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Accidental Wet T-Shirt


I, like many other men, think my wife is the hottest thing in the world, and that I should not be so greedy as to be the only guy who gets to see her. And Sarah is an incredibly beautiful woman. In her mid-20's, she's 5 ft, 4 inches tall, petite in her frame, olive skinned with bright green eyes--and then there's her body. A perky B-cup matched with a nice flat stomach, and a big butt for a small woman. This is a story of when I got to show her off, and it is mostly based on a true story. Some the details will seem silly, but they are all necessary.

Sarah and I live about 30 minutes outside of the city--a sleepy Southern city. Not in the middle of nowhere, more like the exurbs. It was a Friday night, around 9:30 or so, and we were headed out to the movie theater. To get there, you have to get on the highway for about 15-20 minutes.

She looked too hot that night. She was wearing a white tank top without a bra (the shirt sort of has support built in to it), with a black skirt that came down about halfway down her thigh. Her dark hair was straightened, her body was rocking, and I felt like a lucky man.

The movie was pretty good--"Troy" had the action scenes and history I was looking for, and the good looking, mostly naked men she was looking for. A decent compromise I guess. Besides, it got her ready to get home and have some fun.

On this date, I had volunteered to pay for the tickets, but when she wanted popcorn and a Sprite, I let her get it for herself. When the movie was over, she hadn't finished her movie snack yet. On our way out, I picked up the popcorn and drink to throw out, but she told me,

"I paid for 'em. I'll finish 'em thank you."

Sarah is the type of person that can't sit still--always has to have something in her hands to play with. Well, after pushing in all of the plastic bubbles on the top of the lid, and then taking the lid off to fold and play with, it was pretty useless as far as lids go.

Anyways, with drink and popcorn bag in hand, she got into my stickshift Honda. Stickshifts, as you may know, are always a little jerky when the driver shifts gears. Before we got to the highway, we hit a stoplight where it was just us and the grocery store truck next to us. As the light turned green, I put the car into first gear, and--because my foot slipped on the clutch--the car lurched forward. As I hit second gear, it lurched a little again. Then,

"Shit!" yelled Sarah.

"What is it babe?"

"The damn Sprite is all fucking over me! You need to be more careful with the shifting Jerry."

I turned the car light on inside so she could find some napkins. As I looked over at her though, I noticed--looking out her car window--that the truck driver next to us had seen the whole episode, and was carefully driving right next to us. Sarah's shirt was basically transparent, with her pretty pink nipples clearly showing through. I saw our happy neighbor, but Sarah was too flustered to care yet.

Keeping him in mind, I reached back into the backseat of the car and handed her one of my t-shirts that I'd left in there.

"Thank you sweetie," she said.

As she took off her shirt, I looked at her beautiful chest and laughed, "No babe, thank you."

Just then we heard a loud HONK HONK! from the trucker who had surreptitiously been riding next to us. Not thinking, Sarah turned around, accidentally flashing our happy horny friend. She blushed.

"Oh my god! I can't believe he just saw me! What do we do??" She slipped my shirt on.

"I don't know," I said. "Seems like he liked what he saw. I can't say I blame him."

"Oh it was just these," she said, grabbing her boobs, sort of shaking them up and down.

"If it was 'just those,' and it's no big deal, let's see you do it again."

She hesitated. "Ok, slow down, let him catch up some." I did. "Here goes," she said, flipping up her shirt, and shaking her chest back and forth. I could see the man's grin, and I got a better look at him. Probably in his mid-30's, not bad looking, but I couldn't really judge him too well. We got another big HONK! from the driver, and again we sped ahead of him.

"Wow! That was really fun," she said excitedly. "And did you see how happy that guy looked? Ha, they're just boobs," she chuckled.

Well, as happens after drinking a fair amount of Sprite and not getting up during a movie, she had to go pee and we still had about 20 mins before we'd be home. About 5 miles after her flashing, I pulled off at a weigh station/rest stop so she could use the bathroom.

When she went to the bathroom, I saw three men--all stereotypically in flannel--walking toward me. One of them was our trucker friend. He smiled, and looked friendly, but I got the pistol out from under my seat and put in on my hip just in case. They saw it, and immediately let me know,

"We ain't trying to gang up on ya or anything. I'm Greg, and I wanted to say thanks for that little show your lady put on for me. My friends here," he motioned to his two friends, standing slightly behind him, "they've each been on the road for over a week. They wanted to know if there was any way they could get a similar show. You know, just to ease the loneliness a little bit."

A few minutes later, Sarah emerged from the bathroom and walked up to me, grabbing my arm and kissing my cheek. She blushed when she saw the man she'd been flashing, but I whispered in her ear, "Hey, they're just boobs, right?"

"Right," she said, and straightened out. He introduced himself to her, and I suggested we walk around to the back side of the rest stop, away from the highway as we were talking.

The three of them lagged behind us, as I told Sarah about their request. "They're lonely," I told her. "I know what that's like--you could really make their night."

"I could really make their night," she said. "You're right. They're just boobs, and I know it would make a big difference in their night."

So I called them over to us. They stood about 5 feet away, and she pulled up her shirt just as she had before. We then started to walk back to our car, when hear John holler at us,

"You know, Louis here is really an ass man. We don't mean to be crude or demanding, but we can tell what an amazing ass she has. You don't suppose..."

So we walked back over obligingly--I'm an ass man myself, so I understood his plight--and she stood before them again. This time, she reached under her skirt and slowly pealed off her panties. I stood so she was facing me, while her ass was facing them. She pulled up her skirt and shook her ass at them for probably 10-15 seconds. I on the other hand got a good look at her shaven pussy--it was glistening.

"Holy shit!" I yelled, a bit too loud. "You're enjoying yourself quite a bit there now aren't ya? Didn't realize this would you get so wet babe."

"What??" we heard from the 3 men.

When she turned around to face them, with her skirt down again, she saw three pretty sizeable lumps in their pants.

"OK!" she said. "Now it's your turns."

They gave her confused looks.

"Time for me to see those cocks. I got them hard, I get to peak." I was in shock, but she had been very horny--amazing what can happen.

So one-by-one, they pulled them out. The first one was about my size--8 inches I'd guess. The second one was a bit smaller, and third one was a fair bit larger. Mine, of course, was out by this point as well.

Then, the real fun began....

To be continued...

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