tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 09

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 09


Drinking Me In

You are sitting on my lap. I am feeding you. We bathed together and I combed out your hair. You put on one of your new nightgowns and a robe. We are in my bedroom. There's a fire in the fireplace.

You have had some more champagne and an asprin to take the edge off the inevitable consequence of your adventure of the chair. We are talking and laughing together. My arm is around your waist holding you tenderly.

You open your mouth as I feed you another slice of the pear I've cut into pieces for you. I take a slice of dry-cured ham into my mouth and chew for a few seconds. You lean down and kiss me and I slip the ham into your mouth. You take it eagerly – again, like a baby bird - it is so romantic. There is no mistaking how I love you.

You can feel my hard cock under you. It seems as if you've been in a constant state of arousal for hours.

You try to account for the time. You came home from school around four. We spent an hour or so talking and flirting and you drinking champagne before you became acquainted with the chair.

You remember the sunlight fading from the cellar window. You remember sitting and rocking for what seemed like forever with increasing intensity. The fresh memory causes a flood of wetness from your pussy.

At the end, I stood stroking your hair while you came over and over - but it's a bit of a blur. It was maddening. You had to really work to come - and you were so aroused, you were desperate for orgasm. You remember peeing and how strange it was to lose control of that fundamental function. You remember the sound of your pee dripping into the pan and my gentle voice telling you what a good girl you are.

It occurs to you that I had planned it all this way. You realize again, that I was very much in control at these times and that you were becoming more and more deeply my submissive. It occurs to you that this is partly what I have meant by "training."

Even that word - training - is potent with my domination and your submission. You realize that I am training you - just as you said you wanted. But the reality is different than your idea of it - it is much more - well - real.

You remember that at one time as you peed, I had called you my pet.

"You are my darling pet," I had said. And "My beautiful filly." Odddly - or not so oddly at all - the thought makes you feel cherished now.

You slide your hands under my robe and begin to kiss me deeply. You buttocks feel bruised from the chair and in your excitement, you squirm slightly on my lap. But I can tell you are being careful - you are very sore.

You end the kiss and I stroke you face gently - I say, "Good girl. I love you so much, sweetie."

"I love you too, Daddy."

Our bath had been long and luxurious. Deep kisses. Perfumed water. Candlelight. You had lain in my arms - back against my chest. I had washed you slowly. I knew it was important to show you how much I cared about you so you would know you were always safe. I wanted you to be rewarded for your submission.

I had used a washcloth to gently wash your neck, breasts, and back. I had gently washed your legs and I had very slowly and very gently washed your pussy lips. I gently pushed the fabric of the cloth between your lips and you spread your legs wide to avoid the pressure.

The cloth felt rough against your inflamed pussy lips and clitoris but it was a thrill. I played with your nipples and kissed your mouth. I made you come while you kissed me -your shuddering splashing the water.

After our bath, I had toweled you off lovingly.

Now it's after two in the morning. I feed you another slice of pear.

You rise slightly and open my robe exposing my erect cock. You gather up your robe and nightgown and straddle me. You take my cock in your hand and hold it up as you lower yourself to it. You are very wet.

You part your lips with the head of my cock and as it brings you pleasure, it also hurts sharply. You gasp but I place my hands on your waist to hold you tightly and pull you down.

The head of my cock slips into your very tight passage and as it does, you wince and squeal involuntarily. I pull you down until my shaft is completely buried in you. You gave your virginity to me only six weeks ago and the sensation still seems new despite our nightly (and daily) romps. You are spitted and very near coming already. It is thrilling.

You begin to rock on my lap. You are getting accustomed to the pain and it is blending with the pleasure to create a new, hot excitement. The pain and my cock are compelling you toward orgasm in a way that feels new and very, very naughty.

Your orgasm sweeps through you all of a sudden and like a freight-train. You scream loudly.

I hold you firmly and call out, "Oh, my darling!"

You feel my cock pumping inside you - so deep. You can feel the tip of my cock sitting right at your quivering cervix. You can feel the warm flood all the way inside you and come again immediately, your abdominal muscles convulsing, your cunny squeezing, your cervix twitching as if it's drinking up my seed.

As you wrap your arms around my neck and bend down to kiss me again, you can still feel it twitching against the still-hard head of my cock.

"Daddy - I love you, Daddy. I feel like I'm drinking you in, Daddy."

"Yes, my little love - that's just what your womb is doing, dear."

"Oh, my Daddy. I will always be your - your pet." You are trying it on - pet. Yes - it feels good. It feels right. "I belong to you."

"Yes - yes - yes you do."

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