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Acrobatics 05


Acrobatics 5 - G-Spot Instruction for Joan

When Jack approached home the next day Mary and Joan were already in the yard starting their workout. They all exchanged smiles and eager waives as Jack pulled into the carport.

Even from a distance Jack could see that both girls were outfitted in more revealing outfits than the day before. Their tops had string shoulder straps instead of the long sleeve leotards. And their legs were bare instead of the athletic tights. However they were both still wearing gym shorts over their basic attire. Jack wondered if their briefer clothing meant something but realized they had probably been uncomfortably hot yesterday in the South's early summer temperatures.

Karen was not home yet so Jack had to get ready without her input. He decided to match the girls' lead to dress briefer. Jack picked out a white cotton muscle shirt that conformed to his torso. And he chose yellow nylon running briefs with a high leg cut and thin support panel underneath. He pulled the shirt outside his shorts after looking in the mirror and deciding he looked like a dork with it tucked in.

These shorts were not only brief but thin. Jack hoped there would be a few more hugs today because those hugs were going to feel real good through these thin stretchy shorts.

Jack stepped into the back yard focused on his own appearance. He was thinking about his posture as he got close enough to exchange greetings when he finally noticed that they had removed their gym shorts. The view shocked him out of his self absorbed state.

They each had the same type outfit with Joan wearing a tan color and Mary a peach. These were one-piece coverings that managed to be very brief with low cuts at the top and high cuts at the bottom. The material was so thin Jack could clearly see that neither girl was wearing underwear of any kind. Especially nice for Jack, both outfits were snug against the outline of their vaginal lips. Blood surged to Jack's penis as he observed that he could even see the dark shadow of Joan's nipples and pubic hair. Jack tried not to stare but he must have failed because Joan spoke after watching his eyes wander.

"Well, how do you like our new outfits?"

She raised her arms while twirling around, and Mary followed her lead.

This gave Jack an excuse to openly leer at them. Joan's raised arms caused her bosom to swell above the scanty material and both girls' ass cheeks were cleared for viewing.

"Those outfits are so nice it will take me a while to calm down and get used to them. Both of you look fantastic."

The girls giggled and were obviously pleased at his reaction.

Mary noted, "We thought it got a little too warm yesterday. And we decided we know you well enough to show a little skin." She roamed her eyes over Jack and said, "You're wearing a pretty skimpy outfit yourself."

Jack just smiled and did the same twirl for them.

"We even brought an ice chest for ongoing refreshments today."

Mary pointed to a medium sized cooler placed near the tumbling mats. Jack saw the girls exchange a smiling glimpse and he figured they had more than cold drinks in there.

Mary stepped up to Jack and initiated a cheek to cheek hug as a greeting. He turned to Joan for a hug that included some bare bosom against his chest and a brushing of thighs. This workout was starting out very nicely.

Mary took charge as Jack and Joan automatically resumed their obedient roles.

"Tonight you will practice what you learned yesterday and learn a couple of new tricks. Tomorrow is Saturday and we can use the pool at my house to help you learn some of the overhead moves."

Mary had them repeat the moves from the day before, with a second repetition if the move did not go smoothly. After each successful trick Mary slapped Joan on the butt while Jack hungrily watched her ass jiggle. However Jack flinched in surprise every time Mary popped him on the butt.

For the first new move Mary had Jack and Joan stand back to back. Apparently they did not stand close enough because Mary pushed on both of their lower stomachs. Both Jack and Joan became very much aware of their bare butt cheeks pressed together. They each looked to Mary and noticed her wry smile.

"Lock your arms together at the elbows. Now Jack you bend forward and Joan you arch backward. Keep going until Joan lifts up and flips over."

Sure enough, Joan's body lifted off of the ground. When she automatically bent her knees to her chest, her whole body did a back roll over Jack. Joan landed on her feet above Jack's head as he was still bent over. Joan glowed with pride.

"Hey, I think I have a knack for this stuff!"

Joan hustled back into position to do it again. Jack observed more skin and more bounce than yesterday due to the briefer outfit. As Joan backed into him Jack thought she may have slightly wiggled her bare butt cheeks up against him. They locked arms again and this time Joan did the trick with straight legs and pointed toes. As she landed on the ground Joan stood straight with her arms extended over her head, "Ta daa!"

Mary approved. "That's great! Ya'll hug and let's go on to the next trick."

Before Jack had a chance to prepare for a good hug the beaming Joan had thrown her arms around his neck with such force that he stumbled. The feel of bare skin contact was a delight for both of them. She let him regain his footing and as his arms naturally wrapped around her lower back Joan gave him a lingering wet kiss below his ear then pushed away.

"The next trick starts from the same position."

Joan and Jack stood back to back again and Joan very definitely wiggled her butt against him. Mary played like she did not notice.

"Ya'll spread your feet about shoulder width then bend over and look at each other between your legs."

They looked at each other with their torsos upside down. Jack watched Joan display a big grin as she gave him an exaggerated butt to butt wiggle.

"OK you two, try to wait until the hug at the completion of the trick. Now Jack grip Joan on the ribcage under the armpits. And Joan you grab his arms the best you can."

As Jack grabbed Joan he could clearly feel the swell of her breasts. Joan gave him a surprised look.

"Now Jack, slowly pull her through your legs and up to a standing position."

Jack was skeptical, "Are you sure this will work?"

"Do it!"

Jack pulled and Joan had a concerned look as she came toward him. Her lower body did a forward flipping motion as Jack continued to pull. Mary was ready and caught Joan's feet before they banged on the matt. Jack continued to lift until he had pulled Joan all the way through his spread legs. He ended standing vertical and nose to nose with the wide-eyed Joan. Through it all he was aware of the feel of her breasts against his wrists.

"That's the idea. Once you go through it a few times you'll learn the right speed."

Without being told they moved into position to repeat the trick. It was Jack's turn to grin and wiggle his butt against her and Joan just giggled. Jack pulled her through again and curled her up against his chest as she gained her footing. After two more tries they had mastered the move without her feet having to hit the mat.

"Now you two have earned that hug."

There was no rushing into this embrace. They both intended to relish the experience. Joan moved her shoulders to nestle her tits against his chest. Their arms folded around each other and Jack allowed his hands to rest at the top of her scantily clad buttocks. As their bare legs and lower bodies came together Jack rotated his hips so that his pelvis lined up with hers. Jack looked over at Mary and noticed that she was breathing heavily and her face was flushed as she watched. He felt Joan give him a warm wet kiss just above his collar bone. Jack returned the kiss at the base of her neck and ground his semi-hardness against her.

They held this pose for several seconds before reluctantly separating. Jack and Joan looked into each others faces and saw blushing wide-eyed expressions.

The sound of the back door interrupted the quiet of the evening. Jack felt a rush of emotional guilt at the sight of his wife's approaching silhouette. As she got closer he could see that she was smiling and his guilt was replaced with a feeling of affection for her. Jack and the two girls called out greetings.

"Hello everybody. I see from the ice chest that you've planned ahead for refreshments tonight. Here Jack, you forgot your cell phone."

Karen held out her hand to him with the cell phone. But also in her hand was the earpiece that he had also forgotten. He smiled knowingly at Karen and while the girls were occupied with her he placed it in his ear.

"Well I'll let ya'll get back to your workout. I just wanted to say hello."

Jack's back was to the girls as Karen went up to him for a brief hug. While they were in a light embrace Karen quietly lifted up the outer fabric of his shorts exposing his bare buttock to view and she gave it a couple of friendly pats. Karen and the girls laughed as Jack blushed. Karen turned to walk back to the house but on the third step Jack reached out and goosed her rear end through her skirt.

Karen let out, "Woops!" as she did a little high stepping and turned back to them laughing. Jack and the girls continued to smile as Karen departed and became an outline against the back patio lights.

Mary spoke next. "I forgot all about our refreshments. Let's take a break."

The two girls exchanged meaningful glances and Jack found out why. The cooler was loaded with beer.

"Someone has good taste in refreshments!"

The girls giggled as Mary passed out the bottles.

Apparently Karen had made it back to the bedroom because over the earpiece she said, "I know you're enjoying getting a good look at those two camel toes."

Jack nodded his head without looking toward the house. Karen was of course referring to the way the girls' thin clothing fit around their vaginas. He took the occasion to smile at his wife's humor and to also steal a glimpse at each girl's "camel toe", which made his penis stir.

After a short silence Mary spoke up. "This beer is nice and cold but I'm still hot and sweating. Jack, do you have a hose back here?"

All three wound up spraying down with the hose. As each one took a turn under the water the other two watched closely and joked about how revealing the already revealing outfit was. Joan even did a quick shoulder shimmy that made her bosom wiggle, to hoots from Jack and Mary. The girls claimed their outfits showed more and they talked Jack into taking off his shirt. Finally Mary directed them back to the tumbling mats for some balance moves.

Jack couldn't have been much happier and the girls seemed happy too. They were almost naked looking and openly ogling each other. The balance moves of course involved a partner and there was plenty of accidental touching.

Mary approved another beer break. After passing around the bottles the girls sat on the ice chest facing Jack as he sat on the tumbling mat. Jack noted that even in the darkness their outfits were revealing and he tried not to be too obvious with his looking.

Joan spoke up. "Mary this is our second beer. Do you think we're ready to show Jack our little trick?"

Mary seemed uncharacteristically shy but giggled along with Joan as an indication that she would go along with her. Their attitude certainly had Jack's attention. Joan introduced the "trick".

"Jack, yesterday you were nice enough to show us your member doing a little dance to Jingle Bells. Mary and I have put together a little dance of our own."

Joan and Mary looked at each other and giggled as they slouched back on the ice chest. On a signal from Joan both girls slightly spread their legs exposing their scantily clad vaginas to Jack's view. They clinched their kegel muscles as they both sang the line from Jingle Bells.

"...OH what FUN it IS to RIDE on a ONE horse OPen SLEIGH....HEY!"

With each muscle clinch the outer lips of their vaginas noticeably twitched in time to their singing. Jack's eyes must have been popping out of his head because the girls laughed hysterically as they hugged and high-fived each other. Jack's reaction was to fall backward from his seated position onto his back and lay still for several seconds, which made the girls laugh even more.

Jack sat back up. "I don't even know what to say. I don't know whether I'm turned on or shocked."

Joan pointed to Jack's shorts as she said, "You look turned on to me!"

All three of them looked down at Jack's semi-hard condition. That just made the girls launch into another round of laughter.

Jack heard Karen's voice on his earpiece, "I couldn't quite see what happened but it must have been funny."

As the laughter died down Joan started her third beer, or maybe it was her fourth. After a small silence Mary got a serious expression on her face.

"Jack, do you know anything about the G-spot?"

"Weelllll, yeah. I know a little bit. Why do you ask?"

"Joan says there's no such thing but I think it exists."

Karen spoke into Jack's earpiece, "It sure exists for me."

The girls waited for his answer and he tried to be fair.

"I know there are some knowledgeable people who claim the whole thing is in people's imaginations. Personally I don't really care who's right. My wife thinks it's real therefore I think it's real. One thing I'm sure about, the G-spot is fun to play with whether it's real or not."

Mary giggled but Joan frowned at his answer.

"Well if there really is a G-spot, exactly where is it?"

Jack looked briefly at Mary to see if she would take this question. She just looked back at him with a poker face. Jack raised his left fist trying to simulate the shape of a vagina and pointed with his right index finger.

"For my wife it's located fairly close to the entrance...."

"I can't see what you're talking about. Here, go ahead and point at me."

Joan leaned back on the ice chest and spread her legs fully exposing her thinly covered vagina. Jack tried not to flinch but he and Mary exchanged a brief look of surprise.

Jack looked closely between Joan's legs to determine the best way to talk about this. Joan had more than just a small slit, she had clearly defined outer lips even through the material of her outfit.

"OK Joan, try this. Place your finger on your clitoris." Joan complied without hesitation and blood rushed to Jack's face. "If your G-spot is like my wife's it's located inside your vagina, on the top side, about as far back as your clitoris. Karen says she can locate hers but she feels it better when I touch it."

Jack was kneeling in front of Joan with his hand about a foot away from her vagina. He looked closely between her legs and at her finger poised at the top of her opening. As he spoke he gestured with his hand in the air as if he were inserting his fingers and rubbing the top side of her vagina.

Mary decided to help out. "My G-spot is a little off to one side. It took me a while to figure that out."

Joan and Jack both looked at Mary. She was leaning back on the ice chest with her legs slightly spread, motioning with her hand in the air similar to Jack. She looked up to see the two perplexed looks then just smiled and shrugged.

Joan turned her open legs toward Mary, "Use your hand and show me."

"I'm not going to put my hand in your vagina. Jack said he likes it. Let him do it."

Mary had an impish smile on her face. Joan turned her legs back to Jack and waited.

Jack heard his wife's voice in his ear, "Let's see how you handle this situation!"

Jack had a look of total disbelief on his open-mouthed face. He stuttered and cleared his throat before responding.

"Well, the way I know how to do it is to lie down next to Karen and spend a few minutes caressing as I locate it. In other words the G-spot seems to swell just a little bit when she gets turned on and it's easier to find."

Jack really did think that would scare Joan away from the whole idea. Instead she immediately called his bluff by sliding down onto the matt and lying on her back as she watched him.

Jack haltingly moved into position next to Joan and on his side. As their bodies touched he was intensely aware that she was not wearing much and he didn't even have his shirt on. Joan cradled him in her arm and pulled him next to her as he placed his lower arm under her head.

"Are you sure it's OK for me to touch you?"

Joan's expression had been somewhat serious ever since this whole G-spot conversation started. She finally broke into a smile. "Yes! I really do want to know where my G-spot is. So let's get warmed up."

Jack slowly placed his hand on Joan's far hip and pulled against her. They were close and Joan naturally raised her face for a kiss. Jack craned his neck allowing their lips to meet. Fireworks went off in Jack's brain at the feel of her very warm mouth, so different from the feel of his wife's. Jack calmly moved his hand from her hip across her stomach and between her breasts to place his palm on her jaw. His forearm rested in the swell of her breasts as they kissed with eyes closed.

Jack moved his hand back down to the level of Joan's breasts. Without ever fully cupping a breast he moved his hand around the perimeter of each mound. He even circled each breast again with his hand a little closer to the center of each breast. Joan groaned and twisted her chest from side to side as she spoke.

"I think that G-spot must be swelling a little bit already."

They both chuckled at her wit and heard Mary laugh at their feet. She was still seated on the cooler watching them with great interest.

Jack moved his hand back down across Joan's belly to her hip and then to her thigh. Joan closed her eyes and spread her legs. Jack lightly stroked the inside of Joan's thighs and Joan squirmed in response. He allowed the back of his hand to slowly brush across her mound and Joan groaned loudly.

Joan hugged Jack closer with the arm that was under his head. With her other hand she reached over and grazed it against his twitching stomach.

Jack used his fingertips to circle the top of Joan's mound and to touch her inner thighs. Joan widened her legs even more to give him total access to her pussy. He ran his fingers along the edge of her outfit right next to her opening and Joan gave a low grunt as she moved her mound toward his wandering hand.


Jack very tentatively lifted up on the stretchy material right next to Joan's opening. She stiffened and sucked in her breath in anticipation. Slowly Jack ran his finger along the juncture of Joan's thigh and felt pubic hair for the first time. Joan tensed up so that her butt was barely touching the matt, and stayed frozen waiting for his fingers to move further.

Jack ran his fingers up and down right beside her opening and then from the bottom he barely moved his middle finger up her wet slit to her clitoris. Joan immediately relaxed and groaned loudly.


She also grabbed his dick through his shorts. Jack tried not to think too much about that so that he could do a good job with her.

Jack stroked Joan's clit slowly and tried to judge her response. Normally he would transition to the G-spot as she got hotter. But Joan seemed enthusiastically hot almost instantly. She started humping up and down on his hand and she pulled his face right into her heaving tits with one hand while squeezing his hardness with the other.

Jack kissed and mouthed her tits through her outfit and sped up his stroking on her clit. On one down movement he moved a finger slightly into her vagina and she seemed to even prefer that. He went ahead and pushed his middle finger all the way in her sopping wet pussy. Joan responded by almost bucking up and down on the matt, crying out with enthusiasm. She also managed to pull his dick outside of his shorts as she openly stroked him.

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