tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 25

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 25


Promises, Promises

I was dreaming:

"Her ups

"Her downs

"Her smiles

"Her frowns

"Are second nature to me now

"Like breathing out and breathing in..."

"Daddy," your soft voice close to my ear.

"Daddy," your arm flexing languorously across my waist.

Your kiss on my neck. "Daddy."

"Yes, my pet."

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too."

I was thinking 'what the hell have I done?' How would I ever bear to live now without the sound of your feet on the stairs? How would I ever sleep again without you nuzzled against my neck?


"Yes, Darling."

"I'm sore."

"Yes, Darling."

Our play had been hard and long and nasty last night. You were so excited when you got home from the mall. You had showered and dragged me to bed. You had wanted your nipple clamps. You had wanted to watch the video of your playroom again. You had begged me to spank you soundly -- something new for us -- and I had done so -- hard. You had wanted me to take you in your tight little ass hole -- I fucked you long and easily -- you had savored it.


You voice was becoming very warm... very sexy...

"Yes, Darling."

You slid your leg over me and lifted yourself on top of my chest. Your breasts were pressed hard against me. Soft, perfect. My cock responded. I couldn't help it. I was stiff in an instant -- like a school boy -- and I wanted you so badly that I ached.

"Daddy." You slid your wet pussy onto my shaft. The heat of your sweet, young body surrounded me.

"Yes -- yes, Darling."

You began to slowly undulate. You began to breathe harder as you fucked me.

"I belong to you, Daddy."

"Yes, Darling, you do."

You were fucking me beautifully. You had learned just how to do it. How to please me -- and how to please yourself.

"Daddy." Your soft voice was trembling in your excitement.

"Yes, Darling."

"You belong to me too." Your voice was richer than I remember hearing it. I don't know how else to explain it. You voice was rich and sweet and strong and young. You were speaking from a sense of womanly truth. It was beautiful. It would not be denied.

"Yes, Darling, I do."

"You belong to me, Daddy. I am your submissive and your pet. I am your Konekochan, but you are my Daddy. I belong to you, but, Daddy, you belong to me too."

"Yes, Darling, I do."

"Please tell me, Daddy -- tell me you belong to me."

You were nibbling my neck as you fucked me. You were completely irresistible.

"I belong to you."

"Good Daddy. My good Daddy. Now be a good boy and tell your little girl that you'll never go away."

My cock felt as hard and big as a baseball bat -- and you were fucking me expertly. I was rising -- you were going to make me yours in a new way -- I knew it.

You repeated with the slightest hint of firmness, "Be a good boy, Daddy, and tell your Konekochan that you'll never go away."

"Darling, I'll never go away."

"Good Daddy. Good Daddy. Now tell your little girl that you'll give her everything she wants. Tell your little girl that you can't resist her."

"I can't resist you."

You were breathing harder now. "Say you'll give her everything she wants."

"I will."

"Daddy, my darling Daddy -- I need you to say it -- you'll give me everything I want."

You had me. You naughty wench.

Now I am deep inside you. You are fucking me. You are nibbling my neck. You are trembling in your excitement, yet your voice, breathy, hot, sultry, is also calm and insistent.

"Daddy, my love -- You will give me everything I want. Say it, my love. Tell me, Daddy. You will give me everything I want."

"I will give you everything you want."

Your pace quickens. You lift yourself slightly. You are kissing my chin.

"Say it again, Daddy. Be a good boy and say it again."

"I will give you everything you want, my little pet."

You lift yourself up so you are riding me. I look up at you. You lift your arms and place them behind your neck. You arch back as you fuck me. You breasts are thrust out. Sweat is beginning to form on your dark skin. Your legs are flexing, your belly is undulating, you are ravishing.

You take your time. You are not in a hurry. Your pussy lips are spread wide, I can feel your swollen clitoris against my mons pubis. I can feel your wetness.

You put your hands down on my shoulders and look me in the eyes. You are very excited. I know it won't be long now.

"Say it again, Daddy." Your voice is urgent but firm.

"Yes, my love."

"Say it again, Daddy. Be a good boy and say you'll give me everything I want."

"I will give you everything you want."

"Say it again, Daddy. Everything I want."

"Yes, darling -- everything."

"Say 'I will give my Konekochan everthing she wants.' Everything -- I -- want."

"I will give my Konekochan everthing she wants."

There is something especially strong about how you are taking me. I can feel my cock touching your cervix as you fuck me. You lower yourself down again -- you stretch so we are nose-to-nose. You are looking into my eyes. You gasp, but you remain firm. You are on the edge, but you are controlling yourself.

"Say it again, Daddy. Say it again."

It's my turn to be close to the edge. I'm trying to control myself, but you are too delicious.

"Be a good boy, Daddy. Promise me."

"I will give you everything you want."

I'm almost there.

"Don't come, Daddy -- not until you promise."

"I will give you everything you want."

Almost there.

"Promise, Daddy -- -- -- Promise -- -- -- Now, Daddy. Now."

"Yes, yes, dear -- I promise."

You now fuck me more slowly, but so deep -- so strong -- so tight.

"I want you to come for me soon, Daddy. But not quite yet."

"Yes, yes."

"Call me Koneko, Daddy."

"Yes, Koneko."

"I want you remember that I belong to you, Daddy."

"Yes, Koneko."

"I want you remember that you belong to me, Daddy."


"I will never ask for what you can't give, but you will remember your promise."

"God -- yes. Yes, my Koneko."

You kiss my mouth so gently -- so tenderly. And I'm dying for release.

"Be my good little boy, now -- "

"Yes, baby."

"Be my good Daddy and come for me."

"God, yes, baby."

You are fucking me so slow -- so strong.

"Come on, Daddy."

"Yes." I'm right there. Right where you want me.

"Come on, Daddy. Come in your sweet little pet."


"Promise me again."

"I promise."

You take my face in your hands. You look into my eyes -- so, so close. You say quietly, firmly, "Good baby boy. Now come. Give it to me. It's what I want and you promised. I want you. I want you, Daddy. Give it to me like you promised. My sweet, sweet little boy." You whisper now. "Come for me like you promised. My sweet, sweet little boy. Come in your Koneko."

And that does it. You continue your slow ride while I yell, "Oh, my love!"

You say it again, still looking into my eyes... still holding my face... "Good boy. That's my good little boy. Come for Koneko. Come, Daddy. Now. Now."

I call your name -- loud. I pump my come deep into you.

Your gentle voice, " That's my good little boy. Give me what I want. Good little boy. Just like you promised."

I'm still pumping deep into your pussy -- hot, deep -- while you hold my face and tenderly kiss my lips.

And now it's your turn. As if by surprise and all of a sudden -- you shriek, "Daddy! Oh, my God -- Daddy!"

You stiffen, You wail. You grind down against me. My cock is so very deep. You arch your back. "Oh, my Daddy. My Daddy."

Another wave strikes you even bigger than before -- so, so big.

You scream -- a wordless articulation -- sheer ecstasy -- pure lust. Pure womanhood embodied in your chest, your lungs, your throat, your voice...

"Aaaaaahhhhhrrrrrr. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhrrrr. Oooooh -- Ooooooh -- Oooooooooooh."

You are gasping for breath. Panting. Panting.


You slowly slump down against my chest. Wrung out. You are my little girl again. My darling little girl.

My cock is still throbbing. Your sweat is wet against me. I reach up and stroke your hair.

"That's my little girl." You squirm against me. "My little girl."

"Was I good, Daddy?"

"Yes, my love, you were perfect."

You purr -- "I looovvee Yoouu. I looovvee Yoouu. Miiine. Miiine."

And you were perfect. You knew exactly what to do. Exactly how to take me and hold me. How to turn the tables gently -- without violating my dominance. How to remain my submissive while staking your claim inviolably.

You made me vulnerable and earned my trust. You took me hard but gentled me and gave me back control just in time. Like the bay warmblood you are... having taken your reins from me for a wild run but now having come back home to where you belong in the end -- gently stroking my nipple -- my little girl again -- safe in your Daddy's arms.

The moments pass. The covers are warm. You have melted into me.

And I'm thinking as I smile, "what will she ask for next -- a car? Soon she'll be singing -- like my own little Lena Horne -- Santa Baby for sure... a duplex and checks?" Satin dresses -- more pearls -- a car is doable. No big deal. "A deed to a platinum mine." Sure -- whatever.

But I'm fooling myself and I know it. That's not the point. You will ask for none of these things although you may suspect they'd be yours if you did. No -- you already asked for what you really want -- and I gave it you... you got me to give you my self. Damn.

Yes -- so the smile turns wry...

"Damn, damn, damn, damn.

"I've grown accustomed... "


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