tagRomanceAddictive Choices Ch. 03

Addictive Choices Ch. 03


Shaun runs into his old obsession, Cam, in this chapter. For background, you should read Chapter 01 in the series. Don't forget to vote...and send feedback!

Time – The Present

I hadn't seen Sherri, or Cam for that matter, in three years. I'd missed them. I'd also undergone therapy for my sexual addiction during that time and had confined my physical pleasures mostly to weekends. So my recent chance meeting with Cam was pleasant, though – as always – platonic. We'd become good friends during the time I was her boss at the bank, but it was great to see her again and stir up what I thought were very private, hidden fantasies.

The past three years had certainly been kind to Cam, I thought, her divorce notwithstanding. If anything, her body was more toned and she had an air of maturity about her that I found compelling. To be honest, I found it very sensuous. I also shuddered with pleasure when I pictured her narrow-hipped, high ass – reminiscent of the bubble-butt that one sees on the finest black females – winking at me as she walked away.

What a fool Darryl was, letting such a fine specimen as that go, I thought of her husband. Then I had to force myself into a meditative exercise – prescribed by my sex therapist – to take my mind off of the carnal impulses I'd always felt when I was around her...and other women I lusted after.

Halfway through the morning after we'd run across one another in the bar – on a Wednesday – she called my client's office, asking for me. "How did you get this number?" I asked.

"Shaun...you said you had an insurance client on the 40th floor. I've worked in this building for years and there's only one insurance company there. I'm calling to invite you to lunch today."

"Sorry, Cam, can't make it. I've got a long meeting at noon. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Oooh, damn. I wanted to see you today, but...okay, tomorrow'll do. Downstairs in the restaurant all right with you?"

"It's a date. See you tomorrow at noon," I said, wondering what was so important that she'd had to see me today.

Cam was waiting for me at the bar the next day, once again having a lunchtime glass of wine with her friend, Marsha. She was facing away from me, half-perched on a barstool, in a tan wool pantsuit with a maroon pin-stripe. Her jacket was expertly tailored and fit like a glove. Her pants...my Gawd, her pants! They highlighted her magnificent bottom, clinging to it and her upper thighs to the point that I thought their stitching would give way. Her feet were in her trademarked three-inch – this time burgundy – stiletto heels.

Marsha must have warned her that she'd seen me. As I approached them, Cam turned, beaming, and greeted me with a "Hi, sailor!"

"Sorry I'm late," I apologized, at which point Marsha excused herself and left. I got the feeling that she was being used as a chaperone by Cam. Her independent manner told me that they didn't work closely together.

Cam led the way to our reserved table and we settled in. "Like some wine? My treat!" she exclaimed. I had a light afternoon and needed to relax, so I happily said yes.

A half-hour went by and we'd not talked about anything more important than the weather. Our lunch had arrived and we'd almost finished it. What had been so important yesterday? I wondered. I decided to get personal...starting with a compliment.

"That's a very handsome suit," I ventured. I chose the adjective carefully, so as not to make my deep, lustful impulses too obvious. Under her jacket she wore a burgundy V-neck sweater that was so tight the inner slopes of her breasts swelled appetizingly over the garment's neckline.

"Why thank you, Shaun," she cooed. "I figured I'd better keep my legs covered so you'd listen to what I'm saying," she added coquettishly.

I looked down at the table. She'd busted me. All those years before she'd noticed my slavish hunger for her legs, and now I was being held to task for it. I blushed, visibly, and stuttered a response, something like, "Ah...it's just that...".

"Don't apologize, Shaun. I'd have to be blind not to have noticed your appreciation of my legs. But where's your head now? You're a successful entrepreneur, and I hope no longer just a skirt-chaser."

Again I was speechless. I'd always admired Cam's candor. At this moment it was hard to believe that at one time I'd been her boss.

"Okay...I'll back off...and talk about myself," she said quietly, unconsciously sticking a finger into the V-neck of her sweater...perhaps to free a nipple that had been caught uncomfortably in her bra. "My choice of Darryl was a bad one."

"Why do you say that?" I questioned, now distracted by her tits.

"The first couple of years were great. Our sex life together was super and we were pursuing some great plans. Then he started to get really kinky."

"Kinky?" I asked, probing for more details.

"Yeah...first he started bringing home sex toys – vibrators, plugs, dildos – then porn videos. Then we started going to porno clubs so he could get me used to watching other people make love."

"Was he disappointed?" I asked.

"Not really," she countered. "I've always been...aah...visually-oriented. Okay, I admit that I like to watch other people get it on. It excites me tremendously. But, finally, he really got pissed off when I refused to blow some guy in a bookstore glory hole.

"Understandable," I muttered, astonished at her openness, "I mean...your refusal."

"Really!" she huffed. "Think of the diseases I could've picked up! Anyway, then he tried to get me to join him with other women...you know, in threesomes."

"And?" I queried, leaning forward with interest since I, myself, enjoyed immensely having two women at a time.

"Well...I almost caved on that one, but I didn't...except...with one woman. I let him bring his dates...his girls...home, and I watched them screw. He even recorded them on video. Gawd, it got to be so weird, Shaun, but I allowed it anyway, since he was my husband. I loved him and wanted to hang onto him...and I thought it was just a phase we were both going through."

My ears perked up at her admission of being in a threesome, 'with one woman'. I wonder what were the circumstances. "He wanted more, though, didn't he," I said, sounding like my therapist.

"Yeah," she said, now on a roll. "It got so every minute we spent together had some dirty sexual connotation. Remember when you offered me that part in the play? Well, he laughed, and told me that I could do it if I'd join him and his girlfriends in fucking after rehearsals!"

I vaguely remembered Cam being absent from work and out-of-sorts for a while before I quit the bank a few years before. But my memories had faded. Her story was all too familiar, since I'd tried to leave that sexually-obsessed life behind when I'd left. What that meant in practical terms was that I was still constantly being sexually tempted...always battling an inner demon that kept me horny on a continual basis.

"But you got pregnant," I said.

"An accident," she retorted, "but one that's been the happiest of my life...having Amy. Shortly after that, Darryl and I stopped having sex, and that was three years ago."

"You've been divorced how long...?"

"Two years," she responded. "And that's, basically, the story of my life since I last saw you," she concluded, agitatedly, glancing at her watch, appearing anxious to leave.

"Gotta go?" I asked, sorry that our conversation was apparently finished. I wanted to hear more.

"Yeah...I'd better. Afternoon meetings, y'know," she responded as she paid the bill.

We both rose at the same time and she gave me a quick, kiss-the-air parting. "See you soon," she whispered, and walked to the elevators. She strode majestically with head high and shoulders back for perhaps fifty feet, then stopped to turn slowly...seeming to know that my eyes were devouring her gorgeous ass as it twitched invitingly. Seeing that I was watching her, she smiled to herself, turned and walked away, waggling her fingers in the air to say goodbye until next time. I couldn't believe that Cam may have gone without sex for as long as two or three years.

All of the next day, Friday, I spent in client meetings, and looked forward to a free weekend. At 4:30 I descended to the parking garage for the commute home. I exited the elevator and started the twenty or so yards to where my car was parked. Even at that distance I could recognize Cam's sublime, hourglass shape with her back to me, leaning over the windshield of my car and scraping a dead bug or something off of it. Unlike yesterday's pinstriped business suit with pants, this afternoon she wore a very short, skin-tight, black silk skirt with a perfectly-tailored, black plaid-on-cream blazer that clung to her curvy torso and hips like a second skin. It matched the sheer black nylons and three-inch black heels with a single heel strap that made her extraordinary legs even more appetizing.

A rush of adrenalin hit me and my groin pulsed as I felt immediate sexual arousal. She'd made a point of contacting me each day since our chance encounter in the bar, and those efforts now seemed far beyond the boundaries of mere friendship. I hoped at that moment that my long-nurtured hunger for her might soon be fed. God help me, I thought, please let me have her!

I startled her from about ten feet away and she whirled around, wide-eyed. "What a surprise!" I said cheerfully.

"Gawd, you scared me!" she gasped, her palm against her chest, which was clothed in a black, translucent silk blouse under her blazer. "I...uuh...I was wondering if you could give me a ride home," she said, breathily. I could give you a ride you to the ends of the earth, darlin', I thought to myself.

"Sure! Hop in!" I said, hitting the remote unlocking button and opening the door for her. She sat down butt first, then swung her legs in, tugging at her skirt to cover herself while watching me ogle the tops of her thigh-high stockings.

As we drove home Cam seemed very agitated. Finally, she laid her hand on my forearm and said, "All night I thought about what I told you yesterday, and there's just one thing I omitted. Sherri...was one of Darryl's girlfriends."

"I suspected that years ago, Cam. But, relax. Your family secret's safe with me," I assured her as we drove up in front of her building.

"You can park underneath," she said, pulling a remote control from her blazer pocket to open an iron gate to the underground garage. "I want to show you my house."

"Sure it's all right?" I asked. "I mean, your daughter...".

"She's with Darryl for the weekend. He picked her up at noon." I looked at her quickly and she looked away, saying, "Gawd, I'm such a phony, Shaun. I didn't go to work today, but did errands instead. Then I took a cab to the bank parking lot just an hour ago, hoping I'd run into you."

We glided into a parking space and my mind was rapidly trying to stay abreast of what was being said. "Well, then," I soothed, "I'm flattered that you dressed so nicely for me. Let's go upstairs and see your place," I said, patting her soft hand as it nervously clutched my arm.

I was impressed. Cam's townhouse was elegant, a mix of post-modern and minimalist Asian design. A large living room with fireplace and glassed-in balcony, and an adjoining kitchen, was surrounded by three large rooms, one a master bedroom, another one a suite for Cam's daughter and nanny, yet another a combined home office and gym. "This is where I try to keep in shape," she said. "I'd gotten so fat when Darryl and I were together."

I hesitated before saying anything, then murmured, "I've never noticed you being overweight," which made her blush. Her broken marriage must have destroyed her confidence in her body.

"Wine? Hope you like Chardonnay," she offered, as she led me out to the small, glass-enclosed room on a balcony overlooking the bay from four stories up. It was dusk, the city lights were on, and the sunset ranged from light pinks to the deepest purples, reflected in a huge mirror that covered one side wall. I was transfixed by the stunning view and sat on the two-foot-wide arm of a plush sofa Cam had in the room.

She returned with our wine, offering me a glass with slightly-trembling hand, and turned away from me toward the view. She'd shed her blazer and now stood with her back to me, looking out at the view, her filmy silk blouse revealing a black bra that barely constrained her ample bosom. Single, solitary diamond earrings shone just under the curls over her ears. I felt short of breath as I fought the primitive urge to ravish this succulent blonde vision in foreboding black...sensuous, carnal and inviting beyond belief.

"Your place is lovely. You should feel proud," I said, complimenting her on several other non-sensual things...including her intelligence, driving ambition, and courage to face the world as a single mother.

"Only in my best moments, Shaun. The rest of the time I worry whether I've done the right thing for my daughter...just like right now."

That was the trigger, I thought...the final invitation. It was now or never, I figured. I placed my wine on a low table and grasped her waist from behind, causing her to inhale sharply, lay her head back on my shoulder, and mold her firm ass into my crotch. I kissed her on the side of her neck, over her jugular, and felt the blood pulsing to her brain. The quivering muscles in her body were as taut as steel springs as she whispered haltingly, "Ooohhh, Shaun. Every time...you look at me – from the very first – I get numb and heavy...all achy inside."

My hands went to her fulsome breasts, kneading and plucking at her nipples, and she reached up to press my fingers into her firm flesh. "Uunnhh...honey...yesss...oooh, touch me all over," she murmured, unbuttoning her blouse and unfastening her bra between its cups. She turned quickly, and my hands followed her, squeezing and fondling her thick, spongy nipples between my fingers. I felt her sweet, hot breath against my cheek as she looked up, regarding me with her gray eyes, eyes that begged for trust, yet were clouded with lust.

"Gawd, I want you...so much. I've fantasized...about this moment for years," she whispered, pulling my lips down to meet hers with one of her arms behind my head. We both moaned together as our tongues danced in each others' mouths while our hands began working frantically at disposing of our garments. You're not alone in that fantasy, I thought.

We were hyperventilating from excitement. My Gawd, after all, this was Cam! She whimpered as I pulled the tails of her blouse free from her skin-tight skirt. I then dropped my coat, ripped off my tie, and shrugged out of my shirt. While I unbuttoned the waist band of her skirt and unzipped it down the back, she loosened my belt and dropped my pants. We kicked off our shoes at the same time and stood panting for a half-second before embracing, then we clinched and kissed passionately as her skirt dropped to the floor and our hands groped inside each others' underwear. She quickly stripped my boxers down and grabbed two hot fists full of my cock and balls, squeaking in her throat as she did so, while I worked more slowly on lowering her gauzy, black silk thong that consisted of no more material than a couple of postage stamps on two cords.

Slowly I worked the g-string down over the jutting curves of her naked thighs that had entranced me for years. As I knelt on the floor her hands went to my face to stroke it gently. She moaned as I reached the lacy tops of her hosiery. I'd kissed and nibbled the creamy flesh above them in many previous fantasies, and now I did it for real, causing her to whimper again. My cock began pulsing in anticipation as I contemplated the feel of her soft loins yielding to mine.

When I'd rolled the thong to her calves it fluttered to the floor. From my knees I was finally able to concentrate on her breathtaking body, still partially clothed by her blouse and bra that hung from her shoulders. My hands traced up her stocking-clad legs, appreciating the muscular bulge of her calves as they swelled and nipped in at her knees, then up over her thickening thighs as they narrowed on the inside at her naked vulva, swollen pink from excitement. Once again I looked up at her flushed face as I licked my lips and reached around behind her to cup her firm, silken butt cheeks and pull her closer to me. Her knees were trembling from nervous desire and she spread them a bit to gain better balance. When she did her labia parted slightly and between them oozed a thick rivulet of her juice, seemingly waiting to be licked. Before I did so I inhaled the musky bouquet of the goo, then quickly split her cunt with my stiff, burrowing tongue. She cried out, "Ohh, Shaaauuunnn!" weaving her fingers in my hair while pulling my face to her crotch and moaning as I proceeded to lick the smooth, fleshy mound of her pussy clean.

Her hands tightened on my head as her excitement mounted and I glanced up at her to see her head thrown back in ecstasy, yet still she watched me in the large wall mirror through slitted eyes as I tongued her. "Sit, honey," I whispered, moving her backward slightly to the wide sofa arm. She was breathing so heavily, her breasts heaving from excitement, that she didn't hear me. "Sit here," I repeated and she understood, stepping back at the same time she shrugged out of her blouse and bra to become naked except for her stockings. As she sat, she spread her legs widely, pulling them up toward her shoulders with her hands, and leaned her upper body against the sofa back. "Now you can watch us," I mumbled, taunting her gently.

"Ooooh, Gawd...I love to do that...I can't stop myself. I go crazy just thinking about watching us fuck. I wanna be such a...such a slut with you! Ohhhh, Jeezusss," she gasped as I failed to respond verbally, instead spreading her plump pussy with my thumbs and flicking away with my tongue at her swollen clit. She began whining in her throat, then gradually lapsed into whimpers as her excitement reached a higher level.

Soon I spread the pink inner petals of her pussy with two fingers and twisted my hand in a corkscrew motion in and out, massaging her G-spot behind the pelvic bone. She responded by humping up at my hand, which increased in tempo as I returned to lick her clit. She was now groaning incessantly and had released her legs so that they draped over my shoulders, pulling my hand and face into her. Her smell was overpowering, and the amount of juice she was leaking would pose a challenge to whoever cleaned the upholstery on her sofa. But she was almost there...within a hair's breadth of her first orgasm with me, and one that I hoped would be memorable. I'd had a lot of practice with scores of different women, but with Cam there was always the element of the unexpected...the unpredictable.

It came as an answer to my question, "Wanna cum, baby?"

"...am cumming," she rasped through gritted teeth. "I'm cumming," she grunted again, with eyes shut tightly. "Awww, fuck, Shaun...I am cu'...cum...cummmm-mmmminnngg," she screamed as her body went rigid, then relaxed, rigid then relaxed, probably a dozen times as her climax reached its peak. That's when she went wild. Rather than easing into an afterglow like most women would, she clawed at me, pulling me up and on top of her. Her hands went to my erect cock, grasping it roughly and trying to impale herself with it. "Come inside me! Please do me now, Shaun. I need it! Hard! Please fuck me hard!" she begged.

I grasped my cock and stirred its tip into her soft inner tissues, causing high-pitched cries, then finally eased my hips forward to sink deeply into her welcoming birth canal to its bottom. She watched in the mirror, moaning, as my probe invaded her body, licking her lips and seeing her thick juices cover it like a glaze. "Better?" I asked softly as I established a slow, regular tempo, along with circular hip movements designed to stimulate her tightly clasping vaginal ridges.

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