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Cuckolding has always been one of my favorite fantasies, along with humiliation, female domination, forced feminization and forced bi-sex. I do not consider myself weak, feminine, gay or homophobic.

One could debate that these fantasies could easily belong to a closet homosexual. They could, but not always. Just as one assumes a transvestite is gay, which is more often not the case. I have even tried a couple of men during my lifetime. It did nothing for me sexually. It neither repulsed nor excited me. I guess if I want to play with a cock, I prefer my own. We're old friends and rarely disagree.

My cuckolding fantasy remained just that, a fantasy until I was about twenty-six, when a live-in girlfriend cheated on me a couple of times with and ex-boyfriend and then once, blatantly with a new lover. It angered and disappointed me, rather than excited me and I left her the following day.

Later, when I was thirty-five I got into an open relationship with another live-in girlfriend. We agreed to have other lovers as long as we involved each other. I watched her fuck other guys, and she watched me with other women. It went ok until I became involved with another woman, who I ended up marrying.

For the next twenty-five years my fantasies remain a private thing and I did not mention them to either of my two wives or other girlfriends fearing that I might freak them out or turn them off. Throughout that time span I remained completely monogamous.

Then in my mid-sixties, I met a woman at work who I admired and we became close friends. Then after three years became lovers and now are about to wed.

After building love and trust between us, I began to share all of my deepest, darkest fantasies with her. She enjoyed hearing about them and would even role-play with me. We are both too concerned with the possibility of losing each other to ever make this fantasy a reality, however, it is fun to share and play with these fantasies. I have never revealed so much or felt so completely understood, as I do with her. It has only strengthened the relationship.

When I retired, due to health reasons, I began to write and discovered Literotica.com. I had previously visited the site to masturbate to some of the stories, especially the cuckold themes. I decided that the stories came close, but none really captured my ideal fantasy, so I decided to write my own. I liked it and sent it in to Literotica.

The reaction I received was a bit overwhelming. The cheers, the jeers, the hate emails and the encouragement. I decided to accept comments but copied them into my spreadsheet to contemplate and then erased them from public viewing. I wanted my readers to give me their opinions un-influenced by other comments.

I have submitted over forty-six stories and poems, erotic, and non-erotic to this and other sites. A small number compared to some authors but the feedback has been very illuminating.

I have come to see that the cuckolding theme, although as old as time, is one of the new taboos. First it was oral sex, then gay, now BDSM and fetishes. I know they have existed and been practiced for centuries, but I am talking about mainstream USA. There are S & M Clubs popping up all over and are becoming more and more popular each day.

Strangely enough, the most popular read theme at the site is incest. This is not a subject I care to discuss at this time but it seems cuckolding has become very popular and therefore, controversial. Many men see it as a weakness and detest it. Others find it very gay and repulsive. Some consider it a real threat to manhood, and despise everything about it. The reality is I get a hundred times more positive mail than negative.

I do not see it as any of these things. I see it as a sharing of the power, a concern for her pleasure and a means of dealing with the green-eyed monster that hides in all of us. The opposite fantasy, wanting to dominate women and use them, enslave and humiliate them with no concern for their pleasure has been the status quo for too many centuries. Not only is it unfair, it's boring.

Multiple sex partners: Risky, both to your health and to your relationship. You had better have a rock-solid love and even then you are taking a big, big chance. By using your imagination, you can have cuckolding and monogamy at the same time.

Cross-dressing, forced bi: A means to break away from the macho stereotype and try to experience the feminine side of ourselves. We all, men and women have both estrogen and testosterone swirling around in our bodies. We are chemical creatures. As we age, as men, our testosterone level drops and our estrogen level starts to take over. Some of you may be thinking, not me, not me. Perhaps you haven't...yet.

Interracial, black dominate, white submissive: Maybe a balancing of the scales. Unconscious guilt for past injustices. Searching for a deeper gene pool. Or the idea of a beautiful white woman in the arms of a strong, virile black man is just hot, esthetically, emotionally, artistically and morally. The breaking of another taboo.

Often, reading some of the hate mail, I think to myself, "You doth protest too strongly!" Why should anyone care so much about me sucking cum out of my wife's cunt that they would write, "You don't deserve to live, you wimp-assed faggot!" Or "She doesn't love you; she just wants your money!" This type of comment reflects some inner conflicts within the commenter.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I truly believe cuckolding, reality or fantasy, like most desire, if done with care, mutual consent and a genuine concern for the other person, can be a beautiful expression of love. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

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