tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 24

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 24



You arrived at the mall in the early afternoon. You had called Lynn to arrange it. She met you inside the door. Even though you had shared such a naughty, intimate experience last week, she maintained that slight professional aloof.

Oh, she was warm. She winked at you. But she called you "Miss." She shook your hand, she didn't hug you. Remembering how she had played with your pussy and how you had watched her sucking Ritchie's large cock excited you as she shook your hand. But she was maintaining a cool demeanor and that, oddly, made you somehow more aroused.

The two of you strolled through the mall. She helped you pick out presents — some for me — but also, you got more things for yourself. As you went from store to store, she would make sure the packages were collected for delivery later.

"Did you get your packages from last week?" she asked.

"The very next morning. I had fun trying on all the outfits again and putting them all away."

She giggled and took your hand as you walked, "Yes, choosing them was a great deal of fun, too, wasn't it?" It was nice that she was warming up.

She took all your vital statistics — and your email — and had you completely measured. "We should re-do your measurements every year just to make sure — besides, this way if he wants to get you a present, I can tell him what size you are. There should never be an impediment to a man getting you a present." You both giggled.

Several hours later, by the time you had found almost everything you wanted, the two of you sat down on a bench in the main atrium to catch your breaths. The mall, which had already been full of holiday shoppers, flooded with the kids hanging out after school. The atrium extended from the ground floor to a glass roof four stories above, and the mall's four glass elevators were busily carrying passengers between the four floors of the mall.

The food court on the third floor was packed, a gaggle of teen girls inhabiting the tables along one section right against the rail at the edge of the atrium's open space. In the atrium were a couple kiosks selling various crafty kind of things and there was a large set up of telescopes arranged to tempt the Christmas traffic.

You and Lynn sipped the Lattes you had gotten, and watched the teenaged boys fussing with the telescopes under the watchful eyes of the salesman. The boys were taking turns peering through a couple of the instruments.

"What are they looking at?" you asked.

Lynn pointed at the girls at the tables above. "Stellar bodies, my dear," and you both laughed. But as the two of you watched, you both realized that something more was really going on. The girls were somehow cooperating with their observers. They were giggling and subtly waving and switching seats. They were putting on a show of some sort for the boys.

You two were so curious that, finally, you sneaked up and tapped one of the boys on the shoulder as he gazed asking, "What are you boys so keen at?"

The boy smiled, "See for yourself, miss." So first you, then Lynn took a turn.

The telescope was trained right up one of the girl's skirts, and what's more, the girl had removed her panties and was spreading her legs, giving a clear view of her pussy. It was slightly shiny and wet, and, as you watched, she dipped her finger between the lips.

The two of you returned to your bench and, as you looked up, the girls traded places, another girl taking her place to show her cunnie. One of the girls had seen you take a turn peeping at them and she waved at you and blew you a kiss.

"What naughty children," Lynn laughed.

"Too true," you chuckled.

"Speaking of naughty, miss, how about we shop for some toys for you?"

"I don't know, Lynn," you said, "I don't really know much about sex toys."

"Tell you what — let's do the equivalent of playing dress-up. I'll take you shopping and select some toys for you. And I'll show you how they work and all." You were intrigued. "Come on, miss," she took your hand. "You can be my dolly again. Remember what fun we had last time you were my dolly." She squeezed your had gently. Her voice was subtly seductive.

You were aroused again. The sight of the young girl's moist pussys, Lynn's warm hand holding yours, and the memory of Lynn and her friend leading you through the empty mall, in the black bustier, panty-less, was now making your pussy quite wet. "Let's shop for toys," you said, and the two of you giggled.

Lynn took your hand and lead you to one of the glass elevators which you rode to the top floor. Near the edge of the elevator, its floor was glass too, so if you stood right at the edge, you could look down through your feet. There below, you could see the boys engaged in their pussy-watching sport among the swirl of shoppers.

"It's a good thing I've got panties on," you said to Lynn, smiling, "Or those boys could look right up my skirt for a view of my charms."

Lynn giggled, "Intriguing thought." She squeezed your hand and leaned in to whisper in your ear, warmly, "Maybe we should give them a show later on, pretty dolly."

To your own dismay, the thought thrilled you. You squirmed a little bit as Lynn fussed with you hair like she had done last week. "You're going to come in the day before Christmas, right? I want to help make you into a gift for him."

"Yes — I promise I will."

On the fourth floor, Lynn lead you to the sex toy store. It was particularly tasteful and discreet, nicely decorated inside, up-scale and not at all sleazy.

A rather flamboyant man came over, kissing Lynn on her cheeks and extending his hand to you. "Darlings! How nice to see you, Lynn. And who's you delightful friend? What can I show you ladies today?" not waiting for an answer he took you by the hand and brought you deeper into the store, "Sweetie, we have vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, all sizes, all colors, all kinds of things to tickle a girl's fancy and tickle her fancily, if I do say so." He giggled at his own joke.

You smiled. He was wonderful. Just what was needed to put you at ease.

"Todd, dear," Lynn smiled, "First let's look at vibrators. Let's see one of those toys with the crook at the tip."

"Ah — yes — a g-spot special," he chortled, "Right here, dears. Do any of these appeal?"

Lynn chose one from the case, not too big, but not small. She twisted the switch at the end and it buzzed. She touched you in the place above your upper lip, just below your nose.

"Oh my!" you exclaimed.

"That's about what it should feel like on your love button, honey." Todd said.

"We'll take one of these." Lynn said.

"OK, dears, anything else today?"

"Actually, I'd like to try something a little naughty." You said tentatively.

"Oh, girls, we can do naughty." Todd laughed.

"Todd, let's show my dolly some butt plugs." Lynn said, and squeezed your hand.

"Okeedokee." Todd took you over to a different case with shelves behind it. All kind of plugs in all kinds of shapes were on display.

You had never seen things like these before. "How do they — well — work?"

"Todd, let's take a look at that one there," Lynn said, and Todd handed her the plug. It was red, about five or so inches long, and kind-of like a cone — small at the tip getting wider along its length until it dipped back narrower with a wider sort-of handle at the end. "You see, sweetie," Lynn explained warmly, "You push it into your behind and your muscle closes over the wide part onto the narrow part here and that keeps it in place."

"Oh! Oh — I see." You blurted.

"Some boys like it too, hun," Todd chimed in. You all giggled.

"Let's take this one, Todd."

"But it seems kind-of big around — I mean at the wide part." You said.

"A bit of a stretch can be really nice," Lynn coaxed you. "I think you'll like it. Trust me."

"OK, then." You agreed.

"So we'll need some lube with that, Todd. But let's take a look at those there." Lynn was pointing at the next case over. In the case were some smallish egg-shaped things and what looked like TV remote controls.

"Oh, you are a naughty girl! Those are our latest radio remote-control vibrating eggs. You slide them in and you can be anywhere — the controls could be held by your lover across the room."

"Oh my! That is naughty." You exclaimed.

Lynn said, "It'll do perfectly." She chose one with lots of buttons on the controls. "We'll take these with us, Todd."

He packaged them up and you and Lynn headed into the mall, back toward the elevators, but a little ways along Lynn grabbed your hand and held you beside her while she unlocked an unmarked door between stores. She pulled you inside a dimly lit hallway and, without speaking, lead you along it to a door at its end which opened into a large store-room.

The room was full of manikins and racks of clothes and several tables with sewing machines, but back through all of this paraphernalia was a large three-way mirror and a small dais for dress-fitting and some big comfy chairs. Here she dragged one of the chairs over so its back was facing the mirrors.

She turned to you and placed her hands on your waist, bending over so her face was only an inch from yours. "Time to play dress-up, little dolly." She purred again. The tone was familiar. It invoked the memory of her playing with you last week and you shivered.

"But, Lynn, how shall we play dress-up? We don't have any clothes to try on." You thought you were avoiding the situation.

Lynn reached into the bag of toys you just got. "No clothes, little dolly, but we have these." She lifted out the red plug and the bottle of lube.

"Oh! But Lynn!" you started. But Lynn was swift. The toys were on the comfy chair, Lynn had grabbed you firmly by the waist, and she was bending you down and over the chair's arm. Expertly, as always, she lowered you down before you could orient yourself or complain — so that there you were, with your tail up, bent over with Lynn pulling down your panties.

"Lynn!" you squealed. She was giggling, and you started to giggle too despite yourself. You struggled a little bit, but Lynn held you firmly, and just as swiftly you felt her fingers, slippery with lube, between your hips.

She found your ass hole and slipped her finger in as you squealed again. "Now, now, be a good little dolly," Lynn cajoled, and you giggled again nervously. "But Lynn..." your giggle was cut short — you moaned softly with pleasure. "That's my good dolly." Lynn purred again. "My pretty little doll."

"Lynn!" you gasped. "Lynn..."

"Good little dolly. Now, baby..." and you felt her finger withdraw to be replaced quickly with the tip of the plug. She pushed gently, but firmly. You gasped again. She said firmly, "Good dolly."

She was working the toy into you. It felt nearly like the stretch of my cock when it enters you, but the plug was bigger and soon it was stretching you much more.

Now you are under Lynn's spell. You are bent over the arm of the chair. Your ass is high in the air. You can feel the toy pushing and working its way into you.

The stretch is affecting you oddly. You almost feel like you kind-of need to pee. You are extremely aroused. Your pussy is literally dripping.

"Good little dolly. Good little girl," she is purring. "You look so pretty, darling, with you sweet little ass hole being stretched so much."

"Lynn..." you whimper. But then she pushes a little harder and the plug slips past its widest point and you feel it slip inside. The handle-part is still outside of you, but the plug is now pressing you inside deliciously. It is hot and heady and sexy.

But no sooner are you getting oriented than you feel Lynn's fingers at you wet pussy, pushing again — and you realize, as it slides into your cunnie, that she has inserted the egg. It too stays inside with no effort and is being pressed toward the front of your vagina by the plug in your ass. It feels very, very sexy and very, very naughty.

You squirm. "Oh! Oh, Lynn..."

"Do you like it baby doll?"

"Yes — yes I do! Oh my! But I made an agreement..."

"Now stand up, dolly." Lynn says, but she doesn't help you up. She leaves you to negotiate the feat. "Hold your toys in, my dear. Don't let them pop out."

"Yes — yes." you right yourself. You stand up. You face her.

It feels very odd to be standing with the plug and the egg inside you. They are pressing on places inside you, naughty places, and as you squirm, it's very stimulating. Lynn holds you by the waist and rocks you slightly so you sway, the toys sliding inside you slightly — it's exciting you and you are beginning to rise in your excitement. You can't help it.

You know I'd understand. You know I'd want you to have a good time.

You are breathing a little heavily as Lynn takes you by the hand. She's pulling you gently, firmly and, as you take a couple small steps, she says, "Now keep your toys in, little dolly."

"Yes, Lynn."

She hands you the bag with the lube and your g-spot toy and your panties. "Let's not forget these, sweetie. Easy now — good girl." She's smiling at you as she takes you slowly back through the store-room. Every step shifts the toys inside you and it has become extremely exciting.

She is leading you to the door. "No, Lynn. Not out there."

"Yes, little dolly." she says with a sudden firmness. "Yes. You will come with me for a walk." Then, more softly, "Be a good dolly and let Lynn play with you. You'll be glad you did. I promise."

"Yes Lynn..." her stern words have the perfect effect — it hooks into your submissiveness expertly. You will do as she bids. You will explain to me later.

Walking in public is an interesting problem. You are so turned on, that you are struggling not to come. And the task of walking normally and holding in the toys is driving you crazy. You are breathing heavily as you get to the elevator.

Lynn manages to get you both into an elevator just by yourselves. The doors close. But a few feet above the third floor, Lynn slips her key into the elevator controls and stops it.

She takes your hand again and leads you to the edge, by the outer glass wall of the elevator. You are standing on the glass floor without your panties on. The mall is packed.

One of the boys sees you and Lynn waves. Soon there are three telescopes and three naughty peeping toms looking up your skirt. You are mortified and thrilled. No body else seems to notice. Everyone else is intent on their shopping.

"A little wider stance," Lynn giggles, "Give them something to look at."

As if you are in a dream, you comply. You stand with your legs parted and the boys are riveted. And you start to sway your hips gently — it feels so good — it makes the toys move — it is so exciting. You are gripping the railing and swaying so slightly while you watch the boys watching you from the floor of the mall. No one else is noticing. It is such a delicious, slow fuck.

And then you feel the egg start to vibrate in your cunnie.

"Lynn! You bitch! You — wonderful — bitch! God, that's good!"

Lynn giggles, "Are you going to come, little dolly?"

"Yes — yes."

"I've been thinking about your piercing, dear"

"What, Lynn?"

"Your nipple piercing. Right after Christmas I think. But it won't be healed completely by Valentines day, but certainly by mid-March."

"My birthday is in mid-March." You are trying to hold it together. Lynn is playing with you.


You are breathing hard. You are going to come.

"Almost there, little dolly?"

"God — yessssss!"

"Ready, baby? Now hold those toys in. Tight now."


"Really tight."


"Really, really tight."

You obey. You tighten your muscles and as you do, the egg, pressing against your g-spot, lurches into a higher gear. You are coming. You are coming hard. You are standing still, shaking, and Lynn puts her hand on yours and speaks softly in your ear. "Good dolly. Good dolly." You squeal. You shudder.

You know that Lynn is deriving pleasure from doing this to you. You know she is dominating you in her passive role. You wonder if you could get her off somehow. Maybe.

You open your mouth as another, stronger orgasm smashes into you. "Good little dolly." It is so strong, so naughty, so wonderful. "Good little dolly." And another wave crashes. You squeal again. "Good little dolly. Sweet little dolly." And Lynn kisses you. She is trembling. You can taste her acute arousal on her breath. "Come for me again, baby."

And you do, groaning. Lynn slows the egg to a stop. You just barely regain you composure as she re-starts the elevator. The boys have stood up. They're watching you descend. You leave the elevator and Lynn walks you by the hand — right past them on your way out of the mall.

Your toys are still inside you. Walking is very arousing. At the door, Lynn pauses and hands you the shopping bag with the toys and your panties. "Enjoy your ride home, dear." she smiles wickedly. "Think what fun it will be to have him at the controls. Day before Christmas is next Friday. Come at noon."

"Yes, Lynn." You are still so turned on and excited that your voice is breathy.

"When you walk, miss, I think you'll find that a little extra sway in your hips will be exceptionally rewarding." She smiles and closes the door after her. She blows you a kiss.

You've been a bad little girl today. Will you tell me about it? Oh — someday. You know I wouldn't exactly mind your adventure. In fact, you think that telling me about it would make it like including me. You'll have to be more proactive with Lynn. You can't let this happen when you come the day before Christmas.

But the truth is that you are curious what Lynn might do next Friday. Maybe you could get my permission to play a little bit. That would make it OK.

Last time, you contrived to be paddled after your naughty adventure. You know that subconsciously you had felt the need for punishment — like when you were younger and wouldn't do your homework.

You smiled. Truth is that sometimes you wouldn't do your homework so you could get punished. Even as a much younger girl you had found it exciting. You think — that wouldn't be a good pattern to encourage now that you're older and know better.

You turn, and walk with just the slightest extra sway — rather like the sway you used to catch me those months ago. You know she's watching you. You have no doubt she's given you expert advice.

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