tagMatureAccountant Ch. 02

Accountant Ch. 02


I sat back and watched as she hunched over the keyboard balanced on her knees.

"Are you alright like that? I've got one of those TV dinner trays if you want."

"No I'm fine," she said glancing up at me.

"Okay then, I'll go back to my computer and do a little more work; we can stop for dinner in an hour or so and see what you've got by then."

"Okay," she said glancing up again.

I went back and carried on with my Tuesday afternoon appointment's accounts, leaving her tapping away on the keyboard. We didn't make the full hour as the baby woke and cried for a nappy change.

I hit the save button and turned, swivelling the chair to face the back off the settee.

"What do you want for dinner, the chef recommends his scrambled eggs."

She popped her head up

"Always trust the chef," she said. "Eggs will do fine."

"Anything with it, onions, cheese, tomatoes?"


"Sweet corn we have, give me ten minutes."

"Okay, I need to make some more formula as well, could you put the kettle on."

"Yes," I called over my shoulder as I exited.

I filled the kettle and got the eggs and things. Five minutes later she walked in. she had the baby in a sling on her chest with her arms wrapped around him, bag hanging on her shoulder.

"Is the kettle boiled?"

"Yes, I don't know if it's cool enough yet, it's been a long time since I made a bottle."

I carried on stirring the pot as she heaved the bag onto the counter and sorted through it for the bottle and things. She was still cooling it under the tap when the eggs were done.

"Ready," I announced, taking the pan off the heat.

"Two minutes," she replied.

She fed the baby with one hand and leant to the side to eat with the other, I'd give her time to feed him first next time I decided, mentally apologising to her.

She played with the baby after our light lunch while I saved her work and loaded up mine from the usb stick. Everything looked okay and I shut it down and packed it away ready.

She was still playing when I left for my appointment. She was watching TV when I got back, the baby on her lap engrossed with the sound effects of a fluffy toy rabbit.

"All finished?" she asked as I walked across to my chair.

"Yes, I'm done for the day," I said putting the laptop bag down on the table and sitting down.

"Can we move the settee around a bit so I can let baby play on the floor?"

"Yes, we can back it around and move the coffee table as well if you want," I said as she stood.

"No, just the settee is okay," she said as she moved down to the armchair.

As she went to put the baby down I stopped her. "It's okay; I can shift it by myself."

"You sure?" she asked straightening back up.

"Yes of course," I said bending to lift it.

I walked it around behind the desk, leaving enough room for me to get to the computer.

"Is that okay?"

"Yes that's fine," she said walking back and laying the baby down on the carpet.

"Can I?" she said turning to reach out to the laptop.

"Yes of course. It'll need to be plugged in."

"Where's the socket," she asked looking around.

"I'll do it," I said stepping forward to pick up the bag.

I unzipped it and unravelled the lead handing her the end after I plugged it in.

"Thanks," she said, sitting on the floor and putting the laptop on her knees.

"You want a cuppa?" I asked.

"Yes please," she said giving me a smile.

As I started to walk out she called me back. "Wait! Can you log on for me."

"Oh, sorry," I said walking back.

I stopped behind her back and knelt down, catching the aroma of her perfume as I put my head over her shoulder and slipped a hand around to type in my password.

"Thanks," she said softly, half turning to look up to me as I stood again.

"It's okay," I said as I walked away again.

After coffee I settled down at my computer, jumping back to my other story and plodding on with that. I carried on aware of her and the baby behind me but they were a minor distraction.

As it got towards teatime I finished the scene off and turned to look over the back of the settee at her. She was holding the bay in one arm and typing with the other hand.

"Are you staying for tea?" I asked.

"I'd better not, mum will be expecting me home."

"Okay. How's the story coming?"

"Fine, but I haven't written any of the sexy bits in yet." She said with a feint smile.

"You can fill those in later, you don't have to be explicit or anything. Do you want me to look it over?"

"No not yet, it's all bits and pieces still."

She stood and awkwardly put the laptop on the table.

"Do you want me to hold him?" I asked getting up and walking around.

I took him; the back of my wrist brushing her breast as she leaned in.

"Who's a good boy then," I said as I bounced him in my arms.

I walked over to my armchair and sat, sitting him looking outward so he could see his mum. She collected her things together and brought the pushchair over and folded it down.

When she was ready I stood and gave her back the baby. As she seated him on her hip I picked up the pushchair and carrier and led the way out to the car.

I walked in carrying the baby's things, parking them in behind the front door. I walked through to the kitchen and greeted Samantha who was busy preparing tea.

"How did she do?" she asked looking up at me.

"Typing practice," I said realising we had no cover story. "When she wasn't playing with George."

"It's good of you to let her help you," she said giving me a wide smile.

"There's the problem," I replied. "I may only have a few letters from time to time so there's not really much for her to do. I don't mind her coming down; she needs to get out of the house from what I can see."

"Yes, she's been cooped up here too long, I still think her father's death affects her," she replied, lowering her voice.

"Yes, we need to talk when I come up Wednesday," I said quietly as I stopped next to her.

"About Heather?"

"Indirectly, we've known each other long enough and we need to talk. I've got an unusual hobby, some might say, and it's time to tell you."

"Oh you can't say that without an explanation. You expect me to wait until Wednesday?" she exclaimed.

"What about Wednesday?" asked Heather walking in.

"Your mother's cooking, I asked her to save me some till I came up on Wednesday," I answered, turning to see her standing there with the baby back on her chest in the sling.[?]

"What are we having then?" Heather asked.

"Bolognese," Samantha answered calmly.

"Mum makes a nice one, why don't you stay and have tea here with us," Heather asked.

"Yes, there's enough, you won't have to wait till Wednesday then," Samantha added suggestively.

"Mum, think of baby," Heather said jokingly.

"I've got steak with fried onions waiting at home," I protested knowing there was no escape now that her curiosity was driving her. "And my computers on."

"Bring it up Wednesday, I'll cook it for you then," Samantha said, cocking her head.

"Okay," I said accepting both offers with a forced smile.

"Then you can go through and wait while I get things ready." Samantha told me.

Heather gave me a smile as I turned around and I followed her as she lead the way through to the lounge. She sat and picked up the remote.

"Do you want the news?"

"Err yes thanks," I said normally, then I lowered my voice. "I've told your mother that today was typing practice if she asks you."

"Thanks," she answered smiling. "I would probably have said that as well."

"Ha. Great minds eh," I said grinning back at her.

She selected a twenty four hour news channel and I sat back to watch. I glanced over once or twice as she played with the baby now seated in her lap as the news played on.

"You can do his bottle now if you want," Samantha said as she came in still wiping her hands.

"Oh, Okay," Heather said. "Will you watch the baby then?"

"Yes," she said angling for the chair to take him.

She sat on the couch as Heather walked off, keeping the baby on her knee. She glanced around as to check Heather was gone and then turned to me.

"Come and sit here," she ordered.

"What's this mysterious hobby?" she asked as I made my way around.

"I'm a writer. I write romance stories that go a little further than the traditional bodice rippers. Quite a way beyond in some cases."

"Erotic novels," she said a smile growing on her face. "Sexy love scenes, I've read a few when I was younger, have you got any copies I can read?"

"They're Ebooks, for Kindles and things. I've got a memory stick you can read in Word if you want. Some of them are on line, you can read them there," I said relieved at how well it was going.

"You'll have to show me," she said enthusiastically. "We can use the office computer."

"Yes if you want. I have to warn you that it can get a bit graphic in some of the stories. I have a vivid imagination...." I hesitated as I sought the right words.

"Sucking and licking like our love making," she said with a little giggle.

"Yes," I said looking at her. "And sometimes the characters have other desires as well. But it's all basically a romance, boy meets girl stuff with a few twists and turns."

"I would never have thought of you as writing sex stories, it's no wonder you're such a good lover." She reached over and rubbed my cock. "Big knob and staying power."

She trailed her hand back over my thigh, taking my hand and intertwining our fingers. "They say still waters run deep. I still find it hard to picture you as any kind of writer let alone 'erotic'"

I snuggled up against her, when we were like this I wanted to move in until my conscious reminded me of reasons not to. We were still pressed together when Heather came back.

"Has he been good," she said, directing her words to George.

She put the bottle down on the arm of the chair and turned to take her baby back.

"I'd better check on the pan," Samantha said as she got up.

Heather sat down and lay the baby in the crook of her arm and picked up the bottle to feed him. I turned my attention back to the TV, though by now the news was back to recycling the last hour's news again

I glanced across to Heather and saw that her attention was on the baby suckling away at the bottle, I was also amused to see that the baby had hooked his little fingers into her t-shirt and was pulling at the cup of her bra.

I smiled to myself at the thought of playing with her firm young breasts and wondering what her nipples were like. Were they full and thick like her mothers or thin and pointy like my ex-wife's?

I began to think of how my hero would get his first look; did she undress, would he undress her? Where would it take place? Next thing I knew was Samantha calling us to come and eat.

After dinner Samantha shooed Heather off telling her I would help with clearing up. I collected up the plates and cutlery while she put the pans in the dishwasher. As soon as she set the program she put her finger to her lips and led my though to the office.

As soon as the computer was booted she brought up the browser and smiled at me as she stood up and let me take the seat. I was a little nervous as I sat in front of the screen, deciding not to log in but to use the authors list.

I brought up my submissions page and as I turned she pushed on my shoulder to urge me from the seat. I got up as she jumped into the chair and focused on the screen, hand already on the mouse and scrolling down through the chaptered list.

"Okay, bookmark it then you can shut it down and it's there in your favourites when you open it next time," I said hoping she wasn't going to start reading now.

"Yes I know," she said admonishing me.

"Well Heather will be wondering where we've gone, she might come looking for us."

She gave a soft laugh as she turned in the chair. "I doubt she'll come looking, she'll be too busy with the baby."

I smiled at her as I slowly shook my head. "Come on I've got work I need to finish. You can ring me later and tell me what you think."

"Alright," she said turning back to the screen.

A few clicks later she stood and slipped her arm around my waist. She looped the other arm around my neck and stretched up for a kiss, as our lips met her tongue darted into my mouth.

I rolled my lips on hers as our tongues intertwined, enjoying the taste of her as I moved my hands from her hips to the middle of her back to hold her to me, feeling my cock responding as her hard nipples were crushed into my chest.

"You can stay if you want," she said huskily as she broke the kiss.

"I wish I could but I've got work to catch up on, honest."

"Alright," she said twisting out of my arms. "You can make it up to me on Wednesday."

"Mm, over the side of the bed," I said smiling at her.

She smiled again and pouted her lips in an air kiss before turning to the door. I trailed along one step behind as she led me back past the lounge to the kitchen.

She put the dishes away while I stood for the minute or so it took her. She gave me a quick smile as she closed the cupboard and turned to walk back to the door. I followed her back into the lounge.

"Heather, do you want a lift in the morning?" I asked as walked in.

"Yes please," she said eagerly looking over to me.

"Okay, I'll pick you up about nine."

I turned to Samantha. "I'd better be off. Thanks for the meal, I really enjoyed it."

Samantha turned to me. "Already, I was about to make coffee."

"No thanks, I need to be going." I said as I turned to leave.

Samantha followed me as I walked to the door. I opened it and turned to her in the open door. She leant towards me for the goodbye kiss, touching her lips to mine before straightening again.

"I'll speak to you later okay?" I said stepping backwards out of the door.

She nodded, slowly closing the door. I turned and walked away, back to my car and the drive home. I was relieved that she knew but still a little concerned as to how she would take some of the more graphic sex scenes.

Still given her reaction so far I had the feeling that the outlook was favourable enough for me to worry a little about whether she was into any of the fetishes I touched on, hoping she's realise they belonged to the phantom people I created.

I had the percolator on as I got home then it was into the stair cupboard to get the vaporiser out and take it to the front room. The story of Heather was pushing for me to continue it but I wanted my fixes first.

When the vaporiser was ready I left it waiting while I made my coffee and brought it back. I put it on the desk while I booted the computer up. As soon as I signed in I went back and fired up my weed.

My earlier thoughts about the fetishes had stirred my grey cells and I was going to incorporate elements of it into my story. I thought the story out as I read through my notes and began mapping out how she'd find out.

I could start with a lift to the out of town supermarket, shopping done they stop to fill up, the card readers are down on the pumps and everyone has to pay in the shop. While he was gone she picked up his laptop to check on her emails but found his lit page when she opened the browser.

She copied his user name and shut it down and replaced it under the seat where he'd hidden it to go shopping. As I wrote it I wondered if it was a bit weak but it would work unless I thought of anything better.

Next was setting the blackmail scene, she'd have to have a few days to read through his stories and she'd have to get him alone. She could ask him for a lift into town, it was only a short ride to the post office.

He is shocked enough to stop on the side of the road to listen. Her first demand is that he suck her toes. She's pleased when he does it thinking that he'll do anything she asks from now on.

With my opening firmly established I went back to the top and started to write the story proper. I spent most of the rest of the evening fleshing it out and filling in the dialogue.

When I was finished I felt quite pleased with the way it was coming together. I had the characters established and beginning to lead the story as I got to the end of the outline.

I finished the dregs of my last cup and moved to my armchair to build another hit before I went to bed. I saw the laptop lying there and couldn't resist taking a peek at the story she'd written.

I was expecting the part story she'd originally voiced but she had a different one started here. It opened with two friends talking about an upcoming concert with the protagonist complaining that she couldn't afford to go.

As I read on her friend told her that her uncle would pay fifty to practice his hypnotism on her. She'd got as far as them on their way over after phoning him. Her friend was reassuring her that she'd be there and he had practiced with her before and she was alright.

I was intrigued, though her grammar and punctuation needed tidying up she had drawn me in. I'd have to persuade her to let me see it officially so I could suggest changes to rid it of some of the rough edges.

I closed it down and got on with filling the bowl and then waiting for the green light to inhale. As I prepared for bed I felt a little guilty about neglecting the story I had been writing, but it would have to wait till this one was out of my system.

I was up for my usual jog in the morning, feeling a little bit excited at the thought of her coming down again. I was impatient to see where her story was going.

She was ready when I called, the bag with the baby tings just inside the door. Samantha popped her head out of the office as I passed and stopped me.

"I'm sorry, I was going to call but I fell asleep." She whispered.

"That's ok, what did you think?"

"I didn't understand much but the sex was good>"
"What story did you read?"

"The Cyborg one."

"Ah, that was a bit of an experimental one, you should read the 'Marooned' one."

Heather appeared in the passageway. "I thought I heard you."

"Yes, are you ready," I said turning to her. The sight that met my eyes set my heart beating faster, she had a tank top and tight fitting white leggings that showed of her sexy body.

"Yes, I'll just pick up the baby," she said ducking back into the room.

I turned back to Samantha and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "We can talk later, when I bring Heather back."

She smiled at me as she stepped back into her office. I walked back up to the front door and picked up the bag and opened the door to wait for Heather. When she reappeared with the carrier I walked slowly over to my car.

As I was belting the carrier in she jumped into the front seat. "You know if we're going to be doing this regularly we should get a proper car seat for him," I said over her shoulder.

She stopped fussing in the bag and turned to me. "It's supposed to fit him till he's eighteen months old."

"A proper car seat will let him sit up instead of staring at the roof and it can be fitted permanently." I said.

She pursed her lips and gave a small nod. "Okay if you want to get one."

"I'll see about one when I go to the shopping centre next," I said, backing out and closing the door.

The drive home was quick and it only took a couple of minutes till we were inside and walking through to the front room.

"Do you want a coffee?" I asked as I dropped her bag on the settee.

"Yes please," she said looking up from unstrapping the baby.

"Okay," I replied turning to go.

When I got back she was sitting cradling the boy, rocking him slowly as she tried to get him to sleep. I put her coffee next to the laptop and walked around the settee to start my computer.

I'd been working for a quarter of hour when I heard the heard the Windows signature tune from the laptop, I swivelled the chair around and got up to sign her in.

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