tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 33

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 33


For My Use

Dark and warm. Velvet against your face. A blindfold tied snugly.

The smell of sex. The taste of my come permeated your mouth.

Your arms were tied behind you, bent over your bolster, you butt high, your legs spread and tied open. Naked except for your garter belt and stockings.

Your pussy was wet. Your pretty ass was full and stretched by the large plug I had inserted while I played with you. It stretched you more than you had ever been. You had screamed as you came.

And the egg vibrator in your cunt whirred from time to time.

It was a delicious tease. The plug in your ass pressed it forward against your g-spot. When it vibrated, it sent shivers down your spine. But it only vibrated long enough to keep you excruciatingly aroused.

You squirmed to try to get more of it.

Much earlier, you had enjoyed dressing to go out with me. "Let's go to a movie, Little Girl."

"Yes, Sir. Can we please see the Sherlock Holmes movie?"

"Good idea." I had smiled and taken your chin in my fingers. "You are a good little pet. And perhaps a late dinner after."

"I'll get dressed. Give me fifteen minutes."

I smiled as I watched you trot across the parquet and up the stairs. Your lovely figure was irresistible. I felt my cock stir thinking about how I would take you when we got home later.

You ran into your bedroom and quickly stripped. You opened your lingerie drawer and selected the black Lise Charmel garter, bra, and panty set with dark silk stockings. You had been waiting for a night to wear them. You chose a black wool pleated skirt and hunter green cashmere sweater..

You looked at yourself in the mirror. Wicked red lipstick would do the trick. And a string of pearls. You quickly tied your hair up. You smiled. "Yes — this will please him," you said to your reflection.

You grabbed a crochet shawl on the way out your bedroom door. You skipped down the hall, pranced down the stairs, you ran to my open arms.

Our mouths found each other's. The kiss was deep and hot. As you wrapped your arms around my neck, you felt me lifting your skirt.

My hand slipped into your panties. You gushed. I played with you, pinching you clitoris, bringing you close to orgasm while you gasped. I began to work your cunnie with my fingers.

When I was satisfied you were well lubricated, I withdrew my hand, but soon it was back, pressing something against your opening.

"You'll need to spread your legs a little bit, my love." I told you.

You looked into my eyes. "Spread now, dear." I softly commanded. You crouched slightly as you complied and you felt me pushing something into you. It was not large, but not small and as it slipped inside, you felt slightly full. It reminded you of the ben-wa balls I had you wear sometimes. You could feel a short cord hanging out of your pussy lips.

"Naughty Daddy," you said and kissed me. "I love you."

"I love you too, Little Girl," I said as I held your left wrist behind you. "You will always be my Little Girl, darling. No matter where you go. No matter what you do. You belong to me, my love. You are mine."

You smiled. "Yes, Sir. I am yours."

I took your hand as we walked to the front hall. As you walked, you were aware of the toy in your pussy and as you bent over to put on your boots, you felt it shift slightly, a naughty little tease.

I helped you on with the sable coat and hat. As I opened the door, I turned to take your hand and just as you stepped over the threshold into the cold evening air, you felt the toy whirr inside you. It was a delicious vibration. You froze. You looked at me, eyes wide.

I smiled. "Good girl."

"Daddy — I."

"Yes, darling."

The vibration stopped. You felt a little wobbly. You giggled nervously. I pulled you to me. I kissed you deep and hard. You stood on your tip-toes and whispered in my ear, "Oh — Oh — I love you so much, Daddy. I think I'm going to really enjoy the dinner and movie." You giggled.

Our car drove us to the theater. We were let in the side door. The theater manager took our coats. We were ushered to seats waiting for us in the darkened room. The movie had just begun. You snuggled against me and held my hand.

Then, whirr. Your naughty secret came to life. You squeezed my hand and squirmed in your seat. You felt your pussy, gush again. You looked up at me, your lips parted, breathing deeply.

I smiled and turned to watch the movie. You were too busy to watch the movie. I knew it. I held your hand, feeling you tremble. You saw me smile. You knew I was enjoying your predicament. You felt my gentle dominance. You knew I was in control.

You felt your panties getting drenched. The vibrator was pulsing now. You were struggling not to reveal your excitement too much. You were getting closer — closer. Breathing irregularly... the vibrations stopped.

You squeezed my hand and tried to concentrate on the movie. After ten or so minutes, you settled down.

It was a fun movie and when it was over, we sat while the theater emptied out, watching the credits. We got up to leave. The manager met us at the side door with our coats.

A voice you knew greeted us. "Hi there!" It was Kristin. "I thought that was you." She was with a few girls from school. You immediately brightened and hugged her and the other girls. The girls were admiring your coat and hat and making a fuss over you and you turned and extended your hand to me, saying "...and you, of course, know..." The girls turned and shook my hand and as they did — whirr.

You were a little stunned. It was so very public and you were trying to talk and laugh with your friends. But you fell silent and had to content yourself to watching as they talked to me. You were consumed by the waves of arousal rippling up your spine from your pussy. You could think of little else.

I took your hand and pulled you closer to me. Kristin wanted to know how you liked the movie and I said, "Yes, how did you like the movie?"

You stuttered, "I — I thought it was great. I — liked — it." The vibrator was pulsing again. You looked up at me. I smiled at you and squeezed your hand. You were being uncharacteristically monosyllabic. You knew I was playing with you. It felt naughty and wicked. You knew I was in control of you and it only made you more excited. You were getting dangerously close to... and the vibrations stopped.

Your friends and I were talking and laughing. You began to focus on the conversation again. You perked up and said, a little breathlessly, "We were just going out for some late supper."

Kristin said, "Oh! So were we. Where are you two heading?"

Still flustered and without thinking, you turned to me and said, "Daddy, let's take my friends out for supper."

There was an nearly imperceptible pause as your pet name for me registered with your friends. But Kristin was quick and said, "That would be wonderful — we were just going to TGIF..."

And you said, "Please, let's take my friends. Besides, that way, you'll have a harem to keep you company tonight — I know you can't resist that — you're a shameless flirt."

Your friends giggled and I smiled, "Of course, that'll be fine. We have reservations at Dal Mare. I'll call ahead and have them set four more places."

So the deed was done. Calls were made. Your friends, except for Kristin, went off to their car — Kristin was to ride with us. By the time we climbed into the car, you had regained your composure.

We sat in a row in the back of grand the old Mercedes 600 as our driver made his way through the snowy streets, over the hill, and back down to the center of the historic district. Almost all of the windows of the buildings were lit by little electric candles — very picturesque.

You and Kristin held hands and chatted — filling each other in on the latest news. When we arrived at the restaurant, our coats were taken and we were shown to our seats at the long table that had been prepared for us in the corner.

It was late and the clientele were mostly sipping their after dinner drinks and savoring their deserts. Your friends had never been to this place — it was not appropriate for a student's budget — and they were obviously excited. When the chef came out to greet us, their eyes got kind of big.

"It's so nice to see you again."

"Thank you, Gabriel. It's good to see you again, too."

"When I heard you are coming, I stayed late. What can I make you?"

"Gabriel, just feed us. We came here for your cooking. Please make us a dinner."

He laughed, "What cook could resist such an offer?" He gestured at the matre'd who gestured at the two waiters who were already pouring water for everyone. "I will make you and your lovely companions a seafood feast. Are you hungry, ladies?"

Your friends all laughed and said a resounding "YES."

Drinks were served — martinis, wine. Bruschetta and other antipasto came to the table. Steamed muscles. You all were having a blast. You were flanked by Kristin and me. You leaned up, openly kissed my cheek, and whispered, "Thank you, Daddy." You held my hand on top of the table. Your friends smiled as they noticed.

A second round of drinks. Gabriel's timing was perfect. He was letting everybody rest before the pasta course. Conversation was light and lively. Laughter was bubbling.

Your pussy was suddenly tickled by the egg vibrator. It was revving up. You squeezed my hand and fell silent. It felt so good and so naughty. You squirmed in your seat. Your pussy was drenched. You were afraid you would come and at the same time you wanted to come — right there in secret — in front of your friends — holding my hand. You were trying to appear normal. You were so close... so close...

The fish course arrived and everyone looked up — distracted just in time...

You came. Warmly. Luxuriously. You gasped and squirmed. You looked up at me. I smiled. You shuddered. I said softly, "Good girl." The vibrator stopped.

You caught you breath as the waiters served us. You whispered, "Oh, God, Daddy. Oh — that was so naughty." You smiled and then giggled. You slid your hand into my lap under the long table cloth and stroked my hard cock through my trousers. "But what about you?"

I smiled. "Later, my pet."

Dinner was served, several wonderful courses with perfectly chosen wine — and Gabriel joined us for desert. He was witty and charming and held your friends in his spell. You snuggled against me. You were pleased and proud to have shown me off a little. It had been fun. You were a little tipsy and you felt sexy and mischievous.

The check came. I signed it.

Coats donned, we all said our goodbyes. We held hands waving at your friends as they climbed into their Chevette. Our car came around and we got in the back. Soon we were home. We held hands as we stepped inside the tall old Victorian doors.

"Did you have fun tonight, Little Girl."

"Oh yes, Daddy. Very much. You were so bad. But Daddy — now, please, How about you?"

I helped you off with your coat and hat and, as I put them away and hung up my own, you shed your boots. I turned to you, "Now, off with your sweater."

"But Daddy! What about Margaret and Louise? What if they should happen to see me?" You said in perfect mock protest. Truth is, you were a little concerned.

"Not to worry, my Pet," I said, as I began to unbutton your blouse, "If they see you, they will simply be better informed about one of the things that endears you to me so. Good girl. And now let's get rid of that skirt."

So you soon stood in only the exquisite black lingerie you had put on earlier. You were lovely. Your dark skin was like that vision of summertime that I nearly always associated with its color — warm, soft. Your shape and proportions — gentle curves of your neck and shoulders, perfect small breasts slightly pushed up by the brazier, slender waist showing softly defined muscles, the curves of you hips accentuated by the black lace, your strong legs — I smiled. "You are lovely, darling. And you were wonderful tonight."

You stepped toward me and, standing on your tip-toes, you wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed me deeply and long. I held you to me. You moved in my arms instinctively, seducing me, urging me — your tongue exploring my mouth.

I slid my hand up your back and gripped your curly hair.

You gasped, "Oh, Daddy! I love you."

I slowly bent your head backward by pulling your hair, exposing your neck which I leaned down and bit and kissed and I slowly turned you around so your back was facing me. Your pussy was wet.

I brought your wrists together behind you and you felt me binding them. But you felt me weaving the binding cloth up your arms as if I was lacing a shoe — up your forearms, over your elbows, tying your arms together firmly but not uncomfortably. I tied the bindings.

I led you from the front hall to the big old living room. A fire was blazing on the hearth. Candles were lit, the room was warm. You stood right before the fireplace on the thick old Chinese rug. I unfastened your brazier and undid the shoulder straps. Your breasts were revealed. Perfect. Hooking my fingers in your panty waistband, I slid them down off your legs.

"Please kneel, darling," I said matter-of-factly.

With some effort, you complied. I walked over to the large sofa and sat, looking at you — admiring your beauty. The fire was hot on your skin, you were excited. You were wondering how I would have you.

You were aware, as you had been all evening, of the slight pressure of the egg vibrator tucked in your cunnie. Even when it had not been vibrating, it had been a gentle erotic reminder of my dominance. You felt sexy and feline. You knew I was watching you. You wanted to make me want you.

Whirrrr. The egg, without its usual gentle start, began to vibrate hard and fast inside you. It sent chills up your spine and you squealed involuntarily. It began to pulse. You swayed on your knees — a beautiful sexy dance.

Your breathing was irregular. You were being driven to orgasm. And it overtook you quickly. You arched with its intensity and you threw you head back in abandon. It was so wonderful to not hold back after your night of restraint. You cried out, "Oh — Oh yeeesssss! Oh yessssss!" Your whole body shuddered with the intensity of the waves of orgasm.

As you came back to earth, the egg still vibrating and already lifting you to your next, you were confronted with my hard, naked cock right in front of your face. Mt right hand gripped your hair. You looked up at me. My cock touched your dangerously painted red lips. You opened your lovely small mouth.

I pushed my cock in. You could taste my salty pre-come. My cock was hot and felt large and it found its way deep, deep — and into the top of your throat. You relaxed and controlled your gag reflex perfectly.

I began to slowly and luxuriously fuck your mouth as the egg lifted you again. You were moaning with your pleasure, and it felt so good to be used. You worked me with your tongue to increase my enjoyment. My hand in your hair was guiding you as my cock slid deep into your throat with each stroke.

You were so pretty with your red lips stretched around my cock, looking up at me as I fucked you mouth. "Good little girl. Good little submissive," I said.

I felt you shudder. Delicious. You were getting close to coming again. Very close.

With my cock only half way in, I smiled down at you as you looked up. You were shaking, right on the edge of orgasm.

"Take a deep breath, Little Girl. Take a deep breath. That's it." I slid my cock deep into your throat and held it there just at the right moment. You came — squirming and groaning with my cock thrust down your throat, your nose pressed against my pubis.

As you came you sucked and squeezed my cock. It was marvelous. And I couldn't resist — you felt my cock swell. I groaned and you felt my hot seed pumping down your greedy throat. Pump, pump, pump. You swallowed eagerly as you squealed in the final waves of your orgasm. The flavor of my come now filled your mouth. You felt me shuddering. You knew I would be very pleased.

Hot and slippery and salty as I withdrew my cock. I released my grip on your hair. You swallowed the last drops. The vibrations were still pulsing. You were swaying and gasping. You knew you'd come again soon.

You were looking up at me as I buttoned my trousers. You were moaning as I put my hand in my pocket. The vibrations wound down and stopped.

"Come on, Little Girl," I said as I helped you stand. "Up we go." I crouched and slung you over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried you upstairs. You were surprised at my strength. I opened the door to my room - our room.

I set you down on the floor. "Now — up on the bed you go." I lifted you up on the the bed and helped you get situated, pulling and tugging you gently until you were over your bolster, legs spread wide, your tail high in the air. I tied you firmly. Your face was in the soft covers. I fitted a velvet scarf over your eyes and tied it.

You felt me caressing your hips, slipping my fingers between your ass cheeks. I was working lubrication into your ass — sliding my finger into you. You moaned and squirmed. The vibrator began tickling you again. I was working your ass with two fingers now. It was delicious and naughty.

Then, after I withdrew my fingers, you felt something pushing into you. You knew it was a plug. You squirmed as I pushed firmly and so you helped to work it in. The vibrator was pulsing. You were whimpering as the plug worked deeper, and you realized it was much bigger than you had thought. It was stretching you much further.

That sensation of being made to take the plug, of being forced, the vibrator relentlessly pulsing — you began to come — just as the large plug slipped into place. You were taken, filled, tied, completely at my whim and ready. You were coming so hard you screamed. It was wonderful. You felt my hand on your back as you writhed and screamed again.

"Good girl. Good girl."

The vibration stopped. You were spent. You knew it was just the way I wanted you. Ready for my use — and you found it deeply satisfying.

You felt me get off the bed. You heard me moving around the room. There was a sense that I was taking my time. You heard me undress. You heard me go into the bathroom. You heard me start a shower. No hurry.

Now the vibrator in your cunnie whirrs from time to time, keeping you excited, but not allowing you to come. It presses into your G-spot thanks to the large plug in your ass, stretching you.

You are spent. You squirm slightly, enjoying the occasional vibration, otherwise you lie passively luxuriating in your satisfied state and knowing that you are waiting for me. You feel deeply a sweet happiness in being mine. You feel with certainty that this is where you belong. You are my submissive — my little girl.

You hear me getting out of the shower. I am coming back into the bedroom. You feel the bed move as I climb on, kneeling next to you.

My hand is on your back. You feel me grip the plug and pull firmly. You gasp as it stretches you, then slides out. You feel me pulling on the egg vibrator's cord. It slips out of your pussy. You feel strangely empty.

But I am behind you. My hands are gripping your waist. You feel the head of my cock flirting with the opening of your ass hole. You are completely relaxed, waiting. You have submitted.

With a slight push, the head of my cock slips into you easily. You mew and I stroke your back. Tied and spread wide, you are vulnerable and at my mercy.

I push harder. My swollen member slides in easily. It is deep inside. You are impaled. You are completely mine.

And so I fuck you now. Taking my time. You are warm and glowey from having come so many times over the course of the evening. You moan and whimper. You know that you are being used now for my pleasure. You let me take you. You revel in submitting completely.

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