tagMind ControlAcquisitions and Expansion Ch. 01

Acquisitions and Expansion Ch. 01


Steven Franklin, Pulitzer prize winner. That's what they'll call me. When I finally publish all this work and show the world that there really is a sinister group, run completely by women. Women bent on taking over the world behind the scenes.

My doorbell rang, and I checked the camera. There was a delivery driver with a package. A FEMALE delivery driver. A few months ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about this, now I knew better.

"Just leave it on the porch," I said through the intercom.

"It's marked time-sensitive, Sir, I can't leave it without a signature, otherwise we have to send it back."

"Who is it from, please?"

"It's marked Blackmon Sorority Partners, Sir," she looked directly into the door camera with a Cheshire Cat grin. "It's urgent, Sir, I'll just slip it in your mail-slot."

Damn, damn, damn, damn. I ran from the study as quickly as I could to try to keep anything SHE wanted to send me into my home. I came around the corner to the foyer just in time to see the book sized shipping box hit the floor and explode into a riot of pink and purple smoke.

The now gas masked delivery girl then kicked in my front door into the thick chemical cloud and leveled a large, menacing pistol at me. I spun back around just in time to see an enormous dart lodge itself in the wall next to my shoulder.

I sprinted toward the back door. As I got into the kitchen, a similar scene was unfolding as a soda can sized object had just come through the kitchen window and landed in the sink. Time seemed to slow a little bit and then the canister erupted in another cloud of pastel colored chemicals which churned to the ceiling and quickly began to fill the small kitchen.

I had to make it to the basement. I could get out the crawlspace and go for the car. I got to the stairs and locked the basement door behind me. The way my assailant had gone through the front door, I didn't give it much durability, but it was at least a delay.

I grabbed my laptop off the desk and ran to the only window that was big enough to crawl out. When I got there, I saw a pair of boots, standing right there. Then I saw two more pair of boots walking around all of the basement windows.

I wasn't going anywhere, maybe I could still get back up the stairs. I heard the door give way and saw a few little pieces of wood fly down the stairs. But then there was nothing. No sound, no grenades, no smoke, nothing.

"Who's there and what do you want?" I asked.

A set of plastic zip-tie handcuffs was thrown down the stairs.

"Put them on."

"I'm not tying myself up for you."

"I can knock you out and we can carry you up, or you can put those on. Show you're willing to cooperate. If you don't, then the next time you're conscious, you'll be so programmed you won't even remember your name."

I put the cuffs around my wrists and pulled them snug with my teeth. The masked delivery girl walked slowly down the stairs trailing a faint haze of pink behind her. She carried the plume of smoke down the stairs like a veil. Just from the whiffs of smoke swirling around her, I could feel my head start to get fuzzy.

I had to admit, that there was something sexy about the semi-tactical Lycra and fiber outfit she was wearing and the heavy combat boots set it off. I could see how she could inspire the right behavior from a captive just from the look. She was carrying an over-sized pistol resting on her shoulder. I assumed it was the dart gun.

She walked up to me. She stood face to face and looked at me for what seemed to be a long time. The cloud began to gather around her.

"Bend over, you're too tall."

I bent forward and she slipped a full-face respirator over my head and secured it in place. Then she motioned me up the stairs into the thickening chemical fog. My house was completely enveloped in a thick pink cloud. She walked me to the side door, out of sight of the neighbors where a black SUV was parked.

I stepped up into the back of the vehicle and was face to face with one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Long red hair and a fantastic body accentuated by a black satin pant suit.

"Can I take this thing off now?" I motioned to the mask.

"Not just yet. It's a cute look for you."

"You won't get away with this. I have fail-safes on the information I've collected. This conspiracy you're running is over."

"No, Mr. Franklin, unfortunately what you have put together is only a small part of what is going on. The REALLY interesting part is the "how" we do what we do. My part now is to convince you to remove those fail-safes, because in the end, you will understand that not only do you want us to succeed, but you will feel guilt for trying to oppose it."

"Look, you're crazy, I'm never going to help you, and in just under an hour now, without me putting the code into my phone, all the data is going worldwide to the internet for anyone to see."

"Under an hour. That's doable. Thank you for the update, and don't worry if you start to feel a little intimidated riding in the back of a dark vehicle with a beautiful woman with carnal designs."

"What the hell, you think you're going to seduce me? You don't seem to..."

"No, Mr. Franklin, YOU don't seem to. You've been wrong, and the more you listen to my voice, listen to the inevitable reason, the more your mind begins to understand that resisting is wrong, and assisting can feel so, so good. This is so much bigger than you, and you can be a part, instead of a hindrance."

She got up and sat with me on the seat in the back. She pulled the mask off my face. Her face quite close to mine. This close together, I could smell a strong, floral perfume, and...something else, the scent of sex. I felt my pulse quicken, I couldn't help it. She was right, she was beautiful, and what was more frightening, I wasn't sure what to do or how to resist. In any other circumstance, I would welcome everything she was doing. But I knew I was right, and I had to find a way out of this.

"What are you doing? I won't help you. I'll stop..."

"Stop what, stop me from sitting close to you, are you going slip your cuffs, grab me, wrestle with me in an attempt to flee? If you try to hurt me, don't you think my agents in the front will stop you? Are you going to stop me from admiring you strength and determination in what you have accomplished? Stop me from wishing we had been on the same side from the start, and we could have gotten to this point, without all the unpleasantness? Exactly what would you stop, Mr. Franklin?"

There seemed to be a wave of her perfume, it was so strong, I couldn't imagine that she was wearing that much. I felt a wave of relaxation every time I took a breath. She put her hand on my knee and I jumped like I had been scalded. She stopped for a moment, and then put it back right where it was.

"Look at me Steven, look at my hand, look at the shine of my nails, do I look like I could do violence, or that I would have violence done to me? No one is going to hurt you, and with my word, no one will ever harm you again."

She slowly moved her hand up and down my thigh, her red nails glinting in the one small light that seemed to spotlight the seat between us.

"Look, Steven, watch my hand, or if you wish, just look in my eyes. Focus on how good this feels. You could have this whenever I want, but not if I have to spend months rebuilding the network you are threatening to expose. And all I want to do is make life better for men like you. Strong men who spend too much time making decisions they could share, or even better, outsource to my consortium. What is so bad about that?"

My cock was expanding and becoming obvious. She was incredibly sensual. Wonderfully so. My head was fuzzy and everything seemed warm and soft. And her voice, her voice was so melodic. Maybe she was right. She leaned in close to me and softly stroked my cheek. The fragrance was on her hands...it rushed into my brain. I started to feel disconnected, distant. She put her hand directly on my cock, lightly stroking and squeezing.

"Steven, please, don't try to undo all the work I've done. I need your help. I need you to help me form the future. The rewards are great."

With that she squeezed my cock, again, rubbing up and down the length. I looked down, for a moment then back directly into her eyes. They seemed huge, her eyes seemed to take up the entirety of my vision as they looked back into me.

"Relax, Steven...Just look at me and relax. I have you now. Imagine how good I can make you feel if you would only give me the chance. You can slip into my eyes, my voice and enjoy so much pleasure. This is only a suggestion the wonderful sensations you can experience. Will you accept my suggestions, Steven?"

"I can't..I shouldn't..."

"But you can't remember why, and isn't 'shouldn't' just a rule that someone else made for you." She cupped my face with her free hand, and slowly moved her hand down to my neck, stroking the short hair at the back of my neck. The motion was at once sensual and commanding.

My neck was in her hand, she pulled my head closer to her eyes. I felt myself getting dizzy, breathing faster and finding it nearly impossible to focus on anything except her eyes, and the fog of sweet perfume.

"Please, Steven, tell me how to stop the information from getting out for now. We can even talk about it later, after I have time to explain everything to you. You want me to make it clear for you, don't you?"

I did! I remembered vaguely that I did want her to give me all the information. I was winning! Her lips touched my neck and I moaned. All I had to do was tell her how to stop the information dump, and she would tell me all her secrets. All I had to do was give in, and I could win. I could expose everything. I could...my head swam in the erotic onslaught and perfumed seduction.

"Ok, ok, I'll tell you, here's what you have to do..."

She moved away a little bit and I told her how to stop the information from being published.

"Did you get that Gretchen?"

"Yes Mistress, we've already taken care of it, is that all?"

"Steven, is that all you need to tell me now? If that's all, it's time for a reward for being a good, loyal person. Is there anything else?"

"No...no, that's all. The information is in a few more places, but if it's left there, it will expire. Please..."

"So is that your answer, is that what you want, Steven, do you want to work for me? To be mine? Did your giving me that information mean that you want to understand and be a loyal, good pet?"

I wavered for a moment, there was a spark of confusion. I thought I was winning. Did I want to give in to this incredible sensation?

Then she was right next to me, holding a piece of ruby red satin, some sort of scarf or wrap in her hand. She brought it up and rubbed it along my neck and collarbone, the scent of perfume was overpowering coming from the cloth. She rubbed it under my chin, on the other side of my face, each moment that fragrance was taking over my senses, the feel of the satin setting my nerves on fire.

"Steven, I need to know if you really want to be mine. That's the only way I can give you what you most desire."

Her other hand had opened my fly, and took my hard, weeping cock out of my pants. She wrapped the fragrant satin cloth around my cock and started rubbing gently, but insistently. She had wrapped the other end of the cloth around my head and neck, covering my mouth and nose. My head was lolling and my eyes began to roll in my head.

"Yes, yes please, I want to be yours. Please!"

My eyes were so heavy, but I could see her smiling. "Good, my good boy, very, very good."

She stroked my cock faster, and the faster she stroked the faster I inhaled the sinister fragrance. My cock twitched and spurted, my emissions falling all over the satin scarf. My head fell back against the seat, my eyes half-lidded.

"I am The Mistress's loyal and obedient boy." She said.

"I am The Mistress's loyal and obedient boy." I replied.

"Obeying The Mistress gives me pleasure."

"Obeying The Mistress gives me pleasure."

"I will always be loyal and obedient to The Mistress"

"I will always be loyal and obedient to The Mistress"

I repeated her phrases until I couldn't stay awake, then fell into a deep sleep against her shoulder as the van traveled on.

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