tagMind ControlVaping is for Pussies

Vaping is for Pussies


Jennifer hadn't seen Stacy at the party for an hour and she knew hadn't left because they were roommates and shared the car. The only place she hadn't looked was the basement, so she went to look. She made it to the bottom step of the basement stairs, she noticed in the dim light, floating swirls of some kind of sweetly scented haze. It didn't, however, irritate her throat like smoke, or even incense did, instead she found it pleasant and that made it all the more strange.

"Stacy, are you down here?"

She heard a quickly a hushed murmur and then nothing, but from the far corner she saw more wisps float out into the room.

"Stacy? What the fuck?"

Another quick murmur and then a 'sex moan'? Followed by a quiet giggle. Jennifer walked quickly but carefully across the dark basement, and along the way she noticed that the fragrance was actually much stronger the farther she walked from the safety of the stairs. It was the fog, the sweetly scented fog. She heard another muffled moan of pleasure and then saw a figure step into the dark basement away from the small bulb that dimly lit the corner.

The figure didn't say anything, just seeming to disappear in the dark. As she closed the rest of the distance, a warm, thick, cloying cloud enveloped her. Her startled deep breath made her feel dizzy. She stopped suddenly and was right in front of Alexis Warner. Everyone said Alexis was a witch or something. Always dressed in black, long black hair, tight black clothes hugging a very dangerous frame, always talking about spells, potions, familiars and such.

"Hey, Jennifer, how's it going? " Alexis said with a smirk and a long languid draw from her vapor mod. The cloud engulfing both of them and causing another swirl of vertigo from Jennifer.

"What is going on, is that Stacy over there? Stace!"

When she shouted her best friend's name she heard another stifled moan.

"We were just talking, Stacy is really fascinating."

Alexis slowly turned, the vapors clinging to her body and her long dark hair, being drawn along as she walked. Jennifer followed, having no choice but to continue to breathe the heavy fumes. Jennifer walked to the little alcove with the spooky Goth and saw her best friend sitting on the couch, eyes half closed, smiling gently, wreathed in a thick veil of clouds that Alexis had just exhaled to envelop her.

She quickly turned back towards Alexis and shouted, "what the fuck?!" just in time to be met with a plume so thick she felt it flow down her throat and fill her lungs with the sensation of inhaling spiced honey. For a moment, Jennifer felt that she was actually floating in the fog.

She found that she was unable to form a thought, like the moment a thought happened, it was wrapped up and smothered by this beautiful cloud. She blinked twice slowly then blinked very slowing, vapor flowing back out of her mouth and nose.


"Shhh, quiet now", said Alexis, who softly stroked Jennifer's neck sensuously, "come sit with us."

Jennifer turned slowly, the fog now clinging in her hair and on her clothes, and looked at Stacy, who she now realized was slowly fingering herself under her pants.

"What did you to to her?"

"To both of you, Sweetness, I've done it to both of you."

As Alexis said those words, Stacy realized that her body was hot, and aroused. Her lack of thoughts gave her the ability to feel everything amplified by the effect of the drug. Her nipples stiffened and her pleasure was increasing with every beat of her heart.

"You're both deeply in a pleasure trance, the potion I made makes you aroused and compliant. This vaporizer turns it into this amazing fog that you're both floating in. It's irresistible, and now so am I."

Stacy suddenly realized it was true. She was so turned on, and her thoughts were so distant she knew that she would do whatever Alexis said. Alexis led her to the couch and sat across from the two helplessly intoxicated, hypnotized women. She began to draw deeply from the vaporizer, flowing slow heavy, creamy clouds over both of the women.

"Play with her tits," Alexis said to Jennifer. Jennifer turned slowly and positioned herself so that she could pleasure both of Stacy's lovely breasts. Jennifer was lost, she pulled up Stacy's shirt over her head, and took off her bra. Jennifer was licking and sucking while Alexis continually puffed the heady vapor onto Stacy's chest, ensuring that both Jennifer and Stacy were continuously enveloped by her clouds.

She commanded Stacy to play with herself but leaving her hypnotically unable to climax. Both women were lost in deepest trance and thick thought erasing clouds. The vapor had seeped into every pore and every crevice of Alexis' two new hypnotized toys. The heavy swirls evened out into an encompassing fog and began to float out into the room.

Alexis began to assert her will. She opened her shirt and unclasped her bra. Alexis moved to Jennifer and grasped her behind her head, pulling their lips together and exhaled another cloud deep into Jennifer's eager lungs, then while the clouds seeped back out of Jennifer's nose and mouth, Alexis directed her new pet's mouth to her aching nipple.

Lost in smoky trance, Jennifer needed no encouragement and she began to pleasure her captor while her face swirled in the fog that she was slowly exhaling. Then Alexis undid the ties that kept her panties on and let them fall away. Then she began to puff and puff until Jennifer was so enshrouded by the drugged vapor that her head was completely hidden. Slowly, her suckling became more erratic and finally stopped, her eyes half-lidded.

Alexis stroked her face and smiled. "I've had your friend for two months, Jennifer. She talks a lot about you. She says you have a fantasy about being coerced to eat pussy. I'm your fantasy Jen. Watch carefully.

Every thick ring of smoke that covers your face will double your pleasure, everything will feel twice as good every time, and you will keep fingering yourself without stopping, but you can't come until I command it. The pleasure is unstoppable, but my control over your mind is much, much stronger. I've reduced girls to sobbing and slobbering before I let them finish, and then they begged for it again and again.

Jennifer's eyes opened wide with arousal and distant fear. Alexis puffed the first ring at her. The ring of fog moved in slow motion and the scent seemed even more sweet and powerful than Stacy could bear.

By the third ring she was shaking and sweating, by the fifth she was reduced to a thin whine, her fingers pistoning in and out as fast as she could manage before she shook so much she could no longer even pleasure herself. As she began to cry she heard Alexis through yet another mind melting vaporous gust say, "come."

The dam broke and her orgasm swept her up and threw her to the floor, moaning and gasping. When she finally began to recover her new Mistress guided Jennifer's face to her waiting mound. Alexis gathered up her skirt and watched Stacy revel in her worship.

As she observed Jennifer focused on her task she puffed slowly and heavily directing the fog in rolling currents down her chest where it pooled thickly in her lap giving Jennifer no choice but the inhale more pleasure and more control.

Jennifer was mindless and drowsy and every so often while Jennifer was doing such a good job of soothing her Mistress, Alexis would say, "come." And Jennifer would shudder quietly, take another deep breath of hypnotic fog, never stopping her talented mouth.

Somewhere in the midst of erotic fog, hypnotizing words, mutual pleasure, and mingled sticky juices, both Jennifer and Stacy fell asleep. They woke an hour or so later with only hazy memories of how they wound up curled together, their mutual sticky emanations coating both of them. No memory of Alexis Warner at all. They agreed not to speak of it again, but they both knew in the back of their minds that this would not be the last time this happened.

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