tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Ch. 2

Abduction Ch. 2


Arnold was still thrilled about the progress in his movie and inspired by the fact that he was able to capture so many other curious horse riders in his scenes. He had expected the shoot to take much longer and stopped at the next available truck stop for some takeaway food for all of us.

"My treat!" As he took note of what we would like to eat and suggested we stretch our legs if we wished. "Except you, Katrina." Winking at me knowingly. He had deliberately parked to one side of the building, near the public conveniences where there were no other cars or trucks nearby.

"Why ever not? Don't you want to get some really public shots? There's a table over by that garden over there." I pointed out some tables, clearly meant for weary travellers to eat outdoors, away from the busy traffic noise. "I don't mind." Smiling suggestively.

Arnold looked at me, dumbstruck by my suggestion but with a perplexed expression, seriously considering all the possibilities.

"Look, let me go inside first and check the place out." He was wavering as a smile crept over his face. I noticed that Olivia was still in shock but everyone else in the car was buzzing animatedly with subdued conversation. Arnold looked at his watch and realizing that it was just before two o'clock in the afternoon now, made his decision. "I'll see what we can organise. Come on Dárcy"

As the men walked away from the car and Michelle and Monica adopted Arnold's suggestion to stretch their legs, Olivia turned to me and found her voice.

"You're not serious, are you?" Shifting over in the seat.

"Why not? We've just been out riding for the last three or four hours without our clothes on among God knows how many other people. You didn't hear any complaints did you? What's so silly about shooting some film here?" I smiled at her as she struggled to answer me. "At least your boobs won't get jiggled around on a horse." Emphasising my point with a wink. "You can rest them on the table."

Blushing prettily and rubbing her aching chest muscles she slowly nodded her head, realising that I was making sense, I hoped.

"The ranch was private property and Arnold got the owners permission first." Her voice was shaky and she seemed to be debating the risk factor. "What if we get into trouble?"

"Think about what Arnold wants me to do later. He's already said that he'll pay any fines, Olivia. It's not like it's a capital offence or anything. I've been caught heaps of times. It's really only a misdemeanour fine you know! I would do it just for the thrill. We're actually being paid to have fun when you think about it." While Olivia considered the wisdom of my words and we were alone in the car I deftly changed the subject. "Hey! Call me nosey if you like!" Lowering my voice confidentially. "Does Michelle share Dárcy with you?"

"Sure does!" Olivia brightened her eyes and whispered. "He likes to watch us, you know, just us girls get together first. Then we have to get him hard. He's so bloody big!" She looked at me. "Have you ever had-- y'know-- you ever taken it the other way?" She faltered for a moment as she searched my eyes for approval.

"Many times, sweetie!" I reassured her, thinking about the amount of times that my inexperienced anal passage had been violated while I was held captive and nodded eagerly. "Go on. Have you done it with him?" I widened my eyes.

"He tried it once, but--- Michelle does it with him all the time. He seems to like it too." She paused for effect, getting excited now. "He's really very gentle with her-- and he gets it all the way in too, but---" I interrupted her.

"I know what you mean love-- hurts like hell the first few times, eh!"

"They both massaged me and used Vaseline to get me all ready first.---It wasn't that bad, Katrina." She leapt to Dárcy's defence. "Maybe I'll eventually be able to take all of him." She gave me a shy smile, still blushing and wistful. "I do try! Michelle reckons there's nothing like it. ---Have you ever tried it with someone that big?"

"Only a few times with someone like Dárcy's size." I nodded thoughtfully. "It's a real accomplishment, isn't it?" My mind was racing with an unexplainable excitement now. "Does he appreciate it?"

"Oh, Yes!" She lowered her eyes. "I haven't been able to, yet--but every time he does it with Michelle-- hesitating--- He yells out at the top of his voice "Atta Girl" as he--you know, shoots his load inside her." She looked up at me with an excited expression and licked her lips. "He gets really loving after that and he gives you head too--- you know."

"Oh! That's nice!" I agreed, nodding my head. "Look! Here's Arnold coming back now." I pointed to the two men approaching the car. "It looks like it might be all set. They haven't got any food with them yet."

I was anxious that my bombshell discovery didn't become too obvious to this poor uneducated young lady. My eyes glazed as my brain went into high gear and my mind raced with the possibilities of at last bringing those bastards that abducted and used me so cruelly to some sort of justice. It was ironic that in the midst of my attempt to bolster her confidence she had unwittingly handed me a major possible breakthrough in searching for a means to end my torment. Of course, it could all just be a fantastic co-incidence but--- Arnold was calling out.

"Yes!! Unpack the gear, Monica. We can do it here after all."

Arnold had a beaming smile and was coming toward us waving his arms in the air, excitement written all over his face. The boot lid came up behind us and there was a renewed flurry of activity as gear was set up and light meters were waved around in the air. You would think we were about to film a major production like 'Gladiator' or something. I thought of Clint Eastwood's famous saying; "Make My Day Punk." It seemed appropriate to the way I was feeling at the moment as I smiled sweetly at Dárcy and jumped out of the car to help carry the photo equipment, fully appreciating that I was totally naked, but now even bolder and more purposeful than ever.

That walk that I had undertaken for Monica was the first time I had been naked among strangers since my abduction. It had been a test of my nerves in a way. It took all the resolve at my disposal that day.

After my ordeal, where for over two weeks I had been kept naked in that room with the lights on until I lost all track of time, I had even begun to wear jeans and panties again. The harrowing experience that I had just been released from had almost destroyed all my self respect and previous confidence. Bearing in mind the humiliation that I felt in displaying myself for unseen admirers in both body and spirit, begging those swine for my life as I played with myself for their amusement and the huge number of other disgusting things that they made me do, it's amazing that I hadn't gone completely mad. The small scars on my body had long gone but the legacy lived on in my mind to this day. When I had articulated some of those horrors to Monica it helped me to heal my emotional scars.

From the time I had waited for the doctor's report and locked myself away in my room, frightened to meet anybody new through to the way I had uncharacteristically quickened my normal leisurely step as I ducked off the main road, resuming my slow pace only when the main road was back within spitting distance, it had been a long tortuous recovery from my point of view.

I put Monica's camera gear on the table and looked back at Arnold's car in time to see Dárcy, helping Olivia out of the car and standing with his arm stretched, impatiently, while she slipped out of her dress. I started back toward them and passed Michelle as she walked toward the table, totally nude again with a triumphant smile on her face. Like myself, her nipples were stiff and protruding with the sexual excitement of showing herself to the gathering crowd this way. At this point I was sure that Olivia might need me so I called out.

"It's alright Dárcy, I'll give her a hand." He gave me that same guileless smile as he went to help Arnold with the tripod.

"Sure thing, sweetie."

Olivia unhooked her bra revealing her greatest assets again to the world around her. Perfectly formed but natural with small erect nipples and large aureoles, they were truly beautiful and inviting. There were wolf whistles and hoots of appreciation to be heard behind me as she removed that last item of clothing. I coaxed Olivia into the ladies restroom on the pretext of relieving myself as soon as she put her bra on the seat beside her dress. I was 99% sure now that Dárcy was my mystery man but only one thing puzzled me. I locked the outside door after I established that there was no-one else inside.

"How long have you known those two?" I was beginning to shake with anticipation as I squatted over the toilet bowl and the urine started to flow. Olivia was timidly checking out her reflection in the mirror, apparently shaken by the starkness of her own nudity and the recent reactions of the spectators. She seemed horrified by the thought of spending even more of her day in front of the public, totally undressed this way.

"Only a couple of weeks. Why?"

"When did Dárcy get that tattoo on his penis?"

"Oh! That tattoo!" She laughed anxiously. "Not long before I met Michelle. Not very long at all! He was out of action while I was getting to know Michelle." She giggled ambiguously. Poor bastard was still sore from having it done and it was a bit swollen. Not in a good way, if you know what I mean." Olivia became defensive again. "She's been married to him for ages, you know." She thought for a moment. "He gives me the creeps sometimes, but Michelle loves him as much as she loves me, so I do what he tells me to." She shuddered.

I didn't have much more time alone with her but I quickly explained the importance of coming with Monica and I when we were dropped back to our flat.

"Dinner, night out or photo shoot. I don't care how you explain it to them but please get out of the car with us when we get back to our flat, love. I'll explain everything later." I promised the young girl with watery eyes. "Promise me, Olivia. Please promise me!"

There was something about the urgency of my request that she found compelling. I was searching her eyes for an immediate answer.

"Well, I don't know? Alright then. I promise, Katrina." She sounded doubtful as she thought about it. "No! I definitely promise."

I didn't know what Michelle and Dárcy had said to Olivia while I was away from her but it was obvious that she had been coerced into removing her clothing again, against her will. I got the impression that she had made up her mind, based the trust she placed on what I had told her.

"Are you alright with that? I had to be sure.

"Yes!" A look of grim determination crossed her face. "Yes, I will come with you, Katrina. I definitely promise you that."

"Now look love, I think I know how you're feeling at the moment but it's really important not to let your friends suspect that we've been having this conversation. Just follow me outside and we'll get this session over with as soon as we can. Try to behave as normally as possible and I promise to explain everything when we get home."

"Gotcha Katrina, I'll try."

She was curious, but realised that I really did have something of importance to her that I desperately needed to convey. I felt sorry that I had put her in such an embarrassing position now, in a way, by suggesting such a public location for Arnold's shoot.

With my help, she followed me over to the tables where she sat down opposite me. Once she began eating her food and talking with the rest of us she put on a brave face and smiled but young Olivia was nervous throughout. Over the time that we were there, the ambiguous ribald comments from the onlookers seemed to bother her far more than at our previous shoot. A previously deserted area had become a hotbed of activity as the other tables filled up with customers that had previously been inside the building and suddenly decided to eat outside for a change.

She looked relieved and grateful when Arnold finally wrapped up the filming and I walked her back to the car. As I hoped, Michelle and Dárcy had no cause to suspect that I had been making plans to remove Olivia from the danger she was facing and we had successfully put on a prime Oscar winning performance for Arnold. He was really pleased with all of us and I'm sure he captured some tremendous footage.

Olivia's fingers were shaking as she fumbled with her front hooked bra to cover herself up again as the spectators watched in silent amusement. They seemed to sense her nervousness and made it worse by staring in her direction.

"Thanks Katrina." Olivia whispered, as I assisted her into her bra. "You're a lifesaver. I'm so nervous."

I helped Olivia into her dress before I dressed myself and slid into the seat beside her, leaving room for Monica on the other side of Olivia. Poor thing was still shaking so I comforted her while we waited for the others. She was even more resolved to join Monica and I for dinner so I told her to take her cues from me and just go along with my suggestions as soon as we were dropped off at home.

Luckily, it was Arnold that suggested he dropped Monica and I off first. The mood in the car was buoyant and Arnold congratulated all of us on the progress he had made so far, mentioning the beach and surfing shots with special reverence.

"If the weather holds, Monica and I might go back there tomorrow morning." I squeezed Olivia's hand and gave Monica a nod, hoping she would agree.

"I won't need you guys till Monday so have fun." Arnold agreed.

The conversation in the car centred on all of our various plans for Sunday amidst light cheerful banter until we neared our apartment block. Olivia sat in thoughtful silence between Monica and I before I gave Monica the nod and she agreed that it would be a great idea for Olivia to come to the beach with us the next day.

As Arnold pulled up to let us out Michelle and Darcy protested that their group lived too far away to join us at the beach. Immediately, I leapt on the opportunity to invite Olivia to spend the night with us. I had successfully cornered them into allowing Olivia to make the decision.

"We can drop Olivia back to your place tomorrow afternoon, just before dinnertime." I offered, casually.

"Oh Yes! That's a great idea. You don't mind do you Michelle? Perhaps Monica and Katrina would like to stay for dinner?" Olivia was brighter than I had given her credit for.

It was obvious that Dárcy wasn't thrilled by our suggestion but the pair of them had no viable alternative but to agree to the sudden arrangements.

"We'll have dinner around Six o'clock tomorrow night. Don't be late, will you? I'll cook up something special for all of you." She tried to sound cheerful but Michelle was definitely suspicious.

"No worries! We'll be there." I cheerfully reached over and pecked Michelle and Dárcy on the cheek, endeavouring to allay any fears they may have that I may have recognised them. "Look forward to seeing you both tomorrow then." I smiled disarmingly at both of them.

Standing with Monica and Olivia at the kerbside, waving farewell to the departing car, my heart leapt as I realised that we had pulled it off, and without an ugly incident. Olivia was safe for now and, by the time I had informed her fully about my own harrowing experience a few weeks ago, she may well have a new perspective on her two married companion's motives in befriending her.

"Lets go inside." By now I was positive that both Michelle and Dárcy had been among my mystery abductors. Although our Arnold really didn't seem like the type somehow, I only trusted Monica at this early stage.

The apartment was empty and Monica silently let us in with her keys. She had been subdued and thoughtful about this unexpected turn of events and was clearly puzzled.

"Perhaps you'd like to tell me what this is about, Katrina."

As Monica entered the apartment and put on the kettle for a cup of tea for all of us, she was still subdued. She knew that my strange, perplexing behaviour was unusual but probably thought it had more to do with my own lustful desires. Jealous again? I expected so.

"You know what I told you about what happened to me before I came here?"

"Yes." Cautiously glancing toward Olivia.

I looked at her, serious and determined to explain my real motives.

"Olivia's friends were there!" I revealed quietly, loud enough for Olivia to overhear and more determined than ever to save her from the same fate. Those bastards were going to pay dearly for their fun at my expense. Now I only needed to convince Olivia that her friends were not what they appeared to be. They had to be stopped!

At once Monica was attentive and caring, realising for the first time that there was a great deal more to my unexpected invitation to young Olivia, to join us for the night. I brought Olivia up to date with my abduction to the point where Vladimir had been used on me that second night. Monica listened as she made us dinner. Olivia and I compared notes on her background and my own.

She had met Michelle for the first time when she was lonely and out of work. Like myself in many ways, Olivia was by herself in the city and had no other friends or relatives close by that might miss her if she disappeared from sight. Michelle had wasted no time in inviting her to stay with her and her husband in order to save her money for other essentials. Sex between the two ladies had started the first night Olivia moved in with her. She had evidently been seduced by Michelle into believing that she was worshipped by the pair of them and was told that they would help her to be very famous one day. Today's work had actually been her first modelling assignment with them and they had assured her that it was part of their plan for her to break into movies and be a big star. My blood curdled as she explained that Michelle and Dárcy had friends in the country and were intending to introduce them to her next week. Once Monica sat down with us, I continued my story to the point where I had begun my second session of 'training', as they called it.

"They began gently enough this time, three or four of them I think, greasing up my entire body and massaging me. One lady worked her fingers into my bottom until she eventually inserted her whole hand, She must have had very small hands. Quite painful at first, I was determined not to upset them again after the last time so I just let her get on with it even though I found it quite embarrassing.

After a while I was in ecstasy so I just lay there, allowing them do whatever they liked with me, expressing pleasure and willingness to please." I looked at Olivia with a knowing smile. "It was actually not too bad at all. Then, without warning, they all left the room and this extremely well hung guy took my blindfold off."

I described the mixed feelings I had as I opened my eyes cautiously and looked around the room. The guy with the tee shirt and mask on, standing ominously before me was waiting patiently, waving his penis at me and chuckling to himself as if he was enjoying every minute. Olivia in particular, was entranced as I described his easy confident manner and how he had been so gentle and endearing while I worked at getting him fully erect. He explained that he was brought there in captivity too and almost had me believing every word he said.

"I quickly worked out that his vanity might end up being used to my advantage so I really made love to him. I made him believe that I had really fallen for him." I coloured up as I looked at the other girls. "Well! I'm sure you both know what I mean. He called his penis--you're both not going to believe this-- 'Top Gun' of all the cheek!"

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