tagMatureAccountant Ch. 04

Accountant Ch. 04


My cock showed interest enough despite my worries about my earlier exertions with Heather and I was able to perform and give her a third orgasm as a bonus before succumbing to my own.

I grumbled as she disturbed me getting up, snatching another half hour before I got up and showered. Sam was out in the yard when I got down for breakfast and it looked like Heather was still up in her room.

With Mrs. P coming around my Thursday mornings were usually lazy, Heather was an unexpected wrinkle, if Mrs P saw her there it would be all around the town by tea time.

I was thinking I might take her out, Mrs P would think I was still at the farm and Sam would think I'd taken her home with me. Where to go was the thing on my mind when Heather walked in with the baby.

"Do you fancy going anywhere? We can drive into Featherington, have a wander around and get a bite to eat and then back to my house to carry on with your story if you want."

"Yes," she said sounding delighted. "It's been ages since I've been there."

Today she was wearing a cream lacy top over a vest and black leggings patterned with coloured stars. Enough light leaked through to outline her crotch and make it a tease.

"Do you want me to hold him?" I asked. "I've only got my coffee left."

"Oh yes please. You can take him through if you want, his toys are in the lounge and I'll be a minute with his breakfast."

I stood and took him then picked up my cup and gave her a smile before walking through. She sat him in the corner as she spooned the food, glancing over as we talked or rather she told me what she wanted to buy in the Mothercare's there.

Sam still hadn't shown up by the time we loaded the pushchair and Heather locked the door before we left. I caught enough of the news broadcast to know that no new disaster loomed and then switched off when a book program started.

"Can I have the music on?" Heather asked.

"Yes of course," I said hitting the button to unmute it. "Real radio's on five."

"That will do," she replied leaning forward to touch the button on the facia.

I was glad when we arrived and turned off the inane chatter and unintelligible music with the ignition key. I got out and looked to see that the front wheel was off the zebra crossing lines.

"You should be alright," she said walking around and seeing my bumper over hanging by six inches or so.

"I know a policeman who can fix it if it's not," I said with a shrug.

I'd left just enough room as my boot opened with an inch to spare. I got the pushchair out and let her set it up as I got the baby out. We joined the crowded main street and I walked in her wake as she headed for the store.

We spent a couple of hours shopping and window shopping with a brief coffee in a café as an excuse to change the baby. It was lucky my face was known by the maître as he was uncomfortable with the pushchair and all the shopping.

With the pushchair safe in a broom cupboard we were seated and I ordered.

"Do you really have a policeman friend," she asked.

"Yes," I replied puzzled. "He's a DCI, why?"

"I was wondering why they hadn't closed the case on the fraud and unfrozen my father's accounts so we can settle his estate? Do you know we haven't even read the will yet?"

"I doubt he knows anything about that."

"He can ask DI Frost."

I laughed. "It's DCI Frost now, that's my friend"

"So you can ask him," she said with perfect logic.

"I'll ask but if it's police business he may not give me any answers."

"You can try."

"Yes I will, but no promises."

She gave me a glowing smile. "Thank you."

We ate and I imposed on the waiter to have him warm up a jar of food for the baby when he cried and Heather pacified him temporarily with some juice.

I left a good tip to sweeten the disruption we caused and walked back behind her wondering myself why his books and things had not been audited, two years seemed a long time even for a forensic examination.

On the drive home I selected the station, a classic rock one in the AM band. Hopefully Mrs. P would be long gone her time finishing over half an hour ago.

I was thinking of the story when I pulled up, my author and his young admirer. I carried on plotting alternates as I unstrapped the baby and walked Heather in.

Heather walked down to the toilet while I walked the baby and the bag into my front room. I unbuckled him and set him on the floor with a few of his toys from the bag then walked around to start the computer.

Heather walked back in and I noticed the difference but didn't twig that it was that she was now nude under the top till she got closer. She smiled at me when I looked up to her face, hitching it up a few inches and giving me a flash of her pussy as she grinned boldly.

My cock twitched as I smiled my appreciation back and my eyes ran down and up her again.

"Thought you'd like it," she said kneeling on the settee and reaching up to pull us close for a hug.

I ran my hands over it and her underneath it as my fingers brushed naked skin through the holes. She leant back and gave me a short sweet kiss before pulling back and looking me in the eyes.

"I wanted to do that all morning," she said as she released me. "Shall I make us coffee?"

"Yes please," I said distracted by both her nipples poking through.

She gave a little laugh as she held my arms and backed off. I watched as she walked out then turned to log on my train of thought now lost. I reread the last paragraph and let the picture reform in my mind.

I was caught up in the story when Heather came back, she leant over the back to pass me my coffee, pausing to look over my shoulder and read the text on the screen.

"Hey," I said half joking.

"You read mine." She said countering.

"I edit yours."

"That's nit picking, I bet I could find mistakes in yours as well."

I laughed. "Alright, you'll be the first to read it and we'll see how good an editor you are."

She smiled at me and turned to give her attention to George while I turned mine back to the story and the coffee. Heather's playing with the baby formed the backdrop to my writing for the next half hour or so.

I finished the scene with him reading the first of her PM's and sat back to notice the silence. I swivelled around to see Heather cradling George who was drifting off.

"Shhhh," she put a finger to her lips.

I nodded and just watched a moment as she carefully got up and put him into the carrier. I turned back to the screen as she started tidying up, putting the toys away.

As I gathered my thoughts I heard her on the settee then her arms looped around my shoulders.

"Shall we have sex now?" she asked sweetly.

Her fingers were already fiddling with my shirt buttons and her words had started my cock on its upwards journey. I took her arms and lifted one as I span around.

Her broad smile greeted me as she reached around my neck and pulled us together for a kiss. My cock thickened further and I awkwardly held the kiss as I clambered over the back of the settee.

She pushed me up and stood as she broke the kiss. I watched as she bent and took the hem of her top and lifted it up. The sight of her young nude body excited me further and I started on my shirt buttons.

She dropped the top and reached and pulled me up then started on my belt and fly. I had my shirt off by the time she was pulling my trousers and shorts down.

I sat back down and she went to her knees, pulling my shoes and clothes off before leaning in and grabbing my cock. I shuddered as her lips slid over my head and felt the thrill as her tongue stroked the underside.

My hands stroked and smoothed her hair as I lay back and just enjoyed the pleasure she was giving me. My pleasure grew as she continued pushing me nearer and nearer.

"I'm cumming," I mumbled as my hips started to tremble and thrust.

Her grip tightened as the first pulse filled her mouth, then she gulped a second and third as I threw my head back, my chest heaving as the last trembles left me feeling weak and sated.

She licked the final little dribble then pushed herself up my body till her face appeared in front of mine. She took my head and kissed me, I could feel the hard nubs on my chest and her flat stomach on mine.

"Bed," she said as she broke the kiss and leant back.

I nodded and she got off and picked up the carrier as I followed. Her naked figure had me wanting to reach and hold it against me as we mounted the stairs.

She set the carrier down and threw herself onto her back in the middle of the bed. I lay next to her and she rolled to face me, one hand around my back and the other around my neck.

I put my hand around her and we kissed and hugged for a while till I slid my hand back and over her breast. I leant her over onto her back and tracked kisses and licks down over her chin and throat then to her nipple.

She moaned softly at the first stroke of my tongue then sighed as my lips took it and sucked it in. I brought my other hand to her breast to take the free nipple and turned onto my knees.

I had her moaning softly with her hands kneading my hair when my hand slipped down over her soft body into her pubes. Her hips pushed against my fingers as they brushed over her wet mound.

Her legs opened wider as my middle finger slipped into her juicy folds, her moan rattling in her throat as her hips wriggled and pushed. My cock was throbbing excitement and anticipation but I wanted to take her higher with the fuck as the climax.

I kept my fingers stroking as I maneuvered myself between her legs and bent in for my tongue to take over. My knees slipped over the side and I pushed myself back into position with my feet.

She lifted her hips to meet me and I glanced down to see her happy smiling face. I savoured the aroma and the taste as the tip of my tongue rimmed her tunnel.

My hands slipped around her thighs as I held her up, my tongue roaming over her petalled lips as I devoured her juices. Her hand came back to my head, pressing me in as her moaning increased in volume.

She jerked at my first touch of her nub, her hands pressing harder as I began to stroke it. In less than a minute she was writhing and urging me to fuck her.

I was sucking and massaging her nub with my lips when she came, her shriek of pleasure bringing an inward smile as I rode her bucking hips. As she calmed I pulled her by her hips till her pussy slipped to the edge of the bed.

I looked up to see her smiling weakly at me as I grabbed my cock and rubbed it over her sensitive folds before squeezing my head into her tunnel.

She gasped through her rasping breath as I slid it in and began her moans and groans as I started pumping. Within a minute she was squirming and pinching and pulling her nipples as her second orgasm came.

I paused as her tunnel gripped me, her spasms feeding pleasure into me as her hips thrust and pushed against me. As she calmed I started again, slow and soft at first but picking up speed as her moans began.

Her third orgasm was her most powerful yet with me so near that I didn't stop till I erupted in her and then dropped to lie on top of her. She just folded her arms around me and hugged me tight.

My cock plopping out was the cur to move as I pushed myself up six inches and leant in to kiss her. She pulled me flat again as her tongue entwined with mine and our lips twisted together.

I slipped my hands under her back and held her tight and rolled her over on top of me.

"That was so wonderful," she sighed as she bent her head back to look at me.

"Good enough for one of my heroes?" I said joking.

"Better," she said smiling. "This one was real and miles beyond where a dildo can take me."

She brought her hands to my shoulders and pushed herself up. My eyes flicked to her dangling breasts with my hands following to cup them. She giggled and pushed them out before leaning back in to kiss me again.

She slid down off me and stood, hand on hips as I sat up and looked at her beautiful body. She flashed me a toothy smile and stepped back as I stood and walked over to get a hand towel from the drawer.

I threw her one and then walked over behind her to kiss the nape of her neck as she dried herself. I slipped my arms around her and cupped her breasts.

"Mm," she said, pressing back into me.

I bent and kissed her cheek as she arched her head back and she twisted her head till our lips met. She turned in my arms, the towel fluttering down as she embraced me and the kiss turned passionate.

"I've got to go to the toilet," I whispered as she finally broke the kiss.

"I'll see you downstairs," she said stepping back and reluctantly releasing me.

I picked up the towel and rubbed myself as she turned and collected the carrier, bending from the waist to flash me her pussy and making me smile as I turned for the bathroom.

She just had her top on and was sat on the settee when I entered and she patted the seat next to her. I sat down and she twisted around to lie on my lap with her legs dangling over the arm.

"You're everything a woman could want," she said with a sigh looking up at me.

I smiled down with a little shake of my head, "No, maybe if I was twenty years younger."

"No," she laughed, jiggling her breasts under the lace. "You don't need Viagra yet."

I chuckled with her.

"There was this list of checkboxes," she went on. "It's from some magazine."

"Go on," I said

"Well if I remember; Mature, intelligent. Competent and responsible, loyal and trustworthy, sensitive, kind, open and caring. Oh and loving and attentive."

"There's no such man," I said starting to laugh.

"Do you want me to tell you how many boxes you tick," she said insistently.

"I'm a man, normal to the point of boring some would say. You're too starry eyed to see my faults if you fell over them," I said my voice getting serious.

"You cook, the place is neat and tidy, you don't smoke," she went on.

"I do," I interjected. "Cannabis, not tobacco."

"When?" she said her eyes widening. "I've never seen you."

"Bedtimes and Saturday before I drive up for tea."

"That's not enough to be a fault," she said. "You don't sit around drooling."

"Alright, maybe I am low maintenance but I spend most of my time in front of a screen and keyboard."

"Yes, but you're not on Facebook or Twitter and I spend a lot of time in front of a screen myself."

"Alright," I said again, giving up on besmirching myself. "Let Mr. Perfect get up and dressed and I'll make a cup of coffee for My Lady."

She laughed as she leaned up and I slipped out from under her. I dressed, sitting on the coffee table to put my pants on while she twisted around and lay leaning over to peek at the baby.

The top flowed over her contours and had rumpled to reveal her bottom; the sight made me want her and woke my cock. I hastily stood and pulled them up then picked up my shirt and walked over to the door.

By the time we'd finished the coffee it was getting near time to take her home and I reluctantly told her to dress. When she was ready I strapped the still sleeping baby into the backseat of the car then got in myself.

"Wait," she said as I started the car.

I turned to her and she reached and pulled me in for a kiss.

"My last kiss till tomorrow," she said releasing me. "Will you collect me?"

"Yes of course," I replied straightening myself and putting my seatbelt on.

I got the carrier out and let her take him and the bag while I brought the pushchair in behind. Sam greeted me in the kitchen and she invited me to stay to dinner.

I graciously refused and was glad to hand the pushchair over to Heather when she returned. I made my excuses and left. I drove home wondering about tomorrow and the evening with Sam.

When I got home I switched the TV on and watched the news while I decided what to eat, an item on a robbery reminded me about phoning Michael, I doubted if he'd be in his office, senior police officers rarely worked this late and I fished out my mobile to phone him at home.

I suggested we get together for a drink and being a suspicious copper he soon had my real reason for calling out of me and surprisingly invited me around.

It turned out the case was stalled. He talked to me after invoking 'client privilege' so he could pick my mind of accounting. They'd drawn a blank when the money disappeared into a Cayman account.

There were several other things that bothered him. Even though the coroner had ruled his death suicide he still had an open mind because some of the elements didn't quite add up and it didn't smell right to his 'copper's nose'.

He brought out the file copies he kept at home and I looked through the transactions that they'd traced into and out of his account on their way to the black hole holding account in the Caymans.

"Have you checked for outgoing transfers coincident with that, see if the exact same sum was shifted here?" I asked when I read though the accounts.

"You mean into the Cayman account and then bounced back to the UK?" he replied, a thoughtful look on his face.

"Or the US, the banks have to report everything over ten thousand so there will be a paper trail out of the banking black hole. Inland Revenue have algorithms that can do that," I said.

"Oh I've no budget for outside agencies." He came back.

"If it will help get it cleared up I might be able to call a favour in," I said thinking of Tony.

"It would all have to be unofficial at this stage," he warned me.

"From both ends," I replied with a little chuckle.

I promised to make a start first thing tomorrow and then we shared a drink and a chat before I set off home. On the drive home I wondered about the now suspect suicide and the ambiguous note.

My thoughts were back on my story by the time I got home but I found myself catching up on the forums and the new stories list on Lit when the words were reluctant to come.

I decided not to say anything to Heather just yet while eating breakfast and wondering if we would have sex. With it being my regular Friday night with her mother I'd prefer we beat my meat in the morning to make sure I had the stamina to perform with Sam.

I phoned Anthony at the tax office and talked him into running my query as a proving test. He promised to get back to me as soon as he had a result. With that taken care of I set off up to the farm.

She had tan tights and a tight denim miniskirt on with a tank top that gave glimpses of her flat tummy when I collected her. Sam was out riding and she took advantage by giving me a hug and a kiss as I walked into the lounge.

"Hey," I said as she hugged my tight. "Wait till we're away from here."

"She'll be up on the moor by now," she said releasing me.

"And if her horse threw a shoe a mile up the track and she walked it back?"

"We'd hear her complaining loudly as the kitchen door banged open," she replied with a little laugh.

I took the carrier as she brought the bag and closed up. As soon as we were out of the gate she wrapped an arm around mine as it rested on the gearstick.

"I want to sleep with you, share your bed for the night."

I gave a chortle. "That would be next to impossible."

"She's going to ask you to go away Friday night next week. She's got an invite to an exhibition and tackle sale next Saturday and she wants to drive up in the evening to make an early start."

That had my interest. "And you've got other ideas."

"You always sleep over on a Friday; you wouldn't want me to be lonely?"

I laughed. "So I need to invent something to do on Saturday, mid-dayish or maybe eleven. An appointment with a client maybe?"

"Oh have you, she'll be so disappointed." She said with a laugh.

The baby was awake when we arrived and while she unstrapped him and set him on the floor I went and made coffee. She was topless, clad only in a pair of cerise bikini briefs and her tights.

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