tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction No. 03

Abduction No. 03

bychris 44©

This is the third episode in the story of Tina Featherstone's abduction. If you haven't already done so I strongly recommend that you read Abduction No's 1 and 2 before continuing with this story.


The five men stared down at her. They were laughing, all of them.

"Before we get down to business," said one of them, "I think we'll run through some of the rules. As far as you're concerned there are quite a few of them."

As usual, the bearded one was doing most of the talking.

"On our side though, there are no rules at all, except maybe the one. You've been brought here to entertain us Tina, our job is to see that you do." He paused, and indicated his four companions. "My friends and I are going to fuck you tonight, as many times as we can get it up. You've actually got the easy bit, all you have to do is lie back and enjoy it."

"You can make as much noise as you like tonight. Fight us every inch of the way if that's your thing, it won't make a blind bit of difference. Now that you're here, we can make use of you any time we like. You'll have more cock stuffed into you in the next few days than you'd ever believe possible, and you probably won't enjoy it much. Not to begin with anyway. But this has nothing to do with your enjoyment has it Tina? This is all about us, enjoying you and that tight little body of yours."

Even as he talked, he was maintaining his erection with long, slow strokes of his left hand. A tiny surge of triumph ran through Tina when she saw that. She'd been right about them, 'inadequate shits,' she thought. In his case at least her assessment had been spot on, much good it would do her. That very inadequacy made him all the more dangerous. He was the kind of man who'd get as big a buzz from hearing her scream as he would from actually fucking her.

Just looking at him she could tell he was trouble. There was more than a hint of madness in those eyes. If he ever totally lost control he could hurt her, hurt her badly. Again she found herself wondering how many other girls had knelt on this very spot and listened in disbelief as their new purpose in life was spelt out to them in such simple terms? He went on.

"Like I said, you've got a hundred rules to remember. Break any of them and we'll punish you, it's the quickest way we know to train cunts like you. You don't need to know all them right away, just the important ones. We'll leave the full list for you to read at your leisure." He paused, "Look down Tina. Do you see that rug you're kneeling on?"

Tina did as she was told. It was a red, circular rug about five feet across. There seemed nothing special about it, and she looked up at him, waiting for his explanation.

"Whenever any of us decides to pay you a visit and, now we've had a good look at you, that's likely to happen quite often; we'll ring the doorbell first. You get a full sixty seconds warning, but when we step through the door, you'll be kneeling on that rug waiting to welcome us. Your arms will be folded behind your back, giving us an unrestricted view of your body, The only thing you'll be wearing is a smile. Like I said, your tits and that sweet little pussy of yours will be in full view at all times."

Tina shifted uneasily, the picture he'd painted had a simple clarity she found disturbing.

"No excuses will be accepted Tina. It doesn't matter what you're doing when that bell rings. Sleeping, having a shit, having a shower. You'll be kneeling on the rug when the door opens. If you're not, we'll be forced to discipline you."

He paused, not that he had any need to labour the point again. Tina had got the message; she began to whimper softly. The more she heard, the more frightened she became.

"Like I said, you'll be naked at all times," he went on. "There aren't any clothes for you down here anyway, not once we've burned those rags you arrived in. So that's one rule you won't have a problem with. Just don't go thinking you can cover yourself with a sheet or anything. That is against the rules. Rule number three insists you keep yourself and your apartment clean and tidy at all times. You might be a whore, but you won't live like one, not down here. You'll find everything you need in the various rooms."

His hand moved in a slow arc, indicating the row of three doors along the far wall.

"The bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. it's your job to keep them clean and tidy. Now we come to rule number four. Down here you're not allowed to speak. Unless given permission to do so by one of us, you won't utter a damn word, except maybe the occasional 'please master', and 'thank you for fucking me master'. You'll learn to give the phrase 'Dumb little cunt,' true meaning Tina. From now on, the only time you'll open your mouth will be to swallow our cocks, and our cum. I assure you, both are skills you'll learn to master very quickly."

"Finally, when you're not fully occupied servicing our needs, take a look around. You'll notice there are cameras in every room. Someone will be watching you every hour of every day, so don't get any silly ideas about escaping will you?" He grinned. "There are loads of other things for you to remember, but you can read up on them in your own time. We've waited long enough. I'm going to remove your gag now, then we can get on with the evening's entertainment. That's you sweetheart in case you've still got any doubts about it."

The sniggers from the other four made them sound like more like pathetic schoolboys than serial rapists.

"Remember Tina, from now on you're not allowed to speak a single word unless you're asked a direct question. Nod if you understand."

She looked up at him and hesitated before nodding her head. He seemed satisfied, stepped to her side and released the gag. Working it out of her mouth, he allowed it to fall to the floor in front of her, sliding his cock head across her back several times as he did so. She couldn't help the shudder that ran through her body at his touch. He looked across and smiled at his four companions.

"Gentlemen," he said, "I think we've made her wait long enough. It's time to give this little lady a night she'll remember for the rest of her fucking life?"

A low growl of approval sounded in the room. Tina could feel her body trembling, her eyes dropped to the floor and her whimpering grew even louder.

"Listen to her," said one of them, "she's moaning for it already, can't wait for us to get it on."

"Get it in don't you mean?" came the reply, and again they laughed.

"Who gets to fuck her first?" Came the inevitable question.

Tina didn't see who asked it, but she knew instinctively what the answer was going to be. Even before the other four turned and looked at the bearded one with questioning eyes, she knew. She stared up at him, knowing she was right. The bearded one would have her first, it was in his eyes. As though reading her mind he laughed full in her face.

"Oh, I think I'll start the ball rolling with this one. She fancies me, don't you Tina?" He jerked his thumb. "You can get up now. Stand by the table and wait for me," he ordered, slapping her sideways when she hesitated.

Slowly she climbed to her feet, stumbled across to the table and stood there waiting for his instructions. One arm was held across her breasts, and her right hand covered the neatly trimmed patch of hair that decorated her thighs. Even Tina knew it was a futile gesture. The bearded one was smiling as he walked towards her, the other four fanning out behind him, all keen to play their part in the coming assault.

His hands reached out, rearranging her arms, so they hung loosely by her sides, allowing him unrestricted access to her naked body. He seemed to approve of what he saw.

"You've got a nice body on you Tina, I'll give you that. But looks aren't everything. It's what a woman does with her body that makes or breaks a whore."

He looked her in the eye, spinning out the moment as long as he could, making her even more nervous.

"You're not looking forward to this are you," he said. Tina shook her head.

"That's too bad, because I am, and that's all that matters round here. To be honest I don't give a rat's arse how you feel about it."

He moved closer, taking one of her hands in his, and wrapping it round his cock before she realised what he was doing. Instinctively she tried to pull away, but he held it in place and shook his head.

"No. Leave your hand where it is Tina. You'll have to get used to handling cocks, it's one of the quickest ways to pleasure a man."

By this time they were nose to nose, his eyes staring down at her. Slowly he let go of her hand, trailing his fingers up her body towards her breasts. Immediately Tina pulled her hand away from his cock and tried to stop his hand.

She screamed as his trailing hand seized her breast, fingers digging into its sensitive flesh like eagle talons. The cynical smile never once left his face.

"Naughty, naughty. I told you to keep hold of my cock, didn't I? Rule number one, if you don't do as you're told, you get punished. Now put your hand back where it was."

When Tina hesitated, he dug his fingers into her breast again and, slowly, reluctantly her hand reached down. He pulled their bodies together, forcing her to push her hand between them to reach his cock.

"Good girl," he said as she touched him again. "Now get hold of it properly, and give me a decent hand job. Even you must know what I'm talking about."

She looked away. The flicker in her eyes comfirmed she knew exactly what he was talking about. His fingers loosened their grip, the pain in her breast diminished, and he began to fondle her instead. Squeezing each breast in turn, teasing and tweaking her nipples to an embarrassing hardness. He was testing her. He could feel her body trembling as she tried to back away. Only the table blocked her escape, there was nowhere for her to hide.

"You're scared aren't you?" He said. When she didn't reply, he used his eyes to ask the question again. This time she nodded,

"Yes," she whispered, a tiny frightened voice lost in a very dark dungeon.

"There's no reason to be scared Tina. As long as you do as you're told, nobody's going to hurt you. We'll only hurt you if you misbehave."

She paused as his hand moved away from her breasts, and began to explore more of her body. A single look from him was enough to ensure she resumed her hand job. Her hand seemed so small, it barely reached round his hardened cock, which seemed to have a life of its own as it pulsed evilly in her hand.

"You wouldn't think a thing that size would fit inside a tight little hole like yours would you Tina?" He said, "but I assure you it will. With a bit of effort, it'll go all the way in."

His stubby finger continued to trace a random pattern across the tight muscles of her belly, edging ever lower towards her sex. Both of them knew where it was going, but he seemed in no hurry, pausing for a moment to finger her navel on the way. From close range, Tina watched his tongue as it flickered across his lips like a snake. He was feeding on her fear, knowing how close she was to breaking point, and wanting to push her over the edge. When his finger reached its target; the dark, tempting patch of hair that decorated her thighs, she finally snapped.

"Nooooo...," she shrieked, and tried to twist away.

They'd been expecting it, all five of them were onto her in a flash. Her arms were held firm, and she was hauled backwards onto the table. Her head crashed down, the impact filling it with wildly flashing lights. Even as her feet left the floor, the bearded one was moving between her legs. Lunging down with his head and clamping his mouth onto her pussy like a limpet. As his tongue probed into her, he lifted her legs, placing one on each shoulder. Forcing them up and back, he bent her almost double while continuing to tongue her remorselessly.

For a moment Tina continued to struggle. Yelling and shrieking obscenities as her body twisted across the table in a desperate attempt to break the connection. Hard hands were mauling her breasts and her buttocks, squeezing them, hurting them; hurting her. A face, young middle-aged, clean-shaven and dark haired, briefly swam into view. His mouth fastened onto hers, and he began kissing her, cutting off her cries and sucking the air out of her lungs. Tina noticed he didn't try to tongue her the way that bastard between her legs was doing. A matter of self-preservation probably. In her present state she'd have bitten his tongue clean off if he'd tried it.

'So this is rape,' she was thinking when the dark haired one finally pulled away, leaving her gasping for air. Her body jumped as the bearded one finally sucked her swollen clit into his mouth, and the screaming began again as he bit down hard.

Right from the start he alternated between pain and pleasure, sucking on her rosebud until she began to react, then biting down. Cutting off the pleasure before it had chance to become fully mature, always replacing it with pain. It was a cycle he repeated over and over again.

From the very start she'd be taught that, for her, pleasure will always follow pain. She found it too much, her body began to betray her and there was nothing she could do to halt the cycle. After some ten minutes of this treatment, they hauled her off the table. Before it had registered that he was no longer between her legs, he'd spun her round, and forced her face down onto the table in front of him.

"Lean forward Tina," he ordered, "and get hold of the table with both hands. This is going to be a rough ride."

Realisation dawned in her frightened mind. The sick bastard was going to fuck her doggy style. It was the last straw.

"No," she screamed as she twisted round and faced him. "I won't do it. You can't do this, you're sick. You're all sick. You have to let me go before you find yourselves in real trouble."

His laughter rang loud in her ears. In fact they were all laughing, but it was his blow that sent her sprawling across the floor again with her head ringing. This time she stayed down, feigning unconsciousness, but he was having none of it. Grabbing her hair he hauled her to her feet and forced her back to the table.

"Hold her down," he growled. "Make sure she doesn't try that again."

The others responded eagerly, seizing her arms and pinning her to the table as the bearded one closed in on her. Realising her vulnerability she tried to close her legs, but he was too quick, slowly his knee forced its way between her thighs.

"Too slow Tina," he whispered, "far too slow."

His knee ground into her groin and slowly he lifted her off the floor. She fought him, but couldn't match his strength and, inch-by-inch, her legs were forced apart. Tears of anger and frustration welled up, stinging her eyes, and she gritted her teeth. This was every bit the nightmare he'd promised it would be. His hand slid down her back, parting her arse cheeks and continuing on, down and forward. Tina's body writhed in disgust at his touch, but she was held too firmly to do more.

With a studied slowness, his fingers slid into the dampness of her pussy, first one finger, followed quickly by a second and a third. Again he lifted her off her feet. This time he was showing off, suspending his wriggling prize in mid air, with his thick and probing fingers buried deep in her cunt.

Once more she began to scream, one of many screams she would utter before the night was over. These were merely the opening moments of her ordeal. The rape of Tina Featherstone was to continue for a very long time.

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