tagGroup SexAccident Grants Benefit Ch. 07c

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07c


Chapter 07.3 : Some sultry dispersal before the visitors cum, Part 3

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be a 12-Chapters-story, a true story. (This is a corrected prediction - for all of my readers following this novel from scratch, all the time awaiting 8 chapters as provided in my basic storyline - thank you so much for giving me lots of encouraging feedback and compliments, mostly thanking me for sharing, asking for more details, and pleading, even urging me on to continue writing. Well, I promise I'll do :-). And I appreciate your every input, very much.

I've made some good friends through the feedback and have found corresponding with them a real pleasure, mostly.

Very few of you are still awaiting my answer - please be patient, I'm writing on Ch. 07.4 already.

For those of you who are new to this story: I would recommend to read the previous chapters before proceeding here.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Part 3: Friday Night - Lustful reconnaissances in the darkness

"Hey - selfish girl... don't you eat alone!" I mumbled.

The low slurping sound was instantly replaced by a snickered, "Sorry my love - I can't share, though my fingers are generously coated with her creamy cum... mmhhhh... Sylvia tastes soo good - gawd what an exquisite taste... and her awfully sweet scent drives me wild; ooh darling... I can't wait to eat her, finally, too bad that it is impossible in the moment."

"Well... okay dear, I had my appetizers earlier anyway - and I can assure you it's worth the wait... besides the well is just too cute. And lively..."

"Heavens darling - STOP! Before you'll have me driveling..." Renate shifted a bit in my lap and her right arm reached 'round my back to hold on to my right shoulder, her sweet lips brushed the left side of my neck, "...what we just shared was thrilling Bernd, and that we managed to cum altogether gave it an extra sweet touch." She emitted a deep, like dreamily sigh, "You must know my love, this was the first time in my life to make two beloved persons happy at the same time, and it satisfied me in a very special manner that I was able to concentrate on Sylvia whilst you did everything to bring me to the edge of an earth-shattering climax - and to hold me there till the right time had come. And, besides my love... I am proud of my first success, my darling - or is that... ahem, inappropriate?"

I hugged my lovely rider tighter, and my lips sought for hers. She got a special sweet, tender kiss before I leaned my left cheek on hers, and replied softly, "No, my cute little cougar, you have every right to feel proud, no question. You felt by yourself that you had our princess cum real hard, so hard that she fell asleep again, almost instantly once she'd caught her breath again." My left hand roamed up my lovely lady's spine to bury itself under her silky hair, softly massaging the back of her skull whilst I continued, "Tell me something my love... please know that you mustn't answer if it's too intimate a question. I certainly don't want to disgrace you my sweetie, is that fair enough for you?"

I was granted a swift kiss on my cheek, and I could feel that she smiled, "Oh darling, you are too cute. Now listen, my sweet heart... we achieved a level of intimacy - in less than one day - that makes it hard to imagine that your question could go beyond... so dump your concern and give it a try, please... I won't chide you my love, you have my word. And... by the way, Bernd - I know that you would never do me a harm... you are an exceedingly kindhearted man, and always thoughtful and fair. "

"Good lord darling... thank God that the lights are off, so you can't see my deep blush..."

My sweetie giggled lowly, "Hey - you promised you'd never lie to me, remember? Listen Buster... I know very well that you can't blush... not when half of your blood sticks inside me..." This image caused my member to stir, and her giggle grew louder as she softly rubbed her cheek on mine, she cooed near my ear, "Ooaahhh... that makes you hard? Gawd how I love to feel you growing inside me, geeze that feels just too good. But it's good to know now that you are so easy to entertain..." her pelvis rotated lazily and sweet pussy gripped my rapidly hardening phallus whilst she let out a contented 'mmhhhhhh...', her sharp little teeth attacked the lobe of my ear. Her breaths shortened when my cock twitched with the tender caress, her teeth loosened their grip and now she sucked on the lobe, "Darling?" I replied with a humming while her left hand descended to caress my chest, "...my, ahem, I... it felt so good when you... when you fondled my breast, so... tenderly, before... you remember?"

I waited for my sweetie to continue, but she didn't, I rested my cheek on hers, "Of course I remember, my love... it felt much too good to forget about it. Why did you... ooohh..."

She kissed my cheek, "Now, I... eew, please promise not to laugh at me, will you?"

I nodded, "I won't, my sweet love, whatever it is..."

"Thank you darling." Another kiss, now on my lips. I was sure that it had been meant to be a swift one, but I conquered her lips and let my left hand tighten its grip on her skull to hold her in place for the kind of kiss I wanted at that time. My beauty tensed for a moment, then I felt a smile building on her sweet lips and her body softened, almost melted, a wonderful feeling. As always, Renate's trustful devotedness liberated a warm wave of loving affection, spreading out over my entire self. She must have sensed my emotion, with a soft sigh into my lips her left hand roamed up my chest to stroke my cheek with almost heartbreaking tenderness, causing a frog to settle in my throat. Nonetheless I intensified our kiss and smiled with her gratifying reaction when she gave a series of low moans, her pelvis resumed its slow, seductive rotation what instantly prompted my cock to expand any further, thus luring an indescribably sensual growl out of my maiden.

A blurry remembrance of her earlier question arose and my left hand loosened its tight grip to descend, grazing along the side of her head till it approached her collarbone, following it to find a stable grip on her left shoulder joint. A cute little purring sound escaped her as her upper body leaned back, resting on this hand when my right hand left the small of her back and grazed over her hip to settle on her snug tummy, causing it to unconsciously keep in whilst she turned at the waist, just a bit to her left to grant me advanced access. My index finger paid a short visit to the hollow of her navel what elicited a loud groan out of my sweet maiden, changing into a further series of moans once my hand flattened to slowly draw circles around her belly button. "Mmhhh..." she gave appreciatively, and arched her back to feel more of my hand, now that was what I had waited for, my fingertips grazed upwards, shortly pausing when I felt the bottom of her rib cage, she broke our kiss abruptly, wheezing as her vagina forcefully clasped my dick - Geeze, how I love the female anticipation... I love it dearly - he stood full mast instantly and I had mercy on my now trembling lover and cupped her left breast, finally.

"OhGod yesss..." she moaned loudly, and again arched her back as if trying to press the warm, luscious hill into my palm, "...ooh darling...darling, it feels soo good..." I gave her firm flesh a lovingly squeeze and she sighed with pleasure, "....mmhhh..." her cheek brushed mine softly, "Oh Bernd, my love, can you feel how much she loves your large, warm hand?"

I chuckled whilst tenderly kneading the fleshy softness, and gave her cheek a short lick, "No -- really? What a surprise, darling..."

"Hey - be serious... please darling, this is important for a girl... I'm sure you know that, don't you?"

I kissed the sweet spot beneath her ear and apologized, whispering, "Yes, I know my sweetie... please forgive me, that was thoughtless. And... seriously my sweet love... you let me feel the whole evening that your enticing breasts loved the warmth of my chest. And I loved their warm, lush softness equally on me, despite of your sexy bra in between our skins."

I backed a bit away to allow my lips to brush along hers, and she gave a trembling sigh, "Ooh darling... you have no idea how much I love when you do that. Now, for the protocol, Bernd: Your apology is accepted."

I gave her lovely breast a soft 'bye for now' squeeze before my hand grazed up the satiny skin of her deliciously rounded cleavage to stroke her cheek at last, mumbling, "mmhhh... so high and proud... delectable. Well, it seems that I'm indeed easy to entertain, huh?" She giggled gleefully while I added, "But at first: I thank you, Mylady..." Her cheek nestled close in my palm with a soft purr, and I rewarded my sweet baby with a tender kiss, "...but once more I must beg you to forgive me, my love. Heavens... I put by your earlier question, too stupid to think about the behind meaning of it, gawd I'm so sorry Reni... I should have been able to 'reek' your concern, in the end you gave me more than one hint..."

The soft pressure of her sweet lips sealed my mouth, before she said quietly, "No-no, no my love... your hand gave the answer, unhesitatingly..."

I interrupted her, snorting, "Maybe my hand was wiser than me... now that was easy I guess, inattentive as I have been...."

Again her lips shut me up, "Hush, my love, don't blame yourself, it's not right Bernd." Her sweet lips brushed across my cheek, a feathery caress before they covered mine, adding pressure till I returned her tender kiss likewise, and for a few minutes reality faded from our minds, leaving us reveling in our mutual happiness, closeness, and love.


My love's hand roamed lazily over my chest whilst she planted a series of butterfly kisses all over my cheek, "Bernd?" I 'hmm?'ed and tried to catch her sweet lips with mine, she dodged, and tittered lowly, "...I love you!"

"Good news, my heart." Right in this moment my lips met hers. "Got you my sweet cutie..." I chuckled, and she gave a soft 'mmhhhh...' that made me smile while I asked playfully, "...guess who returns your love, sweetie...?"

She giggled happily whilst tenderly nibbling my lower lip, "I have no idea, Bernd... who could that be? Ooh... you mean Sylvia?"

"Direct hit, my darling - exactly." I licked all along her busy teeth, sweet pussy clutched me, roughly, "I knew you'd remember, well done!"

"Thank you darling - by the way, Sylvia: It struck me that you never use Sylvia's short name - you know, 'Syl' - and because you rarely do something without any reason... well, I just want to hear why you don't do it?"

Her sweet lips captured mine, as if she wanted to prohibit my answer. Anyway, I have my own priorities, and decided to answer her lips' insistence in first place. Two, three minutes later she let go of my lips, fiercely panting thus allowing me to catch my breath as well, and I managed to answer, at last, "Geeze, darling... we'll kill each other, sooner or later, that's for sure. And why not... rather that than to do without your breathtaking kisses. Now my sweets... from my point of view names have a meaning, and I'd never shorten a name without the respective person's permission, or request... for me that would imply a lack of respect. And besides, darling... in Sylvia's case there is another reason - her name, Syl-vi-a rolls off on my tongue as the best Champagne. I know, a short name can be useful when it comes to her job, in the hectic moments they have every once in a while; but being at home, or generally in the privacy it seems to be superfluous to shorten a name, for me that is."

She thought about my words for a minute, "I see... I've never thought about it that way, but I can understand what you mean. You know, we met some of her colleagues occasionally over the years... for a conjoint dinner, or going to a movie, or theater together, and so I adopted their way to address Sylvia. But... Bernd, now that I think about it - being with you I seem to mostly use her given name as well... and yes, it feels right me, too. Funny thing... that, huh?" A cute little giggle escaped her lips, "Say darling... about my name - you seem to follow this route likewise, you know? Every once in a while, whenever I feel that you're overwhelmed with feelings you call me 'Reni', like Sylvia does. It once escaped her, it must have been at her birthday, you know... the one we talked about earlier... she almost burst with happiness, and pronounced 'Reni' so lovingly that I begged her to stick with it."

Her left hand centered on my chest, only to descend along my sternum, and farther on till one finger entered my navel, my musculature tensed unconsciously, and I shuddered with delight. She giggled pruriently and I got a swift kiss, before she cooed, "Remember... you did that to me before, with the same effect... seems that we both like that, my love?" I moaned revealed, still squirming and she continued, giggling again, "I love your muscular build darling, I always love to feel your abdominal muscles working beneath my belly, and now my palm."

"Like that... huh? To be honest, my lovely seductress: Your caress rather made me hot..."

"Ooh..." she purred, "I didn't fail to notice... and thank you my heart, for the lovely reward we got, sweet pussy and I..." and now her voice was dripping with complacency, "...we appreciate, very very much..." and I got a (heated) kiss, as if to lay emphasis on her words.

"Ooh God..." I cawed when she broke the kiss, "...how I love your lips, my sweetie... I could kiss them for a week solid, then allow us to breathe in deeply before we again start from scratch... and I'll never get enough of your sensuous lips..." I grinned, delighted beyond belief when she squirmed in my lap, "...and of your neither lips as well... including what they guard..."

"Berrnnndd..." a hoarse whisper interrupted me whilst her sex tightened once again, what attracted Li'l Dicky's attention, "Ohmygod... ooaahhh gaawwwdd Berrnnndd..." the unbelievable sexy sound let my mouth fall dry with desire, my now fully expanded cock throbbed like possessed and my pelvis started to tingle. My right hand left my lover's cheek, no time to seductively stroke her skin on the way down to her breast, it just fell down and cupped the swollen mound, she wheezed in surprise, I lifted my palm and all my fingertips circled the topping, pointy areola, before I let the nails softly scratch around the nipple. She groaned loudly what made me even hotter, the two outer fingers withdrew and I took the nipple between my thumb and the remaining two fingers, the erect teat seemed to be harder and longer than ever before, what granted me a perfect hold... I pinched it, almost roughly, her constant groaning changed to a loud howl, and I almost felt the lightning hitting her clit, she gave a stifled scream and the impact seemed to lift her pelvis up before it fell back into my lap. I tensed shortly, afraid I might lose my grip on her, my hand left her tit alone and raced down to grab her left ass-cheek to stabilize my shuddering rider, my left hand pushed her shoulder forward and to the right thus pressing her front into mine again, and only now she felt safe enough to cross her arms behind my neck, holding on for dear life, she breathed choppily against my neck when her head came to a rest in the crook of my right neck. My left hand fell down to cup the lower swell of her right buttock, my forefinger in the valley outside her slippery labia, the others along the inside of her thigh, my right hand followed the lead instantly, and I had her safe, finally.

I allowed myself to relax for a moment before I realized that I was about to lose control, using my tight grip I heaved Reni's ass till I felt the wide rim of my glans hook itself inside her clenching opening, thus pulling it outwards, gawd that felt great but I lowered her bum, my hands sweaty and shaking like mad, using the sparse remain of patience I managed to slide her down on me as slowly as possible, allowing her to swallow him again till I bumped lightly into her cervix, she heaved a loud groan with the soft impact and sank her teeth into my neck, I panted, "baby baby you should cum, I can't wait for you, sorry I can't hold..." I broke up wheezing as my suddenly aching balls tightened and rose, another sting of pain and they released, my noisy growl of relief escorted my load on its rush through the tube, and I felt like exploding when she pressed her pelvis down onto my crotch and started shaking, her whole body shook violently, my ears seemed to be out of order and my lips felt numb when I sank - no... fell back, crashing my head into the wall, it must have hurt but I didn't even feel pain, only lightheaded, limp, enfeebled, and right then my subconsciousness must have decided that it was high time to visit Nirvana.


"Bernd? ... Berrnndd darling..." The words caused me to tense, the voice... Sylvia's urging voice reached my ear muted, like through a screen of fog, blurry though insistent, something scratched along my under arm, escorted by another, "Bernd... darling - PLEASE..." I tried to concentrate and return a 'what?', out came nothing but a pained groan. "Bernd? Heavens darling... you scared me, please tell me that you are alright..."

I tried again, "Sylvia? Hush darling, I'm O.K." The truth was that I felt everything else but okay.

"Thank goodness! Eeeww... I'm relieved! But tell me what happened, my love... your screaming alarmed me, and I awoke totally disoriented..."

"Ooh, I'm sorry darling... too bad that we frightened you." I drew a deep breath and swallowed, a crack in my right ear startled me, suddenly my sense of hearing returned and I fetched a deep sigh of relief, guessing that my left ear would return to normal state as well, sooner or later. "I feel a bit dizzy, still, but I'm fine... no need to worry my love. Give me a minute please, to come back to my senses, and I want to look after Reni, it feels as if she passed out as well, okay?"

"Yes my love, take your time. I tried to get a feel of her, but of no avail, I couldn't get close enough to her chest, your arm was in my way, though I could feel and hear her regular breathing; but wasn't able to check her pulse on her carotid... too high with my bent arm, you know?"

"Right, don't worry darling, I feel her breaths as well, and her heartbeat seems to be regular, too... I can feel it, pounding in her crotch, but I'm gonna check on her carotid to make sure as well."

I straightened, slowly, to enable me to slip a bit back on the settee, and corrected Reni's position in my lap before I raised my left hand to her chin, followed her left jawbone till I felt the carotid beneath my fingertip. Her pulse was still increased, but regular and strong, and I was at ease. Well... not entirely; once I'd corrected Reni's position I became aware that my cock was in a shameful state and allowed our juices to slowly escape the velvety sheath - no good - but an internal look back to our earlier triangle 'exercises' improved his state quickly.

'Very good.' I smiled to myself, and told Sylvia about Reni's satisfactorily constitution to ease her whilst changing arms on Reni's bum, so my right came free to reach around Sylvia's shoulder and stroke her bandaged cheek, then her lips and chin whilst I buried my face in her lush hair. She gave a soft sigh of relief, and I complimented my lady, "You feel good, my darling..." I chuckled lowly, noticing the mistakable wording, and added, "...you will know that, already, but it's meant to be a question as well. And... by the way: Did I ever tell you how much I love to feel your hair on my cheek... ahem - to be exact - everywhere on me?"

She tittered lowly, "Question 1: Yes my love I feel fine, could hardly be better, thank you Bernd, and thank you for your compliment as well. And... I have more to tell; but at first - Question 2: I'll give you an answer as soon as you made up for all the kisses I missed when I slept."

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