tagIncest/TabooAccidents Will Happen Ch. 02

Accidents Will Happen Ch. 02


Day four of our morning ritual. Jen appeared in the kitchen doorway and smiled, legs crossed.

"Hi Rich, need to get ready now as the District Nurse is coming round to check my dressing at half nine, you ok to help."

"Sure, lead the way Jen, wash patrol fall in."

We marched up stairs like kids, giggling and laughing all the way to the bathroom.

"Oh God, I really need to pee," Jen suddenly looked distraught, I figured she needed some privacy.

"OK I'll wait out here til you finish, no worries." I turned to leave.

"Rich, I'm in pajamas and I can't get them down, help me." came the plaintive cry.

I looked back as Jen hopped from foot to foot.

"Hurry please, I really need to go."

I walked over as she stood in front of the toilet. Kneeling I pulled her bottoms down, as I did she sank down and opened her legs. I looked in awe again at her pussy, just as a jet of piss jetted out and into the bowl. I watched fascinated as the pee erupted from her pussy. I must have been close because I could feel little drops hitting my face. The smell was overpoweringly sexy.

"Wow!" I said, looking intently as the stream dwindled away to a few drops and then stopped.

"Ahhhhhh, that's better, what are you doing, haven't you ever seen a girl pee before perver."

"No not in real life, what a fantastic sight, that is so neat."

"Get off, come on we need to get going if I'm to be ready to have my inspection." she shuffled her feet then lifted them.

I got the message and pulled her bottoms off completely, she stood and used her good hand to push the flush. I was upright again and helped her take the top off. I now knew how hot to make the water and soon had a flannel soaped up.

"Arms up there's a good girl." I instructed as she grinned and lift her arms obediently. I soaped her armpits, chest, breasts and arms, as well as her good hand, then rinsed and carefully dried her. Today she lifted her foot onto the loo seat to allow me access to her pussy and bottom, which I duly cleaned and rinsed. she looked approvingly and nodded as I finished drying her.

"Hmm I may need to employ you on a more permanent basis," she sighed.

"Reasonable rates, no offer refused." I nodded, "Now into your room to dress."

Again I had the joy of looking at her neat small backside and her pussy lips as she bent to get her underwear.

"Hey I know you're looking at my bum as usual, stop whatever you're imagining, it ain't going to happen."

"No but it is in my mind, wow, you are one sexy sister." I laughed and sat on her bed.

Jen turned with a pair of plain white knickers but no bra. I looked quizzically and she grinned.

"Not enough to fill one anyway, so what the hell let's leave it off, who but you and me knows." She arched her eyebrow, "now you're not going to split on me are you?"

"Why would I, you dress how you like, you'd look beautiful if you wore a dustbin liner, you know that. Any road up it's not my job to say what you should wear, simply to get you into it. OK, Dress or Shirt, trousers or skirt?"

"Skirt and t-shirt please," she looked as I opened her wardrobe.

"OK, that blue skirt, yes that one and..that t-shirt, yes that one."

I looked in happiness at her outfit. She was going to look hot today.

I laid the items on the bed and dropped to my knees in front of Jen. She laid her knickers on my head and I snatched them off and held them open for her. Stepping in she straightened her legs as I began my morning pleasures by kissing my big sister from her feet to just under her boobs as I pulled her knickers up. I avoided those but kissed her lips as I finished. She wriggled to get them right. Some mornings she asked me to stick my finger in the legs to straighten them out.

I reached for her skirt and held it as she stepped in to it. Again kissing her as I straightened up and stood. I cinched it shut and pulled on the zip. Then as she taught me, as she pulled her tummy in I moved the zipper to the side. She held her hands up again and lent forward so I could pull the t-shirt over her head. I pulled it down and adjusted it. Jen looked amazing, so I told her, she grinned and banged her hip into mine.

"Can you just stop that, it's embarrassing, I'm just your sister, for heavens sake." She was beginning to go red though.

We were stopped by the doorbell, I went down to open the door, leaving Jen to tidy her bed and stuff. A young cheerful girl in a NHS blue top stood in the doorway.

"Jennifer Williams?"

"No I'm Rich Williams, you want my sister, come in." I stepped back to let her in, she carried a large shoulder bag and wore sensible shoes.

"Where is Miss Williams?" she asked, I pointed to the lounge and yelled up the stairs, "Hey gorgeous, lady for you." I turned and grinned at the girl who was looking back at me startled.

I heard Jen on the stairs then felt her hand swoosh my hair,

"Pest, Hi I'm Jen, please go in, do you want a tea or coffee?"

"Oh err, tea please, thank you."

"Job for you buster, two teas, bring in the milk and sugar so we can add our own." Jen growled.

I went and made tea, then toyed with the idea of lumping the four pint plastic milk bottle onto the tray and the bag of sugar, no not worth it I decided. I put some milk in a jug and added the sugar bowl, hefted the tray and walked into the lounge. The Nurse was unwrapping the bandage around Jen's hand, carefully re-rolling it as she removed it, quite a trick to carry off.

I put the tray on the coffee table and asked, milk and or sugar, adding as requested, then put the cup and saucer on the coaster by her side. I made up Jens and put it by her side. The nurse pulled out a box of sterile gloves and put a pair on. As we watched the nurse slowly peeled of the covering over Jens wound. It was a vivid red, but there was no pus or blood. She carefully felt around the wound area asking if Jen felt any pain. Jen said no at at each touch, so the nurse, then found a new dressing, a wad of cotton wool to pad above it, then carefully rewound the bandage around Jen's hand. once again fastening it in some mysterious way at the top. taking off the gloves she laid them on the tray, ok, I'd dispose of them then.

We sat and drank, the nurse making notes in her diary. She would come back on Monday and check again. Standing I led her to the door and let her out. I walked back in and Jen was sipping her tea. Her tiny nipples were obviously hard as there were two little points on her t-shirt. I decided not to pursue it and cleared up the tray and put the cups in the dishwasher. Coming back into the lounge I saw Jen reading her Kindle. So I popped upstairs to get my stuff together to go to College. I looked into the lounge and whistled at Jen, annoyed she looked up and grinned, I had another pair of her knickers on my head, worn like a hat, these were bright red.

"OK, I'm off to College, see you later, I'll pop back and make you a sarnie about one fifteen'ish is that ok. She nodded, her grin a mile wide. I laughed and peeled her knickers off and threw them at her, and bolted out the door.

"Pest," echoed down the hall. I grinned and closed the door. Always leave them laughing.

Week three, Day one

I was in the shower when the bathroom door opened and Jen came in, I waved and she wagged her oven glove paw at me, then hitching up her nightie sat down on the toilet. I carried on washing and finished as she stood to flush. I stepped out of the shower stall.

"Hi gorgeous,"

"Hi handsome, sleep well?"

" I did actually, how about you."

"Yeah good thanks, you cleaning up."

"Yeah going to shave then I'm ready for the day."

"Ah! talking of shaving, I need a bit of a touch up in that department, before it gets too itchy, normally I'd do it myself, but..."

She waggled her bandaged paw and smiled ruefully. I nodded, and finished drying. I hadn't really noticed Jen eyeing me as I had dried, but as I hung my towel on the rail she whistled, I turned back and she grinned.

"Nice arse and package Rich, now as you say to me, if we weren't related I would certainly want to date you." She winked and smiled.

"Wow thanks, if a sexy sister says you're good, you're good." I did the sizzling finger action. Jen groaned.

Having dried off, I asked Jen what she wanted done, so she explained and pointed me to a little pink razor kit on the side. I told her it would be best if we washed her first then shaved, to which she agreed, so I ran the hot and cold water in the sink and helped Jen off with her nightie. Raising her hands we did the whole morning wash ritual. For the shave I helped her up on to the vanity unit to get her at a better height.

I sprayed her bare pussy with the shaving foam and used the razor to remove the light stubble that had built up. Carefully using a couple of fingertips I separated her pussy lips and held then steady so I could do the really intimate bits, and finally got her to stand bend over, legs apart to run the razor round her dainty anus. Jen smiled and asked me to do her legs, and armpits, so I obliged. She was silky smooth again and I couldn't resist running my hand over her. I waited for the smack or push away, but instead she growled and pushed her body to mine.

We cuddled as my cock rose between us, a huge grin came over Jen's face.


"You know what."

"Do I?"

"Yes you do, Mr Wriggly's back and he's coming between us."

"Told you you were sexy,"

"Back of buster," This was directed at my cock, which she flicked with her fingers.

"Oww! careful"

"that doesn't hurt."

"Ohh! so does this?"

I flicked her nipple and she puffed her cheeks out.

"Oww! that hurt,"

"So did that,"

"OK sorry, I'm sorry I flicked your cock, why did it do that?"


"Jerk, like that?"

"Because you said cock in a sexy voice and I'm extremely excited by your use of the word cock and the close proximity of you naked."

"I'm your sister,"

"You're a young, sexy, attractive, naked sister."

"Ohhh! tell me more?"

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Are you really horny like this all the time around me, even when I've got clothes on?"

"Yup, 'fraid so, you are just so sexy I have a permanent erection, I am aroused by thought word and deed,"

"What deeds?"

"Getting your knickers out the drawer, sitting with your pants round your ankles on the loo. Breathing, you name it and I'm hard for it."

"You are a perver."

"Guilty and happy."

"Do you relieve this situation... often?"

"When I can, which is every opportunity I get for quiet time alone."

"Do you use porn?"

"I have done, but lately well, no, I just think of, washing you, dressing you. and from now on shaving you."

"Poor Rich, you got a lousy deal out of this didn't you?"

"Ohh! I'm so up for "feel sorry for him sex", I don't mind."

"In your dreams buster, I'm keeping my cherry for a special occasion,"

"You're a virgin, wow, how come you've not..."

"Don't, I've hardly been out with boys, not got the right equipment," Jen looked down at her chest.

"You're kidding, Jen they are awesome, perfect, just..."

"Leave it buster, anyway I'm getting cold, let's get dressed."

Jen eased away and walked to her bedroom. Once again I helped her get dressed and then went to dress myself.

Downstairs we had breakfast and I organised my stuff for College, kissed Jen and left, I'd be back at lunchtime to make her a snack.


I saw a strange car on the drive and parked behind it. Inside as I opened the door I heard a really musical laugh and my sisters guffaws. Reaching the lounge I popped my head round the door. Wow! Jen was sat with the most incredible looking girl (besides my sister obviously) I had ever seen. She was drop dead gorgeous, as tall as Jen, slim, like Jen, leggy, like Jen. Most strikingly she had a head of pure long ginger hair, and a pale longish face with a delicate hazing of freckles. Like Jen she didn't seem to have any breasts, since her skinny t-shirt hardly lifted away from her chest. I grinned stupidly as she realised I was ogling her. I blushed, I know! so embarrassing.

"Hi, I'm Rich, err Jen's brother, nice to see you, I mean, meet you,"

"Rich, when you get in a hole stop digging. Eve this is Rich and he is my younger and only brother. Eve works with me and popped round to see me in her lunch break." Jen glared at me.

"Hi, ohh! I'm here to make Jen lunch, do you like Tuna Mayo, there's plenty, salad and stuff..."

"Hey that would be great, I was going to grab a sandwich on the way back, but yes thanks."

I smiled at Jen who nodded just slightly and I turned away to the kitchen to make lunch.

Fifteen minutes later I had produced a killer lunch, which I set out at the counter then called the girls in. We demolished it with cold drinks, then Eve had to go and I went to move my car so she could back out. I came back in to the lounge where Jen sat with her Kindle, quietly reading.

"Well, if your tongue was any longer you'd have tripped over it," she said without looking up, "You are so horny, you undressed her in front of me. So Rich, why does Eve float your boat."

"Because she looks a lot like you, but with hot ginger hair and freckles, oops mouth in top, brain in neutral. I mean, she seems like a really nice person, and she has an interesting face, her voice is lovely too."

"Hah, you're slavering again, I can't believe you. "I'm here to make Jen Lunch.." you crawler," Jen had mimicked my voice perfectly.

"So, I was just being polite to your friend, hey are you jealous or something." I pointed at Jen as she reddened.

"So what if I am, I want you all to myself buster, so back off and leave Eve alone." she smiled, put her book down, stood and walked over to me. She rubbed her body against mine, then gave me a decidedly unsisterly kiss, involving our tongues. Then, stroked my cock through my trousers. I stiffened immediately.

"Well big boy, how's that for a "thanks for lunch"?"

"But, but... but,"

"Either that's a compliment on my rear, or you're suddenly speechless, what's up little brother, sister got your tongue."

Jen ran her hand over my back and snuggled into my neck. My hands moved to her rear and I began to massage her beautiful arse through her skirt.

"Ohhh Rich, that's really nice, but why don't you lift my skirt and do it?" She kissed me again and I felt my cock surge as my knees gave way slightly. I ruffled her skirt and found her knicker clad cheeks and went to heaven. Jen began to grind against me, squeezing my cock between our bellies, I groaned.

"Well this is better than with some ginger tart isn't it?" she purred.

I stopped and lifted my hands away, letting her skirt drop back over her beautiful cheeks. Jen pushed away and looked at me,


"You know what! you're doing this to distract me from thinking about Eve, you're, you're... Jealous!"

"Of course I am; I'm in love with you stupid, you've cleaned and dressed me, touched me in my most secret places and never once tried it on with me. Do you really think I can live without your touch after all this. I've thought of trying to hurt my hand more so you have to keep on touching, looking at and dressing me. I love you Rich, not as a sister, although it probably started as that, but I want you and Eve made me realise I might lose you. Please Rich, tell me you love me, you do don't you?"

"Fuck, I.. of course I love you, but your my big sister Jen, I worshiped you from as far back as I can remember. It has been fun looking after you and you have a fantastic body. But you're my sister and I can't forget that, it's wrong and I can't let you or Mum and Dad down by doing something which we both will regret in the future."

"I don't want to think about the future I want to think about now, here and now. I want you physically, I want to make love to you, I want to feel you inside me, I want to be your lover."

Jen hung her head down and her shoulders shook as the tears fell. I held her and shushed her, stroked her hair and kissed her neck, but she just cried and cried. I didn't know what to do. The door opened and Mum came in, she rushed to Jen and took her into her arms. She led Jen into the lounge and sitting cuddled her onto her lap, leaning back and stroking Jen's hair. I felt like a complete shit, so I slunk away to my bedroom, sat on my bed with my head in my hands.

It was probably about an hour later Mum appeared, she looked grim, I waited for the verbal beating I deserved. Mum sat next to me and took a hand from my face, leaning in she kissed me on the cheek. I gave way, I sobbed my heart out. She just held me and let it all come out. Finally I stopped and tried to get myself under control.

"Jen's told me the problem, it's strange but I always thought you two were close, but this is much more serious than I expected."

"I'm sorry I let you and Dad down and I'm so, so sorry for what I've done to Jen." I looked at my Mum and felt the tears rising again.

"As far as I can tell you've not done anything wrong Richie, just been good and true for your sister, and she has become, well, I suppose the word is besotted with you. Now things might change or things might not, but at the moment Jen needs you. You have an awesome responsibility young man, now why don't you go along to Jens room and talk to her."

"But Mum, we might not be able to control ourselves. I don't want to end up in bed with my sister, no matter how beautiful and sexy she may be," I looked at mum pleadingly.

"Richie, if you end up in bed with your sister, then she'll be with someone she can trust and rely on. She really does need you Richie, go to her. When you've decided what you're going to do come and talk to Dad and I."

She rose and left the room, I sat thinking, until I heard a tap on the door. I looked up and Jen was there, biting her lip and frowning. I stood and walked to her, folded her in my arms and kissed her hair. Her arm came round me and she held me tight. We stood this way for an age, before I let her go and led her to my bed, we sat side by side. Jen held my hands and we sat in silence.

"Jen I am so sorry for hurting you, I had no idea you felt so strongly about me. I thought you were just being a happy, sexy sister, having fun with her little brother. I had no idea you had any interest in me over and above that, how could I be so stupid. I am truly, truly sorry."

"Oh Rich, I feel so stupid, I never meant to tell you, I was so afraid you'd go off on one and never speak to me again. Eve was a knife in my heart. I should be happy you find her attractive, she has a good heart and.."

"Jen, never mind Eve, we have to sort ourselves out first. How do we go on from here? Can we be friends and siblings. Jen I love you, but as my smarter, sexier older sister, I will always want to be a part of your life, as I hope you will want to be part of mine. This has been the best time of my life and you played the biggest part in it, I love you Jen."

"Oh, Rich, I love you too and I know I'm being soppy, but I really respect you and I know what you say makes sense, but my heart and my pussy want you so very much." She inched closer and laid her head on my shoulder.

"What a mess we've made Jen. How can we move on from here?"

"Make love to me Rich, now, please." She kissed me again and again.

I felt my cock hardening and I turned towards her, grabbing her arms I closed my mouth on hers, we lay back on the bed, hands roaming over each other, I pulled up her shirt and rubbed my hands over her tiny breasts, feeling her nipples harden in my palms. Before we knew it we were naked and kissing, sucking, licking, caressing each other until Jen pushed me down and her pussy opened invitingly round my cock. I felt myself slip inside her and her core closed around me, I felt our bodies touch, I was fully inside her. We drew together kissing and bounced around the bed, squealing, groaning, grunting, laughing and pushing against each other. We slid in and out and felt the heat rising as our bodies rushed to orgasm.

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