tagGroup SexAdele's High Seas Adventure

Adele's High Seas Adventure


Two of the girls in the shipping department had asked me if I wanted to stop for drinks at this place they frequented. Being a new hire and wanting to get in with my coworkers, I jumped at the invitation. They had a reputation for being fast and I had been forewarned to be careful. I know how to handle myself so I felt confident that I could back out if they got out of control.

The club was just a bar where singles seemed to congregate. We had worked our way thru three rounds of drinks when some girl came up to my two friends and myself and sat down. "There's a party scheduled on the yacht tonight. Are you in?" she asked.

My two friends looked at each other and nodded yes, and then almost as an after thought asked, "can our friend Adele come too?" She nodded and said, "sure, the more the merrier."

Then she left us and went to a good-looking guy at the end of the bar, and I heard her telling him the same thing and inviting him along. I guess he accepted too because he wrote down something on a napkin. Probably the directions, I thought.

I was just a little miffed at having been included without being asked, but it sounded great, especially after having had three drinks already.

We three arrived at the yacht at about the same time the man did, and the four of us went up the gangplank.

There were perhaps thirty people already there and almost as soon as we were aboard, I felt the Ship begin to move away from the dock.

That upset me a bit because I hadn't expected it. I guess I had thought that we would stay docked.

Looking around I surveyed the crowd. There were some couples, and there were a lot of stags. I guess there were a few more women then men but in all, it was a fairly balanced group. Drinks were served and I went for my fourth.

My two friends had left and I sat at the bar and looked around. The only other person there, whom I recognized. was that guy from the bar who had been invited along with us. I was getting a very uncomfortable feeling by now and when he smiled at me and came over, I was put a bit more at ease.

A girl broke away from one of the groups and followed him over and sat on the other side of him. "Hi," she began, "what tag are you?" He looked blankly at her. "Tag," he asked.

"Oh you're here on your own. Well later we're going to sort of, have a free for all. I mean a debauch, you know, an orgy. Each person is given a plastic bracelet that is called a tag. The red ones tell all the others that you're here with a partner, and your taboo without your partners O.K. The yellow tags mean you're interested in only people of your own sex, and no tag, your fair game for anyone. I mean you're open to anything with anyone.

When I overheard that conversation, I really panicked. The guy looked shocked too. Then he turned to me and asked, "Did you know this? I mean did you hear what she just told me?"

I nodded in dumb disbelief. I turned to the girl sitting on my other side and asked, "Ahem, er, tell me what happens if you don't wear a tag and don't want to join in?"

"Sweetie, then you're going to get gang banged by any of the guys or gals here who feel like taking you. Your open to anything, and you better be prepared to be raped and sodomized until your ready to drop. And honey believe me you better like to suck cock, because the guys here can go on all night and the girls with their strap-on's, will have you climbing the walls."

I guess I must have looked ashen. The guy sitting next to me chimed in. "What about the guys who don't wear a tag? What's with them?"

"Same thing she answered. You get worked over by the guys and gals. And believe me some of the girls here can do a job on you. If that's your choice you had better drink lots of fluids because they'll drain that hard cock of yours beyond your wildest imagination." Then she moved on.

A sort of rapport was being created between my male friend and me now. We were both unintended participants here and neither of us seemed too anxious for what could happen to us."

"Look, I gasped, I think we had better get to know each other, and fast. My name is Adele, and what is yours?"

"I'm Garry, and I really don't know how we got into this. I'm not into this sort of thing and you don't look like you take to it too well either."

"Damned right, I answered, so what do we do? I sure don't want to be gang raped by a crowd of horny perverts."

Garry turned away, and ordered another drink.

"Look, what if we claim to be a couple and go for red tags. That way all we have to do is say no if they bother us. You don't agree to loan me out, and I don't agree to loan you out. Does that sound reasonable?" I asked.

He looked into my eyes, and with a coy grin, nodded. "Yeah, but I don't know what we're going to have to do to convince them that we're a pair. I mean we'll probably have to do something to convenience them."

I though for a minute then volunteered, "Maybe we can sort of just pretend. You know, watch what the others do and try to fake it."

"That won't cut it, he said. We would have to go all the way." Then he just sat there as if pondering the situation.

I'll be perfectly honest. Garry was damn good looking, and I was getting the hots for him, just imagining him on top of me was making my pussy tingle with anticipation. They closed the bar and a girl who had already shed her clothes walked around the room distributing the plastic bracelets with the tags. We took red ones, but surprisingly a lot of those I had thought to be couples refused them. This was going to be a free for all.

Now another girl came around and was offering, anyone who wanted them, a variety of sex toys, vibrators, nipple clamps, strap on dildos with harnesses, and some things I didn't even recognize. Garry dove in and took the clamps and a tube of lubricant. There was one item that had to be purchased which was some sort of powder, packaged in a glassine packet. He purchased one.

Now we were all herded to another deck on the ship and we entered a large cabin. Perhaps twenty-five feet wide by forty-five or fifty feet long. The floor was completely covered by a thick matt. At the end of this cabin there was a long hallway with about twelve small cubicles or cabins on either side. There were no doors on these cabins but inside each was a bunk or cot bed in the center.

Anyone walking down the hallway could look in and see what was happening. It was in this larger room that most of the others began to disrobe and fold their clothing into neat packages and put them in a cabinet.

Watching this was having a very real effect on me. Here I was, literally a captive on a ship, destined to be sexually taken, and I was becoming anxious for it to begin.

I should explain, I'm bi. So some of the women who were now nude were stimulating me mentally. Garry, at this point took me and spun me around to face him. His hands reached for my blouse and he deftly began to unbutton the front of it. I instinctively reached to him and began to do the same to his shirt.

He took my blouse completely off and someone came up behind me and unfastened my bra. Looking over my shoulder I saw a very sexy girl, who obviously wanted to help, or have Garry engage her in conversation. She wore no tag.

I was working on Garry's belt and had his pants open so they could drop to the floor. Then he took my bra slowly off. I'm proud of my 36 C breasts and apparently they impressed him too. He sort of drew in his breath as he teased the bra off, first one, then the other of my breasts.

My nipples, being freed suddenly responded to the slight breeze in the room and began to swell. Garry watched. I was also watching too, but not my nipples.

Rather I was gazing at Garry's bulging shorts. I paused only a second so he could place the small clamps on each of my nipples. They were strung together with a thin chain, which tugged them erotically with each movement I made. They hurt, but not as badly as one might imagine.

The girl behind me moved to the side as if to help me remove Garry's shorts, but I was saving that for myself, so she moved back behind me and began to remove my miniskirt. I wore no panties, which was convenient, because they would have been sopping wet by this time. Now my pussy felt the cool air and I distinctly felt the fluid begin to slowly run down the insides of my thighs.

Once I had Garry's shorts down around his knees, I bent down to kneel in front of him. Being rather tall at five feet eleven, I couldn't very well negotiate them off standing and kneeling was my best option. Now I could pull them down the rest of the way.

That put my face mere inches away from one of the most delectable sights I have ever seen. His semi-erect cock. Even my helper let out a gasp and whispered, "you lucky whore, I wanted Garry tonight."

That hit me between the eyes. She knew Garry. I was thinking, it is possible that they knew each other from some other place. But the way she honed in on us sort of made that a bit suspect.

I wanted to stand up, but my legs wouldn't work. Hell, I had to admit to myself, I wanted that cock in my mouth, and I wanted it to swell up hard and ooze that slippery pre-cum onto my tongue. Perhaps the girl was right. Maybe I was a whore, but one thing was obvious, I was aroused.

Then Garry took my hand and walked me quickly down the hall and into one of the unoccupied cabins. The girl followed like a little puppy dog.

Garry wasted no time. Nor did I. No sooner were we in the room then I was lying on my back with my legs spread wide and waving in the air. He swooped down and gave me the deepest and longest kiss I have ever experienced.

My arms wrapped around his neck as his hand began to fondle my very wet and hot pussy. I finally lowered my legs and pulled my heels up against my ass, letting my knees fall to either side. This exposed my pussy and gave him more room to work in.

I have never been teased this much in my whole life. His hands were playing with me. First one then two and finally a third finger, moved deep inside me. They twisted and turned. Then stroked in and out, as he held his thumb over my clit and his mouth locked to mine.

His tongue probed my mouth. I sucked on it and he kept on stroking my clit with his thumb as his three fingers continued to plunge in and out. I was rising to my first orgasm when I felt the girl reach between us and he drew his tongue back into his mouth and he turned to her.

"Linda, go get the group, she's ready for us. I'll take care of things here, while you round them up." She nodded and left. I was nearing a frenzied need to cum and when he quickly backed down so his mouth could cover my cunt, I damn near tore his hair out.

He forced the tip of his tongue just between my clit and its sheath, then began to swirl it around. The indirect tormenting made my clit swell up so that now it was extremely sensitive, so sensitive that I thought I was going out of my mind.

At this point his fingers were pulled out of my cunt with a slurping sort of sound, and he slid one into my ass. That did it. I screamed.

He had suddenly pursed his lips and pressing hard down on my clit, forced it into his mouth.

Once captured there his teeth sort or raked over it and his tongue lashed back and forth. I sobbed.

"Fuck me! Damn it, screw me, do something! Oh Oh Oh, yeahhhh right there, ohmygod. Ohmygod yes. Now! Shove your fingers in deeper. Unh, unhh, I'm cumming hard."

Either I urinated or I had actually ejaculated. All I know is that I was going mad. I kept his mouth clamped to my clit and began thrusting against it. "Again! Give it to me again. Ooooh my dear god you're doing it!"

I don't know if it was my fucking his hot wet mouth or his sucking and stroking, it didn't matter. The next wave of sensations had my heart pounding and my breath coming in short gasps. My voice failed me and all I could do was gurgle out incoherent groans and sobs.

I went ballistic. My ass lifted up letting him to fuck it with his slippery fingers, while my back arched up and my heels dug in hard on the mattress. Then I collapsed. My body fell back down. Then Garry asked: "Want to get rid of your tag?" At that point all I wanted was to be fucked, and nodded yes.

I lay there panting, not caring what was going on around me anymore. Sweet Linda was directing two guys and two girls into the cabin. They sat me up, and Blake, one of the guys, took my place lying back on the bed with his legs dangling off the end.

His long shaft was pointed upward and as the two girls approached; each took one of my arms and helped me sit on that cock. He had already put some lubrication on it because it was sliding back and forth between my ass and my cunt. I thought they had miss-directed me because I felt his shaft penetrate, then slide deep into my butt.

Now they had me lean back and lay on top of him, and Garry moved up between my legs. The girls moved my legs to straddle Blake's. Then I watched Garry wet his index finger and dip it into the glassine packet and coat it with the powder, then he inserted it into my wet pussy. Suddenly my whole body became one hypersensitive sexual instrument.

I couldn't see it, but I sure as hell felt it. He moved his cock to my pussy and stretched me open as he began to force it in. I drew a deep breath as he continued to move deeper and deeper. Then Linda positioned herself just to the left of Garry and rested her three fingers on top of my clit and began to move them slowly in a circular motion around and round it, as Garry began to drive in and out.

The other two girls stood on either side of me and one bent down and tore the nipple clamp from my left nipple and began to suckle it. She was sucking hard as her lips tried to draw my breast into her hot mouth. The other girl worked on my other breast doing the same.

Blake was moving his cock in and out of my ass as Garry matched his thrusts, plunging in and out of my cunt. One would plunge in as the other drew out.

By now Garry was drawing his cock completely out of my pussy, only to drive it back in deeper. Suddenly I was caught up in the most intense orgasm that anyone could imagine.

Linda began to press harder on my clit and the sensations all blended together. I went berserk. No woman could survive that sort of torment. I began to rise on a roller coaster of non-stop orgasms.


Then someone offered me his cock and I greedily reached for it and turned my head as he began to ram it down my throat, over and over again until he suddenly convulsed and sobbed out as he spew warm sperm into my sucking mouth.

"More! Oh god give me more! OH My God it's close. I'm Gonna cum again. Garry! Shove it in deeper! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER."

Then Blake moaned in my ear. "Take it Adele. I'm ready. Take it all in your tight little ass!" Then he too began to suddenly thrust deep, lifting me up slightly as he filled my bowels with his cum before falling back down, where he lay, panting in my ear.

Still Garry pivoted his hips back and forth, taking long strokes to drive in deep and mercilessly.

Suddenly another cock was offered and I took that into my mouth, sucking furiously on it. Blake and Garry were keeping me sandwiched between them, and Blake seemed to have recovered and began to again fuck my ass. Linda's fingers were dancing over my clit and it was a race to see who was going to go mad first.

It was me. I screamed out as I came. Almost gagging on the guys cock in my mouth, I suddenly felt his shaft recoil and pump pulsing jets of warm cum into my mouth. Between my sobbed moans I managed to murmur muffled pleas. "Mmmmmmm Oh mmmmmm. Mmore!"

Garry still hadn't shot his warm cum in me. Not in my mouth nor my ass or my cunt and I was frantic to have it. It belonged to me, and I was determined to get it. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to feel him buck as he shot loads of his warm cream into me. I wanted it more then life itself and I didn't want anyone else to have it.

What ever it was that he had in that envelope and slid into my vagina seemed to make it more sensitive then I ever remembered, and I couldn't get enough stimulation to satisfy me.

Now that my mouth wasn't occupied I could whimper my urgent begging for satisfaction to anyone and everyone in the cabin. Suddenly Blake again paused in his ravaging thrusts into my ass, and flailing his arms around me, grabbing my breasts, and began to fill my ass with his second load of warm sperm.

Garry reached between Blake and me and grasped my ass. He lifted me up so Blake could slip out from under me. Then he drew his shaft from deep inside, and had me kneel on the cot near the bottom so he could enter while standing.

Linda now lay on the cot, her head between my thighs, just inches from my pussy, and her pussy just in front of my face.

"Suck me! Lick my wet cunt, Adele! Garry make her eat me!" She begged.

I needed no urging as I lowered my mouth to her hot humid slit and began to lap at the swollen petals of her inner lips. I was trying to draw her tiny clit into my drooling mouth.

Between laps I paused and cried back at Garry, "Fuck me faster! For gods sake shoot that juicy cock's seed into my slobbering cunt. Do it! For the love of god Garry, cum in me!" Then I felt him quicken his thrusting and he grabbed my hips, keeping me steady as he plunged in and out.

At long last I felt the tell tale signs of his nearing orgasm. That spurred me on and I buried my mouth deeper into Linda's swollen opening. If I could cum with him at the moment he began to shoot in me, my dream would be complete.

"Near," he gasped. It's near sweetheart. Ooooooh damn it. Here it comes Adele. Take it! TAKE IT ALL! NOW! I'M SHOOTING IT IN YOU DEEP! SO DEEP, OH MY GOD! HERE IT COMES"

Just that, and nothing more, was all it took for me to go over the top. I drooled into Linda's pussy and she bucked up and came in my mouth. All three of us were in the throes of simultaneous orgasms. My head was spinning, as my cunt sucked in all that his cock could give me. Then his thrusting stopped, Linda relaxed, and I lay my face sideways on her thighs.

"Pull out slowly Garry, I want to let your cum run out of her and into my mouth. Linda directed. Just a second while I move my mouth up a little higher. There, now draw out slowly, she ordered."

I tried to relax my pussy as much as I could but my vaginal muscles were clamped tightly around his shaft as if reluctant to release him. "Noooo Lisa, It's mine," I gasped.

"He can fuck your mouth in a few minutes, Linda sobbed, I don't want to waste this. I'll share, but don't let it run out until I have my mouth there. Ahhh, now squeeze down and force it out. That's it. It's coming now."

Garry had walked around to the side of the cot where I could get his cock in my mouth. I stared at it in awe. He had the most beautiful penis I had ever seen or imagined. Now it was coated with a slippery film of cum and my own wetness and the shaft was laced with a web of veins that seemed to pulse with every breath he took. It slid into my mouth.

Cleaning off the last delicious bit of sapid fluid, I lifted up for Linda to escape her prison between my thighs and she pushed me over onto my back and placed her closed mouth above mine. Then parting her lips, Garry's thick cum began to pour in sheets from within her mouth and into mine. Then she pressed her lips together, shutting off the fountain of cum and I watched her throat as she swallowed the remaining. I swirled my share around and did the same.

Can anyone imagine the mental image I formed in my mind? I was drinking my own mix along with Garry's cum and that seemed to act as an aphrodisiac. I wanted him now. I wanted him to push me onto my knees while he tangled his fingers in my hair and forced his cock in and out of my mouth. I wanted him to fuck my mouth with a need that was beyond belief.

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