Abduction Ch. 2


"Hey! That's what Darcy calls his weapon." Olivia was suddenly surprised and interrupted me excitedly. "It's tattooed on and you can only read it when he goes really hard-- you know-- fully erect." She giggled as she thought about it. "He calls his cum--"

"Missiles" My voice said the word at the same time as Olivia.

"And Michelle gets me ready for him the same way you said, Katrina." She blushed and bit her lip. "Shit! It's got to be Darcy you were with, back then!" There was no stopping Olivia now. "It all makes sense now. Did they let you go? Afterward, I mean."

"In a way, love!" I sighed. "Only after another week or so of the worst torture you could imagine. Look Olivia! These people could be very dangerous. Do you still want to go back to them after what I've told you?"

"Michelle told me she loved me! She wouldn't hurt me like that, would she?" Her lower lip began to quiver. "She wouldn't put me through that." Referring to Vladimir I expect. She began to cry openly. "I really loved her too, you know."

I knew that I had said enough to her, for now. I turned to Monica.

"How well do you really know Arnold. More importantly, how well does Arnold know those sadistic bastards."

"Apparently, they have both worked for him in the past but I don't think he knows them all that well. I thought they were nice people too. Christ! I'll ring him now and find out if you like."

"No darling!" I stopped her just in time. "I want to make those animals suffer, I mean really suffer for what they did to me. We've got time on our hands at the moment. Let's think about it. I don't think Olivia will be going back anytime soon." Indicating the young girl at the table. Her disappointment at learning the truth about her new found friends was obvious as she sat there sobbing at the table, totally absorbed in her grief. "We can't let her go back to them now."

"Look Katrina, you calm her down while I think what to do next. I have to think. Arnold wouldn't be involved in any way." Hesitating and unsure now. "No! Not a chance. Let me ring him, my love. I'll see what I can find out about Dárcy and Michelle. Don't worry, I won't make him suspicious."

I let Monica handle that while I led Olivia to the bathroom. I needed a shower and I was sure that it might refresh her to have one too! It had been a long day and I looked forward to getting clean again. While Olivia showered, I popped Gilbert out of my well lubricated vagina and cleaned him up under the tap. Running back to the bedroom to put him away, Monica was in earnest conversation on the phone so I signalled that I was putting him away. When I came back she was just hanging up.

"What about that barrister that gave me her card the other day? Lets try her number." I smiled at Monica. "She'll know what to do." I remembered that she had a cell phone number too.

"Arnold told me he would find out some more and ring me back soon." She thought for a moment. "Where's her card?"

"Should be in my bag on the table, I suppose? I'll have my shower first and then I'll see if I can find it for you." I kissed her on the cheek as I brushed past her. "Join us in the bathroom darling? Don't be long!"

Olivia was just finishing in the shower when I walked back in. I took her place in the stall and pointed to the towel cupboard.

"Help yourself to a towel sweetie. Won't be long! Monica's coming shortly."

I ducked under the shower, soaping myself up and luxuriating under the hot cascading water. I could see Olivia retrieving a towel from the cupboard and drying herself. She looked a lot more composed and refreshed than before, after my shocking revelation that her friends were really just manipulative sadists.

I thought back about the way I had pandered to that proud, oversized man. His one redeeming feature had been that he had ultimately been responsible for the others deciding to let me out on parole. Watching Olivia bend over in front of me to dry her feet, I wondered at her willingness to even try to accommodate Dárcy's giant member. Her smooth well formed bottom quivered and wobbled seductively in front of me as she rubbed her feet. I resisted the strong temptation to reach out and touch her moist genitals, just a short distance away from my reach. She must have been desperate to win their affection and be a star in the movies.

I remembered the first time he had broken me in.


Darcy had positioned me over the bed and pushed and squeezed as he eased the bulbous head of his penis through my tortured sphincter muscles. I gasped for breath as he drove his penis slowly in to the hilt, never stopping to allow me to adjust to the assault on my anal canal. Even though I thought I might die at the time I forced myself to relax, thinking that anything was better than Vladimir. I had nearly fainted before I felt that he was at last fully inside me. He had groaned and gripped me tightly, as if he was trying to introduce himself into me an extra few millimetres, grinding his shaved testicles against me in ecstatic satisfaction. It was a feeling like no other, helplessly accepting this throbbing pulsating mass of flesh deep inside my body. I remember squealing with apparent delight, knowing that I was still alive and desperate to please my audience. Somehow I knew that no other man could possibly be this big and I had triumphed in accommodating him. With all my strength and will, I had forced myself to push back at him as if I actually wanted more of him inside me.

"Look, Katrina loves it!" Dárcy had whooped out in delight to my unseen audience. The first time anybody had actually used my name since I was imprisoned. They had only called me 'Bitch, Slut or Cunt' up till that point. I warmed to this new breakthrough and from then on I began to believe that I might actually survive this experience. I remember capitalizing on my good fortune by agreeing with him.

"Yes! Yes! Give it to me." I had forced myself to yell out and move with him, even though it shook up my internal organs every time he drove his penis back into me again. In spite of the pain I behaved like the slut that they took me for. It was my best chance to ingratiate myself to these monsters. I surprised myself by orgasming freely, even before Dárcy stiffened and shuddered.

"Incoming Missiles!" He yelled out, just before he flooded me with his ejaculate and collapsed on top of me. I could almost taste his sperm in my mouth as he pulled his limp member from my inflamed anus and I used the opportunity to turn and drop to my knees in front of him. I grabbed at his flaccid penis and kissed it, opening my lips to swallow the head of his penis. I greedily sucked and ran my tongue around the glans of his member, gently caressing his testicles and pushing my index finger into his own anal opening as if I was trying to get him hard again.

"She can't get enough of me!" Dárcy turned toward the mirror nearest to the bed. "We got to keep Katrina on. I don't think she wants to leave us now." Pride was evident in the way he spoke.

I disengaged my mouth for a moment.

"Come on stud! Let's do it again?" Hoping like hell that he had had enough as I renewed my sensual efforts on his lifeless lump of flesh. The taste was awful and it nearly made me gag to know where it had just been but I pretended to be enjoying every minute. Surely now, they would be more friendly and not use that bloody torture machine on me again? I prayed that they wouldn't.

"What do I call you darling?" As I pulled my mouth away for the second time and raised my eyeballs to his impassive mask. "you seem to have the advantage here."

"Just call me 'Top Gun' sweetie. What did you think of that?" Obviously referring to either his massive penis or the way he had driven the bloody thing though my intestines so brutally. Either way, he sure loved himself! "I think Top Gun's had enough for now. Maybe later?"

"Oh! Darling, I just can't wait till we can do it again. You're the best! You know that, don't you?" Thinking furiously about what I'd really like to do with him.

"Every chance I get. Christ! You've got a tight arse. Feels great too. Best I've had for quite a while!"

He was hooked. The conceited bastard actually believed that I enjoyed it. I would start working on him now until----- maybe? It was my only hope. My heart leapt. They might begin to trust me? I couldn't see his face but I could just imagine the smug look on his face as he turned toward the door.

"You will come and see me again soon. Won't you my love?" I watched him as he walked slowly out the door, almost forgetting to display myself to the mirror again. It was a well worn routine by now. I knew they liked to watch me spread my labia and play with myself. I jumped back on the bed as he locked the door and opened my legs up so that they could see how aroused I was. I turned back toward the mirror and forced a smile, blowing kisses toward my unseen hosts as I stroked myself again and wriggled with delight. I would do this until I got further orders or I was ordered to put on my blindfold again.

Each time Dárcy and I did it after that I found myself more able to take him with a degree of comfort. I actually enjoyed it after a while but I really only had one goal in mind. To get myself the 'Hell' out of this place.


I rinsed myself off and looked at Olivia. She looked beautiful with her tiny white dress on again and her hair neatly combed into place. She had used some perfume out of the cupboard. The sweet smell of Jasmine lingered hauntingly in the air. She was sitting on the toilet bowl with the lid closed. She still hadn't put her panties back on and she was looking at my naked, wet body with obvious lust.

"I should have asked you, Katrina. Did you want me to get dressed again?" Olivia's voice was suggestive.

As innocent as she seemed, she was no stranger to inviting lesbian sex. She was doing her best to ascertain whether I fancied her. Her cleavage revealed a hint of aureole next to the plunging neckline of her dress. I could see clearly how Michelle had persuaded her to attempt anal sex with that brute of a partner. She couldn't be more than about seventeen years old and seemed desperate to please me. If Monica hadn't been waiting on the other side of the bathroom door and so many other more important matters hadn't come up beforehand my reaction may well have been different.

"Look sweetheart, the most important thing to worry about at the moment is to make sure that you're safely out of their hands. You don't know just how lucky it was, for you, that we met today. It sounds as though this time next week might have been too late."

"But--" She simpered. "Who's going to look after me now? At least they got me that job." She sniffled as she pondered her future.

"Don't you realise what they really expected from you, Olivia? Surely, you can't be seriously thinking that they were worried about your welfare." I softened my approach. "Don't worry. Monica will get you plenty of work with looks like you've got. You're so lucky to have a figure like that." Brushing my hand across the top of her bulging boobs as she looked up at me. "We won't let you starve."

I kissed her. "I'll talk to Monica about some work for you later on tonight. We'll get by, you'll see"

As I dried myself and brushed my hair and thought about Monica and how lucky I was to find her as a partner. She didn't try to stop my friendship with Jim, even when it was obvious to her that I intended to seduce him. She handled all my business affairs and had gone to extraordinary personal lengths to please me. Spending the entire day, risking being exposed to strangers with no underwear on to prove her love for me. I realised that I owed her a lot.

Michelle and Dárcy were only two of the large number of people, only too happy to take advantage of an immature and impressionable young girl with stars in her eyes like Olivia. I wondered how many porn or even 'Snuff' movies my footage must have been spliced into, in order to make money for those evil bastards. I put my hand on the bathroom door handle and turned to Olivia.

"Well, let's go and see what Monica's been able to find out. Pass me my dress, please. I'll get changed in our room."

Olivia stooped to pick it up and folded it over my outstretched arm.

"Let's go love."

I opened the door and Olivia brushed past me, looking refreshed and smelling sweetly of Jasmine and scented soap. I sighed as I turned to follow her, still holding my single garment over my arm and now looking forward to some more news from Monica. Arnold must have rung her back by now, with any luck.

To Be Continued...

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