Accountant Ch. 06


"Let's go to bed," she said softly as broke the kiss.

I dropped my arms as she stepped back. She turned and picked the carrier off the table and then held out her hand. I took it and started for the door.

I let her climb the stairs first so I could admire her body and think about the fun we would be having in a few minutes. She walked in and put the carrier down, bending at the waist to give me a peek at the bulge of her pussy through the diaphanous material.

I pushed my shorts down as I walked past her and sat on the bed. She stopped in front of me and when I straightened up she reached and took my arms.

Her hands slid sown to my wrists as she brought my hands to her hips and the waistband of her panties. I hooked my thumbs in and looked up to her face as I slid them down.

As they reached her knees I let them drop free and she leant in, hands on my shoulders to step out of them. I brought my hands up to cup her breasts and she pushed me onto my back and pulled herself up my body to kneel astride my hips.

She sat and smiled, her hands resting lightly on my chest as I felt her nipples swell and stiffen between my fingers and thumbs. My hands slipped to her sides and I pulled her down then along me, her pubes scraping up to my belly as my mouth sought contact with her nipple.

She sighed as I sucked it in and slid my hands onto her back to lightly stroke my fingertips down her spine. She twisted and brought the other nipple to my mouth, letting me suck and play with that.

She pushed herself up and looked down at me. "Do you want to lick me?"

"Mm," I said, letting my hands slip to her waist.

She stood and took a step forward , her feet either side of my head as she squatted and lowered her pussy onto my waiting lips, my tongue slipping straight into her folds.

I savoured her taste and aroma as my tongue explored the soft silky skin, its tip gliding over the wrinkles and folds in search of stray droplets of her nectar.

I brought my hands to her thighs to steady her as she started to sway and wriggle, her juices flowing freely now. My tongue slipped down to her tunnel, stretching her soft skin as it ran around its rim.

Her moans were more frequent and getting loader as I fluttered my tongue around with it pushed as far in as I could get it. I shifted slightly and brought my tongue to her clit.

My hands slipped around under her thighs to support her as they trembled and I pressed in and sucked on her hard nub. She leant forward and her pubes brushed my nose.

"Oh God," she said between panting breaths and then she screamed in joy.

She was shuddering and jerking as she straightened. Her hands coming back to grip my shoulders, her pussy sliding away as she slipped to sit on my chest.

She lay back, her body still trembling, her legs unfolding to bridge above my head. I ran my hands softly and slowly up and down the tops of her thighs, my tongue licking the remaining traces of her from my lips as I waited for her to recover.

She twisted over on me, her hand taking my cock. "Have you ever had a 'deepthroat'?"

"No, I've never had that pleasure."

"I want to try," she said, brushing the hair from her face as she half turned to face me, her leg lifting over my head.

"Um, I'm quite big to experiment on."

She giggled. "Let me worry about that."

She turned back to my cock and I felt her suck my head into her warm wet mouth. The feeling was wonderful as her velvety tongue stroked my helmet and my cock stiffened to full size.

She pushed down on it and I felt her lips slide down my shaft. I held my breath as I felt the thrill of her gulp and the pressure of her throat as my helmet squeezed in.

She jerked up with a cough and a bit of spluttering. I was about to ask her if she was okay when her head bent again and I felt my cock slide into her mouth again.

She gulped again and I felt the exquisite pleasure as my head slid fully into her throat before she jerked back again. She turned her head to me, pulling back her hair to look at me.

"This time," she said with a grin.

She took a deep breath and turned to plunge down on it and send a thrill through me as it filled her mouth. She gulped and I shivered and jerked as I felt it slide deep inside her sending an ecstatic thrill tingling through me.

"Oh god," I sighed as she pulled off.

"You like that?" she said turning to look at me.

"Like it," I said straining to look down. "I've never felt anything as wonderful as that before."

"Good," she giggled. "I've found the perfect way to say thank you then."

I let my head drop as she turned back to my cock, nothing else mattered as I felt her lips sliding down my shaft, the pleasure surged through me as my head entered her tight throat and she swallowed it down till her lips nestled in my pubes.

It didn't last much more than a few seconds before she pulled back but the pleasure was as exquisite as ejaculation and left me feeling just as weak. I opened my eyes as she moved and saw her clambering up to kneel astride me and lower herself onto my cock.

Her tight pussy didn't feel as good as her mouth but as she began bouncing and the pleasure began that mattered little. I put my hands on her knees and closed my eyes.

I felt the pleasure build and the ball of pressure forming in my groin. I opened my eyes as her moans reached a crescendo and watched as she had her orgasm and paused the few seconds before starting bouncing again.

She rode my bucking hips as I came, a grinon her face as she leant forward and squeezed my waist with her knees. As I lay there panting she lay on me and threw her arms around my neck.

"That was wonderful, I love you so much."

"Mm." the sound rumbled in my throat as my breathing slowed.

"I feel just so happy here with you, the world outside doesn't matter when I'm in your arms."

I gave her a hug. "You're all that matters to me; if you're happy I'm happy."

"I couldn't be happier," she said bringing her head up to gaze into my eyes.

I leant up and in to kiss her, feeling the joy of my arms around her and her lips on mine. I gave her an extra squeeze as she broke it off and laid her head against mine.

My thoughts led me back to her mother and I wondered if the arrest had been made yet. As if on cue the stillness of our breathing was broken by the faint sound of her phone ringing in her bag downstairs.

I heard her groan and push herself up. "Dam," she said softly under her breath as she rolled off me. I pushed myself up as she ran to the door and then rolled myself to the edge of the bed to pick up my shorts.

I slipped them on and picked her panties up and tucked them into my waistband. I turned and picked the carrier up and followed her down.

I met her coming back up the stairs. "Mum's just texted me," she said turning the display for me to read.

"On the radio. Two people just arrested."

"Well this will get things started," I said looking back up. "There's a radio in the kitchen or we could look it up online."

She turned and walked down in front of me, stopping at the bottom to take the carrier from me and then follow me into the front room. I brought the computer back to life and brought up the browser and clicked on the Google tab.

I typed in their names and added a few other details and hit enter. I had a miss on the names but as I skimmed down the results I saw one with today's date and clicked on that.

The details were scant and only mentioned that two people had been detained and were being brought for questioning. There were details of the crime and suicide at the bottom and I turned to Heather who was leaning on my seat and leaning in to read over my shoulder.

"That looks like stock filler at the end, the important thing is that they've been arrested and are being questioned," I said. "It's alright, thought that will probably be all there is for the time being, just a press release. There may be more when they charge them."

"They've got twenty four hours to do that," she said glumly.

"Well at least things are moving in the right direction." I said more cheerily than I felt.

"I know," she said straightening up. "But I want them to solve his murder as well."

"Patience, I'm sure their working on that as well."

"Oh I know, but it doesn't end the uncertainty."

I knew what she meant but didn't go there. "Come; let's have a cuddle on the settee."

I swivelled the chair around and slipped my arm around her waist. She leant in as I stood and put her arms around me to draw me in for a kiss. I felt her soften in my arms and press against me as I sucked on her tongue and swirled mine around it.

I let her lead the way as we walked around. She stopped and waited for me to sit before sitting in my lap and laying her head on my shoulder. I brought my hand up behind her back and cupped the back of her head, the other I laid on her thigh.

"Mm," she sighed as she snuggled in. "Comfy enough to sleep on."

I chuckled. "You can have till George wakes."

"Then I hope he sleeps for hours," she said with a giggle.

""Mm," I said starting to rub the back of her neck and leaning my head into hers as I closed my eyes.

I let my thoughts wander drifting from how nice it was holding her close to me to the story and the fantasy of us living happily ever after and the wonderful experience of her deep-throating me.

George stirred us after maybe half an hour. She kissed my cheek as she got up and I watched her naked figure walk over and bend to look in the carrier.

"Whass a matter," she said as she started to undo the straps. "Are you hungry or is it nappy change?"

I smiled and stood up to wander back to the computer to rerun the search and see if there were any new stories, if any of the bigger news sources had picked it up.

There was nothing new, it had been picked up by one of the agencies but there were no new details. I minimised the browser window and swivelled the chair around to see what Heather was doing.

She was sat cross legged with George on her lap changing his nappy.

"Would you put the kettle on for his food," she asked giving me a sweet smile.

I smiled back and nodded, getting up and remembering her panties still in my waistband.

"Here," I said dropping them over the back of the settee.

Her smile broadened into a grin. "I'll put them on for you in a minute."

I walked around the settee and headed for the door. She misread my intentions but she would be still just as sexy to look at if she wore them or not that I let it go.

I put the kettle on and reloaded the percolator to make another cup of coffee. Heather walked in wearing her sweatshirt with George on her hip in one arm and the bag in her other hand.

"Will you take George a moment?" she asked. "While I get his food ready."

I took him from her and went and sat on one of the stools to wait. I sat thinking of the future and her moving in next weekend as I watched her busying herself making his food.

I walked back into the front room with her and passed George back when she sat on the settee. I walked back to the computer while she fed him and did a quick search for our local radio station

There was no half hour bulletin on their schedule and the next news was forty minutes away at four. I closed the tab and span the chair around to see what Heather was doing.

"Do you think I should go home?" she asked, looking up at me with a quizzical look on her face.

"If you want," I said. "Though if Sam learns anything new she'll probably phone again."

"Yes probably, I just want it all over."

"I know, I wish it was all over too."

She sighed and laid back. Her sweat shirt rode up revealing the transparent panties and the bulge of her still plump lips squeezed between her thighs.

Given her state it was more likely inadvertent and all the more delicious for it. She giggled and my eyes flew to her face to find her looking in my eyes.

With slow deliberation she widened her legs, my eyes flicked down to take in the view and then back up to meet her eyes again and see that she was smiling.

I smiled back.

"I love you," she said, closing her legs as she twisted towards me.

I stood and slipped over the back of the settee to land next to her. She stretched an arm out and I moved closer. I put my arm around her as she leant into me.

She sighed as she laid her head on my shoulder, I could feel her nipple pressing through her sweatshirt against my bare skin.

"Mm," she murmured snuggling under my arm.

I lay my head back and distracted myself thinking about my old story and plotting a few what happened next scenario while keeping an eye on the clock.

She got up twice to rescue Gorge and bring him back to his toys, the second time I got up and grabbed the remote to turn the TV on and settled back to search through the radio channels.

"What are you doing?"

"What radio station does your Mother listen too?

"The local one, BBC Midshires I think. Why?"

"See what they say on the radio, the news is on in ten minutes."

She snuggled back up to me as I selected it and then hit the mute button. The news, when it came, gave us a new slant. It said that two men had been brought from London for questioning in regards to the fraud.

Though I was a little disappointed, it was something new but it was an unimportant piece of the jigsaw and did nothing to answer the key questions.

I clicked it off and put my hand to her waist and slipped my hand under her shirt to her warm tummy. She dropped her arm to mine and gave my hand a squeeze as she covered it.

"I guess we'll just have to wait," she said resignedly.

"Aye," I said sympathetically.

We sat quiet for a while, just her head stirring as she kept an eye on George. My mind wandered back to my story as I sifted through some of my earlier thoughts.

It was fifteen minutes till George's wanderings prompted her to get up again. I stood and bent to pick my clothes up. Dropping them on the seat I turned to the door.

"Toilet a minute," I said as I walked past her kneeling and picking George up.

"Okay," she said not looking up.

She was sat in the middle, George sat right back and suckling on a bottle of squash or something. She looked up at me as I crossed back to her and gave me a smile.

"I'll get us ready in a minute," she said.

"No hurry," I said sitting next to her.

"I wish I could stay here tonight," she said wistfully.

"Friday," I said looking at her and smiling.

She leant over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before glancing back to George. I turned to my clothes and flicked my trousers out to slip my feet in. I stood to buckle and zip and then donned my shirt and sat to button it.

Half an hour later I was driving her home. Sam greeted me as usual and Heather asked her if she had any more news. I rested the bag a moment and then carried on through as Sam shook her head.

I set the bag down and gave her a smile. "See you tomorrow."

"I'll be waiting," she said smiling back at me.

I turned and walked back to the kitchen and over to Sam

"Have you thought of phoning Frost and asking him, I know I would," I said.

"No, I've phoned Jack at Loosemoores, asked him if he can find out what's happening."

"Well I think they owe you some sort of explanation."

"It's good that things are moving again, were those two George's accomplices?"

"I don't know, the thought never occurred to me."

"Well as long as they unfreeze the accounts I don't care."

"Your solicitor should be able to sort that out as soon as they're charged. If it's all straightforward it shouldn't take long."

"And then I can get away or for a couple of weeks of sun, sea and tropical nights. Where shall we go first, Barbados or the Philippines?"

"Where ever you want," I replied.

Her phone rang and she turned to get her bag.

"I'm off then, I'll see you tomorrow, we can talk of it then," I said, glad of the interruption and using it to make my escape.

She looked up and gave me a nod as she searched her bag. I left with a feeling of relief, there was too much happening and my decision to finish with her in favour of her daughter was like sitting on a time bomb waiting for it to go off.

I drove home hoping that the police would get a move on and that we'd have a clearer picture in the morning and some certainty in the current chaotic situation for Heathers sake.

I set about making my tea and was sat in front of the TV by the time the local news came on. There was a brief mention and a picture of the local police station in the couple of seconds it took to report on it.

I fired the computer up after I'd tidied and washed up but couldn't really concentrate. I ended up listening to some oldies on the radio and surfing the net aimlessly until it was time to bring out my weed for my nightcap.

My phone rang as I got back from my jog and I stopped half way through making my coffee and rushed upstairs to retrieve it from the bedside table.

I saw two previous missed calls from Heather as I answered.

"Heather, what's the matter?" I asked sitting down on the bed.

"It's mother, the police came and arrested her half hour ago."


"I don't know, there were two policemen who took her of to Featherington, I've been trying to phone the solicitors but they're not open yet."

"Okay, give me five minutes to change and I'll be up there," I said looking around to my wardrobe.

"Thanks," she said. "Please hurry up."

I stripped my tracksuit and hurriedly dressed and rushed out to the car. On the drive up I had time to think, Sam's arrest was both a surprise in its timing and a development I had feared.

Up to now I'd been giving her the benefit of the doubt but now I had to reconcile the fact that the woman I'd been sleeping with was possibly a murderess or somehow complicit in the murder.

Heather was at the door in her nightdress with George in her arms and I rushed over to her, holding her close as she pressed herself against me, her hand clutching at my back as she started to sob.

"Come on let's get inside," I said easing her away slightly.

"This can't be real," she said as I guided her past her mother's office door.

"It's all going to be okay," I said trying to calm her.

She continued softly sobbing as I steered her into the lounge. I sat her down and took George from her as I sat next to her. With George on my lap I put my arm around her.

She turned and threw her arms around my neck and buried her head under my chin, her sobs getting louder as I felt the wetness of her tears.

"It's alright let it out," I said softly rubbing her back.

I didn't know what else to say, her tragedy was far beyond my understanding. Having your mother kill your father and only find out for sure after two years was enough to knock anyone off their feet.

Her crying softened as I felt George wriggling on my lap, she moved back, one of her arms dropping to hold him as well.

She turned her head to look down at him then up at me.

"How could she do it?" she asked plaintively. "How could she ruin everything by killing dad."

"That's something only she can answer," I said. "I'm not being nosy but were they getting on?"

"Alright, they had a few rows and one time they weren't speaking but they went out to parties and things and had a good time," she said still giving the occasional sniff.

"Go and get dressed, I'll mind George," I said taking my arm from her back.

"Come with me," she pleaded looking me in the eye.

"Okay, I was going to ask if you'd fed George."

"Half fed him; I was in the middle of doing it when I heard them on their radios and then knocking downstairs," she said standing.

She bent to take George from me.

"Go on, I'll bring him," I said lifting him to my shoulder.

She gave me a brief flicker of a smile and straightened and waited till I stood to take my hand. She gave it a squeeze and then led me upstairs to her room.

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