tagBDSMAdela's Room Ch. 3

Adela's Room Ch. 3



Adela remembers and recalls the events:

Without even a polite knock at my door, the General Villa entered my room. I was sitting in the chair waiting, smiling when “El General” walked in looking quite satisfied with himself, and with good reason, he had taken both of my young friends and had made them perform, cleanse, and fuck together and with him. With the blood of my Master running through me, I could see clearly into this man's mind; but I sat there calmly on my chair, wearing only the red corset and garter belt with the fishnet stockings and shoes. He spoke to me in that commanding tone when he finished appraising his newest acquisition, “Over here Adelita, come to me now! Here mujer, on your knees”. A smile played on the corners of my mouth; I knew exactly what his innermost desire was now which was also his fear; and would give him just that which he needed.”

“Getting up slowly I walked over to the general and dropped to my knees before him and bowed my head as he expected. The general reached into his pocket and brought out a bandana with which he would bind my wrists. But the thought of this ridiculous scene was more than I could stand and I started laughing. I swiftly took the bandana from his hand and moved behind him, catching his throat around and pulled his head toward me. I said to him, “Have you forgotten, mi general, that we are here to grant your wishes? And this is your fear and your desire too, isn't it?” Grasping tighter around his neck I yelled out, “Ahora mi general, drop your pants and pull off the shirt. I shall inspect you! And if I am not satisfied with what I see, we will work harder to fulfill these dreams.” The big man did as he was told, naked and very surprised he stood in front of me looking at himself in the mirror while I began my assault. “Muy bien, mi general,” I mocked, “Now drop to your hands and knees for your inspection.” At this command, the man would take no more; he turned and clasped his hands around my throat and began ranting, “I will kill you for this humiliation, you whore!” I only laughed softly while his fingers tried to bury into my skin and then quickly moved behind him, knocked his knees from under him and pushed the giant of a man to the floor, once again securing the bandana around his throat.

Just then the general heard Maximilano's laughter, chilling him to his very soul, it was a thundering sound somewhere inside of his head, it seemed to fill the room, but the General could not see the man who was making this sound. “You are a witch, aren't you?”, He asked fearfully. I mocked, “Oh yes, a witch, a bruja of the worst kind - and I am turning you into an animal now general, see? You are my horse!” I climbed on his back and kicked my heels into his ribs. “Now go, ride me around this room if you know what is good for you!”. I squeezed his body with my powerful thighs and made him understand what he must do. The general did as he was told, rode around the room with me on top, reaching around to slap his ass with my hand now and again to prompt my little horse to continue. Around and around the room until his pride won him over again and he stopped; he cursed me again and said he would not continue this game.

I got off his back and pressed my heel on the back of his neck. “Very well general, you need to be convinced that I am your mistress tonight, don’t you?” I reached over to the stack of clothing and gun belt and found exactly what I needed. Bringing his own latigo and showing it to him I said, “Oh no general, this latigo has already been used for punishment, what I have in mind is much more to your liking” I pressed my heel harder on his neck until his arms gave out and his head was on the floor. When I spit on the wooden handle of the latigo, he realized what I was about to do and he yelled out, “NO, don’t you dare violate me, I will have you killed, Pepe! Beto! Come in here now you idiots!” I only laughed and stuck the wooden knob into the ass of the great general and mocked him, “Yes Pepe and Beto, come see my new horsey, long flowing leather tail and all!”

The soldiers heard the general and had to stop their own fun with Jo and Bethamy to come and help. All four came to the door and opened it with a slam. All of them froze at the sight before them. The general reduced to a whimpering man-horse with a girl in command. Calmly I called Jo and Bethamy over to me, ”Bethamy, Jo, come to me, I will not harm you if you do as I command.” I ordered the two beauties to face each other and get down on their knees in front of the general. Caressing their heads I said, “Now, you will press your bodies together and kiss. You will hold one hand on each others breast and the other in each others pussy. Think only of the pleasure and love you feel for each other and do not stop.” The girls did as they were told , we both had to moan with delight at this beautiful vision. There they would remain, locked in pleasure throughout the remainder of our session.

The soldiers ran to me and were about to attack until you came forth and grabbed them by their necks, Max. You held them in your hands like puppets and then took them into the shadows with you to feed upon. One man managed to fire his gun at you but was easily defeated. I heard the sickening sound of his neck being crushed by your hand. The other man went silent, and you told me with your mind to continue.

”Ahora mi general, time for another ride around the room. And this time you will keep your tail on and obey”, I said while smiling at my Master. Each time the big man took a step the knob moved from side to side, I would have to continue pressing it in each time his butt tightened. His cock was harder than he could remember ever having. I began fucking him with the latigo and telling him the things he must know, for his future was written and he knew nothing of humility. I leaned into him and hissed, “How can you fight for the campesinos if you see them as less than human, mi General?” “You go from town to town and take what you will, rob them of their scraps and take their boys into battle and their girls to your bed!” “ You will think of this night forever, you will remember this knob fucking your ass each time you are tempted to rob another of their pride!”.

The general uttered a plea then, he begged that I let him have his orgasm and I told him to stop so that I may climb off. I stood behind him and continued to push the knob further in and out while my foot pressed into his cock. He watched Bethamy and Jo, in their private heaven and began to tremble as his orgasm was near.

The Sheriff heard the screaming and yelling coming from Adela’s room but it was the sound of a gun that prompted him to investigate. Maybelle led him to the room and again both people stopped in shock at the sight before them. The two girls enjoying each other, the general with the latigo in his ass with my shoe against his cock and bandana around his neck, and one soldier on the floor with his neck twisted. The Sheriff took out his gun and pointed it at me yelling out that I step away from the general. But then the General shouted, “No, no sheriff please, do not make her stop!”

I laughed and told Maybelle to pull the Sheriff’s pants down and raise her skirts then stand there with him. The fear and confusion made her do as she was told, the sheriff was also surprised at how his own cock was responding to the scene playing out before him. Smiling I patted his head and said, “Mi general, now we will have some real fun! Crawl over to them and prepare your mouth. You will lick Maybelle to start, then the Sheriff will feed you his cock”. Both men began to plead with this command, neither was a queer and could not do this. Maybelle was about to speak when I pulled her into the lips of the big man. He obediently licked and sucked her, my shoe wet from his dripping hard cock continued pushing and pulling until the woman cried out in her ecstasy.

Maybelle stepped behind the Sheriff and grasped his balls in her hand, pushing him forward. The sheriff held his cock in his hand and obediently brought it to the general’s mouth. The big man had no choice but to take this man into his mouth and let him push his cock into his throat. I reached for the leather straps of the latigo and began whipping the big man’s ass in time with his sucking. My foot now tired, continued to press and pull, faster now. The girls began working their fingers and tongues faster and faster. I began to moan into their heads and brought them to a hurried frenzy. The slick sounds of cocks and pussies being stroked were in the minds of all, until at once I yelled out to the general to come. He moaned into the sheriff’s cock and let his orgasm take over.

Hot, sticky fluid covered my shoe and dripped to the floor. The general’s mouth was soon filled with the sheriff’s juice, gagging him and forcing it to leak out of his mouth. Jo and Bethamy cried out together in ecstasy, their little hands slick with slippery juices. Maybelle watched in disbelief at the spectacle, her own juices dripping between her thighs. To everyone it seemed as though we were all lost in time, our minds reeling, coherency was lost. The world was in a spin and it was then they all did lose consciousness.

Dawn had come and I laid on the bed with the covers over my body. It seemed that everyone was sleeping on the floor of the room and it was you, Max, that woke me. You said, “Adelita, the General’s coach awaits us. He will safely take us to Mexico with him to continue our adventures.”

You carried me covered in a cloak and you, as my priest, also covered in a cloak, climbed into the darkened carriage with the general. The others were left in the room until they were to awaken, and try to piece together what had happened in this room that night.

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