tagBDSMAaron Gets a Hand

Aaron Gets a Hand


Chapter 1

Aaron was enjoying his summer break before college. He lived with his Mom and step dad Carl in a small town in northwestern New York State. Mom and Carl had been married for a little over a year now. They both had demanding jobs but tried to spend as much time together that they could and not make the same mistakes they had in their first marriages. This didn't leave much time for him. Aaron was already somewhat of a social train wreck. He was small and skinny but with a protruding belly starting to develop, he had the same haircut since grammar school and he was totally devoid of fashion sense. At school he was either the butt of the joke or more often than not just invisible. He never had many friends let alone girl friends but he was OK with that for now. He was pretty smart, he was going to a big school in the fall on a scholarship and he was sure things would get better eventually. Besides he didn't think there would be too many girls in his town interested in what he was interested in. From his readings on the internet Aaron knew that he was a sexual masochist and a submissive. He wanted to be in all the pictures and videos he had been watching on the internet. The sub tied over a bench being whipped by a beautiful cruel woman. The one licking the spit off a woman's dirty boot. Being fucked in the ass and mouth by large German women (Aaron loved German porn,) Ropes, leather, cuffs, whips, cbt humiliation. He wanted it all. Every night he would masturbate to visions of himself lying naked at the feet of an impossibly beautiful woman; tied, beaten and humiliated, But in his small town and at his age and with no social skills he had no chance to do any of this. But he did the next best thing. Self bondage and masturbation.

It was fine at first. He could kind of tie himself up a bit, but the need to touch himself was to great and it ended to soon. It lost its sparkle since he wasn't really bound and could release himself whenever he liked. Then one day while looking for a new forum on the internet he came across a website dedicated to self bondage enthusiast. It was filled with pictures and stories and different ideas on how to put yourself in real bondage and not be able to get out for awhile. Aaron took to this like a duck takes to water. In the year that followed became quite good at it.

With Mom and step dad not getting home until after 5 PM every day he had a couple of hours to play after school. He slowly built up the supplies he needed. Home Depot became his favorite sex shop. His next favorite place was Wal-Mart. He became quite adept at walking down an aisle and grabbing a pair of panty hose or ladies underwear and then discreetly paying for it in the self check out lane. Most days he would do some fairly simple stuff. A couple of cuffs made from small dog collars with an ice release, clothespins on his nipples and a weight hanging off his balls. He would sit in front of a mirror in his room and enjoy his confinement and self inflicted tortures delaying his gratification for as long as possible. It wasn't like in the videos but it would do for now.

It was late July. Mom and Carl had had left on a week long vacation. Aaron had been invited but declined the invitation to go. This gave Aaron an opportunity to do some more elaborate sessions he had been thinking about.

He slept late on that Monday. The last three days had been a challenge. In preparation for today's activities he had reframed from having any orgasms. He thought that maybe that had been the longest he had gone without jerking off since discovering the pleasure of it at 12. He started the day with a filling but simple breakfast and just a little juice. He did not want any bowel or bladder issues to interfere with his plans. Next he took a long bath. While in the tub he shaved off all his body hair. After his bath he "girly-ed" himself up a bit with some of his mom's bath powder and a drop of very expensive perfume on each cheek. Then he went to the kitchen and took the 4 inch block of ice out of the freezer. It had a key frozen inside of it. The house was warm so he thought it would take about 90 minutes to melt. Back in his room he started to set things up. First he put on a pair of red fishnet one piece garter pantyhose. Wearing this helped with the fantasy. Next he put a second key on the nightstand on the other side of the bed from where he was going to be. A third key was in a dog bowl sitting on a stool. The key was in the bottom of the bowl. The bowl was filled with water from the toilet.

He went back to his chair and began the bondage process. When he was done he had a chain locked around his ankles, and another locked around his knees, a third chain went under the seat of his chair and was locked snuggly in his lap. He had a wood dowel in his mouth like a horses bit it had a large rubber band running behind his head looped over each end holding it tightly inplace. And finally pair of clothespins biting down on each of his nipples. When all this was done he took the final step. He had a new pair of handcuffs he had just gotten that week from Amazon. School books he had told his mom. He put one cuff on his left wrist ran the other cuff under the knee chain and snapped it on his right wrist. The ice with the key sat on a small table in front of him just with in his reach. Once locked in there was nothing to do but watch porn on his laptop, feel his lust and anticipation grow and wait for the ice to melt.

He was about thirty minutes into it, hard as a rock entering into a realm of his own creation when he heard a sound. Someone was in the house. He froze, he thought if he didn't move, if he didn't breathe they would go away. But even if that were true the lady on the laptop was yelling loudly in German at a man crawling at her feet.

"Aaron?" a woman's voice called.

Who was this? It wasn't Mom. The voice was familiar but no one comes into their home.

"Aaron are you here?" the voice was coming closer. He heard footsteps coming down the hall to his room.

"Aaron are you in there?" someone knocked on his door.

Who the fuck is this? "Don't come in, don't come in" he suddenly screamed. But he had the wooden dowel in his mouth and it came out as gibberish.

The door opened. In the doorway stood a short plump woman in her early 60's.

Her name was Trudy. She was his step-dad's mom.

Chapter 2

If Aaron wasn't in full fledge freak-out over this woman standing in the doorway he would have thought the most surprising thing about her was the lack of shock or even surprise or disgust. Just a mildly curious look as her eyes looked him over. He kept yelling for her to go away but she didn't. Instead she came closer eventually saying ;

"Shush. Let me see what you have been up to." She closely examined his locks and chains and then casually said "You smell nice. Chanel?"

Aaron didn't answer, actually even without the dowel in his mouth he was too dumbstruck to say anything.

"The things boys do to get their willies hard." She said to herself.

Aaron just stared off into space Trudy reached out and twisted one of the clothespins just a little to get his attention.

"Uhhh" he said through his gag. He looked at her with a lot of fear in his eye.

"Are you OK?"

He nodded his head.

She was not smiling or scowling. Just talking to him as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

She picked up the ice and looked at it. "Oh." She said when she saw the key in it.

"You lock yourself up so you can't touch yourself until the ice melts and then you can begin undoing all your locks and chains. You enjoy pain I guess." She looked at him. He didn't acknowledge him.

"I will be back in a couple of hours." She picked up the half melted ice and started to leave but stopped for a moment and looked at the computer. Three women were standing over a man and peeing on him. She picked up the laptop too and left the room.

Now Aaron was alone again. Without the computer it was very quiet. Aaron wasn't sure what was going on. Was she calling his mom to tell her to come home and see what her pervert son was doing. Was she calling the police. Was what he doing illegal? This wasn't what he planned. He was scared.

From where he was sitting he couldn't see a clock so he had no idea how long it had been when she returned.

"Are you alright." She said.

He just closed his eyes and said nothing.

"That was an hour. Your ice melted and I have the key."

He waited. Eyes open now looking at her.

"I brought you some water." She held up a bottle of Poland Springs with a straw it. She put the straw in his mouth and he drank it greedily but the bit prevented him from closing his mouth completely and much of it ran down his chest onto his groin. It was cold but it felt good. She did nothing to help him, just watched the water run down his chest and puddle under his balls.

"Ank ou." He said.

"Your welcome. Those clothespins look like they hurt a lot. Yes?"

He nodded. Although they were kind of numb by now.

Without preamble she reached up and pulled them off without relieving much pressure. It was instant pain as the blood rushed in and revitalized the nerves. He reacted as much as he could considering his restraints, Trudy did nothing. The same look of mild interest was the only thing on her face. Or was there the barest hint of a smile.

"I'll be back in an hour." She said as she left the room.

This hour was less panicky then the first one. He was able to settle down and stay calm. He was glad the clothespins were off and was enjoying the afterglow from them but his position had started becoming uncomfortable a while ago and he was now anxious to get out of his bondage. Time went by and he started feeling very sorry for himself when just then the door opened and Trudy returned. She put the key on the little table and stepped back.

"Go ahead," she said.

He stared at her.

"Yes I am staying. I don't want you to get hurt. Oh I almost forgot.

She walked over to him and reapplied the clothespins to his nipples. He winced. He couldn't argue and he needed to get out. He reached for the key. She had put it just within his reach. His middle finger was just able to reach it and bring it over to him. Once he had it in his hand he was able to unlock himself from the chair. Trudy's eyes showed some interest in what he was doing. She started to admire how well thought out it all was.

Once out of the chair, Aaron needed to go around his bed to get the next key. This was done by taking very small steps on his knees. It took awhile. Trudy said nothing nor offer any help. She also saw that he had a full fledge erection. She wasn't able to tell how hard he was while he was sitting but now his dick stuck straight out. She had wondered if her presence would intimidate him or not. She guessed not. Once on the other side of the bed he used his chin, his hands were still cuffed and wrapped around his knee chains, to knock the key off the nightstand. It took him a few minutes to gather it up and put it in the lock on the chain around his ankle. Trudy had stayed out of his way but never took her eyes off him.

After much struggle he managed to get on his feet and still bent over some he went to the bowl of toilet water. The stool was too high for his hands to reach so he had to use his mouth. Specifically he had to stick his tongue in the toilet water and push the key out. Trudy didn't know the source of the water but suspected it was more than just plan water. The key dropped to the floor and the now all but exhausted Aaron fell down to his knees one more time and unlocked the chain around his knees leaving only the handcuffs on. He looked up at her, hoping she would see that he was safe and untied and leave but she didn't.

"Take the bit out of your mouth."

This was what he was dreading the most. Once he had the piece of wood out of his mouth he would have to talk to her. In the two hours he was bound he couldn't come up with any reasonable explanation. No one could have. When he started to take of the pantyhose she stopped him.

"Leave those on for now. Where is the key to the cuffs?" she asked while handing him another bottle of water.

"I froze it in another block of ice. It is still in the freezer."

"So even after you were out of all the rest you still had to spend sometime in the handcuffs.

He nodded. He did not want to look at her.

"But you're not quite finished yet are you?"

Now he looked up. She couldn't possibly mean that?

"Lay down on your bed and finish,"

"Y-y-y-ou're going to watch?" he managed to stutter.

"Lie down on your bed and finish what you started," she said coldly.

Her eyes locked on his. His erection come and gone several times in the last few minutes was starting to stir again with the idea of relief. Hypnotically he crawled into bed and laid on his back. He reached down with his cuffed hands and took his semi erect cock in his hand and started the now so familiar a routine. He closed his eyes and tried to pretend he was alone.

"Open your eyes and look at me Aaron."

He did. There eyes locked for a second. He felt her gaze deep inside of him. Then her eyes moved and was staring at his hands pumping on his erection.

"Do it know." She said in a surprisingly harsh voice.

He did. His cock spewed a large globs of his jizz all over his belly chest. It ran down his body and soiled his sheets. She approached him and reached out and gently stroked his face. After a few minutes she said:

"You probably want to take a shower."

He did. But he had to ask. "Why did you take this so well? I would think most people would have ran screaming out of the room."

"Let's just say that I wasn't always in my sixties and you didn't invent kinky sex. I'll see you later in the week."

And with that she left him. Cuffed, exhausted and covered with cum.

Chapter 3

On Thursday morning when Aaron's phone rang he didn't pick it up. It was from Trudy and he wasn't finished being freaked out over the day before. A minute after his cell stopped ringing the house phone rang. He didn't answer that one either, letting it go to voice mail.

"Aaron this is Trudy, Carl's mother. I am just calling to see if you are OK. Why don't you give me a call back? I think your mom left my number on the fridge. OK? Talk to you soon Hon."

He realized she left a pretty innocuous message in case anyone else heard it. But why was she calling? Was she really concerned about how he was doing? Contrary to what she did and what she said she must think he is a pretty sick puppy.

"How could she understand people like me?"

An hour later he was still fretting about it when his phone made the text message noise.


"Oh fuck." He said out loud. PLUGGED101 was one of the email accounts he used when corresponding with people on the forum. "How did she know?" Then he remembered she had his laptop for two hours. He didn't think a grandmother would know anything about computers and hadn't given it much thought. And then it dawned on him how much was on it. "Shit, shit, fuck, shit!" he said out loud. He went over to the computer and signed on his email. There was a new message from TRUDY1950. He opened it. It was a short message with an attachment.


You shouldn't have a spread sheet with all your mail accounts and their passwords sitting unprotected on your laptop. It could be very dangerous towards your well being if it should fall into the wrong hands. Please call me now.


He opened the attachment. He was pretty sure of what he would find and he wasn't disappointed. "Why the fuck did I keep this one?" The picture had been taken right after he had jerked off. He had done it while lying on the floor on his back. He was bent so that his ass was against the wall and his legs went straight up. In this position when he came the load went into his face. The picture was a self portrait from a moment after with globs of goo on his face, in his hair and some in his mouth. A regular KODAK moment. Her message was clear. She had everything. His pictures, his video's, his emails. A very dejected Aaron picked up the phone and called. Two hours later she was letting him in the door to her home.

She was dressed in a white dress. And low shoes. She never wore much make-up and if anything she wore less today. If anything was out of the ordinary it was the red polish on her nails. He had only been with her a half a dozen times before the other day but it did seem a little out of character. But then again what was her real character?

Trudy's house was like Trudy, small, neat and kind of plain looking. But once inside you get a few surprises. The first surprise was her technology. Besides the big flat screen TV and extensive audio video equipment there was a two very high end laptops sitting on the dining room table.

"A Mac and a PC? Can't make up your mind?" he said trying to lighten his mood. Trudy's was already pretty light.

"What. Oh no. I just need to have both of those. Let me show you something. She took him into a bedroom that she used as a office. The first thing you noticed were the two big led monitors sitting on a worktable. Several desktop computers were on the floor next to the table and other random pieces of hardware were scattered about. One wall had a bookshelf filled with technical manuals. "Do you know what I do for a living?"

"Ahh no."

"Didn't care enough to wonder I guess. I do computer security. Mostly small banks, local insurance guys that kind of stuff. Use to work for a big company but we didn't see eye to eye. So now I am my own boss and am much happier." She smiled at him.

Now the computer thing made sense. It also kind of explained why she had him bring it with him. God only knew what she was going to do to it.

"I figured you hadn't eaten a good meal in a while so I made you lunch." The kitchen was the next surprise. It was all chrome and granite. Filled with delicious smells. And she had been right about him not eating well. All pizza and sandwiches and junk food. So the idea of a good meal was very pleasing to him. They ate in the kitchen. She made a roast with potatoes, corn and salad. She even gave him a glass of wine. For dessert they had apple pie with vanilla ice cream. They talked about school and his major and various other subjects. When they were done he helped her clean up. It was a pleasant hour.

"Before we continue with some other activities, we need to deal with something." They were standing by the sink. Her tone was a bit more serious.

"What's that?...Activities?" the sudden change in direction caught Aaron off guard. He was starting to think this was only about feeding him.

"I called you twice. I know you were home. You didn't call me back until I had to threaten you with that picture. That is totally unacceptable. Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand. I am sorry. Please forgive me."

"OK you are forgiven. Open your mouth."

He looked at her. My mouth? Why."

"When I say to open your mouth I didn't mean to speak I mean to open it wide. The longer you make me wait the worse it will be."

Aaron didn't know what to expect but he reluctantly did what was asked of him. A moment later she took the sink sponge covered in soap and pushed it into his mouth. "Bite down," she said.

It tasted awful. This was certainly not the kind of thing that he had fantasized about, this was truly a punishment.

"That was 15 seconds. That's how long it would have been in your mouth if you had obeyed right away. A little while later. "30 seconds. Let's keep going."

It was a minute before she said "Open." And removed the sponge. "Spit." she said he did several times into the sink.

"May I have a glass of water." He asked.

"No. I don't think so. I want you to enjoy the taste for awhile. Help you to learn how it is. Now come along."

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