tagLoving WivesAddicted to Cum Ch. 02

Addicted to Cum Ch. 02


In the first part of this saga, I outlined an addiction to cum. Part two continues that blessed addiction...

Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. We'd had our share of bi experiences with other guys that included me blowing them and eating their joy juice from my lovely wife's pussy, ass, mouth, you name it.

I'm addicted to cum. But I guess you know that already. My beautiful blonde 45-year-old wife with a toned, athletic body makes it easy to be thus. I'd do anything for her and have, loving my rather subservient station in life as her cum receptacle, her sex toy, her sperm catcher, all pet names my beloved wife has for me.

There was this one guy she knew, Jack, a young stud (she likes 'em young, they cum lots and lots and can recharge on short notice, she says), who was eager to bang my wife's middle-aged but very sexy bones, but fell short of agreeing to do so while I was around. This guy was homophobic from the word go, if the Neanderthal could even spell homophobic, but Beth didn't care. Jack, all of 22, blonde, blue eyed, surfer body and drop dead gorgeous, had what she wanted, reportedly one huge cock, at least that's what her co-workers had told her. And if there's a big cock to be had, Beth will get it.

She'd told Jack about my cum-addictive ways, of how I liked eating her full creampie, a huge load of cum in her pussy that other men had put there. She explained that I wouldn't touch him, I'd just watch, and be there to clean up the sexy mess he left behind. Still Jack balked, wanted no part of "being in the same room with no fairy," as he indelicately put it. But Beth wanted his big dick and like I say, what she wants, she gets.

So she concocted a plan: She told Jack I'd be gone Friday night and that he should come over and feel free to fuck her as he pleased. Jack, ever driven by his male ego, took the bait. Little did he know that I would indeed be around and more a part of eating his cum than he would ever care to realize.

I parked down the road and waited, and saw Jack's car go by. I gave them a good hour or so, which was part of Beth's plan, to give them time to warm up. Then I made the call.

"Has he got a huge cock, honey?" I asked Beth when she answered the phone.

"Yes," she answered. This was also part of our plan, if the coast was clear she'd let me know.

"How big?"

"Twelve," she said, adding "around 12 tomorrow should do, thanks."

I laughed at her code.

"Is it thick?"

"Yes, much more than we originally anticipated," she said, and I knew he was in bed next to her. "It's more than enough to do what we need to get the job done."

"Have you made him cum yet?"

"No, not yet," she said. "I'll have to wait for your participation."

I roared.

"OK, babe, you get him warmed up good and I'll be there shortly," I laughed.

"Not a problem, I have the situation well in hand," she said in business-like fashion.

I could just picture Beth's tiny hand wrapped around Jack's mammoth cock and I hurried up, locking my car and jogging down the street to my house. I snuck inside.

"Fuck, Jack, this cock is the biggest I've ever seen!" she cried.

"You know it, baby, you just keep jacking and sucking it and you'll see how much cum this puppy can produce!"

"Puppy my ass," she hissed, before I heard her mouth envelop his big dick. "Great Dane is more like it..."

I peeked into the dimly lit room and sure enough, she was sucking Jack's huge cock. And sure enough, according to our plan, she had his hands tied to the bedposts and a blindfold on, which she said she would tell him would heighten the sexual experience. Jack, driven by what his dick told him to do, apparently readily agreed.

I stripped off my clothes and snuck into the room. Beth winked at me as she knelt between his legs sucking his cock and I got closer.

"Mmmm, baby, how's it feel, isn't it hot to be tied up and not able to see me work your big, beautiful cock?" she cooed, taking it out of her mouth to jack it.

"Fuck yeah, baby, you suck a mean dick!" he moaned, straining at his bonds. "Please, keep sucking me!"

She smiled at me and I bent to take Jack's enormous cock into my mouth, instantly washing it with my hot tongue and sucking him down my throat. Jack moaned more loudly than ever, humping his slim hips up, fucking my face harder. Beth giggled quietly and made sucking noises as if it were her mouth enjoying his cock instead of mine.

"SHIT!" Jack screamed. "Goddam, whatever you're doin' now, keep fuckin' doing it!"

"You bastard, you're better at it than I am," she whispered very quietly into my ear, smiling at me. "Make him cum in your mouth, eat his sperm!"

And that's just what I did, working my mouth magic until Jack's balls knotted in Beth's hand and he jetted a gallon of spunk, sweet and at the same time tangy, into my sucking mouth. It was all I could do not to moan loudly myself as I filled my face with his hot spunk and held it there as I pulled off his dripping dong, quietly kissing my beautiful wife and sharing his seed.

"Fuck, baby, that was the best blowjob of my fucking life," Jack moaned.

"Glad you liked it, lover," she cooed through a mouthful of his cum and then throwing her legs over his waist to settle her scorching cunt on his still-stiff dick. "Now fuck me hard!"

Jack thrust up into her as I watched, and she leaned forward to breathe her cummy breath into his face, urging him to kiss her. He twisted his head to the side.

"No....no way....maybe your husband eats his own wad, but I don't...I can't..." he groaned, delirious from Beth riding his hard cock.

"C'mon, kiss me, you know you're curious," she hissed, cupping his chin in her strong hand.

"No....no...," he moaned, his barriers breaking down.

Beth planted a kiss on his lips once, twice and by the third time Jack was so caught up in the feeling of fucking my wife's hot cunt that he went wild, frenching her madly, tasting his own cum, sucking it out of her mouth and shooting it back inside. Beth came and came hard as she slammed up and down on his hard prick as they snowballed the load between them.

"See?" she cooed as she broke the kiss and Jack wildly sought her face, planting kisses on it and slurping wayward cum that had escaped her mouth. "It's hot, isn't it?"

"Yeah, so fucking hot, so fucking hot," he moaned, banging her harder.

I stroked my cock standing beside them, watching his huge prick disappear into her hairy snatch, filling her up and pumping her to one orgasm after the other, fucking her hard for a solid 20 minutes before he groaned and shot off another huge load, a frothy ring of it lathering around the base of his cock as he came. Beth settled down and held his cock – and his huge cum wad – deep inside her pussy.

"Lemme go clean up and I'll be back for more – in my ass!" she hissed.

"No, wait!" he groaned. "Let me....."

"Eat it?" she laughed. "Well, let me get rid of some, it's so messy, but I'll save some for ya!"

She dismounted his cock, holding his spew in with her hand and raced to the bathroom, me right behind her. Shutting the door, she sat on the edge of the tub and spread her muscular legs.

"Eat my cunt!" she hissed. "Eat Jack's cum outta my pussy!"

I hit my knees and slammed my face to her dripping snatch, and Beth latched her scissoring thighs around my ears to hold me tight as I sucked every drop of his sweet goo from her cunt. It tasted heavenly and I couldn't stop eating her, swallowing every tangy, thick ounce of his cream.

"Shit, I said I'd save some for him," she giggled. "Oh, well, guess you just gotta replace what you ate!"

"No problem, lover," I laughed.

I knelt between her legs and quietly fucked her spongy box, giving up my load in less than a minute, so high was the level of my excitement. I pulled out and she held it in with her hand.

"Feeding time," she growled and trotted to the bedroom.

I followed to watch her slither up Jack's muscular chest and plant her sopping cunt right on his mouth. Hungrily, he lapped her dripping hole, gobbling up all my hot cum, savoring the taste and running it around his mouth before gulping it down.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he moaned. "Jesus, I never thought eating my own cum could be this fucking hot! Damn, it tastes different than my first load, that's weird..."

"Shut up and eat cum," Beth hissed, clamping her thighs onto his cheeks as she rode his face to another orgasm. "Eat it all up, stud!"

WE carried it to the next level as Beth told him he was about to fuck her ass, watching me as I lubed up my own and then settled my haunches down on his amazingly still stiff cock. Beth stood nearby and made the appropriate moaning sounds as Jack thrust his hips madly up, pumping my tight asshole full of his mammoth meat. It felt incredible and it was all I could do not to scream in my own pleasure, but Beth provided the appropriate verbiage for me.

"Fuck my hot asshole, stud, fill me with that big cock!" she screamed, smiling at me as Jack filled my backside with his huge dick.

He fucked me long and hard, a good half hour of solid butt reaming, before he went stiff and jazzed a thick wad up my ass. Reluctantly, I pulled out and stood up, cum leaking out my sated ass.

"Wanna eat this load, stud?" she growled back at Jack.

"PLEASE!" he screamed. "I can't get enough of hot cum!!!"

She giggled and backed me over his face, positioning my ass inches from his mouth as cum dripped out in a steady stream into his moaning mouth, his lips open and tongue extended as he hungrily caught every drop of his spew from my butt.

"Please, sit on my face, I gotta suck it outta your asshole!" he begged.

Beth shrugged and pushed down on my hips, jamming my butt into his mouth where his incredibly long tongue scoured the depths of my freshly fucked ass in search of his cum. It felt magnificent and I stroked my own cock back to life as he rimmed me deeply, felching his own spunk from my well-humped rump.

"Jack, I think it's time for a little surprise," Beth announced.

I shook my head as she reached for his blindfold. Pulling it off, she watched with delight as he stared right into my cummy asshole, and below that, my cock and balls hanging inches from his face.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" he roared, fighting at the restraints on his wrist.

"IT was my husband that sucked you off, it was my husband who ate your cum outta my cunt and replaced it with his own that YOU ate from me, and it was my husband's tight ass you just fucked – and ate clean of your own sperm!" she announced cheerfully. "So whaddya think now, Jack? Still think doing this is in the domain of fairies and faggots?"

I turned sheepishly to face him, my cock hard and dripping wet as I stroked it. He looked at me and then Beth, confusion on his face that was slowly replaced by a warming smile. His dick stayed stiff below me as I stood over him.

"Well, when in Rome," he sighed. "What the fuck, bring that cock here!"

Beth and I laughed as I knelt astride Jack's chest and he inhaled my cock like an old pro. She untied his wrists and his hands found my asscheeks, kneading them in his strong hands and pulling me deeper into his sucking mouth.

"Ah, a cum addict convert," Beth sighed, dipping her head to Jack's lap to suck his cum-stained cock into her mouth.

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