Nine twenty Wednesday, Norma arrived.

"Is he here yet?"

We both had a cup of tea. Norma had dressed herself up a bit, a summery skirt and blouse, what appeared to be a very effective bra giving a nice shape to her not over large bosom, nice fully fashioned nylons and slight heels rounded off what I could see of her clothes.

"Not yet."

"When I got home yesterday I didn't even have time to get my knickers off before I diddled myself, god I was horny, remembering the sight of that cock, and thinking what it might be like"

"I hope you are fit for this, you certainly wont forget this cock as long as you live. And trust me you are going to learn what a solid young cock is like. I have put clean sheets on my bed, this time you can use it. What about your Bill?"

"Oh, Bill hasn't even touched my fanny for about three years, Don't think he would remember what it was if he saw it. God bless the night shifts. He stays with his cousin during the week. Well he says its his cousin, but I reckon its his fancy woman, still it leaves the girls and me to our own devices."

There was a knock at the open back door.

"Who's there?"


Norma's teacup rattled in the saucer as she reached to put it on the table.

"I don't believe this!" Norma whispered.


"I have just cum!"

"Come on in Jack."

He came in and stood by the door. Seeing the two of us he looked at the tea cups.

"Gee Norma, can't you behave." I shook my head.

"Should I come back later? You said come round this morning."

"No Jack its OK. Come on in. say hello to Norma."

"Hello Mrs. Bowen."

He sat at the table with us. I managed to knock a biscuit onto the floor.

"Get that for me Jack please."

As he got down on the floor I winked at Norma and signalled spread with my hands. She took the hint and as Jack was under the table, her legs were spread wide, he came up with the biscuit, looking flushed, and obviously uncomfortable.

"What's the matter pet?"

"I saw Mrs Bowen's knickers."

"Are you sure? What colour are they?"

"Sort of blue."

"Good lad, and what colour are mine?"

" I didn't look."

"Well I would if I were you."

He ducked under the table again as I spread my legs. He banged his head on the underside of the table then reappeared.


"It's a trick, should I say?"

"You can say if you want, we are all friends aren't we?"

"You haven't got any on!"

"Did you like what Norma was showing?"

"It was alright."

"I am very tired today, because of you, so why don't you take Norma upstairs and show her all the tricks you know."

"She might not want to."

Norma took his hand.

"Well if you are as good at finding holes as Jean told me, I might want to, did you like my knickers?"


"Lets go and see what mischief we can get up to upstairs."

They left room and went upstairs, and now I will let Norma tell you what happened.

I led Jack up the stairs, wiggling my arse in his face, to Jean's bedroom, and I was fucking desperate, I could feel my fanny juicing. I couldn't believe it, when Jack knocked the door I had a cum with just the anticipation. Now, I was streaming wet and waiting for it again and we had not even had any contact yet.

I closed the door behind us.

"Shall we have some fun Jack?"

"Ooooh yes please Mrs. Bowen."

"First, why not call me Norma?"

"Ok. Mrs Bowen."


"Ok Norma."

"Its very important young Jack, that you know that some ladies need to have fun very quickly, I need to have fun very quickly so will we do that first and then take our time and enjoy things."

"Yes Mrs. Bow...Yes Norma."

"Well you get your trousers off, so I can see what all the fuss is about."

"Are you going to take your clothes off?

"Not yet, in a while."

He stepped out of his trousers, his virile young cock bobbing in the air.

"I am going to bend over and lean on the bed, would you like to lift up my skirt and see my knickers?"

First the skirt, and then the slip were lifted. My sheer pale blue lacy nylon knickers were exposed.

"Are you going to see if you can find my hole."

He eased the cotton gusset of the knickers aside and slipped his hand between my thighs, snaking up to my fanny he sought and found my hole.

"Yes, I've found it.!"

"Can you get your cock into it do you think?"

"Are you going to take your knickers off and lie down?"

"No, you see if you can do it there."

"Will it go in with you standing up?"

I do hope so I thought.

"I think so, you try it."

He was tight to my backside.

"Tell you what, you aim it from your side and I will reach down and try to guide it from my side. You don't mind me touching your cock do you?"

"No, Ok."

That cock touched me behind my fanny, I creamed off instantly at the touch, and I know I dribbled. I was hot in lust with this lad. As he pushed forward his knob, my god the size of it, engaged with my hole. I put my hand down to ensure it didn't slip back out.

"Push Jack!"

He did, it went straight in. full length. I had so many cums, I could hardly speak.

"Push it in and out hard Jack, see if you can push in and out hard enough to lift me off my feet." I gasped my wishes and just kept cumming, again and again.

"My spunk's cumming!" Jack Puffed as he delivered the pushes I asked for.

"Good, Good, Good....let it go when you want."

"Will it give you a baby...I don't want to give you a baby."

"Just let it go Jack, we can talk about that later."

"Its cumming.... Its cumming....my spunk is cumming."

Trust me it was almost powerful enough to blast me off his cock but I just absorbed the impact of the wads of spunk as it spewed into my sopping wet fanny. As the spurts diminished I said....

"When it goes soft you can take it out if you like."

"It doesn't usually go soft, well not after the first few lots of spunk."

"Well when does it go soft?"

"It does for a few minutes after doing it for while. But if you touch it then it gets hard very quick again. For some more goes."

I groaned and dropped forward which of course had the effect of popping it out. Jack stood with his wet cock glistening and sparkling in the summer light. Looking down at my knickers.

"Can I try to get it back in? Its so much nicer when its in."

"Yes I know it is dear. But wait a minute."

"Nanna Tucker and Jean didn't want me to wait. They liked having it in."

"So do I darling, so do I, its just I want you to give me a hand to get my clothes off, we can have some fun doing that, can't we?

"Yes, I 'spose."

I stood and straightened my self, then sat on the bed.

"Come on then, give me a hand with my blouse, you can undo the buttons if you like."

Jack did so, starting at my cleavage my tits were not over big. As the buttons came undone, the blouse peeled back revealing my lacy blue bra. I could feel my nipples tingling against the semi transparent lace.

"It is a very pretty bra isn't it?" was Jack's first comment.

"Yes it is, it is my favourite and it is so pretty I thought I would wear it just for you."

Jack smiled.

"Would you like to feel my tits in my bra?"

He nodded. And started fondling quite gently, not like some of the fellows I had met who were all grab.

"Can you scratch with your finger, just here.... Because that is a specially nice place." I lead him to my nipples.

I creamed instantly at his touch, shaking I asked.

"Wwwould yooou like to put your hand into my bra" I was desperate to feel his hand there.

"Shall I undo it?"

"No, just put your hand in and give them a squeeze."

This kid was, with the simplest of actions, giving me more cums than my old man ever had. They were sort of rolling over me.

"Now take my skirt off."

Pulling his hands from my bra he left the stiff nipples hanging over the lacy edge. he unbuttoned the waist band of the skirt and I stood to allow it to fall.

"Pull my slip down too."

My waist slip joined my skirt around my ankles.

I stood before him, shoes, stockings, suspenders, sheer lacy knickers and bra with my nipples stuck out of the cups. I sort of twirled.

"What do you think?"

"You look very nice, and my cock is even harder than it was."

"Will you lick my nipples as you take my knickers off?"

He did so, my knees were shaking. I was desperate to fu....shag him. He was looking at my face, licking my nipples and pulling my knickers down.

"You have got a lot of hair there haven't you?"

"Its to keep my fanny nice and warm for you dear boy. Shall we lie on the bed now, your cock looks as if it needs to get in again.?"

His hard young cock was throbbing.

He was into the bed before I was and I had to step one leg past him to position myself , his fingers were instantly into me, I came again. No sooner had my bum touched the bed...

"Can I get into it now?

"Of course you can dear, no problem, I spread and he slipped in."

He started thrusting, and each time I met his with my own. It was just moments before I started to cum , he continued, I cum again and again.

" Are you going to cum dear?" his thrusting continued,

"Not just yet but in a while, unless you want me make it go quicker."

"No..no..no... you just carry on shagging me, that fine, it very fine."

I didn't want him to stop, I was having rolling cumms, one into the other. I wasn't counting but it must have been about fifteen when he spoke.

"Its cumming, my spunk, its cumming , its cumming....here it is....Ooooh!!"

I felt every spurt, and enjoyed each one. He slowed, stopped, then started to suckle my tits. He ran one hand down my leg and fondled my tit with the other. Almost imperceptibly his hips started to move, very shallow at first, and slow, almost totally withdrawing before slamming in hard, Ten minutes, certainly no more and he was riding me full tilt again, and I was cumming vigorously again. And again and again.

"My spunk is cumming again."

" Are you sure, its not long since you already did it?"

"Well it feels like it is soon." He was thrusting away.

"It is, its cumming soon.... its cumming .... Its cumming....its cumming... Here it is."

Sure enough my fanny was flooded yet again with wad after steaming hot wad of young man's juice.

The same routine went on and on, just occasionally he would roll off me and lie beside me, there would be a momentary break in proceedings, then a hand would drift towards my tits, or my fanny, I was glad of the Towel that Jean had provided .

I sat, and turned swinging my legs from the bed.

"Owwww, can't I have another go, Oooh ..please, I like it when I can have a go."

"Of course dear, of course you can have another go, in fact I want you to have some more goes, it is such fun isn't it. But... I need to wee."

I reached under the bed and withdrew the white enamel gerry, we all used them it was better than having to trek downstairs in the night. Jack rolled to the edge of the bed and watched as I squatted and released a flood of yellow wee spluttering, spattering, singing into the pot. Do you girls remember how the wee used to make the gerry sort of ring, sort of sing as it went?

"Wow, fantastic. Do you have to poo when you sit on the potty? If I sit on the toilet I have to poo, I can't help it."

I couldn't help but laugh.

"No, no, just do a wee."

Several more wows before I asked him to pass me a hanky from my bag, to wipe myself. He handed me the hanky as I stood. I handed it back to him.

"Would you like to wipe me?"

"Do I wipe your bottom like they do with babies, or what, its... not going to be all pooy is it?"

"No, just the bit at the front where the wee comes out."

I climbed back onto the bed,

"Come on then, fuck me again."

"Fuck you? Again?"

"Yes, fuck me, shag me, you know, its another way of saying put your cock in me."

He took hold of his cock and approached me.

"Tell you what, you know how we did it with standing up?"


"Well if I kneel on the bed and you kneel behind me would you like to do it that way?"

"Do we have to put your knickers back on? I don't want you to have your knickers back on."

"No we don't have to have the knickers back on, why don't you want them back on?"

" I like seeing tits and fannys."

He snuggled up to my bum, his cock, which had not gone soft since we started, protruded between my thighs. I put my hand down between my legs and caught his knob positioning it at my entrance, well stretched at this point, and he instinctively pushed, bedding deep into my fanny.

I groaned and pushed back onto him as he held my hips. Then I started rocking putting my hand down to ensure his knob didn't pop out as I went forward, then back as far as I could to get as much of his cock as possible. I was, of course, enjoying one cum after another, even more of my juice flooded my passage as he spoke.

"I think its cumming, I think my spunk is going to cum soon."

"When it wants to cum, you just let me have it all, and I want it, right here in my fanny."


Each 'nearly' was accompanied by a deep thrust.

"Nearly...nearly...nearly... Now! ...Now!...Now."

The thick wads of juvenile spunk cannoned deeply into me as it erupted at the depth of each thrust. The power of the ejaculation was greater than I had ever known. I peaked yet again to the accompaniment of his


I, of course, had a welcome fresh cum for every thrust, it was absolutely draining and the very least I needed was a rest from this young rider's onslaught. I had been warned, but his vigour was beyond my imagining.

"You will have to pull it out now, I have to go and get the family's tea."

"What...? Right now...? Ooooow do I have to...? I really want another go. Please... just one more go...please?"

"You can only have another go if you promise to be very quick, and while you are doing it you must suck my tits.... Promise, to be quick because I really must get the girls their tea. We are off on holiday on Monday and there is a lot to sort out."

"Ok, I can be quick but I don't want to be quick, quick isn't such good fun."

"Well if you don't want to be quick..."

"I will, I will be quick...honest ..."

"Go on then and don't forget, sucking my tits too."

As he started, so did I , with that cock reaming up and down, in and out, all the while throbbing, I couldn't avoid cumming, and if he didn't suck my tits, I certainly didn't notice, I was too busy concentrating on another area of considerable pleasure, hot, wet sticky and very well exercised.

"Now...now...now..." he cried, emphasising each 'now' with a thrust.

As his wads of spunk diminished in intensity, so too my cums started to taper off till the point I said...

"Right off now." And pushed him from my body.

Taking him by his still rigid cock...

"Come with me young man..."

I lead him to the bathroom, and with a warm soapy flannel washed

his cock and balls, lower tummy and thighs, before turning the flannel on my pussy and thighs, he watched as he dried himself as I scooped the spunk from my fanny and washed it down the drain and soothed my vacant, well used, almost bruised, hole.

"Is it a nice holiday you are going on?"

"Yes, we are having a caravan down at Weston Super Mare, we are going by train, and we are just going to have fun."

"Fun like we had today?"

"Oh, I don't know about that."

This lad had made me think.

"Are you going to have a holiday this year?"

"No, mum says we will have days out this year and maybe a holiday next year."

Having dressed we made our way down stairs Jean and I sat for a cup of tea and a chat, and I gave Jack half a crown to go and get a bottle of pop at the shop.

"See you in the morning Jack, I have a few little jobs for you,

tell your mum." Jean dismissed the lad.

"I'm taking my girls away for a week, a caravan near Weston Super Mare, been thinking about taking Jack with us, what do you think?

"Will there be enough room for him?"

"Well, its only got one bedroom, but as you know Dora's other half has pissed off, and Ronnie, she's eighteen now, so she should be taught a few things. Jack could be a useful distraction."

"It would give us here a break I suppose. I'll ask his mum see what she says."

That's how I left it with Jean, and I just kept my fingers crossed that Janet would play ball and let me take him with us."

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