tagIncest/TabooAcapulco Summer

Acapulco Summer


[Authors note: This story continues the erotic adventures of Alexis and Noelle Van Houten that began in 'Visiting Aunt Alexis'. You may wish to read that story first for more background on the characters.]


Alexis awakened, kissed Noelle's cheek, carefully disengaged herself from her companions embrace, eased out of the bed and padded barefoot onto the balcony. The sun and sea breeze felt good on her bare skin and she stretched luxuriantly. Below her, the Pacific Ocean waves glittered as they rolled in to the sandy shore. Colorful beach umbrellas had already begun to sprout here and there as the hotel guests began another day of sunbathing and swimming.

Alexis began to reflect on the direction her life had taken since her niece Noelle had come to visit. Alexis remembered her as a gawky teenager, but a beautiful young woman had stepped off the plane and into Alexis' heart.

She was shy at first, but soon they were chatting like old friends and as the weeks passed enjoying the others company immensely. Alexis had never made any secret of the fact that she preferred women as lovers; however her sister had sent Noelle to visit her without a second thought. 'She probably thinks it was a phase I was going through' Alexis thought wryly.

She found herself becoming attracted to her niece, but hesitated to approach her since they were family. She was surprised and delighted the night Noelle came naked to her bed and asked if they could make love. Alexis lavished every sexual technique she knew on the young girl, wanting to make her first experience with a woman a memorable one.

Noelle's cries of joy and ecstasy as she climaxed again and again were music to Alexis' ears. When her afterglow had receded, Noelle wanted to return the favor. What she lacked in skill, she made up for in enthusiasm and she ate Alexis to a series of delightful orgasms. When they finally slept entwined on the rumpled sheets, the bond between them had been forged in passion and love.

Noelle returned home long enough to gather her belongings and inform her parents that she would be attending college in San Francisco and that she would be staying with her aunt indefinitely. Their days were spent in work and studying, their nights enjoying each other to the fullest.

Alexis' reverie was interrupted by arms encircling her waist and a warm, naked body pressing against her back. "Here you are," Noelle purred, rubbing herself against Alexis, "I was all alone and I missed you." Alexis turned her head and they shared a tongue swirling kiss.

"It's so beautiful here," Noelle continued, resting her chin on her aunt's shoulder, "What shall we do today?"

"I was thinking we should go down to the beach ..." Alexis began when Noelle's long fingers began stroking her damp slit. "Didn't you get enough last night?" she said in mock irritation, "You are so naughty."

"Mmmmm ... you like me to be naughty, don't you?" Noelle replied, inserting a finger in Alexis' already dripping pussy. She knew her aunt loved to be finger fucked, both in the pussy and in the ass, and she couldn't resist exciting her like this in full view of anyone who happened to be looking. When Alexis' fingers slid into her pussy, Noelle moaned happily and they began to fuck in earnest, sharing open mouthed kisses.

A night of lovemaking had not diminished their desires one iota and soon they were humping and rubbing together, riding the others fingers like a galloping horse, moans and little shrieks escaping their lips as they drove each other to a spine arching climax.

Noelle came first, crying out as her orgasm burned along every nerve in her body; Alexis was right with her, shuddering and moaning as her orgasm brought tears to her eyes. They slumped to the floor and lay panting in a tumbled heap of sweaty flesh.

Noelle found her voice, saying "It just keeps getting better, my love. You make me so fuckin' hot I can't stand it."

"You never fail to excite me, dear one," Alexis replied, "I thank the fates that brought us together."

Noelle's stomach rumbled and Alexis said "I think someone is hungry. Let's have some lunch sent up and then we'll go to the beach. It's clothing optional so we won't need suits."

"Oh goody," Noelle replied, "I love to swim naked. Maybe we can fool around if no one's looking."

"You're impossible," Alexis said with a grin, swatting her ass as Noelle giggled.


The women accepted towels and a blanket from the hotel attendant and walked onto the warm sand until they found a suitable place to sit. They spread out their blanket, removed their beach robes and reclined naked in the noonday sun. Most of the other guests on the beach wore only their skins and what bathing suits there were consisted of scraps of cloth barely covering breasts and genitals.

Alexis and Noelle regularly visited tanning beds at home, but in comparison to the deeply tanned people around them they appeared rather pale. They were dozing in the sun when a voice said "Hello, I hope we're not bothering you."

They opened their eyes to see two beautiful naked women carrying towels and a beach bag looking down at them. Their alluring faces framed by waves of shiny black curls; with their golden tanned skins, firm breasts, curvaceous bodies and shaved pussies they were a sight to behold.

"Why no, not at all," Alexis replied, Noelle stared at them and licked her lips. "We assumed you must be tourists," the one woman continued, "And we wanted to welcome you to Acapulco."

"Why thank you," Noelle replied, "Would you care to join us?"

"That would be lovely," the other woman replied. "My name is Ana and this is my sister Cari."

"I'm Noelle and she's Alexis," Noelle said. "Are you twins?"

The women laughed and Ana said, "Thank you, but no we are not. I am older by three years."

"I'm her baby sister," Cari added as they sat down. As they conversed about trivialities, the women eyed one another appraisingly, liked what they saw and moved closer together. Gentle touches on a knee or elbow, a careless stroking of the others hair, little smiles and winks determined that they were definitely interested in one another.

Soon hands began to roam ever closer to a stiff nipple or a wet pussy until Ana jumped up, scampered over to an attendant, spoke to him then returned to the blanket. A moment later, two men carried a three walled and roofed fabric enclosure to where they sat, placed it around and over them and left.

"I told him we needed some protection from the sun," Ana said with a grin, "Now we can play without nosy people watching us." They lay back on the blanket, Noelle with Cari and Alexis with Ana and began to kiss and fondle each other.

Cari sucked on Noelle's stiff nipple and fingered her wet slit. Noelle moaned, pulled the girl half on top of her and slid two fingers into her dripping pussy. They began frigging each other and kissing passionately. The thought of being fucked by a total stranger in the middle of a crowded beach caused both of them to reach a swift climax accompanied by moans and little shrieks.

Ana lay back, spread her legs and Alexis snuggled on top of her, moving around until their pussy lips met and they began grinding together in a sexy trib. Moaning and sighing into their lover's mouths, their orgasms rose within them, then burst in a flood of cum and muffled cries of release.

"Oh crap." Alexis panted, "I wonder if anyone heard us?"

"If they did, they may be curious but we won't be bothered," Ana replied. "People fuck out here all the time," she paused and gave a nervous laugh, "Usually at night though."

They decided to take a swim to wash off the sweat and cum. They ran into the rolling surf holding hands, then began to play like children, splashing and dunking each other. Emerging from the water, they dried themselves with fluffy towels and lay down in their hideaway. They traded partners and began their lovemaking again.

Noelle and Ana took turns sitting on the others face and being eaten to orgasm, flooding their lovers mouth with warm cum. Alexis and Cari fingered and kissed, then scissored their legs together and began a thrusting trib ending in an explosive orgasm for each of them. Satiated for the moment, they took another swim and sat down to really talk.

"What do you do where you live?" Cari asked Noelle.

"I'm going to college right now. I'm majoring in Electronic Communications and one day I'd like to work in television news."

"Tell us about yourself, Alexis," Ana said.

"I design and produce my own lines of undergarments and sleepwear that I sell on line and in selected high-end stores. I work from home and am usually around when Noelle comes home from the campus."

"Then we fuck," Noelle added, earning a playful swat from Alexis. "What's the story on you two?" she continued.

"I'm attending a trade school," Cari said. "I've always enjoyed building and fixing things. Right now I'm learning how to repair and upgrade computers."

"When we were kids she took one of father's favorite watches apart," Ana laughed, "What really surprised him was when she put it back together and it worked perfectly."

"Ana manages one of the biggest department stores in the city," Cari said proudly. "She gives me an employee's discount too."

"You're not supposed to tell people that," Ana said in mock irritation, "I could get in trouble."

"Oh phoo," Cari replied. "Listen, were having a party this weekend at our apartment. We'd love to have you there if you can make it." She winked at Ana, "We always have such fun."

Alexis and Noelle exchanged knowing looks and agreed to attend; they had a pretty good idea of what sort of fun the women had in mind. Kissing and hugging, they finally parted after exchanging phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

"Damn they're hot," Alexis said, putting her arm around her companion's waist as they rode the elevator to their penthouse suite, "But not as hot as you, sexy."

"When we were in the water, Cari told me she and Ana were lovers," Noelle replied. "They have been since they were teenagers and their parents never have found out. They think they're living together to share expenses."

The elevator door opened and they entered their suite, dropped their robes, kicked off their sandals and snuggled on the couch.

"Did you tell her about us?" Alexis said, kissing Noelle on the forehead.

"I sure did. We both laughed about our choice of partners and Cari said we should call ourselves the incestuous foursome."

"I like her sense of humor," Alexis chuckled, "Let's take a shower and then we'll go out to dinner."

"I bet we can get each other off using that shower massager," Noelle said, tweaking Alexis' nipple.

"That's what I love most about you," Alexis replied, "You're insatiable ... like me."


Over the next few days, the women went parasailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and rode a zip line over a tropical rainforest. Alexis had never considered doing any of these things, but Noelle had and her enthusiasm was infectious. Her adventurous nature wasn't confined to outdoor sports as Alexis was soon to discover.


One morning they decided to visit the department store that Ana managed. It was quite large with four floors filled with a wide selection of merchandise. On the third floor they came upon a display of camping equipment in the Sporting Goods Department.

Several tents had been set up on a green carpet around an imitation campfire. Various lanterns, cook stoves, a canoe and other camping paraphernalia were set about along with several manikins dressed in outdoor clothing.

They walked around looking at everything, and then Noelle whispered to Alexis "I have an idea."

"What are you thinking about," Alexis replied, cautiously.

"When no one's looking we could sneak into one of these tents and fuck. People would be walking all around us and if we were quiet they wouldn't notice a thing. There's also the chance we'd get caught, but that just ads to the fun. You wanna do it?"

Alexis felt a shiver of excitement run through her. Noelle was such a devil, but it did sound like fun. What the hell, if we're caught they'll just throw us out, besides, we know the manager.

"Let's do it."

"Yay! That tent over there's big enough. We'll act like we're looking at it then duck inside when no one's watching."

They saw their chance, pushed the tent flap aside and crawled in. The tent was large, dark and reeked of waterproofing chemicals. They sat for a moment waiting to see if anyone was coming after them, then relaxed.

"We made it," Noelle whispered. She unbuttoned her skirt and wiggled out of it followed by her thong.

"What are you doing?" Alexis said in a low voice. "We can't get naked in here. This is crazy."

"Sure we can," Noelle replied, removing her blouse and bra. "It's no fun to fuck with clothes on and this is sooo sexy."

Alexis sighed and undressed. They lay on their clothing and began to kiss, caress and finger each other. Noelle began to pant and Alexis knew she was ready to be eaten out. Noelle lifted her legs, spread them and held then back with her arms, putting her creamy slit in easy reach of her lover's mouth.

Fully aroused by the situation, Alexis ate Noelle's pussy like a starving wolf; licking, sucking and swishing her tongue as far in as it could reach, swallowing the flood of warm nectar in her mouth. She loved the taste of Noelle's pussy and her hunger for it would never be satisfied. She moistened a finger and pushed it gently into Noelle's puckered asshole, making her jerk and moan.

Noelle began to shiver and Alexis knew she was close to cumming. She licked and sucked the girl's swollen clit and pushed another finger in her asshole. Noelle bit back a scream as her orgasm shook her uncontrollably. She ejaculated into Alexis' face and collapsed onto the carpet.

"God DAMN," she panted, "No one eats pussy like you do, baby."

Alexis grinned, licking cum from her lips. "I want you to do me from behind," she purred. "Fuck my holes and eat my pussy. Make me your bitch."

She knelt, leaned over, rested her hands on her arms and wiggled her ass at Noelle, whose mouth was watering. She began eating her lover's asshole, forcing her tongue past the puckered star while fingering her pussy, knowing it drove Alexis wild. She worked four fingers into Alexis' pussy, pumping hard as she sucked and licked her asshole.

Alexis' mind exploded as the dual sensations set her to jerking and shaking and when Noelle sucked her clit between her lips and began licking it furiously she thought she would faint. Noelle wiggled two fingers in her lover's asshole and nibbled on her clit driving Alexis over the edge. She came forcefully, biting her fist to keep from screaming, squirting ejaculate into Noelle's busy mouth. She gulped and swallowed what she could as the rest ran down her chin.

Noelle hugged her aunt until her breathing slowed to normal. "Fuck! That was wonderful," Alexis growled, "I thought my head was going to come off. We better get dressed now and ..."

"What exactly are you two doing in there?" said a familiar voice. They looked up to see Ana grinning at them through the tent flap. "I'd love to join you, but I'm needed elsewhere. Get dressed and we can talk in my office. Any clerk can tell you where it is."

"Heh", Noelle said, "Busted."


Seated on a couch in Ana's office, Alexis and Noelle waited for their friend to return. They sipped tea her secretary had brought them and laughed about getting caught.

"You were right about fucking in public," Alexis said, "It's a real turn-on."

"I've always wanted to do that," Noelle replied, "It was sooo exciting with you. Let's have a quickie before she gets here."

"Behave now, my sexy little darling," Alexis said sternly, but Noelle's uninhibited sexuality was an irresistible influence and she liked it. "Although we could lift our skirts long enough to ..."

Ana strode into her office and glared at them, looking formidable in her business suit, "Do you people do this sort of thing where you live?" she said sternly.

"Ummm ... no," Alexis began.

"We do fuck in the park sometimes," Noelle said, not helping.

Ana rolled her eyes, "You were caught on a security camera going in the tent. When they called me about it, I decided to see for myself just what was going on. Imagine my surprise when I saw you two."

"It was more of an impulse," Alexis said, "I hope we didn't cause you any trouble."

"Just be glad the cameras can't see through tent material,' Ana replied, "Or you'd be on the internet by now."

"Are we still invited for this weekend?" Noelle said hopefully.

"Of course you are," Ana replied. "You'll fit right in with our little group. Now go find somewhere else to satisfy your desires."

Alexis and Noelle looked at each other and grinned. This was going to be fun.


"Here we are," Alexis said, "Apartment 1409."

"I'm a little nervous," Noelle replied.

"Don't be. You'll win them over with your sexy body and your sparkling wit."

"I'll try not to overshadow you, sweetie."

"Just ring the doorbell, smartass."

"I obey, mistress."

The women had spent most of the day on the beach, swimming and sunbathing. They wore colorful sundresses and sandals, but no underwear; stripped for action as Alexis put it.

The door swung open and Cari was standing there wearing a gauzy bed jacket and nothing else.

"Hi guys, c'mon in and meet everyone. I'm so glad you could make it." Four women wearing next to nothing stood together conversing and looked around to see who had arrived.

"I think we're overdressed," Noelle said in an undertone.

"Everyone," Cari announced, "These are our new friends from the states, Alexis and Noelle;" the women came over to greet them.

Sylvie was a tall, aristocratic brunette, with alluring violet eyes, breasts like ripe apples, shoulder length chestnut hair and a figure like a fashion model. She wore a terrycloth robe hanging open and was naked underneath. She offered her hand palm down as if to be kissed and Noelle, feeling mischievous, kissed it. Sylvie stroked Noelle's cheek and murmured "You shall be mine, young one."

Kyla was full figured, with a shock of flaming red hair, green eyes, pinkish-white skin, large breasts with thick, pink nipples and a smile that lit up the room. When she shook Alexis' hand, she tickled her palm with a finger and grinned. She wore a pair of white silk panties that her red-furred bush showed through and nothing else.

Dalia was stocky, ebony skinned, with a skull cap of black hair, breasts like ripe pears, a generous mouth, dark brown eyes and muscled arms and legs. She gave Alexis and Noelle soul kisses with lots of tongue. She only wore a jeweled thong.

Kami was an Asian woman with shiny black hair down to her waist. Her startling yellow eyes, saffron skin, boyish figure and sweet smile giving her an air of smoldering desire. She kissed them and nuzzled their necks. Her colorful robe hung open and she was naked underneath.

Ana walked in from the kitchen with a tray of drinks, wearing only a filmy bed robe, "Alexis! Noelle! You're here. Have you met everyone? Marvelous, now we can begin."

The guests of honor looked at each other, dropped their sundresses to the floor and struck a pose while the other women clapped and laughed. "Now we can begin," Ana said.

Ana took a small bowl from the tray and said "Since my sister and I have already had the pleasure of these ladies attentions we will limit the first drawing tonight to the four of you charter members. There are four slips of paper in the bowl. Two have our guest's names on them, two are blank. Who wishes to draw first?"

"I will," Kami said. Ana held the bowl high and Kami drew a slip. It was blank. "Damn," she said, pouting.

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