tagNonHumanAdriana Becomes a Werewolf

Adriana Becomes a Werewolf



Ulfr was a pure-blooded werewolf from the Forest Mountain. He was a large man, tall and muscular, black hair falling in thick locks over his shoulders. He was one of the most powerful of his kind, and leader of his Pack, an Alpha.

'Damn the woman!' Ulfr cursed miserably under his breath.

He gazed at the petite, slender female who tormented him through the window. The female produced a scent identical to the females in his pack and she wasn't even aware of it!

Adriana saw him through the window and he waved to her.

Without waving back, she pouted her lips and walked away. Ulfr was speechless. He could not decide if he was amused or insulted by her unsympathetic dismissal. As leader of his Pack, he was accustomed to attracting a female's interest. His looks were above average. Ulfr was not a vain man, but it was rare for anyone to ignore him.

'Damnit! Now she'll never talk to me again.' He raked his fingers through his hair and spun away from the window.

Despite his superior strength and ability he was hopeless at courting her. This female was defiant and strong-willed by nature. That's what turned him on all the more. None of the females in his Pack would've had the spirit to challenge him. Then again she wasn't from his Pack.

In fact she was a pure human female and that was the problem.

He closed his eyes and remembered the episode which made her upset with him.

It had started well enough. Her hot, silky tongue invaded his mouth to spar with his. She'd liked it, because Ulfr had smelled her scent pooling between her legs. He suckled on her lips. Adriana liked the tasting and groping.

Then, somehow, she had managed to awaken the werewolf in him. It was that bizarre sound rumbling in his chest, something like a growl. Another sensation eclipsed his arousal. Fear verging on panic.

He pulled his mouth free from hers, wrenched her hands off him and whirled around. His fangs had elongated and his eyes had changed. With his back to her, he trembled, his fists curling and uncurling as the claws grew bigger.

"This can't be happening!" He breathed frightened with every hoarse breath.

She struggled to catch her own breath. At last she spoke: "Did I do something wrong?"

He didn't answer or turn around but only ran away to the safety of the mountain.

For a second he blushed with self-disdain at the memory of the only way he'd managed to satisfy his werewolf was by jerking off, but his need had swiftly overwhelmed his shame. He'd rubbed his cock hard and fast, his breathing strenuous as the strain intensified beyond tolerance. Ulfr continued to pump himself, roaring as his seed shot out to spill all over his belly.

That had been last night and although it'd eased some of the sexual pressure in him he still wasn't in the clear. The transformation had scared the hell out of him!

Throughout a werewolf's life the wolf and the human were always aware of each other without one controlling the other. The wolf would provide strength and agility while the human provided freedom, nourishment and sex. The werewolf's surfacing was something the human could control, even when the pull of the Full Moon was strong.

It was all about maintaining the right balance, which worked for both man and beast. The human mind was always present, preserving some control, balancing the wolf's instincts.

According to legend if the wolf took complete control, the man became the passenger in the beast's mind. Nothing would stop it until it got what it wanted.

The werewolf was the stuff they told in ancient lore and legend. A genuine werewolf was that creature which walked on two legs craving for power. Keeping the beast in control was of the maximum importance.

A pure werewolf was extremely dangerous, because it was completely uncontrollable. He'd never turned into a full werewolf form before. It had only happened a handful of times in the last century. The outcome would always be bloody and violent.

Last night, the werewolf had fought to get out and claim the female as his own. It had nearly won if he hadn't bailed out on Adriana at the last minute.

That wasn't him last night.

He was an Alpha and an Alpha was always in control. It was his duty to the Pack to maintain discipline and not to indulge in such stupid, irresponsible behaviour. He needed to mate and soon because of the full moon in three days time.

A good old fashioned ferocious werewolf fucking would keep him from changing completely.

Although mating rituals did happen between werewolves and humans they were rare. Mating amongst werewolves was intense. He could be gentle if he remembered to be, but most of his mates were perfectly content to have it rough.

As a pure-blood Ulfr was expected to mate with another pure-blood, but not necessary obliged to do so.

He had considered using Adriana as his mate, but he was afraid of her reaction if he got to horny to control himself like the previous night. It wasn't like he could simply walk to her and say: 'I'm really into you cupcake and by the way I change into a werewolf whenever you play with my penis!"

Adriana's scent dangerously tempted him. If she were a werewolf he'd take her forcefully as his mate and that would be the end of it. A part of him feared that he was not going to be gentle when the time came ... assuming she'd accept to be his mate.

'Adriana!' His member sprang upright.

He needed her. He needed to come inside that tight cunt and fill her with his seed. Hunger liked he'd never felt before burned through the veins of his cock. He needed to be inside her. He needed to change her into a werewolf.

'No!' Ulfr took a deep breath. He loved her too much to bear her rejection. Ulfr would rather that Adriana hate him than fear him.

He'd leave for the mountains today so he could mate with a female of his own kind. The best thing to do was to stay as far away from Adriana as he could.


He jerked his head up and realized the other person in the room was waiting for his response. "Uh?"

Ulfr felt grateful his long overcoat hid his erection tenting in his pants. It would've been awkward explaining why he had an erection for no particular reason.

"Have you been listening to what I said," asked Sigmund, the self-proclaimed mayor.

Sigmund was a potbellied bald little man with a thick bushy golden moustache. He was a keen businessman with a large acreage of land in the farming area.

"You want me to hunt the creature killing your livestock," he said absently. Two cows were killed last night. It made him uneasy to think that such an incident should happen so close to mating season.

He didn't want strangers roaming his mountain. Keeping werewolves a secret was hard to keep from the populace. It was bad enough that humans had hunted werewolves in the past, but a widespread panic was the last thing he needed.

Sigmund folded his arms across his chest and took a step forward. He needed to crane his head upwards to meet Ulfr's eyes. He leaned in closer as if to share a secret. "There's word going around."

"Oh, what's that?"

"William thought he saw a creature last night," he waited for Ulfr to ask him to appease his curiosity. When he saw that he wasn't going to get the question Sigmund spoke in hushed tones: "He thought he saw a Bigfoot running into the mountains!"

The two men watched each other for a few long seconds -- granting Ulfr plenty of time to observe the older man's emotions. Then suddenly Ulfr burst out laughing: "Sigmund, you sly dog. For a minute I thought you serious. Bigfoot, really!"

"Ha-ha-ha," Sigmund laughed nervously, but he had been serious about it. "Of course the Bigfoot isn't real, but William saw something."

"I think that as a mountain ranger I'd have seen one by now," he patted Sigmund friendlily on the shoulder. "No, William was either drunk as usual or he probably saw his wife naked again!"

He laughed heartily but inside Ulfr was cursing himself for being so stupid. He'd been lucky that nobody more credible had seen him. He was an Alpha for crying out loud! It was his duty to protect the Pack.

"Yes," Sigmund wiped his bald head with a handkerchief. "But that creature killing my livestock is real enough."

"Don't worry," Ulfr assured him. "I'll take care of it."

"Err, there's something else I need from you ..." Sigmund seemed reluctant to speak. Ulfr raised his eyebrows at the subtle request in Sigmund's voice. "It's something personal. It's more of a favour, really." Sigmund lowered his eyes. It was uncommon for Sigmund to be asking anything more than the usual mountain ranger business from Ulfr. "I shouldn't be asking you this, but I was wondering if you were heading up to the old mountain trail? My grandaunt has a cabin there ... She's all alone for the winter. Foolish woman won't come down ... Says it's her home."

"You want me to look on her? No problem." Ulfr rubbed his chin calling to mind the elderly woman. She was one of the few humans who knew of the existence of werewolves. As far as he knew she was in good health. He didn't want any strangers walking up the mountain so close to the full moon.

Ulfr turned to leave when Sigmund cleared his throat. Ulfr's jaw flexed violently, because he wanted to get moving up the mountain instead of wasting his time talking to Sigmund. Adriana's scent was still to strong in the village and he was barely able to conceal his erection.

With a calm voice and controlled rage he asked: "What is it?"

"My niece wants to spend the winter with the old woman."

"That's out of the question." He snapped too violently, but then regained his self-control. "I'm sorry. It's foolish to be roaming the mountain with a wild animal on the loose. Tell her to wait for a few days and then I'll come back to take her."

"I concur," he fiddled with his fingers. "But Adriana is adamant."

The mention of her name made his cock stiffen. She would be a fabulous fuck -- intense and sexy. The werewolf in him howled in his mind, his hunger for the female growing.

"Adriana?" He said casually. "The tanner's daughter?"

Sigmund faced him, his eyes alight with alarm. "Please Ulfr! Do this as a personal favour to me."

"I don't ..." Ulfr began.

"If you don't take her she'll go alone. I know her."

Ulfr knew she would too. What's worse she'd probably stumble on a werewolf fuck festival. There's no knowing the damage it might have on the Pack. The old lady, her aunt, would need to keep Adriana locked indoors.

Ulfr relented. "I'll see to her safe journey, Sigmund."

Sigmund nodded, visibly relieved and he nodded back his goodbyes.

Walking into the street Ulfr hissed in a low voice: "Fuck! That girl is going to be the death of me!"

Chapter 1

Ulfr dropped back his head and inhaled a breath of fresh mountain air -- but there was something else. It was something sugary and succulent; apple pie, his favourite. His heart pumped, his body feeling vibrant. It was a feeling like he had never felt before.

Without opening his eyes he identified the scent and said, "Adriana, you should stay here. It's not safe in the mountains."

"I can take care of myself."

The determined tone in her voice impelled him to open his eyes. He needed to see her face, the challenge in her eyes and the confidence in her posture.

She wasn't wearing her usual dress. She opted instead for practicality, a pair of trousers and a tight shirt which fitted her snugly. Her feet were enclosed in men's ankle-high working boots.

"So there are your father's pants," Ulfr remarked with a smirk. "I think I saw him running around naked looking for them only a few minutes ago."

"How hilarious." The defiant lift of her chin made his cock stiffen. "By the way I'm not wearing any panties ..."

Ulfr almost came in his pants. She would like it rough -- no doubt about it. It would be one fabulous fuck after another -- hard and fierce. The werewolf growled again in his mind taking more control. Using every ounce of his willpower he tamed the beast within.

He'd sent a message to the other werewolves to instruct the old lady to feign illness. Once Adriana reached the cabin she'd be looking after her sick aunt while he was fucking the brains out of another female werewolf. He had to get this out of his system and fast.

He looked at her for a long time and then sighed. "I suppose you leave me little choice, right?"


He grinned. "We'd better get going. I don't want us to reach the cabin before dark."

"Is that necessary," she nodded to the hunting rifle resting on his shoulder.

"It's to protect you from the Bigfoot roaming the mountain, or haven't you heard?"

"Ah," Adriana nodded. "So my uncle Sigmund told you."

"If we're lucky we'll get to see the Yeti, cupcake."

"Don't call me cupcake," she protested.

"As you command." He winked and began to walk. "Cupcake."

Adriana grinned behind Ulfr's back as he trekked up the mountain trail. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods -- the sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing and a good-looking man with a tight ass walked in front of her.

However she wasn't there to take pleasure in the landscape or Ulfr's tight ass. She was going up the mountain to look after her great-grandaunt.

She wondered why he'd left in a hurry yesterday. She was hot as well as horny, but then he left without as much as a goodbye. It was like she suddenly contracted the plague.

Maybe it was because he was of the mountain. The mountain people usually kept to themselves and her father would've disapproved of a romantic liaison with Ulfr. There was only so much defiance that Adriana could get away with.

Maybe it was for the best.

'It would've been a bad idea anyway.' She tried to convince herself.

She was from the village and Ulfr was the leader of the mountain people. They could hardly have a successful relationship if both their communities were against them.

"Aren't we leaving the trail?" she asked after some time of trekking.

"How very observant."

"Why don't we stay on the trail," she asked.

"I want to kidnap you."

He sounded like he was joking, but with Ulfr one couldn't tell for sure. She asked: "Really?"

He shook his head. Kneeling down he picked a piece of wood and broke it. "It's going to rain in a few hours. That's why we're taking this short cut."

"You can tell that by breaking a piece of wood?"

Ulfr guffawed at the comment and moved on.

"You didn't have to come you know." She stretched out her pace to keep up with him. Adriana was in terrific shape but Ulfr had a lot of muscle in those legs. And they were walking mostly uphill. "I'm able of looking after myself."

"Of course you are." He said uninterested.

"I am you know!" She sounded like she was trying to convince herself mostly. "I'd brought my own rifle if you hadn't tagged along."

"If I hadn't tagged along!?" He said astonished, but without turning around or slowing his pace. "I'm here doing you a favour, cupcake!"

"Don't call me cupcake, you know I hate it!!!" She roared and stopped. "Why did you run away yesterday? What were you afraid of?"

Ulfr suddenly stopped and turned. His eyes looked dark and a little cold. "What do you mean by that," he sounded a bit tense.

"Are you impotent?"

"What ever the fuck gave you that idea?" The comment stung his manhood as well as his werewolf. "No! Fuck no!"

"I can't understand you Ulfr!" She raised her hands in the air expecting an answer. "We've been going out for a year now. You obviously like me and I like you. So why do you avoid me like the plague?"

"I don't know what you're talking about ..." Ulfr's cock stiffened. Damn, he wanted her desperately. He wanted to fuck her and ride her until she screamed his name.

"Are all men as thick headed as you or has the mountain air constricted your brain?" She shouted.

"You don't need to yell," he groaned.

"Is it because I'm from the village?"

"It's not that simple," he tried to keep himself from breathing in her scent.

"Look at me Ulfr, please!"

Ulfr allowed himself to take a quick peep at Adriana's nipples outlined by the sweaty snug shirt. It turned out to be too much, combined with the salty scent of her perspiration.

"We must keep moving." With that curt answer he walked away.

"Prick!" She spoke within earshot.

Chapter 2

Adriana quickly caught up with him just as he turned north. Ulfr apparently trekked a trail that only a mountain ranger would know. At several spots he'd unexpectedly change direction, at times taking them deeper into the woods, other times leading her up the hill.

He couldn't resist inhaling deeply even while he walked onwards. That flavour of her female flesh brought water to his mouth. The light breeze carried her scent towards him, provoking his senses. Had she noticed the bulge of his erection in his pants? He already had it last night, earlier this morning and still had it now.

His sharp ears, as well as his nose, informed him that she'd stopped instead of moving on.

'Why had she stopped?' He sniffed the damp air and smelled her female secretions. His erection grew harder, tenting his trousers. It felt so long and hard he itched to satisfy his member. With one hand already massaging his penis he inhaled deeply. He had to regain control of the beast in him.

"What is it," he finally asked without turning to face her.

He shouldn't have gone so many nights without sexual release. This was a mistake. His werewolf was getting out of control and then she'd be afraid of him.

"I need a rest, please!" She wheezed. "Five minutes!"

"Five minutes." He replied relieve but not wanting to risk more time than absolutely necessary.

They took a break, eating dried cheese, bread and water, but Ulfr seemed in a hurry to get moving again so Adriana didn't loiter.

Dark clouds moved in and the breeze grew stronger. Her legs felt a bit cold, though the thick shirt she wore kept her upper body warm. She really wasn't wearing panties underneath. She'd wanted to make Ulfr pay for having left her so suddenly yesterday. She'd been thinking about Ulfr and about the insane possibility that she might have the occasion to undress for him, with him. For the same reason she'd taken the time to shave her legs and vagina with extra care leaving it completely hairless.

It was very doubtful but a girl had to have her fantasies. For the whole year she'd fed those fantasies, which were all that had kept her warm. Now she felt for sure he didn't love her or want her.

Ulfr stopped and glanced over his shoulder. "Are those boots any good?"

She looked at her working boots and banged them at the heel. "They seem good enough. Why?"

"We need to move up river for awhile." He pointed to a shallow stream. "We're going to get our feet a bit wet."

She glanced towards the sky. Gloomy black clouds warned of heavy rain. "Looks like you were right about the rain." He grumbled in reply and began to climb. The river became deeper as they moved on, spraying against her knees.

"Your aunt's cabin is just over the hills. She'll have a fire there for you to get warm."

Adriana nodded sensing the first shiver of cold running down her spine. Combined with the river, the rain and the wind which had stirred up, she was feeling pretty cold.

Ulfr stopped to sniff the air. A confused expression crossed his face and made her curious as she stepped closer.

"What's wrong?" She had to raise her voice.


The cold tormented her and she'd be grateful to be sitting next to her great-grandaunt's fire. She raised her head and shook back the long strands of blond hair that gelled to her face. A hand clamped around her wrist and pulled, compelling her to move on. Cold wind cut through the fabric of her shirt and Adriana shivered.

"Cupcake, are you all right?"

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