tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 04

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 04


The Physics of Attraction

You took my hand and led me to the marble stairs. You were calm and firm but I could feel you trembling. We climbed slowly side by side. I wasn't thinking clearly. We had kissed long and deep. I could feel you wanted more. I knew you needed more. But I was much older and you -- little more than a girl.

You quietly walked me down the long hall toward my bedroom at the very end -- the door next to the large mirror that reflected us walking together. You watched our reflection -- you a small slender girl holding my hand; you, in your thin shift, me in my khaki trousers and band-collared shirt.

You turned and opened my bedroom door. You led me across the room directly across to my bed -- sure of yourself -- sure of the layout of the room. Standing beside my bed, you lit the candle on the night table and turned away and slowly lifted your shift over your head and off and tossed it to the chair. You were naked.

Your long curly hair was tied back and so it fell down your spine. Your beautiful dark skin looked like mountain forest shadows -- warm and kind. The grace of your neck, the curve of your arm, your waist, your hips; all this was like God intended woman to be. You took my breath away -- a thing that hadn't happened for many, many years -- and I was slain.

You had tossed the dress without looking and yet it landed right across the chair's arm. Still facing away, you spoke shyly, "When you're gone I sleep in your bed. That way I can be in your scent - I can pretend you love me. I'm sorry. I know it was wrong." You slowly turned back toward me.

Your nakedness and honest beauty and unselfconscious vulnerability made me cherish you and want to protect you. You were looking down at your hands folded in front of you.

"When you're gone, I lay in your bed and pretend I am yours. I -- I -- touch myself -- you know -- there -- and I pretend it's you making love to me." You lifted your face and looked into my eyes. I could tell you trusted me implicitly and I silently swore I'd never betray that trust.

Your face, so soft and young, so beautiful, so all full of the beginnings of things; your face struck me then as the kind of face men run to their death or to their ruin to defend.

You whispered, "But tonight I don't want to pretend anymore."

The windows were open - the night air was humid. The crickets and locusts were singing outside.

Yes, you took my breath away. The perfect shape of your breasts, your erect nipples, the recess of your navel, the curves of your defined abdominal muscles -- your waist. Your hips were round, but not large. Your legs were muscular but smooth. You pulled the ribbon from your hair. Your curls fell all around your shoulders and breasts and down your back.

You reached up and unbuttoned my shirt. You slid your hands across my chest looking at the contrast between your hand and my pale, hairless flesh.

You began to whisper as if it was a deep confession - "I've wanted this ever since I first met you and now I have it. I think about you all the time. I think about you making love to me. I can barely concentrate at work. I pretend you are taking me hard and rough then tender and strong. At night, I play with myself and think of you. I get so excited. And sometimes, sometimes -- I'm so bad -- I fantasize that you are spanking me and tying me up and all kinds of very naughty things. I pretend you are my daddy and I'm your little girl..."

"Darling, you have a schoolgirl crush. I'm way too old for you. You need a nice young man to make a life with. You'll meet one at school. Give yourself time. It's useless to pretend that I don't want you - I'll make no secret of that. You are beautiful and smart and full of life and youth. But I am older and slower and..."

You kissed my mouth to shut me up.

"I want you to make love to me tonight. I want you for real -- even if it's just this once. Then at least I will have had my dream come true -- for one moment. For now, that will be enough."

You slowly unhitched my belt and unbuttoned my trousers. You slid my shirt off. You slid my pants and underwear off and helped me step out. I could tell you were no expert at all, but you were doing a fine job of improvising.

Then you pulled back the sheets and sat on the edge of my bed. You pulled me to you. My cock hardened and you squirmed against me, your legs parted. You lay your head on my shoulder and stroked my belly, then began very gently stroking my cock.

Protesting was foolish, we were naked together, you were stroking my cock. I was trying to think clearly and failing utterly.

You said, "You know so much. You've seen so much. I want you to teach me about everything. I want you to teach me about love. I want you to take me to the limits of pleasure."

You took my hand and guided it between your slightly parted legs. "Teach me how, Daddy, please." You kissed me again, deeply.

Your pussy lips were soft and full and you shivered as I touched them. I wanted you so badly -- I slipped my finger between your lips and very gently began to play with your clitoris. Your breathing quickened -- "Oh, Oh -- Oh -- so this is what it's like."

I slid my finger just inside your cunnie and stroked, then returned to your clitoris. You were close to coming. Then you cried out, "Oh Daddy! Oh -- Oh! Oh my God!" And you came, shuddering.

"You are so beautiful, darling -- so beautiful." I pushed you to another orgasm. You cried out again.

You slid back off my bed and stood before me.

You kissed my face, my neck, my chest. You kissed me slower and lower. You kissed the head of my hard cock. You began to explore it slowly. Kissing it, nibbling, and, opening your mouth wide, you took it into your mouth. You felt its shape and heat. You could taste it and it excited you so much you were wriggling seductively.

You broke it off and came back to kiss my mouth again, "Was I doing it right?"

"Yes, Sweetie. It was wonderful."

"Daddy, I want you to come in my mouth." You kissed me and said "I want you to -- teach me -- but -- I want you to control me like in my fantasies."

There was something about this that I found especially erotic. I have always tended to be the somewhat dominant partner in love-making but this was different -- you seemed to be excited by the idea of me actually dominating you. I found it exciting too. I remembered how you had responded when we were downstairs and I told you to stay.

Standing naked together, I pulled you to me and kissed you. I held you close and spoke to you softly as I slid my finger between you pussy lips. "Very well, darling. Shall I tell you how it will be?"

"Yes, Daddy. Yes -- that's what I want."

You were breathing hard -- I was going to keep you just on the edge. I began to stroke you very slowly you were squirming slightly.

"Very well, darling. Here's how it will be. You will call me sir, is that what you want?"

"Yes sir."

"Good girl. You will do just as I say and you will like it." Your pussy suddenly got wetter. "Oh -- you do like the idea don't you, my naughty little girl?"

"Yes, sir, very much. I will do anything you tell me to do. I will like it very much."

"Very well -- so you will need to learn to take my cock all the way in your mouth and down your throat. You will swallow my come. Kneel down now."

You knelt down in front of me. You began to take my cock in your mouth. I put my hands on your head and began working my cock in and out. I was gentle but firm. I worked my cock deeper and deeper.

My cock felt huge to you and my hands were controlling your head so that you were being gently forced to take me. You slid your small hands up the backs of my legs.

"That's it, baby girl -- take it deep. You're going to take it all the way in now. Relax your throat, sweetie. Take me in."

I pushed firmly -- I felt you relax. I was all the way in -- the head of my cock in your throat. I could feel you slightly gagging, but you were working to control it. It was a delicious moment.

"Good girl," I began to take short slow strokes so the head of my cock was thrusting deep into your throat. You were gagging a little and I confess that it aroused me all the more. "Good girl."

You were doing your best not to gag. My cock felt large and hot and you loved it. As I started to stroke harder, my hands on your head controlling the pace, you worked me with you tongue and your lips -- sucking me hard.

It felt good to you to be controlled. It felt naughty and slutty to be enjoying it so much. You could feel my excitement building and my cock had suddenly swollen even bigger.

"I'm going to come," you heard me say, "And you will swallow it all."

My thrusts were hard and deep. Your mouth and throat were being fucked. It felt so good to be giving me pleasure. You were so turned on you could almost come just at the thought.

Then I thrust deep and held me cock deep in your throat. "Swallow now, baby!" My cock was pumping hot liquid right into your throat. You swallowed as I pumped once, twice, three, four, five times. I was groaning -- saying, "Yes -- oh yes."

My grip loosened and you instinctively sucked and stroked me. You swallowed every last drop. You liked its taste. You liked how it made me feel -- how I shuddered as I came. How I shivered as you continued to suck me.

"Did I do it right, Daddy?" you asked.

"Yes, darling, it was wonderful."

You stood up and took my hand. You lead me to the bed and lay down with me. With me lying on my back, you began to suck me again. You loved the feeling on making me get rock hard all over again. This time you took my cock down your throat on your own volition.

You could feel me stroking your hair as you sucked me. "Good girl. Good girl."

It took time, but you were tenacious. I came again. You swallowed every drop. We fell asleep briefly with your head on my abdomen and my fingers in your hair. As you drifted off to sleep, you were thinking how you loved my salty taste and that you would get me again in the morning.

Then you said sleepily, "Daddy?"

"Yes, my little love."

"I lied -- one night isn't going to be enough. I want you -- forever -- forever and ever."

"We can talk tomorrow."

You slid up and looked me in the eyes with such grave earnestness that it made me smile. "No, Daddy. I will talk and you will listen to me now. I will never give you up. I won't give you up to anything or anyone and not even to time itself. I will have you forever."

I was smiling. You shook me. "I'm not funny. I will make you love me." You pounded my chest with your fist. You were near tears.

"No -- no, darling -- you're not funny at all. Also, no one can make anyone love them. But you misunderstand. Darling, you don't have to try. You don't have to do anything but breathe. This crusty old heart has melted. It may be that you are in love for the first time, but tonight I have fallen in love for the last time. What to do about it? I don't know."

"Daddy, what does one do about a fact? What does one do about gravity?"

I gathered you to my body; my little physics student. I held you strong until you slept.

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