tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 05

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 05


True Beginning

But now, it's the autumn. I'm back home from my trip. I met you on the street on your way home from class. I played with you against the hall mirror. We had supper together and talked and laughed and kissed over desert.

You are on top of me. I am on my back. There's a fire in the bedroom fireplace. We are in my bed - the old high curtained four-poster.

You are panting. You are lovely. My finger is gently stroking your clitoris as you straddle me.

The flame's glow reveals your dark ravishing beauty swaying slightly above me. Droplets of sweat sparkle on your skin. We've been playing together for a couple hours.

Your slick pussy is slowly devouring my hard cock, the head of which is an inch or so inside you - stretching you open as you push down.

You instinctively opened your mouth as you began to take me in - feeling the stretch and the heat - feeling the head of my cock slip inside you. So big.

You are warm and glowy from having come so much already. You are hot and ready and incendiary from my tongue having made you cry out time and time again. I sucked your clitoris mercilessly. You screamed in pleasure. I bit your clitoris. You screamed louder as you came. And now you are gasping, "Oh God, Daddy, Oh God."

The moment has arrived. You will give me your cherry. You will take my throbbing priapus deep into your hot body.

My finger knows its business. It urges you more strongly. You have been instructed to wait until you are ready to come. You will thrust downward as you orgasm. You are almost there. But you have to ask permission to come.

You are shaking. I know you're almost there.

"Now, Daddy. Now, Daddy."

"No, Darling - not yet. You may not come yet."

"Oh God. Oh God." You are almost shrieking. "Please, please, Daddy, please. - - Please."

"Not yet." I take a commanding tone. "You will wait until I say you can come. You must wait. You are mine and you will wait." You don't really know it, but I am training you. We talked about it. It's what you want. It will take time, but I will train you and you will be glad to be trained.

"Yes. Yes. Oh God." Now you ¬are shrieking. "Please, please - - Please."

"Good girl. Now. Now, little girl. Come now. Push down hard. And come for me."

And I feel you shaking as you push down hard and your flesh yields and you scream again in pleasure and a little pain. You squirm and writhe on my cock as I continue to push your clitoris quick to another orgasm. You scream once more and arch your back.

You are incredibly tight around my cock. I let you drift down to me slowly - slowly lying down against my chest panting, panting and purring like a kitten, "Oh, Daddy - Oh my wonderful Daddy. I am completely yours now. I am yours. My Daddy. My love."

You are feeling the new sensation of being filled - of being stretched. You feel your legs spread wide open. You feel your breasts pressed hard against me under your own weight. You feel your pussy lips open wide around the base of my rock hard cock.

My cock feels large. It's deep inside you. You are slowly squirming on it. You are tender. I am pulsing inside you. You are very wet. And I'm not done with you. But I will be patient.

I roll you over without breaking our union. Now I'm on top. It's time to take you - but gently now - so gently I begin to fuck you.

"Oh - Oh my!" It's your first time. You feel my cock slowly sliding in and out. Long, slow strokes. It's so new.

The slight ache is blended with this new pleasure - and the pleasure and instinct takes over. You begin to match my movements. You begin to pant again. "Oh - oh my! Oh, Daddy!"

Soon I am riding you. You hold me like a tight velvet glove. And you are almost there. Almost there.

I take your hands in mine, pressing them down hard into the bed with my weight, our fingers entwined. You can feel my heat and my thrusts driving you onward. You can feel my desire. I'm holding you tight. I'm holding you open - your hands on either side of your head. It feels so good to be held so tightly. It feels so good to be wanted so badly. You feel my weight pressing you into the thick sheets. Your heart is near exploding. You are in love - hopelessly now - and you know it.

I am the man to whom you've given your virginity. I'm the man who holds your heart in his hands and you know my hands will never hurt you. You are vulnerable but safe and at the same time you know that you possess me too. You know I need you now. It's too late for both of us - we are in love.

Another thing dawns on you - a flicker of certainty - even now as you're submersed in the moment of mutual conquest - you are my submissive. You are my submissive. It's so sweet to be mine. You know you will always submit to me. You feel it is in your very nature.

All of this combines into a feeling of delicious wantonness. You surrender to my complete possession of you. You surrender to the dawn of womanhood. You surrender to my hard, hot, naked cock. You surrender to the deep, indelible love that has now taken your heart by storm. And I feel your surrender.

You are mine. I know it. I know I will always remember this moment. It is the beginning.

I gasp - "I'm going to come in you, my darling little girl - I'm going to come."

You shudder. "Oh - - Oh! I'm coming! Daddy, I'm coming again."

I feel your pussy fluttering around my cock. I feel the thrill run up my legs, through my arms - and the delightful squeeze. I look down at your face - I command - "Look at me. Look right in my eyes."

You obey. You look deep into me. You begin to come. I look deep into you. I begin to pump my seed into your sweet, sweet, sweaty body. I shout. "My Darling! My Baby girl." You scream to meet my voice. "Daddy! Daddy!" Eyes locked.

We float together there for an eternity. You feel my cock pumping. You feel the new hot liquid inside you. You feel me collapse on top of you. Your flesh is still on fire. Your soul is embracing mine. You wrap your arms around me. You wrap your legs around me.

"Mine!" you purr again "All mine. My Daddy. My Daddy. I love you. My very own."

We begin to laugh. Out of sheer delight. We laugh - still joined - and as we quiet down; as we begin to kiss again, as you begin to fuck me again, I think briefly how I will save the blood-stained sheets - I will save them for always.

Then I'm swimming in your passion again. You want more. You'll fuck me 'till dawn and back.

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