tagSci-Fi & FantasyAchilles Ch. 02

Achilles Ch. 02


It was just after lunch time when I heard the doorbell ring. I assumed it was a neighbor, or possibly the UPS man, and was curious when I saw it was an older looking gentleman in a black suit. I opened the door and greeted him. "Can I help you?"

"Hello Miss Peterson. My name is Gordon Wyatt. I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time?"

The professional tone of his voice, and the fact that he seemed to know me, put me on edge. He sounded like a police detective and I was suddenly wary, making no indication that I was inclined to let him in. "What is it I can do for you?"

"I am an attorney." he said. "My firm represents a small genetics research company that is interested in your father's work. I wanted to talk to you about a project he was working on before your parent's death."

I stiffened, worried this had something to do with Achilles. It had been three weeks since I brought him home from my father's lab; he was in the back, sunning himself on the deck, which he had done for a couple of hours every day . Sunlight was the only energy Achilles needed to survive; he hadn't eaten or slept since entering my life. While it was unusual and I was still getting used to his strange physiology, it certainly cut down on grocery costs.

"I'm sorry Mr. Wyatt. I don't know much about the work my father did, I'm not sure I can be of much help to you." The lie came easily.

"Did he ever mention anything called the 'Achilles Project'?"

I tried to keep my cool and did my best to offer a blank expression. "No, he didn't. I'm sorry, I never took much of an interest in father's work."

I could tell by his expression that Mr. Wyatt didn't believe me. "I see. What about his lab, can you give me any indication as to what you'll be doing with it and its contents?"

"It's not for sale, if that's what you mean." I told him. After finding Achilles I had decided not to sell the lab, as I was sure doing so would cause too many questions. I wanted to keep the fact that Achilles was an artificially created human a secret, and was worried that father's lab would hold too much evidence. If the fact that Achilles was the first person ever created and grown in a lab, he would become nothing more than a science experiment. I couldn't have that. Achilles was a person, not a thing. Living with him for almost a month had shown me the truth of that very clearly.

"My clients are willing to make an extremely lucrative offer, Miss Peterson."

"And just who are your clients?" I asked, a slightly annoyed tone to my voice.

"I'm sorry, I can't divulge that to you."

"Then I'm afraid we don't have anything more to talk about, Mr. Wyatt. You'll simply have to tell your clients that my father's lab isn't for sale. His work, and any projects, died with him seven months ago."

"How unfortunate. Very well, Miss Peterson. Have a pleasant afternoon." He turned away from the door, but paused and looked back to me. "By the way, Gloria Miller sends her regards."

I'm sure the color left my face. I quickly shut the door and turned the deadbolt. Gloria Miller. I knew that name. She worked for my father as his lab assistant. She was an intelligent woman, in her thirties, quiet and a little mousey. She had her doctorate in genetics and had worked for my father since her days at university. In his work, Gloria was my father's right hand.

I quickly moved through the house and opened the back door to the large deck, where Achilles was sitting in nothing but a pair of shorts. His tanned skin looked marvelous in the sun, and he smiled to me, though his expression slowly sobered when he saw the look on my face.

"Stacy, is something the matter?" he asked in that melodic deep voice of his.

"Achilles, when we first met you mentioned that you were with one of my father's lab assistants almost every day. What was her name?"


I leaned back against the doorjamb and pressed a palm to my temple. How stupid I was! Of course Gloria knew about Achilles, and his origins. Gordon Wyatt invoking her name could only mean one thing: she was talking to someone. It would be hard to keep Achilles' secret with her around, as I could only assume Gloria was selling information. Whoever Gordon Wyatt represented obviously knew about Achilles and wanted to get their hands on him. My only consolation was that they probably wanted to keep him a secret as well, for now, until they could study whatever it was that made him special. The fact that an attorney was at my door, and not the media, was partial evidence of that.

"Achilles, we have to go."

He rose from the lounge chair and approached me. "What is wrong Stacy?"

"There was a man here, a lawyer. He said he represents some genetics company, but wouldn't tell me who. They've been talking to Gloria, and I'm worried that she's told them about you. They might be watching us, so we need to get you someplace safe."

"Where will we go?"

"We'll go to the cabin. It's a couple hours north of the city and secluded. Then we can figure out what to do next."

"All right." Achilles agreed easily. "I'll go pack my things we bought at the mall the other day. Should I bring my toothbrush?"

I exhaled a quiet laugh. Achilles was so charmingly naïve at times. I kissed his cheek and said "Yes baby, pack all your things. We'll wait until dark and go tonight."

My parents had owned our cabin ever since I was a little girl. We went there almost every weekend during the summer, and as I drove my Jeep north on 35W I recalled what a wonderful time we always had swimming, fishing, and water skiing. I missed those days. Missed my parents. Dad was always so sure of what to do in a crisis. I remember thinking I could've used his advice, as Achilles and I left Minneapolis.

He was playing with the radio, switching stations around before finally settling on a talk station, when I asked, "Achilles, did anyone other than Gloria and my father know you were genetically engineered?"

He shook his head, "No, I don't believe so. Other people saw me from time to time, though your father and his assistant were the only ones who ever came down to the basement where you found me."

"When I found you, you said he had created you to find a cure for the disease that killed my sister. Do you know how he was trying to do that, exactly?"

"He wasn't trying, Stacy. He did it."

I glanced at him, "What do you mean?"

"The white cells in my bloodstream have the capacity to stimulate rapid healing and regeneration. They even have the ability to alter a person's DNA and correct any abnormalities to a more baseline code. Since your father made my blood type a universal one, it's likely that a simple blood transfusion from me could heal someone from almost any wound or disease."

"My god, Achilles. That's amazing... but why didn't you tell me that earlier?"

"You never seemed very interested in your father's work."

I reached over and squeezed his hand. "Fair enough."

I marveled at him. Yes, sometimes Achilles seemed almost child-like in his inexperience with the world, but then there were moments like that one where he betrayed his incredible intelligence. That dichotomy was one of the reasons I was in love with him. And I /was/ in love with him, body and soul. In the three weeks we had spent together Achilles shared my bed every night, where we would talk and make love. After our sexual activities he would hold me until I fell asleep, even though he didn't need to sleep himself, remaining with me until I woke the next morning. I loved him, and I was terribly afraid he would be taken from me.

It was after midnight when we arrived at the cabin. It was situated on Lake Mille Lacs, a large lake in central Minnesota. There were other cabins nearby, though like mine they were mainly weekend getaways. It was the middle of the week and I didn't see that anyone else was around. The cabin is very nice, big enough to serve as a second home, and a beautiful woodland reserve is just across the gravel road that gave access. I parked the Jeep in the single-car garage and Achilles and I headed in.

While I unpacked some things Achilles was standing in front of a large window that over-looked the lake. I couldn't resist approaching him and putting my arms around him, laying the side of my face against his strong shoulders. "You feel nice." I said, sliding my hands over the contours of his chest and stomach, feeling his tight muscles through the tee he was wearing. After the stress of the day, it felt good to embrace him in the peaceful environs of the quiet cabin.

He laid his hands over my arms, "You do as well, Stacy. I like your cabin, it is very quiet. Will we be able to share a bed here as well?"

I smiled against his back. Typical male, I thought, artificial or not. "Of course. In fact, I should probably get some sleep. It's late and I'll be able to think more clearly in the morning, we can decide then what to do next."

Achilles helped me finish unpacking our things before we retired . I surprised myself by taking us to the room my parents had used, rather than my room, but my bed was only a single and two bodies would have been cramped. I had taken on the habit of sleeping in the nude since Achilles entered my life, which he seemed to prefer. It was easier anyways, as we inevitably engaged in lovemaking every night.

"I don't want you to worry." I said, pulling the light quilt over us. "I'm going to keep you safe, Achilles."

He slid closer to me and I turned just-so, allowing him to spoon my naked body with his. He wrapped his strong arms around my slight frame and I could feel his soft penis against my buttocks. "I am not worried, Stacy."

I sighed. His embrace soothed me, took away some of my worry of losing him. His arms felt like my own personal castle, warm and safe. He kissed my neck, nuzzling me through the mess of my dark hair, and his hand began to explore my body. It glided over my hip and stomach, finally coming to rest one on one of my smallish breasts. It fit perfectly and entirely into his palm. His hands were always so curious. Curious of my body. He made me feel desired and sexy.

I moved a hand around to the small of my back, reaching between us until I found his penis. It was already semi-erect and I privately smiled at his arousal. I held him gently that way, feeling his length stiffen and grow in my grip as he fondled my breast and continued to kiss my neck and shoulder.

"Are you wet?" he asked.

I giggled at the directness of his question and whispered back, "Yes, your touch always make me wet."

His hand left my chest and glided along my rib cage, moving over my hip and along my backside until I felt him between my legs. I mewed a little to show my approval and lifted my leg, giving him better access to my sex. His fingers caressed my mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair and my labia, causing me to lift my leg further, bending it at the knee and propping myself open to his explorations.

Though he was improving in sexual skill, Achilles was still inexperienced and often needed a little guidance. I didn't mind. I enjoyed teaching him. "Touch me where my clitoris is, baby. It feels so good right there."

He did so and I felt the smooth skin of his finger glide over the hood of my clit, causing me to squirm against him. "Keep rubbing...mmm, yes, that's so nice..." He nibbled at my ear again, which he knew I loved, and I melted into his attentions. His fingers continued to play with my button until my pussy felt like a fountain, wetting the insides of my pale and slender thighs.

"Keep doing that..." I instructed, my voice a murmur, "...and put a finger inside me. Oh! Oh, god, yes sweetie that's it...mm. Make love to me with your hand Achilles, please baby, make me come..."

He was doing very well, probing my depths with a finger while stimulating my hardening clitoris. I kept muttering 'faster' and 'faster' until his hand was obscenely plunging into me repeatedly. The room began to spin so I just closed my eyes at the let the orgasm wash over me. I moaned like a feline in heat, writhing against his body and fingers, reaching back to clutch at his hip and buttocks.

When I recovered he was still nuzzling at my neck, which suddenly tickled, so I giggled and pinched my shoulder and cheek together against his head. I felt his hand caressing the inside of my thigh and it was soaked with my love; my orgasm had been a powerful one. "That was beautiful, Achilles, it felt wonderful."

"I am happy you enjoyed it."

I turned in his arms to face him, brushing the dark tendrils of hair out of my face. "Let me do you baby. Would you like me to use my hand too?"

"You should get some rest, Stacy. It has been a stressful day."

I pressed a gentle kiss against him, nothing more than a brief contact of our lips. "That's sweet, but I want to. Besides, if I don't, I'm going to feel your boner poking into me all night."

That made him laugh, a sound I was growing to crave. He was starting to get used to my quirky sense of humor, one of the reasons I knew he was more than a mere test tube creation. "I love you, Achilles."

The words just slipped out. Maybe it was the ease I felt when I was with him. Maybe it was the orgasm making me dizzy, but as soon as I spoke them, I froze. I had never used those words before with him. The momentary silence between us was a little uncomfortable as he just looked at me. I could tell he was struggling with the concept of love and didn't know how to react.

"It's okay baby." I assured him, finally breaking the tension and reaching down to take hold of his hard penis.

"Stacy, I...."

"Shh, it's okay. Let me pleasure you. You don't have to say anything."

I nudged him to lay on his back, while I laid beside him. My hand was slowly stroking the length of his erection and I began kissing his chest, briefly nibbling on one of his nipples. I felt his fingers slip into the tangle of my hair and I laid my head against his torso to face down towards his cock, where my hand continued to gently caress him. I used my thumb to stimulate his crowning ridge, alternating between teasing his head and slowly pumping his shaft. I loved staring at his erection, it was so smooth and beautiful and proud. Achilles truly was physically perfect in every way.

His pre-cum began to glisten against his skin as I used it to lubricate my work, smearing it all around his member with the palm of my hand. I could feel his heartbeat increase against my cheek, through his chest, and I quickened the pace of my jacking motion.

"Stacy..." he moaned. "You give me such pleasure."

I smiled softly and teasingly slowed my hand, wanting to drag out that pleasure. I even paused to take his scrotum into my hand and squeeze that as well, which caused his cock to spasm and twitch.

"I want to watch you come." I told him. "I love watching you come, the way your cock offers up its pleasure. It's intoxicating."

He moaned as I took his shaft into my grip once again and began jacking him off in earnest. Over the last week I had learned that he liked a little dirty talk with our sex, another sign that he was very much human.

"Will you come for me Achilles?" I cooed in the sexiest tone of voice I could muster. "I want to see your cock show me how good my hand feels. Go ahead baby, come for me. Come all over your sexy tummy for me."

His moans grew louder and I could feel his erection pulse in my hand.

"That's it baby, I can feel it. Let it go, let all that sweet come shoot out."

His entire body stiffened, and the moans became grunts. His cock seemed to expand in my hand and I held my breath in anticipation, ceasing my stroking motion and simply squeezing tightly around it. My surprise was complete when the first ejection hurled past his stomach all the way up to land against my face, causing me to squeal. More landed across his abs in long roping beads, wet and glistening against his tan skin. The last of it leaked out over my thumb and wrist, some of it mingling into the short stubs of his shaved pubic hair.

His breathing was heavy, as though he had just run a marathon, and his body was still. "My god, Achilles." I laughed. "I don't think you've ever come so hard." I leaned up, wiped the fluid of his sex off my cheek and smiled at him.

"Your words, they enhanced my arousal."

"That's dirty talk, sweetie. I know how much you like it."

He nodded with a smile of his own.

He held me all night long, as he had done every night since we met. I remember dreaming about people coming to take him away, evil faceless men in lab coats pulling Achilles from my arms. When I woke, I was relieved to feel his arms around me. I cuddled into his embrace, enjoying his warmth and scent. We made love again that morning, and despite the uncomfortable moment the night previous, when I told him I loved him, I could sense his affection plainly in the way he touched me. He didn't have to say it, I could sense it.

While I made myself some breakfast, Achilles went out back to get some sun. I watched him through the kitchen window as he walked out onto the dock, and I laughed when he nearly fell in while curiously bending over the edge. He must have seen some fish. His constant curiosity charmed me beyond description. I wondered then what we would do. I couldn't let him fall into the hands of Gordon Wyatt and whomever he represented, but I knew we couldn't stay here either. The cabin was in my name and it was only a matter of time, probably a short time, before they'd find us, which I assumed they would. If they knew about Achilles I realized he would represent a vast amount of wealth to whoever discovered the secrets coursing within his veins. They wouldn't just give up. Maybe we could run, I thought, to another country far away. My parents had left me with plenty of money to do so.

My thoughts were interrupted by the front door being kicked in. I screamed when I saw a man dressed in black, camouflage make-up decorating his face. I jumped up from the kitchen table as he bolted through the living room towards me. He had a handgun.

I turned to the counter and fumbled for a weapon, anything I could use against the intruder. My hand closed around the frying pan I had used to make eggs, but the man was too fast. He grabbed me from behind, pinning my arms against my sides and pulled me away from the counter, causing the pan to fall to the tiled floor in a useless clatter. I screamed again, hoping Achilles would hear me and run for safety.

But he didn't run, not away. He sprinted towards the house, faster than I'd ever seen anyone move. The window of the sliding glass door shattered as Achilles leaped right through it and into the kitchen, only five feet from us. "Let her go!" he screamed angrily.

My assailant threw me aside to deal with the sudden appearance of Achilles, causing me to lose my balance and fall to the floor. He lifted his gun, but Achilles was the quicker, knocking the weapon out of the intruder's hand. Achilles punched him in the stomach, then punched him again in the face, knocking the man back into the refrigerator. I found my frying pan then and used it, whacking the hard steel over the intruder's head, knocking him out.

Achilles was next to me in a flash, helping me up. "Stacy, we must go, come on."

We barely got out of the kitchen when another man appeared through the front door, dressed the same as the first intruder. He had a gun as well, aimed right at me. Achilles pushed me aside when the man fired in my direction, taking the bullet. I screamed in anguish as I saw the shot enter Achilles' stomach and exit out of his back.

"Shit!" the intruder cursed, as he had obviously intended on hitting me. He likely had instructions not to kill Achilles: he was too valuable.

But both the second intruder and I were surprised when Achilles snarled in anger, hardly fazed by the gunshot wound. He picked up my father's old reclining chair as though it were a sack of feathers. It must have weighed four hundred pounds, but Achilles threw it across the room easily. It blasted against our assailant and smashed him against the wall with such force that the drywall cracked behind him. The blow surely killed him instantly.

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